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Chapal Bhaduri Profile Wiki – Theatre Actor Chapal Bhaduri Career & Family Details

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Bengali Theatre actor Chapal Bhaduri is one of the famous Female Impersonators of Indian Theatre [mainly in Bengali Theatre] who continuously played the roles of female characters in Theatres since 1955. Actor Chapal Bhaduri's voice has a female tenor which helped him to play female roles.

Actor Chapal Bhaduri – Biography & Professional Life Details
Nick Name of Actor Chapal Bhaduri: - ‘Chapal Rani’ [Queen Chapal], because he played only Female Roles in Bengali Theatres [Jatra] since 1955.

Birthday of Actor Chapal Bhaduri: - As per the information Theatre Actor Chapal Bhaduri born in 1938 and the Age of actor Chapal Bhaduri is 74 years [as on 2012].

Actor Chapal Bhaduri House Address: - Theatre actor Chapal Bhaduri born at Kolkata’s Kali Dutta Lane area [opposite of Central Avenue]. Later in 1939, his family moved to Badamtala Lane of Goabagan area. Now he is living in a small room at Northern Kolkata.

Actor Chapal Bhaduri Family Background: - Bengali Theatre actor Chapal Bhaduri was the youngest child of his parents and he had three brothers & two sisters. Father name of Actor Chapal Bhaduri is Tara Kumar Bhaduri [was a Theatre actor], Mother name of Actor Chapal Bhaduri is Prava Devi [was an actress], Youngest Sister name of Actor Chapal Bhaduri is Ketaki Dutta [Singer & Actress].

Marital Status of Actor Chapal Bhaduri: - Single [Chapal Bhaduri’s sexual orientation is ‘Gay’].

Occupation of Chapal Bhaduri: - Acting [Bengali Theatre Actor].

Professional Life Works of Actor Chapal Bhaduri: - Mother of Chapal Bhaduri was an eminent theatre actress who introduced Chapal Bhaduri in Bengali Theatre. His theatre acting began when he was only 7-8 years old at Srirangam Theatre [now known as Biswarupa located at Northern Kolkata] where he played a short role of ‘Apurba’ in Sarat Chandra’s Bindur Chele. For the first time; Actor Chapal Bhaduri played ‘female character’ in a Bengali Theatre named 'Alibaba' (1955) where he played the female role of ‘Marjina’ at Eastern Railway’s Recreation Club. Because of female tenor, Chapal Bhaduri was suited in female characters very well during his childhood days. Since then, the acting in female roles started coming naturally to him. With the time, he became the leading Lady of Bengal's Theatre. Playing female roles from childhood changed his life and he started thinking, feeling & speaking like a woman. Chapal Bhaduri joined 'Natto Company' in the year 1958. Because of acting in Eastern Railway's Club, he got a job in railways but Chapal Bhaduri left that railway job after few years for Theatre acting. He was the highest paid 'Theatre actress' during 1960s. Chapal Bhaduri has performed in theatres at various villages, districts, small towns & cities of West Bengal. In late 1960s Chapal Bhaduri worked with Kamala Opera and performed in Durgesh Nandini Bengali Theatre. Actor Chapal Bhaduri's memorable & happiest moment happened in 1967 when he played the lead role in Michael Madhusudan Dutta's 'Janhavi' which was watched by Mahanayak Uttam Kumar from audience seat inside the hall. The professional works started affecting when woman started doing the female characters. Since, Chapal Bhaduri unable to act other than 'female roles' he started facing problem during 1970s & so on. Chapal Bhaduri after a long gap performed in 1995 as goddess Shitala  when small pox diseases started spreading in the city. At that time, he played Maa Shitala in dramatised performances of the goddess sacred saga at different temple precincts & at Ramakrishna Mission & at Omkarnath Math. Recently in his old age, Chapal Bhaduri played a 'male character' in 'Ramanimohan' Bengali Natok. Theatre actor Chapal Bhaduri's name is very popular in West Bengal after three films [Documentary, Tele-film & Movie] were made on the story of Chapal Bhaduri's Life. The full length film on Chapal Bhaduri's life 'Just Another Love Story' was shown in International Film Festival as well. Director Navin Kishore had make the documentary film named 'Chapal Bhaduri Story', and director Kaushik Ganguly had made a Tele-film named 'Ushnotar Jonne'. Few super hit Bengali Theatre (Jatra) names of actor Chapal Bhaduri are 'Janhavi', 'Durgesh Nandini', 'Raja Debidas', 'Chand Bibi', 'Sultana Razia' & 'Mahiyashi Kaikeyi' etc. Bengali Theatre actor Chapal Bhaduri was seen in few films and the names of Chapal Bhaduri's films are Ushnotar Jonne [Tele-Film by Kaushik Ganguly], Just Another Love Story (Arekti Premer Galpo) [2010].

Good wishes to Actor Chapal Bhaduri for upcoming life & Career from the team of Kolkata Bengal Information. We all are looking for more good jobs from you (Actor Chapal Bhaduri), so keep on doing your best work for us.
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