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Reporter jobs Kolkata - Part-Full Time Freelance Content Writer Jobs Online

We are hiring reporters especially who are from West Bengal to write articles on given topics sincerely and maintaining proper English writing method. Aspiring reporters, who want to join us as a reporter, are requested to understand the following rules of www.kolkatabengalinfo.com before applying.

Frequently Asked Questions for Reporter Jobs: -
1. Do I need to deposit any money / What is the Registration Fees?
- Neither registration fees nor money depositing required for working with us as General Reporter.

2. What is reporting job / job profile description?
- Reporting means informing others about any kind of information. Since we serve only Bengal News, we only accept information about Bengal topics. Normally we provide topics on which reporters should write articles, but to earn more reporters can send us whatever information they want to share but reporters should aware of the fact that we already have that information or not. Duplicate information like Same College/School information or same Bengali film reviews won’t fetch deserving money. The articles should be minimum of 175 words excluding ‘is’, ‘a’, ‘of’ etc and always use proper English words and avoid words like ‘plz’, ‘cya’, ‘btwn’ etc chat words.

3. What are the timings of work?
- Since it’s an online home based work, there is no time bounded. The concept should be clear; earnings will be increased only by submitting articles. It means if you can write quickly and submit many articles within 1 hour then it’s profitable to you. You may also work whenever you manage some time like submitting once or twice in a week.

4. How much will I get for my articles?
Earn Money Online as Reporter- Pricing on article depends on various prospects, like content quality, writing skills, how well the topic was covered, length of article and most importantly use of good words about the topic. We have categorized the articles – (i) Yellowpage information type articles (minimum 100 words) ranges between Rs.1 to Rs.10 | (ii) Latest news happenings based articles (minimum 125 words) ranges between Rs.5 to Rs.15 | (iii) Bengali Recipe related articles ranges between Rs.5 to Rs.10 | (iv) Biography related articles ranges between Rs.10 to Rs.25 etc.

5. How to get payment / How much can I earn / When will I get payment?
- Payment payout calculated between 16th day to 15th day of next month (example: 16th Jan to 15th Feb) and the minimum payout amount is Rs.250/- per month. But, remember you can earn up to Rs.1500/- (Rs.50 x 30 days - example) or more depending on your article submissions.
- Payments can be made either by A/C Payee Cheque –or- by Cash –or- Net Transfer method.

6. How to apply for the Reporter Job and how to get topics for writing articles?
- If you want to join our network then send us a sample self written (Don’t ever do Copy-Paste from other websites) article to us with your detail CV. Write a Sample Article on ‘Your College’ (example: NRS Medical College Kolkata) and send us. Remember, our editorial team won’t consider any reward (money) for the Sample Copy and will check your idea & skill of covering topics on a given topic. Send Us and join as Reporter.

For further information and to clear your doubt then send us your query. Visit our Google Profile.
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