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Ram Supari Tree | Tree Bleeds Human Blood like Fluid | Blood-Wood Tree found in North Bengal

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Does Tree really bleed blood? Have you ever seen a Tree bleeding blood? Where to go to see a tree bleeds human blood like fluid in India? Here we are going to share information about a tree that really bleeds blood and seen in India.

A tree stands like a normal tree and you couldn't actually differentiate whether it has supernatural power or not. Mean to say, that it's very tough to recognize whether this tree bleeds or not if you never seen it before. Yes, for those seeing this Bloody Tree for the first time will not be able to distinguish from other trees. But, when you hurt that tree by throwing a stone or by cutting, it starts bleeding. Yes, this Tree starts bleeding human-blood like fluid from the wound (injured part). Now, let's check out what's the name of this tree in India and World? And also, let's check out where it found in India?

Ram Supari Tree that Bleeds Blood
In India, this tree is known as 'Ram Supari' Tree and very few trees are alive today.
  • Scientific Name of Ram Supari Tree - Pterocarpus angolensis.
  • Other names of Ram Supari Tree in the world - In India it's called 'Ram Supari' Tree. But, outside of India, this Blood Bleeding Tree knew as 'Wild Teak' / 'Bloodwood' Tree.
  • Scientific reason behind Tree bleeds blood - Why this tree bleeds blood like fluid? Actually, it's not 'Blood'. It's a fluid - Tannins cause the dark red color of the sap. Regular plants have parts – leaves, skins, sap – that are about 12-20% tannins. Ram Supari / Wild Teak / Bloodwood Tree have sap that is 77% tannins. Thus, it colors red.
  • Where this Ram Supari Blood Bleeding Tree found in West Bengal, India? This rare tree that bleeds blood like fluid (sap) is found in Dooars region of North Bengal. Very few [maximum 4-5] Ram Supari Trees are alive today and really requires preserving. Chilapata reserve forest and near the ruins of 'Nal Kings Fort' [Nalraja Garh] in Dooars region of North Bengal, this Ram Supari Tree found. Interested people are requested to watch Ram Supari Tree Blood Bleeding video.

Since, it's a very rarely found and only 4-5 alive in North Bengal, Thus it should be preserved, otherwise very soon 'Ram Supari Tree' will become extinct.
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Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad Details - Office Address & Phone Contact Number

Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad of North Bengal, Naxalbari Gram Panchayat, Matigara Block of Siliguri Subdivion, Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad Office address, Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad office phone number, Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad vote election poll, names of Sabhadhipati (head / chairman / chairperson) Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad.

Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad was formed way back in 1989 covering Matigara, Naxalbari & other plains of Darjeeling district i.e. Siliguri Subdivision. Siliguri Municipality (Municipal Corporation area) and Siliguri Mahakuma areas are different. At first let's check out few details of Siliguri Mahakuma.

Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad
  • No. of Panchayat Samities under Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad - North Bengal's Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad has total of 4 Panchayat Samities under it and they are - Matigara Block, Phansidewa Block, Naxalbari Block and Kharibari Block.
  • No. of Gram Panchayats under Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad - Total of 22 Gram Panchayats are there under Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad of North Bengal.
  • No. of Mouzas under Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad - Total 389 Moujas (Mouzas) is under Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad of North Bengal. Amongst these 389 Mouzas; there are 136 ITDP Mouzas in Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad.
  • Approximate population under Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad - As per the Census 2001 Report, total population under Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad of North Bengal is 5,33,979.

Now, let's check out the names of all Sabhadhipati (Savadhipati / Prasashak / Chairperson) till now (July 2015) of Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad -
  • 1st Sabhadhipati of Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad of North Bengal - Sri Anil Saha [1989 - 2004].
  • 2nd Sabhadhipati of Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad of North Bengal - Smt. Mani Thapa [2004 - 2009].
  • 3rd Sabhadhipati of Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad of North Bengal - Sri Pascal Minz [2009 - 2013].
  • 4th Sabhadhipati of Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad of North Bengal - Smt. Jyoti Tirkey [2013 - till now].

Note: Last updated on July, 2015.

Address / Location of Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad Office, North Bengal: - Haren Mukherjee Road, Hakimpara, Siliguri, Pin-734001, West Bengal.

Phone contact number of Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad Office: - 0353-2523301 / 0353-2433588.

Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad of North Bengal was formed for the development of Gram Panchayat areas of 4 Blocks of Plains of Darjeeling (Siliguri Subdivision) and selection of Sabhadhipati happens through Voting (Election process).
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Basirhat Alipurduar Jhargram & Asansol-Durgapur – New Districts of Bengal

Dividing existing districts and making new Districts in West Bengal - proposal has been presented to Government of West Bengal in August 2012. As per the news, few districts of West Bengal would be added in the map of West Bengal sooner or later by dividing existing Districts of West Bengal. Let’s check out what are the new district names of West Bengal that were proposed in August 202.

Basirhat District of West Bengal: - North 24-Parganas district could be divided into two districts named ‘North 24-Parganas’ and the new one ‘Basirhat’. Basirhat District (Zilla) will have ten Blocks and the Block names under Basirhat District of West Bengal would be – Basirhat 1, Basirhat 2, Baduria, Swarupnagar, Sandeskhali 1, Sandeskhali 2, Haroa, Minakha, Hingalgunj, and Hasnabad. There will be two ‘Mahakuma’ in Basirhat District of BengalBasirhat Sadar Mahakuma and Minakha Mahakuma. Basirhat Sadar Mahakuma will have six blocks [Basirhat 1, Basirhat 2, Baduria, Swarupnagar, Hingalgunj, & Hasnabad] and Minakha Mahakuma will have four blocks [Sandeskhali 1, Sandeskhali 2, Haroa, & Minakha].

Alipurduar District of West Bengal: - A proposal has been submitted to divide Jalpaiguri district and to form Alipurduar District in North Bengal.

Jhargram District of West Bengal: - Paschim Medinipore (West Midnapore) district of West Bengal would get divided to form another district named ‘Jhargram District’.

Asansol – Durgapur District of West Bengal: - It has been proposed to form Asansol-Durgapur District by dividing Burdwan district of West Bengal.

So, in near future, the number of districts in West Bengal could be increased by four if above mentioned proposed New Districts of Bengal get approval from Government.
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Census Report 2011 WB & India | Male Female Sex Ratio | Population & Literacy of Bengal

WB 2011 Census Report, Population of West Bengal in 2011, Total Male Guys Boys in Bengal Census Population report 2011, Total Female Woman Girls in Bengal 2011 Population Census Report, Literature Literacy Percentage of Bengal 2011 Census Report Population Chart Growth Details WB 2011 Census Janaganana, Male Female Children total numbers percentage in WB 2011 Population Count Report Census Bengal.
The West Bengal Census Report 2011 has been declared officially and the result of 2011 Census in Bengal (Janaganana) is showing few essential things to remember in the coming years. The latest Census Report of West Bengal in 2011 as follows: -

Total number of citizens in Bengal as per 2011 WB Census Report is 9134736 (9 Crore 13 Lakh 47 Thousands 36 peoples) that includes 46927389 (Total number of Male in 2011 WB Census Report - 4 Crore 69 Lakh 27 Thousands 389) and 44420347 (Total number of Female in WB Census Report 2011 - 4 Crore 44 Lakh 20 Thousands 347). It means the population growth is still increasing day by day in West Bengal.

• As per the WB 2011 Population Statistics Chart of Census Report in 2001 and of 2011; it’s came to know that the population of India in 2011 has increased by 17.68% than that of 2001 report. In case of West Bengal Population in 2011 increased 13.93% than that of in 2001 Census report.

• The Census Report 2011 of Bengal shows that there is 947 Females per 1000 Males in Bengal, which is slightly higher number than India’s Female rate that is 940 females per 1000 males. The percentage of Female population in Bengal 2011 is increased 14.75% (than of 2001) and the Male percentage in Bengal 2011 is increased 13.17% (than of 2001).

• It is shocking for India that after so many awareness programs; the percentage of female children hasn’t increased by much. In 2011 Census Report of India shows that there is 914 female child per 1000 male child. But, in West Bengal Population Census Report 2011 shows that the people of Bengal is slightly better to prevent the abortion of female birth and there is 949 female child per 1000 male child in Bengal.

• If we evaluate the Literacy Percentage of India in 2011 then the number is 74.04% and the Literacy Percentage of Bengal in 2011 Census Report is 77.08%. In case of Bengal; 82.67% males are literate and 71.16% females are literate as per the Report of Census in 2011. But the literacy percentage of India requires thinking because only 82.14% males in India and 65.46% females in India are literate.
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PIN Code List Kolkata - Postal Code Numbers Kolkata - PIN No. Kolkata & Bengal

Pincodes Bengal Kolkata Pin Code List Postal Codes PIN Numbers No Kolkata Places Areas Bengal Howrah Hooghly Kolkata Area wise PIN Code List.
PIN Code is one of the essential 6-digit unique codes that specify different areas / locations and each and every place has its own Pin Code (Postal Code). For an example; India’s Capital Delhi’s PIN Code starts with 1xxxxx, West Bengal’s PIN Code starts with 7xxxxx and Kolkata district’s PIN Code starts with 700xxx. Those who are looking for the PIN Code List of Kolkata area-wise are welcome to find out the desire location by Pin Code Of Kolkata amongst 155-Total pin codes of Kolkata from the given Kolkata pin code list below:

Kolkata Pincode List

Postal Code Kolkata: 700001 - Pin Code Number of BBD Bag / GPO Kolkata
Postal Code Kolkata: 700002 - Pin Code Number of Cossipore
Postal Code Kolkata: 700003 - Pin Code Number of Bagbazar
Postal Code Kolkata: 700004 - Pin Code Number of Shyambazar
Postal Code Kolkata: 700005 - Pin Code Number of Hatkhola
Postal Code Kolkata: 700006 - Pin Code Number of Bideaon Street
Postal Code Kolkata: 700007 - Pin Code Number of Burabazar
Postal Code Kolkata: 700008 - Pin Code Number of Barisa
Postal Code Kolkata: 700009 - Pin Code Number of Raja Rammohon Roy Sarani
Postal Code Kolkata: 700010 - Pin Code Number of Baleghata
Postal Code Kolkata: 700011 - Pin Code Number of Narkeldanga
Postal Code Kolkata: 700012 - Pin Code Number of Boubazar
Postal Code Kolkata: 700013 - Pin Code Number of Dharmotala / Dharmtala / Esplanade
Postal Code Kolkata: 700014 - Pin Code Number of Entali / Entally
Postal Code Kolkata: 700015 - Pin Code Number of Tangra
Postal Code Kolkata: 700016 - Pin Code Number of Park Street
Postal Code Kolkata: 700017 - Pin Code Number of Circus Avenue
Postal Code Kolkata: 700018 - Pin Code Number of Battala
Postal Code Kolkata: 700019 - Pin Code Number of Baligaunj
Postal Code Kolkata: 700020 - Pin Code Number of Lala Lajpath Roy Sarani
Postal Code Kolkata: 700021 - Pin Code Number of Fort William
Postal Code Kolkata: 700022 - Pin Code Number of Hasting
Postal Code Kolkata: 700023 - Pin Code Number of Khidirpur / Khidderpore
Postal Code Kolkata: 700024 - Pin Code Number of Garden Reach
Postal Code Kolkata: 700025 - Pin Code Number of Bhabanipur / Bhawanipur
Postal Code Kolkata: 700026 - Pin Code Number of Kalighat
Postal Code Kolkata: 700027 - Pin Code Number of Alipur
Postal Code Kolkata: 700028 - Pin Code Number of Dumdum
Postal Code Kolkata: 700029 - Pin Code Number of Sarat Bose Road
Postal Code Kolkata: 700030 - Pin Code Number of Ghughudanga
Postal Code Kolkata: 700031 - Pin Code Number of Dhakuria
Postal Code Kolkata: 700032 - Pin Code Number of Jadavpur University
Postal Code Kolkata: 700033 - Pin Code Number of Tallyganj / Tollygunje
Postal Code Kolkata: 700034 - Pin Code Number of Behala
Postal Code Kolkata: 700035 - Pin Code Number of Alambazar
Postal Code Kolkata: 700036 - Pin Code Number of Barahnagar / Baranagar
Postal Code Kolkata: 700037 - Pin Code Number of Belgachia
Postal Code Kolkata: 700038 - Pin Code Number of Shahpur
Postal Code Kolkata: 700039 - Pin Code Number of Tiljala
Postal Code Kolkata: 700040 - Pin Code Number of Rigent Park
Postal Code Kolkata: 700041 - Pin Code Number of Paschim Putiary
Postal Code Kolkata: 700042 - Pin Code Number of Kasba
Postal Code Kolkata: 700043 - Pin Code Number of S.E. Rail
Postal Code Kolkata: 700044 - Pin Code Number of Badartala
Postal Code Kolkata: 700045 - Pin Code Number of Lake Gardens
Postal Code Kolkata: 700046 - Pin Code Number of Gabinda Ghatik Road
Postal Code Kolkata: 700047 - Pin Code Number of Naktala
Postal Code Kolkata: 700048 - Pin Code Number of Sribhumi
Postal Code Kolkata: 700049 - Pin Code Number of Nimta
Postal Code Kolkata: 700050 - Pin Code Number of Sinthi / Sinthee
Postal Code Kolkata: 700051 - Pin Code Number of Birati
Postal Code Kolkata: 700052 - Pin Code Number of Dumdum Airport
Postal Code Kolkata: 700053 - Pin Code Number of New Alipur
Postal Code Kolkata: 700054 - Pin Code Number of Kankurgachi
Postal Code Kolkata: 700055 - Pin Code Number of Bangur Avenue
Postal Code Kolkata: 700056 - Pin Code Number of Belghoria / Belgharia
Postal Code Kolkata: 700057 - Pin Code Number of Ariadaha
Postal Code Kolkata: 700058 - Pin Code Number of Kamarhati
Postal Code Kolkata: 700059 - Pin Code Number of Deshbandhu Nagar
Postal Code Kolkata: 700060 - Pin Code Number of Parnasree / Parnashri
Postal Code Kolkata: 700061 - Pin Code Number of Sarsuna
Postal Code Kolkata: 700062 - Pin Code Number of WB Rajyapal Campus
Postal Code Kolkata: 700063 - Pin Code Number of Thakurpukur
Postal Code Kolkata: 700064 - Pin Code Number of Salt Lake
Postal Code Kolkata: 700065 - Pin Code Number of Rabindranagar
Postal Code Kolkata: 700066 - Pin Code Number of Bidhannagar / Ultadanga
Postal Code Kolkata: 700067 - Pin Code Number of Ultodanga Main Road
Postal Code Kolkata: 700068 - Pin Code Number of Jodhpur Park
Postal Code Kolkata: 700069 - Pin Code Number of Esplanade
Postal Code Kolkata: 700070 - Pin Code Number of Bansdroni
Postal Code Kolkata: 700071 - Pin Code Number of Middleton Road
Postal Code Kolkata: 700072 - Pin Code Number of Princep Street
Postal Code Kolkata: 700073 - Pin Code Number of Chittaranjan Avenue
Postal Code Kolkata: 700074 - Pin Code Number of Motijhil
Postal Code Kolkata: 700075 - Pin Code Number of Santoshpur
Postal Code Kolkata: 700076 - Pin Code Number of Dakshineswar
Postal Code Kolkata: 700077 - Pin Code Number of Bediapara
Postal Code Kolkata: 700078 - Pin Code Number of Haltu
Postal Code Kolkata: 700079 - Pin Code Number of Itolgachaa
Postal Code Kolkata: 700080 - Pin Code Number of Mall Road
Postal Code Kolkata: 700081 - Pin Code Number of Rajbari Colony
Postal Code Kolkata: 700082 - Pin Code Number of Haridebpur
Postal Code Kolkata: 700083 - Pin Code Number of Nandan Nagar
Postal Code Kolkata: 700084 - Pin Code Number of Garia
Postal Code Kolkata: 700085 - Pin Code Number of K.G. Bose Sarani
Postal Code Kolkata: 700086 - Pin Code Number of Baghajatin
Postal Code Kolkata: 700087 - Pin Code Number of New Market
Postal Code Kolkata: 700088 - Pin Code Number of Brasebridge
Postal Code Kolkata: 700089 - Pin Code Number of Laketown
Postal Code Kolkata: 700090 - Pin Code Number of Nowapara
Postal Code Kolkata: 700091 - Pin Code Number of Sechbhawan / Sech Bhavan Salt Lake
Postal Code Kolkata: 700092 - Pin Code Number of Rigent Estate
Postal Code Kolkata: 700093 - Pin Code Number of Purbo Putiari
Postal Code Kolkata: 700094 - Pin Code Number of Pancha Sayar
Postal Code Kolkata: 700095 - Pin Code Number of Golf Green
Postal Code Kolkata: 700096 - Pin Code Number of Bramhapur
Postal Code Kolkata: 700097 - Pin Code Number of Purbachal Salt Lake
Postal Code Kolkata: 700098 - Pin Code Number of Bidhannagar Sai Complex
Postal Code Kolkata: 700099 - Pin Code Number of Kalikapur
Postal Code Kolkata: 700100 - Pin Code Number of VIP Nagar
Postal Code Kolkata: 700101 - Pin Code Number of Prafullakanan
Postal Code Kolkata: 700102 - Pin Code Number of Kestopur
Postal Code Kolkata: 700103 - Pin Code Number of Narendrapur
Postal Code Kolkata: 700104 - Pin Code Number of Joka, South Kolkata
Postal Code Kolkata: 700105 - Pin Code Number of Dhapa
Postal Code Kolkata: 700106 - Pin Code Number of ATI Salt Lake
Postal Code Kolkata: 700107 - Pin Code Number of East Calcutta Township
Postal Code Kolkata: 700108 - Pin Code Number of ISI (Indian Statistical Institute)
Postal Code Kolkata: 700109 - Pin Code Number of Agarpara
Postal Code Kolkata: 700110 - Pin Code Number of Sodepur
Postal Code Kolkata: 700111 - Pin Code Number of Sodepur Ghola Bazaar
Postal Code Kolkata: 700112 - Pin Code Number of Panshila / Pansila
Postal Code Kolkata: 700113 - Pin Code Number of Natagarh
Postal Code Kolkata: 700114 - Pin Code Number of Panihati
Postal Code Kolkata: 700115 - Pin Code Number of Sukhchar Sodepur
Postal Code Kolkata: 700116 - Pin Code Number of Balaram Dharma Sopan
Postal Code Kolkata: 700117 - Pin Code Number of Khardaha
Postal Code Kolkata: 700118 - Pin Code Number of Rahara Khardaha
Postal Code Kolkata: 700119 - Pin Code Number of Titagarh
Postal Code Kolkata: 700120 - Pin Code Number of Barrackpore Head Office
Postal Code Kolkata: 700121 - Pin Code Number of Nilgunje Bazaar
Postal Code Kolkata: 700122 - Pin Code Number of Nonachandanpukur
Postal Code Kolkata: 700123 - Pin Code Number of Talpukur
Postal Code Kolkata: 700124 - Pin Code Number of Barasat Head Office
Postal Code Kolkata: 700125 - Pin Code Number of Noapara
Postal Code Kolkata: 700126 - Pin Code Number of Nabapally
Postal Code Kolkata: 700127 - Pin Code Number of Hridaypur
Postal Code Kolkata: 700128 - Pin Code Number of Badu
Postal Code Kolkata: 700129 - Pin Code Number of Madhyamgram
Postal Code Kolkata: 700130 - Pin Code Number of Madhyamgram Bazaar
Postal Code Kolkata: 700131 - Pin Code Number of New Barrackpore
Postal Code Kolkata: 700132 - Pin Code Number of Ganganagar
Postal Code Kolkata: 700133 - Pin Code Number of Michael Nagar
Postal Code Kolkata: 700134 - Pin Code Number of Nilachal
Postal Code Kolkata: 700135 - Pin Code Number of Rajarhat
Postal Code Kolkata: 700136 - Pin Code Number of Rajarhat Gopalpur
Postal Code Kolkata: 700137 - Pin Code Number of Budge Budge
Postal Code Kolkata: 700138 - Pin Code Number of Pujali
Postal Code Kolkata: 700139 - Pin Code Number of Vivekananda Pally
Postal Code Kolkata: 700140 - Pin Code Number of Batanagar
Postal Code Kolkata: 700141 - Pin Code Number of Maheshtala
Postal Code Kolkata: 700142 - Pin Code Number of Santoshpur Maheshtala
Postal Code Kolkata: 700143 - Pin Code Number of Sarkar Pool
Postal Code Kolkata: 700144 - Pin Code Number of Baruipur Head Office
Postal Code Kolkata: 700145 - Pin Code Number of Malancha Mahinagar
Postal Code Kolkata: 700146 - Pin Code Number of Kodalia
Postal Code Kolkata: 700147 - Pin Code Number of Subhasgram
Postal Code Kolkata: 700148 - Pin Code Number of Harinavi
Postal Code Kolkata: 700149 - Pin Code Number of Rajpur
Postal Code Kolkata: 700150 - Pin Code Number of Sonarpur
Postal Code Kolkata: 700151 - Pin Code Number of Dakshin Jagaddal
Postal Code Kolkata: 700152 - Pin Code Number of Panchpota
Postal Code Kolkata: 700153 - Pin Code Number of Laskarpur
Postal Code Kolkata: 700154 - Pin Code Number of Boral / Bodal
Postal Code Kolkata: 700155 - Pin Code Number of Abdalpur.

Pincode list of Kolkata district of West Bengal shared by: Pinki Bhattacharjee (Reporter paid Rs.15/-) - If you want to share any type of information to the world, then Post now and become a reporter of http://www.kolkatabengalinfo.com/ website.
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Constituency List Bengal | CPM TMC BJP Candidates in Assembly Election Constituency 2011

TMC candidates 2011 Bengal Election Bidhan Sabha Vote Vidhan Sabha Poll WB Bengal Election Selected Candidates TMC Trinamool Congress BJP RSP CPIM CPM Party Candidates 2011 Bengal Election, West Bengal Assembly Election Poll Vote Seats Constituency List Names.
Assembly Election 2011 in Bengal (Bengal Bidhan Sabha Vote 2011) is just few weeks away. CPIM, BJP and TMC Party have nominated their candidates in 2011 Bengal Assembly Election of all constituencies of West Bengal. Here are the names of all Constituencies in Bengal.

List of All West Bengal Assembly Election Constituency Names
Mekliganj Constituency, Mathabhanga Constituency, Cooch Behar Uttar Constituency, Cooch Behar Dakshin Constituency, Sitalkuchi Constituency, Sitai Constituency, Dinhata Constituency, Natabari Constituency, Tufanganj Constituency, Kumargram Constituency, Kalchini Constituency, Alipurduars Constituency, Falakata Constituency, Madarihat Constituency, Dhupguri Constituency, Maynaguri Constituency, Jalpaiguri Constituency, Rajganj Constituency, Dabgram-Phulbari Constituency, Mal Constituency, Nagrakata Constituency, Kalimpong Constituency, Darjeeling Constituency, Kurseong Constituency, Matigara-Naxalbari Constituency, Siliguri Constituency, Phansidewa Constituency, Chopra Constituency, Islampur Constituency, Uttar Dinajpur Constituency, Goalpokhar Constituency, Chakulia Constituency, Karandighi Constituency, Hemtabad Constituency, Kaliaganj Constituency, Raiganj Constituency, Itahar Constituency, Kushmandi Constituency, Kumarganj Constituency, Balurghat Constituency, Tapan Constituency, Gangarampur Constituency, Harirampur Constituency, Habibpur Constituency, Gazole Constituency, Chanchal Constituency, Harishchandrapur Constituency, Malatipur Constituency, Ratua Constituency, Manikchak Constituency, Maldaha Constituency, English Bazar Constituency, Mothabari Constituency, Sujapur Constituency, Baisnabnagar Constituency, Farakka Constituency, Samserganj Constituency, Suti Constituency, Jangipur Constituency, Raghunathganj Constituency, Sagardighi Constituency, Lalgola Constituency, Bhagabangola Constituency, Raninagar Constituency, Murshidabad Constituency, Nabagram Constituency, Khargram Constituency, Burwan Constituency, Kandi Constituency, Bharatpur Constituency, Rejinagar Constituency, Beldanga Constituency, Baharampur Constituency, Hariharpara Constituency, Naoda Constituency, Domkal Constituency, Jalangi Constituency, Karimpur Constituency, Tehatta Constituency, Palashipara Constituency, Kaliganj Constituency, Nakashipara Constituency, Chapra Constituency, Krishnanagar Uttar Constituency, Nabadwip Constituency, Krishnanagar Constituency, Dakshin Santipur Constituency, Ranaghat Uttar Paschim Constituency, Krishnaganj Constituency, Ranaghat Uttar Purba Constituency, Ranaghat Dakshin Constituency, Chakdaha Constituency, Kalyani Constituency, Haringhata Constituency, Bagda Constituency, Bangaon Uttar Constituency, Bangaon Dakshin Constituency, Gaighata Constituency, Swarupnagar Constituency, Baduria Constituency, Habra Constituency, Ashoknagar Constituency, Amdanga Constituency, Bijpur Constituency, Naihati Constituency, Bhatpara Constituency, Jagatdal Constituency, Noapara Constituency, Barrackpur Constituency, Khardaha Constituency, Dum Dum Uttar Constituency, Panihati Constituency, Kamarhati Constituency, Baranagar Constituency, Dum Dum Constituency, Rajarhat New Town Constituency, Bidhannagar Constituency, Rajarhat Gopalpur Constituency, Madhyamgram Constituency, Barasat Constituency, Deganga Constituency, Haroa Constituency, Minakhan Constituency, Sandeshkhali Constituency, Basirhat Dakshin Constituency, Basirhat Uttar Constituency, Hingalganj Constituency, Gosaba Constituency, Basanti Constituency, Kultali Constituency, Patharpratima Constituency, Kakdwip Constituency, Sagar Constituency, Kulpi Constituency, Raidighi Constituency, Mandirbazar Constituency, Jaynagar Constituency, Baruipur Purba Constituency, Canning Paschim Constituency, Canning Purba Constituency, Baruipur Paschim Constituency, Magrahat Purba Constituency, Magrahat Paschim Constituency, Diamond Harbour Constituency, Falta Constituency, Satgachhia Constituency, Bishnupur Constituency, South 24 Parganas Constituency, Sonarpur Dakshin Constituency, Bhangar Constituency, Kasba Constituency, Jadavpur Constituency, Sonarpur Uttar Constituency, Tollyganj Constituency, Behala Purba Constituency, Behala Paschim Constituency, Maheshtala Constituency, Metiaburuz Constituency, Kolkata Port Constituency, Bhawanipur Constituency, Rashbehari Constituency, Ballygunge Constituency, Chowranghee Constituency, Entally Constituency, Beleghata Constituency, Jorasanko Constituency, Shyampukur Constituency, Maniktala Constituency, Kashipur Cossipur Constituency, Belgachhia Constituency, Bally Constituency, Howrah Uttar Constituency, Howrah Madhya Constituency, Shibpur Constituency, Howrah Dakshin Constituency, Sankrail Constituency, Panchla Constituency, Uluberia Purba Constituency, Uluberia Uttar Constituency, Uluberia Dakshin Constituency, Shyampur Constituency, Bagnan Constituency, Amta Constituency, Udaynarayanpur Constituency, Jagatballavpur Constituency, Domjur Constituency, Uttarpara Constituency, Sreerampur Constituency, Champdani Constituency, Singur Constituency, Chandannagar Constituency, Chunchura Constituency, Balagarh Constituency, Pandua Constituency, Saptagram Constituency, Chanditala Constituency, Jangipara Constituency, Haripal Constituency, Dhanekhali Constituency, Tarakeswar Constituency, Pursurah Constituency, Arambag Constituency, Goghat Constituency, Khanakul Constituency, Tamluk Constituency, Panskura Purba Constituency, Panskura Paschim Constituency, Moyna Constituency, Nandakumar Constituency, Mahisadal Constituency, Haldia Constituency, Nandigram Constituency, Chandipur Constituency, Patashpur Constituency, Kanthi Uttar Constituency, Bhagabanpur Constituency, Khejuri Constituency, Kanthi Dakshin Constituency, Ramnagar Constituency, Purba Medinipur Constituency, Egra Constituency, Dantan Constituency, Nayagram Constituency, Gopiballavpur Constituency, Jhargram Constituency, Keshiary Constituency, Kharagpur Sadar Constituency, Narayangarh Constituency, Sabang Constituency, Pingla Constituency, Kharagpur Constituency, Debra Constituency, Daspur Constituency, Ghatal Constituency, Chandrakona Constituency, Garbeta Constituency, Salboni Constituency, Keshpur Constituency, Medinipur Constituency, Binpur Constituency, Bandwan Constituency, Balarampur Constituency, Purulia Constituency, Baghmundi Constituency, Joypur Constituency, Purulia Constituency, Manbazar Constituency, Kashipur Constituency, Para Constituency, Raghunathpur Constituency, Saltora Constituency, Chhatna Constituency, Ranibandh Constituency, Raipur Constituency, Taldangra Constituency, Bankura Constituency, Barjora Constituency, Onda Constituency, Bishnupur Constituency, Bankura Constituency, Kotulpur Constituency, Indas Constituency, Sonamukhi Constituency, Khandaghosh Constituency, Bardhaman Dakshin Constituency, Raina Constituency, Jamalpur Constituency, Manteswar Constituency, Kalna Constituency, Memari Constituency, Bardhaman Uttar Constituency, Bhatar Constituency, Purbasthali Dakshin Constituency, Purbasthali Uttar Constituency, Katwa Constituency, Ketugram Constituency, Mangalkot Constituency, Ausgram Constituency, Galsi Constituency, Pandaveswar Constituency, Durgapur Purba Constituency, Durgapur Paschim Constituency, Raniganj Constituency, Jamuria Constituency, Asansol Dakshin Constituency, Asansol Uttar Constituency, Kulti Constituency, Barabani Constituency, Dubrajpur Constituency, Suri Constituency, Bolpur Constituency, Nanoor Constituency, Labpur Constituency, Sainthia Constituency, Mayureswar Constituency, Rampurhat Constituency, Hansan Constituency, Nalhati Constituency, Murarai Constituency…
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