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Vikas Roadies Profile - MTV Roadies X Vikas Kumar Personal Life - Delhi Candidate of Roadies X

Profile Biodata Biography Vikas MTV Roadies-X Contestant Candidate Delhi Audition Roadies-X 2013 Selected Candidate Vikas personal professional educational life MTV Roadies-X Contestant Candidate Participant Vikas Roadies Family (Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Boyfriend), MTV Roadies-X Delhi Audition Selected Candidate Vikas Qualification Passion Occupation Achievements, MTV Roadies-X Delhi Audition Vikas details mobile phone contact number address strengths weakness Vikas Roadies-X 2013 Contestant Candidate from Delhi Audition MTV Roadies-X Roadie Vikas.

Vikas Kumar, one of the five Roadies selected from Delhi Audition of MTV Roadies-X, is a Chef. Vikas has impressed Roadies X Judges & got selected amongst the other Delhi Contestants during Roadies-X Audition (2013).

Vikas Roadies-X Selected Candidate from Delhi Audition 2013

• Name of Roadies-X Delhi Candidate: - Vikas Kumar.

Address of Vikas Roadies-X Contestant: - Vikas is from Bhopal.

Mobile Phone Contact Number of Vikas Roadies-X Candidate: - not published due to security reasons.

Family Background of Roadies-X Vikas: - MTV Roadies-X Delhi Candidate Vikas is living with his parents. The mother name of Vikas in Minakshi and his father is also a Chef.

Educational Qualification of Vikas Roadies-X Contestant: - Vikas has completed Hotel Management course and now doing MBA.

Occupation / Professional Life of Vikas MTV Roadies: - Vikas is a Chef.

Marital Status of Vikas Roadies-X Contestant: - Single. He had a crash on Kanika during his school days.

Vikas MTV Roadies X Audition Video Watch Online: - Watch the Delhi Audition of Vikas, who have been selected as a Roadie from Delhi 2013 Roadies X Audition.

Video courtesy to Youtube.

Details of Vikas MTV Roadies-X Delhi Audition Interview: - Vikas Kumar finally reached Personal Interview Round after five years auditioning in Roadies. At the early time, he used to go to hotels with his father, who is a chef by profession  Since then (class-6th standard) he wanted to be a chef and now after completing his Hotel Management course became a Chef. He got training during hotel management course at Bhopal & other cities. Right now, he is doing MBA. Vikas wants to start his own Hotel in the name of his mother 'Meenaxi'. When Raghu asked him about 'Kanika' then he admits that he had a crash with Kanika during his school days. Vikas doesn't go to Gym often but he claims he is fit enough and said 'khali dum nahi hona chahiye, Dimag bhi hona chahiye'. Raghu & Rannvijay then asked to do him tasks like 'one leg up-down', 'jumping push-up , and 'head stand'. Vikas tried and impress judges who acknowledged that 'Vikas mein jaan hai'. Vikas is an agile guy without muscle. Vikas belongs to Scheduled Caste as per Indian Caste system, thus he thinks that caste system in India separates him from other people of society.

Roadies X contestant Vikas Kumar good wishes for you & hope you would win Roadies X Reality Show with your strong mental & physical strength that makes you a strong Roadies X Contestant, who got selected from Delhi in the 2013 Battle for Glory Roadies-X Season.
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Roadies-9 Hyderabad Audition 2012 Selected Candidates Hyderabad Roadies9 Audition – Watch Online

Hyderabad MTV Roadies 9 Audition Online Hyderabad Selected Candidates Contestants MTV Roadies-9 Hyderabad Audition Judges Anchor Host Moderators Venue Place Location Hyderabad Roadies-9 2012 Audition Date Time Online Contestants Participants MTV Roadies 9 Hyderabad Selected Roadies Hyderabad Candidates selected MTV Roadies-9 Audition Hyderabad Online Video Photo Hero Honda MTV Roadies-9 Selected Candidates Hyderabad Audition names, Watch uncut episode of 2012 Roadies9 Hyderabad Audition online live.
Roadies came to Hyderabad after 6 years time & so thousands of aspiring Roadies came for the Roadies Audition. The creator of Roadies Raghu and his brother Rajeev belongs to Hyderabad. So, Raghu & Rajeev were looking for real Hyderabadi contestants in Roadies 9 Hyderabad 2012 Audition to make Roadies 9 Everything or Nothing Season toughest & unique from other seasons. We have seen few crazy fans of Roadies in Hyderabad Audition – few girls came in Borkha for the first time, someone named his children in the name of Roadies ‘Roadie’ & ‘Raghu’, etc.

MTV Roadies-9 Audition Hyderabad – Candidates Judges Anchor Details
MTV Roadies-9 Hyderabad Audition Telecast Date: - 3rd March 2012 (Saturday) & 10th March 2012 (Saturday).

Hyderabad Audition MTV Roadies-9 Telecast Timings: - MTV Roadies-9 Reality Show starts at 7pm in the evening on Saturdays.

MTV Roadies-9 Hyderabad Audition Judges: - Raghu, Rannvijay and Rajeev.

MTV Roadies 9 Hyderabad Audition Anchor Host: - VJ Bani J.

2012 Hero Honda MTV Roadies 9 Hyderabad Audition Group Discussion Round Moderators: - Harman, Gaiti, Umashankar, Gaurav, Susan, Filmy Zoro, Romance Rambo and many other crew members of MTV Roadies-9 does the tough job of selection in Group Discussion round.

MTV Roadies-9 Hyderabad Audition Participants Contestants Candidates: - Many contestants had able to face Raghu-Rannvijay-Rajeev in the Personal Face-Off Interview Round at Hyderabad 2012 Roadies9 Audition and here are the few participant names of MTV Roadies 9 Audition in Hyderabad who got chance to face Roadies Judges in Personal Interview Round and unfortunately not become the selected candidates of MTV Roadies-9 Show from HyderabadNishant, Mosin, Taranjeet Kaur, Rakesh, Disha Oberoi and others.
Watch Roadies 9 Hyderabad Audition 2012 Part-1 Uncensored
Watch Roadies 9 Hyderabad Audition 2012 Part-2 Uncensored
Video courtesy YouTube.
Selected Candidates MTV Roadies-9 Hyderabad Audition: - Khushbu, Vinay Abhishek, Aarsh, Anirudh Sharma & Vikas are the lucky candidates (contestants) amongst thousands of competitor from Hyderabad Audition of MTV Roadies-9 2012 Season who got selected for MTV Roadies-9 Reality Show from Hyderabad Audition to give tough competition in Roadies-9 Show on MTV in 2012.

Congratulations to Khushbu, Vinay Abhishek, Aarsh, Anirudh Sharma & Vikas for becoming the Roadies from Hyderabad in MTV Roadies-9 (Everything or Nothing) season in 2012.
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Vikas Roadies Profile | MTV Roadies-9 Vikas Personal Life | Hyderabad Candidate Roadies

Profile Biodata Biography Vikas MTV Roadies-9 Contestant Candidate Hyderabad Hyderabad Audition Roadies-9 2012 Selected Candidate Vikas personal professional educational life MTV Roadies-9 Contestant Candidate Participant Vikas Roadies Family (Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Girlfriend), MTV Roadies-9 Hyderabad Audition Selected Candidate Vikas Qualification Passion Occupation, MTV Roadies-9 Hyderabad Audition Vikas details mobile phone contact number address plans strengths weakness Vikas Roadies-9 2012 Contestant Candidate from Hyderabad Hyderabad Audition MTV Roadies-9 Roadie Vikas.
Vikas had the worst experience in Roadies 9 Chandigarh Audition 2012, where he got to know what are the mistakes he had done by disrespecting the Roadies Application Form. Because of his passion towards Roadies, Vikas came for Hyderabad Roadies 9 Audition and got the title ‘Roadie’ what he loves most.

Vikas Roadies-9 Selected Candidate from Hyderabad Audition 2012
Name of Roadies-9 Hyderabad Candidate: - Vikas.

Address of Vikas Roadies-9 Contestant: - Born in Haryana.

Mobile Phone Contact Number of Vikas Roadies-9 Candidate: - not published.

Age (Birthday) of Vikas Roadies 9 Contestant: - 25 years as on Roadies 9 Hyderabad Audition 2012.

Family Background of Roadies-9 Vikas: - Father of Vikas was in Army.

Educational Qualification of Roadie Vikas: - Completed his Graduation from North Delhi University.

Occupation of Vikas MTV Roadies: - Works in a Bank.

Marital Status of Vikas Roadies-9 Contestant: - Vikas had 45 Girl friends but Single now (as on Roadies 9 Hyderabad Audition 2012).

Vikas Roadies 9 Hyderabad Audition 2012 – Watch Online
Video courtesy YouTube.
Vikas MTV Roadies-9 Hyderabad Audition Interview: - Vikas had an experience of facing Personal Interview round because he appeared in Roadies 9 Chandigarh PI Audition Round. Vikas was asked to describe what he thought about the Roadies Judges and Vikas told Ranvijay the ‘Cool’ Judge who stops Raghu & Ranvijay while they became restless and also Vikas said that Raghu is good by heart & bitter on face. Then Roadie Vikas started telling about his family life, college days & share market experiences. Vikas was the General Secretary of his college and shared the information about MTV College Fest incident at his college. He shows the Roadie Tatto on his body. Vikas answered that he won’t give up the Roadie Title and will play Politics to survive anyhow. His motto is ‘Harne ka toh sawali nahi uthta’. Roadie Judges said that Vikas is too smart, politician & know how to utilize other to make his own job.

The judges of Roadies (Raghu, Rajiv & Rannvijay) might have seen something interesting in Vikas and selected Vikas as Roadies Contestant from Hyderabad for the 2012 Everything or Nothing Roadies-9 Season. Let’s see how much Roadie Vikas can make the conditions worst to others in MTV Roadies 9 2012 Season.
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Vikas Roadies-9 Contestant – Chandigarh 2012 Audition – Uncensored Video Watch Online

Vikas (Vikki) is the name of that participant of MTV Roadies-9 2012 Chandigarh Audition who tried to express his feelings in a wrong way. Vikas didn’t answer that questions of Roadies Audition Form correctly and also used few sentences that made Roadies Judges (Raghu, Rajeev and Rannvijay) seriously angry. The episode of Vikas in Chandigarh Roadies9 2012 audition was telecast on 25th February 2012 and once again we have seen both the angry & emotional part of the judges.

Roadies9 Chandigarh 2012 Audition - Vikas Part-1
Video courtesy Youtube.

Vikas, who had completed his graduation and works in a Bank as Internet Banking Activator, had gone through very tough situation when he entered the Personal Interview room. ‘Raghu Tu Yeh Show Banana Bhool Gaya Yaar’ & many more this sort of answers written by Vikas on Roadies Application Form made judges angry and thus they took everything out of him by making him understand where he did wrong and what should be the right process to express.

Vikas Roadies-9 Chandigarh Audition 2012 - Part-2
Video courtesy Youtube.
Roadies Judges asked Vikas to come in for the second time after realizing that Vikas shouldn’t be treated like they did. In the second part, Raghu-Rajeev-Rannvijay tried to make him understand the rules of selection process of Roadies and promised Vikas that he would get the direct entry to P.I. Round if he respect the Application Form & fill the Form seriously at Hyderabad Roadies9 Audition, which is scheduled next. And, already we have seen the Promo on MTV that Vikas is facing the PI round at Hyderabad Roadies9 Audition. It shows why Raghu, Rajeev & Rannvijay are best & the show Roadies is the best reality show of India.
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