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Tajpur Sea Beach Attractions-Hotels-Route | Tajpur Sea Beach Tourist Spot

Tourists who love sea beach are most welcome to Tajpur Sea Beach located beside the Bay of Bengal in the Purba Medinipur district of West Bengal and could easily be reached from Kolkata, Howrah, Durgapur, Asansol area as well by Bus route or Train route.

Attractions of Tajpur Sea Beach Tourist Spot of Medinipur Bengal: There are so many things to do at Tajpur Sea Beach like rafting, beach cycling, parasailing etc. Para-sailing Beach sport of Tajpur is the most adventurous because one should jump to Sea from the para-suit. Except, beach sports at Tajpur Sea Beach, tourists would get to see Red Crabs on the beach, hundreds of ‘Jhau’ Trees filling with enchanting birds and extremely beautiful & clean Sea Beach for sun-bath.

Other tourist places to visit from Tajpur Sea Beach Tourist Spot of West Bengal: Tourists are advised to visit the nearby Beaches as well from Tajpur by Car or Auto-Vans that are available at Tajpur Sea Beach. Mandarmani Sea Beach Tourist Spot, Shankarpur Beach isn’t too far from Tajpur Sea Beach and thus should be toured during the tour of Tajpur by the tourists.

Route / Path details of Tajpur Sea Beach Tourist Spot from Kolkata & Howrah: There are both Train routes and Bus routes are available to go to Tajpur Sea Beach Tourist Spot. Tourists should go to Digha Railway Station by Duranta Express Train or to Ramnagar Railway Station by Kandari (Tamralipta) Train and from there hire rickshaw / Auto / Van to Tajpur Beach area. Tourists preferring bus route to visit Tajpur should take the right turn from Ramnagar on the way to Digha. Buses towards Digha from Kolkata go via Ramnagar and thus tourists should opt for Ramnagar and then another Van-Rickshaw to Tajpur Beach.
Tajpur Hotels Accommodations Rooms: - There is no government lodges available at Tajpur Sea Beach Tourist place, but so many private AC / Non-AC Hotels are there at Tajpur Sea Beach Tourist place. Tourists are advised to Book their Hotel Rooms at Tajpur before they actually reach Tajpur. Hotel Booking of Tajpur can be done online through www.tajpurhotel.com website.

The best time to visit Tajpur Sea Beach Tourist Spot is Summer & Winter season and tourists should avoid Rainy (monsoon) season to tour Tajpur as the Sea becomes very dangerous to bath & para-sailing.

Don’t forget to keep torch & mosquito killer spray with you while touring Tajpur Sea Beach tourist spot as there is no electricity and the hotels use generator only at the evening till midnight to lighten their premises. So, Torch light, mosquito killers are must to carry with you.
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Chupi Purbasthali Burdwan Route-Attractions-Accommodations Weekend Tourist Spot

Though Chupi Purbasthali Burdwan weekend tourist spot nearby Kolkata & Howrah isn’t familiar to the tourists, still it has enough to amaze tourist with its natural beauty. People who want to make short tour nearby Kolkata & Howrah within West Bengal, can surely tour Chupi Tourist Spot located at Purbasthali in Bardhaman (Burdwan) district of West Bengal.

Chupi weekend tourist spot of Burdwan has been created by River Ganga’s pali maati. It’s an ‘Aswakhur Akriti Hrod’ (‘Chupi Char’) having deep blue water and in winter season 83 types of birds used to gather. Boating facility is available on 2-3 Kms long Chupi Lake in Burdwan.

Tourists may visit Krishnanagar, Mayapur Iskcon Temple and Nabadwip Gourango Dham that are few kilometers far from Chupi tourist spot in Burdwan. Since, there are no hotels or lodges (accommodations) in Chupi Tourist place in Burdwan, it’s recommended to the tourists to visit Chupi Weekend Tourist Spot of Bardhaman and from there they should go for Mayapur or Nabadwip and could stay there.
Various types of birds is the main attraction of Chupi, Burdwan and thus the best time to visit Chupi Tourist place is between October and February month i.e., in winter season.

If you are thinking about the route (path) to Chupi from Kolkata or want to know how to reach (go) Chupi tourist spot of Budwan then the answer is ‘routes to follow to go Chupi Burdwan’ as follows:
Both bus and train routes are there from Kolkata & Howrah to tour Chupi weekend tourist spot of Burdwan. By Road, tourists should take the highway towards Burdwan and ask for Chupi area (Kolkata to Chupi distance is nearly 120 Kms). Best way to visit Chupi tourist spot in by train from Howrah. Take the trains Howrah-Bardhaman (main line) and come to ‘Purbasthali’ station and from ‘Purbasthali’ station hire a Van-rickshaw to Chupi tourist place in Burdwan.
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Parmadan Forest: Bibhutibhushan Abhayaranya Bongaon: Attraction-Route-Accommodation | Weekend Tourist Spot near Kolkata-Howrah

Bored in your daily life? Do you love adventurous tour in Jungle (Forest)? Are you looking for a Weekend tourist place near Kolkata & Howrah? Are you thinking about any Forest (Jungle) to visit in coming weekend? – West Bengal is full of tourist spots and there is no shortage of weekend tourist spots nearby Kolkata & Howrah as well. If you can manage 2-days or more then you should go the nearest Jungle (Forest Range) of Kolkata & Howrah. Yes, we are talking about Parmadan Forest Range in Bongaon that is known as ‘Bibhutibhushan Abhayaranya Parmadan Bongaon’.

Bibhutibhushan Abhayaranya Parmadan Bongaon Forest Attractions & Sightseeing places to visit in Bibhutibhushan Abhayaranya Parmadan Bongaon: -
Bibhutibhushan Abhayaranya Parmadan Bongaon Forest Range has the beautiful natural view and ‘Ichamati’ river added the extra adventurous feeling to the jungle where Saal, Segun, Sishu & Bamboo trees don’t allow the sun to the ground. Tourists would love to see the view when Deer drink water of Ichamati River & birds enchanting their own lyrics. Forest development authorities provide the opportunity of Boating ride on the Ichamati River that will make your Jungle Tour more adventurous. Tourists should also visit the Zoo located near to Bibhutibhushan Abhayaranya Parmadan Bongaon Forest and see the Ajgar, Macao, Kakatua, Deer etc and also requested to see the Bharat-Bangladesh Border at Puspighata that is only 6Kms away from Bibhutibhushan Abhayaranya Parmadan Bongaon Forest Range.

Route & Path Map of Bibhutibhushan Abhayaranya Parmadan Bongaon Forest – Route to Bibhutibhushan Abhayaranya Parmadan Bongaon Forest from Kolkata & Howrah: -
Once you made up your mind that you want to go to Bibhutibhushan Abhayaranya Parmadan Bongaon Forest then there wouldn’t be any problem with the path as it’s simple & easy to follow. Train Route to Bibhutibhushan Abhayaranya Parmadan Bongaon Forest from Kolkata (Sealdaha) is preferable as direct Train to Bongaon from Sealdaha would safe your time of journey. Tourists need to take Van or Jeep from Bongaon Station to Naldugri. Those who want to tour Bibhutibhushan Abhayaranya Parmadan Bongaon Forest via Bus Route can also hire Buses from Esplanade (Dharmtala Kolkata) towards Naldugri. Parmadan Forest range is near to Naldugri and van rickshaws are available from Naldugri to Parmadan Forest of Bongaon.

Where to stay at Bibhutibhushan Abhayaranya Parmadan Bongaon Forest (weekend tourist place near Kolkata & Howrah in West Bengal): -
If you are thinking about the hotels, lodges or accommodations in Bibhutibhushan Abhayaranya Parmadan Bongaon Forest, then not to worry about Bibhutibhushan Abhayaranya Parmadan Bongaon Accommodation availabilities because there are few small hotels & lodges available for the tourist to stay and also West Bengal Government’s Forest Bungalow is there at Bibhutibhushan Abhayaranya Parmadan Bongaon for the tourists. Forest Bungalow (Guest House) Rooms of Bibhutibhushan Abhayaranya Parmadan Bongaon should be booked prior making the visit. The Booking office of WB Forest Bungalow at Bibhutibhushan Abhayaranya Parmadan Bongaon is located near to Barasat Chapadali More in North 24-Pgs (contact number of room booking is 033-2552-0968). So, book your room at Bibhutibhushan Abhayaranya Parmadan Bongaon and go for an adventures weekend tour in Forest near KolkataDivisional Forest Officer Rest House is located on the banks of Ichamati River. Room Booking can be made at below mentioned Barasat Office:Divisional Forest Officer, Champadali Divisional Forest Office Barasat, North 24 Parganas. Telephone number is 033-25520968.
The charges of rooms as follows: (1) Double-bed room charge Rs.250/- per day, (2) 4-bed room costs is Rs. 400/- per day and (3) 7-bed dormitory room price is Rs. 600/- per day.

When to visit Bibhutibhushan Abhayaranya Parmadan Bongaon (Forest) Weekend Tourist Spot near Kolkata & Howrah in West Bengal: -
Tourists can arrange a short weekend tour to the nearest forest from Kolkata ‘Bibhutibhushan Abhayaranya Parmadan Bongaon’ at any season in the year. But, it’s recommended to visit Bibhutibhushan Abhayaranya Parmadan Bongaon Forest in winter season as various types of birds used to come & gather at Bibhutibhushan Abhayaranya Parmadan Bongaon in winter which will be the added attraction of Bibhutibhushan Abhayaranya Parmadan Bongaon Forest to the tourists visiting.
Search Tags: Bibhutibhushan Abhayaranya Parmadan Bongaon Forest Jungle, Weekend tourist spot place nearby Kolkata Howrah in West Bengal, Hotels Rooms Lodges price booking Bibhutibhushan Abhayaranya Parmadan Bongaon Forest Jungle Route map path distance from Kolkata how to go to Bibhutibhushan Abhayaranya Parmadan Bongaon Forest Jungle sightseeing places visit attractions Bibhutibhushan Abhayaranya Parmadan Bongaon Forest Range location room charges details news on Bibhutibhushan Abhayaranya Parmadan Bongaon Forest Jungle range.

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Raichak – Weekend Tourist Spot near Kolkata & Howrah in Bengal | Routes Accommodations & Attraction

Raichak is one of the best weekend tourist spots nearby Kolkata & Howrah within West Bengal. People who are tired of daily fast life & want to spend few days lonely far from the noise & pollution of the Kolkata City are welcomed to Raichak that will refresh your mind surely. Raichak Tourist Spot is located beside River Ganga and has few tourist attractions for the people who love to tour.

What to see in Raichak? Tourist Attractions & Places to visit in Raichak Weekend Tourist Spot near Kolkata & Howrah: -
Basically, Raichak is a weekend tourist location near to Kolkata and in Raichak you can enjoy one or two days easily and get refreshed from daily hard work. Fort Raichak, which was established by East India Company (British) in 1783 & in 1990’s reconstructed by private companies, is the main attraction of Raichak. Golf courts, Tennis court, swimming pool, Spa, Body Massage all are available at Fort Raichak Resort of Raichak. Tourist can go for Adventurous Boat ride from Raichak to Diamond Harbour & Haldia. The amazing view of Sunrise & sunset on River Ganga will surely amaze you.

Raichak-Kolkata Routes Path Details – How to go Raichak from Kolkata? Route Map of Kolkata-Raichak by Road: -
Raichak isn’t too far from Kolkata or Howrah and so Raichak is became one of the best weekend tourist spots in Bengal nearby Kolkata & Howrah. Raichak & Kolkata distance is not more than 50-Kms. If you are thinking how to go Raichak from Kolkata (Sealdaha or Howrah) & what’s the route (path) to follow to visit Raichak from Kolkata; then let me tell you that there is no problem in transportation service from Kolkata to Raichak. Yes, Semi-Luxury Buses are available from Dharmatala Bus Stand (Esplanade) that can be taken to visit Raichak from Kolkata. Since, it’s only 50-KM distance between Raichak & Kolkata; it’s recommended to use your own car or rent a car to have a luxurious weekend tour to Raichak from Kolkata.

Where to stay in Raichak weekend tourist spot near Kolkata? Accommodations / Hotels in Raichak Tourist place in Bengal: -
Raichak is now becoming a very popular weekend tourist place for Kolkata & Howrah & nearby peoples who love to tour very often. There is no shortage of Rooms, lodges, cheap hotels in Raichak to stay healthy. But, tourists should try to stay at ‘Fort Raichak’ which is the best place to live in Raichak during your tour. Otherwise, tourists may book rooms at various Ganga-Kutir (Rooms beside River Ganga at Raichak).
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Iskcon Gourdham Habibpur Ranaghat Temple Route | Tourist Spot Near Kolkata Howrah Accommodation

Kolkata Howrah Nearest Religious Weekend Tourist Spot, Habibpur Ranaghat Iskcon Temple Location Route Landmark Distance from Kolkata, Jagannath Radha Krishna Madav Temple Habibpur Gourdham Iskcon, Phone Contact number details Iskcon Gourdham Habibpur Ranaghat Nadia Bengal, Accommodations Guest House Hotels near Gourdham Iskcon Temple Mandir Habibpur Ranaghat, Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Temple Mandir Gourdham Habibpur Iskcon Ranaghat.
International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) has established a temple, following the structure of Puri Jagannath Temple in West Bengal, is known as Iskcon Gourdham Temple located at Habibpur near Ranaghat in Nadia district of Bengal. The Habibpur Iskcon Gourdham has three main temples within it’s mandir complex – Sri Jagannath Temple, Radha Madhav Temple and Swami Prabhupada Mandir. Temples remain open till noon from early morning and till evening from afternoon daily for the visitors. Iskcon Management also serves Bhog prasad to all visitors (tourists) of Habibpur Iskcon Gourdham at a nominal Bhog Ticket.

Religious peoples who are the follower of Sri Krishna, Radha, Madhav, Jagannath Ji or Swami Ji’s of Iskcon can now make a short weekend family tour to Habibpur Iskcon Gourdham Mandir from anywhere of Bengal and without any doubt Iskcon Gourdham of Habibpur is one of the best religious weekend tourist spots near Kolkata / Howrah.

Founder-Acharya of Iskcon Gourdham Temple Habibpur Ranaghat: - His divine grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

Location Landmark Address of Iskcon Gourdham Temple Habibpur Ranaghat: - Gourdham, Habibpur, Ranaghat, Nadia, Pin – 741403, West Bengal.

Phone Contact Number of Habibpur Gourdham Iskcon Temple Ranaghat: 03473-281150 / 03473-281226.

Route Paths and Where / How to reach / visit Iskcon Temple Gourdham Habibpur Ranaghat: - Tourists who want to visit Iskcon Gourdham Temple of Habibpur in Ranaghat from Kolkata or other locations can reach easily by Train from Sealdaha – Ranaghat Railway Route via Dumdum, Belgharia, Sodepur, Barrackpore etc. Habibpur Railway Station comes after the Kalinarayan Junction Station; so get ready when Kalinarayan Junction Rail Station comes during your journey to Habibpur Iskcon Temple. From the Habibpur Railway Station take a Rickshaw or Van towards Gourdham Temple, which is 5-10 minutes away from Habibpur Rail Station. Tourists may tour Iskcon Temple of Habibpur ‘Gourdham’ by Bus Routes from Kolkata (Distance between Kolkata and Habibpur is nearly 50-60Kms).

Accommodations Guest Houses Hotels near Habibpur Iskcon Temple Gourdham Ranaghat: - It’s recommended to make a short weekend tour to Iskcon Gourdham Temple of Habibpur (Ranaghat) from Kolkata / Howrah or near by area, because within the Habibpur Iskcon Gourdham management has developed an well-maintained Prabhupada Atithisala (Prabhupada Guest House) for the visitors, tourists to spend day(s). The Room rent charges at Prabhupada Guest House of Habibpur Iskcon Gourdham religious place is within everyone’s reach. There are few hotels are also available out side and near by Iskcon Gourdham Temple Habibpur, but it’s recommended to stay at Iskcon’s own Guest House named ‘Prabhupada Atithishala’.

What are you waiting for? Arrange a weekend tour near by Kolkata / Howrah to Iskcon Gourdham Temple of Habibpur at Ranaghat (in Nadia district) of Bengal and feel the spiritual holiness of Sri Jagannath and Radha-Madhav ji.
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Pujali Picnic Spot - Kolkata Weekend Tourist Places - Route Accommodation Facility

Pujali picnic spot weekend tourist place near Kolkata howrah Bengal, bus route train railway route pujali picnic weekend tourist spot Kolkata distance hotel resort accommodation guest house pujali weekend tourist spot Bengal near Kolkata rate price cost attraction facility advantages pujali picnic weekend tour spot near Kolkata howrah hooghly

During the winter season we all love to go for picnics with our family or colleagues or friends. Those who are looking for a good picnic spot near by Kolkata Howrah and also looking for weekend tourist spots near Kolkata Howrah in Bengal can now enjoy their weekend tour or picnic at Pujali area of Bengal which is near to Kolkata and Howrah and also easily accessible from Kolkata and Howrah.

The Picnic Spot near Kolkata Howrah in Bengal and also a beautiful weekend tourist place near Kolkata Howrah in Bengal is founded and developed by Pujali Pourasabha (Pujali Municipality) few years back. The Pujali Purosabha management has developed three picnic spots in Pujali which is near to Kolkata-Howrah. There are several Bus Routes to Pujali from Kolkata are available and also Train Route to Pujali from Kolkata Station is there.

Weekend Tour and Picnic Spot Pujali is developed in 832 hector area which is surrounded by Hooghly River and the ultimate place for Picnic or Weekend Tour near Kolkata. The total Kolkata Pujali Distance is 26 Kms. Tourists can also stay at Pujali Weekend Tourist Spot Bengal near to Kolkata-Howrah at the Pujali Guest House Achipur (Hotels and Resorts at Pujali Weekend Tour spot is yet to develop).

The Pujali Municipality Chairman has started to develop a new project within 2014 named Eco Tourism Park at Kamarpara and Kumorpara area of Pujali Purasabha with Boating facility, Cottage facility for staying as well. Another Picnic Spot in Pujali near Kolkata and Weekend Tourist Spot near Kolkata is Indiraghat Picnic Spot in Pujali Purasabha.
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Garhpanchkot Tourist Spot Bengal | Hill & Forest Place near Kolkata, Howrah | Weekend Tour

Garpanchkot tourist place near Kolkata Howrah weekend tour hill forest mython panchet hill tourist spot garhpanchkot bengal hotels resorts accommodation route bus train route tour package garhpanchkot Kolkata

Are you looking for tourist spot in Bengal near Kolkata, Howrah for spending 1-2 days? Do you want to know where to visit in weekend tour to Forests or Hills near Kolkata, Howrah? Let me tell you, Garhpanchkot Tourist Spot in Bengal is a place near Kolkata and Howrah for weekend tour. The tourist spot Garhpanchkot, Bengal is located at the foot-hill of Panchet Hill in West Bengal. Exiting Hill Tourist Spot Garhpanchkot surrounding with Forest is the perfect tourist spot in Bengal near Kolkata and Howrah for any sort of Weekend Family Tour.

Where to Stay at Garhpanchkot Tourist Spot in Bengal?
There are so many small and large Resorts, Hotels at Garhpanchkot Tourist Spot of Bengal for staying during holiday tour near Kolkata, Howrah in West Bengal. Apart from Garhpanchkot Hotel and Resorts; there is WBFDC Resort available at Garpanchkot Tourist place in Bengal. Tourists of Kolkata, Howrah can Book Hotel Rooms at Garpanchkot Tourist Spot in Bengal from Kolkata WBFDC Booking office located near Wellington Square at Kolkata.

Places to Visit at Garhpanchkot Tourist Place of Bengal near Kolkata, Howrah:
Those who have arranged short tour to Garhpanchkot Tourist Spot in Bengal can also visit Mython Dam which is not too far way from Garpanchkot Tourist place in Bengal.
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Weekend Tourist Spot near Kolkata | Hansheswari Temple Chinsurah Hooghly Routes & Attraction

Kolkata weekend short tourist spots Chinsura chuchura katwa bansberia hansheswari temple Vishnu mandir goyeshpur jubilee park picnic spot near kolkata hansheswari temple routes trains buses

Have you managed one day or want to know how to enjoy your one day holiday by touring nearest visiting place with family or beloved one? Do you want to know nearest places to visit from Kolkata for one day tour? Hansheswari Temple of Chuchura is one of the historical establishments waiting for your visit.

Nearly 200 years old Hansheswari Temple in Chinsurah located near Bansberia of Hooghly District of West Bengal can easily be visited by Trains towards Bardhaman from Howrah (Kolkata) main line. Visitors need to come to Adi Saptagram Railway Station on Howrah-Bardhaman Main line Train route and from Adi Saptagram Station take Auto-Rickshaw to Bansberia’s Hansheswari Temple. People can also opt for Howrah-Katowa Trains to Bansberia Station and then visit Hansheswari Temple at Chinsurah. By Bus routes to Hanshewari Temple is available from Kalyani Station as well.

Apart from Hansheswari Temple at Chinsurah, Hooghly tourists may also visit nearest tourist places like Vishnu Mandir (341 years old), Goyeshpur Jubilee Park, Bandel Catholic Church, Imambara Bandel – these near by visiting places of Hansheswari Temple can be covered on a single day tour.
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Mayapur Iskcon Temple | Routes, Accommodation, Attraction | Religious Tourist Spot Bengal

Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Iskcon Temple Mayapur Nadia Bengal Religious Holy Tourist Spot Routes paths Kolkata-Mayapur distance trains Mayapur accommodation hotels guest houses attractions Mayapur sight scenes visiting places weekend tour near Kolkata Mayapur Iskcon Temple picnic spot Nadia Bengal, How reach Mayapur Religious place Kolkata Howrah.

The location of Mayapur religious tourist spot is in Nadia district of West Bengal state and on the banks of holiest river Ganga. If you are looking for religious tourist spot near Kolkata for weekend tour then Mayapur in Nadia is waiting for you. The history of Mayapur in Bengal is related with Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu as Mayapur is the Birthplace of Chaitanya Mahaprabu who is known for holiest monk serving Lord Krishna in Bengal. Mayapur, one of the religious tourist spots in Bengal, is the district headquarters of Iskcon in Bengal.

Mayapur-Kolkata Routes to Iskcon Temple, Mayapur:
Mayapur Religious Tourist Spot can easily be reached from every part of Bengal by Bus or by Train. Incase of Train Routes to Mayapur from Kolkata; you need to take Trains from Sealdah towards Krishnanagar and then by Auto/Bus/Trekker etc to Mayapur Iskcon Temple. Incase of Kolkata-Mayapur Bus Routes; you need not to worry about. Regular Bus services are there in Kolkata’s Esplanade, Karunamoyee Salt Lake Bus Stands towards Mayapur Iskcon from Kolkata by Bus. Kolkata Iskcon Temple management also provides Buses to Mayapur Iskcon Temple from Kolkata on daily basis.

Iskcon Temple Mayapur - Where to stay?
Mayapur which is specially known for Iskcon Temple attracts so many tourists including International tourists and therefore there is no shortage of local guest houses, Hotels in Mayapur to spend days. Iskcon Management also provides accommodation at Mayapur named Dharmasala in Mayapur; but you need to Book Rooms in Mayapur Dharmashala before the Mayapur Iskcon Temple tour as spot booking would not possible every time.

Visiting Places in Mayapur – Attraction of Religious Tourist Spot Mayapur:
Mayapur Iskcon Temple, which is known as Sri Chaitanya Candrodaya Temple Mayapur, Chand Kazi’s Samadhi, Yoga Peeth and Sri Chaitanya Math are the main visiting places in Mayapur tour package.

When to Visit Mayapur Iskcon Temple?
The best time to tour Mayapur religious tourist spot in Bengal from Kolkata or other locations are during Rathyatra Festival, Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Birthday, and Lord Krishna Birthday Janmastami. Though tourists visits Mayapur Iskcon Temple throughout every year.
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Digha Sea Beach | Route Hotels Attractions | Tourist Spot near Kolkata

Are you planning to tour Digha from Kolkata/Howrah? Which is the best weekend tourist spot near Kolkata/Howrah? Are you looking for cheap tour packages in Bengal near Kolkata? Are you confused of choosing Honeymoon places in Bengal near Kolkata/Howrah at low budget? Do you want to know the details of best Sea Beach in Bengal? The answer of all these questions is Digha Tourist Spot that is located in Purba Medinipur district of West Bengal and Bengal’s best beach spot near Kolkata, Howrah and other areas of Bengal.

Where to stay at Digha Beach Tourist Spot, Purba Medinipur, Bengal?
Whether it’s Old Digha or New Digha there is no shortage of hotels in Digha. There are so many luxury hotels, semi-luxury hotels in Digha, Government PWD Quarter in Digha, lodges in Digha. Hotel Silicon, Purbasa Hotel and Hotel Duke in Digha are few names where tourist can stay at Digha Beach tourist spot. The hotel room charges in Digha vary in different seasons. Tourists may book hotels in Digha from Kolkata Travel agency offices or may book digha hotels by phone call to hotel helpline numbers.

Route / Paths to Digha Sea Beach, Medinipur Bengal:
Digha tourist spot of Bengal is well connected to Kolkata-Howrah and other locations of Bengal. Total Kolkata-Digha distance (approximately 240Kms) can be reached within 2-3 hours by Train and 3-5 hours by Bus or Car.
Digha Sea Beach Tourist Spot Railway Route:
Some of the tourists choose to visit Digha by train from Howrah, as its take lesser time and digha train ticket price. Few local trains to Digha run daily from Howrah Railway Station to Digha Railway Station and Digha Duranta Express Train also there from Digha as well. Kolkata and Howrah or nearby tourists may catch Howrah-Digha Train from Howrah at early morning (Timings of Digha Howrah Train) and may catch from Digha Station towards Howrah in the afternoon. Howrah-Digha Trains follows the following route:
Howrah – Sankrail – Kolaghat – Mecheda – Ramnagar – Digha
Location of Digha Railway Station is in New Digha and has auto-rickshaw, van services from Digha station to move around.
Car / Bus Routes to Digha Sea Beach, Purba Midnapur, Bengal:
National Highway-6 (Mumbai Road) - Dhulagarh Howrah - Toll Tax - Kolaghat - Mecheda - Contai - Kanthi - Ramnagar - Old Digha - New Digha : This is the Car/Bus route to Digha from Kolkata/Howrah. Location of Digha Bus Stand is behind of Old Digha Bazar Complex. Here are the few Route Buses to Digha from different locations of Bengal:
Belgharia-Kolkata-Digha Buses; Nimta-Kolkata-Digha Buses; Bongaon-Habra-Barasat-Kolkata-Digha Buses; Barrackpore-Kolkata-Digha Buses; Esplanade-Kolkata-Digha Buses; Karunamoyee Saltlake-Kolkata-Digha Buses; Garia-Kolkata-Digha Buses; Howrah-Andul-Digha Buses; Chinsurah-Srirampur-Dankuni-Digha Buses; Medinipur Town-Kharagpur-Digha Buses; Haldia-Ramnagar-Digha Buses; Mecheda-Digha Buses and many other Digha Bus routes are available.
Kolkata-Digha Bus timings normally in the morning and return buses from Digha to Kolkata timings are in the afternoon time. Digha Bus Tickets price (charges) is not expensive.

Tourist Spots near Digha Sea Beach, Bengal:
Digha Tourist Spot of Purba Medinipur is surrounded by few more attractive weekend tourist spots. Tourists can hire motor-van for sight-scenes of Digha. Those who tours Digha as weekend tour can visit Udaypur Beach, Chandaneswar Temple & Talsari Sea Beach; which is within 15-20Km distance from Digha towards Orissa. Tourists may also visit Digha Mohona, Shankarpur Beach, Tajpur Beach from Digha by Car or motor-vans. Mandarmoni Beach tourist spot in Purba Medinipur is not far enough from Digha as well. One more visiting places in Digha that you need not to forget is Digha Science Museum, located in New Digha near to Digha Rail Station.

When to visit Digha Sea Beach, East Medinipur, Bengal?
Tourists visits Digha throughout a year. But, if you want to hear the roar of Bay of Bengal then you should visit Digha in Summer Seasons. Monsoon Season and during Surasuri Tide on Bay of Bengal (in September) makes the ocean dangerous and risky to have bath. In the winter season it’s pleasant to spend whole day on Digha Beach. So, Best time to visit Digha Sea Beach must be summer or winter season.

Attractions of Digha Sea Beach, Purba Medinipur, Bengal:
Weekend tour to Digha from Kolkata/Howrah/Bengal is the perfect destination. Digha Sea Beach is the main spot where you can spend your whole day and evening. Visiting places near Digha (as mentioned above) are also attracts tourist to Low Budget Digha weekend Tour from Kolkata/Bengal. But, tourists should taste the tasty fish fry on Digha Sea Beach – it’s delicious. Digha Beach market is for people who love to shop and love Jhinuk products.

Still thinking where to visit in your weekends? Go.. And contact Travel Agencies in Kolkata or other cities to know more about Digha Tour Packages from Kolkata and price details.

Digha Sea Beach Tourist Spot Bengal, Digha Sea Beach Attractions, Tourist Spots near Digha Mandarmani Beaches Bengal, Nearest tourist spot kolkata haldia kharagpur, Picnic spot kolkata digha kolaghat Digha, Digha beach route map pathways buses trains, reach Digha Sea Beach hotels resorts accommodation charges room, visiting time of Digha Sea Beach near Digha Ramnagar Balasore Bengal, Where to stay in Digha Beach, Sex workers of Digha Ramnagar Beach West Bengal, Digha Sea Beach Distance from Kolkata Haldia Kolaghat by Car, Train Routes Digha Sea Beach, weekend tourist spot near Kolkata Digha, Sandy Sea Beach Digha Bengal Attractions, location where Digha in Bengal, cheap tour package Digha beach, Chandaneswar Temple Balasore Orissa.
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Shankarpur Fishing Harbour | West Bengal Fisheries Corporation Ltd Address & Contacts

Shankarpur is a place located beside Bay of Bengal Ocean in East Medinipore district of West Bengal and known for Fishing Industry. West Bengal is blessed with River Ganga, Bay of Bengal and this is why Fishery is one of the main jobs nearby river Ganga like Kolaghat and nearby Bay of Bengal Ocean like Shankarpur, Junput, Tajpur etc areas.
West Bengal Fisheries Corporation Limited is a Government of West Bengal Enterprise and also known as Shankarpur Fishing Harbour, Medinipur. Bengal’s largest Fishing Harbour of Shankarpur is also attracts tourists for its eye-catching sandy Shankarpur Sea Beach. Tourists can arrange short tour to visit Shankarpur Fishing Harbour. Remember, Bengal Fishing Harbour charge Rs.10/- per trip as Entry Toll for Mini Truck / Matadors & Four Wheelers (Cars).
West Bengal Fisheries Corporation Ltd., Shankarpur Fishing Harbour, Bengal Address:
Post Office: Bodhra, Shankarpur, Near Choddamile Bus Stop
District: Purba Medinipur, West Bengal
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Tajpur Sea Beach | Route Hotels Attractions | Tourist Spots near Digha & Mandarmoni

One of the famous Sea Beaches of Bengal, Tajpur Sea Beach Tourist Spot, located in East Medinipur district of Bengal and situated besides Bay Of Bengal Ocean. Tajpur Beach, Bengal is full of attractions and so attracts so many tourists every year. Many Bangla Cinemas are shot here at Tajpur Beach, so it’s a Film Shooting spot as well.

Where to stay in Tajpur Beach Tourist Spot, Bengal near to Digha?
Budget Hotels, Resorts and tourist lodges in Tajpur beach tourist spot are quite furnished and within the reach of middle-class family, i.e., not to high room charges for lodging in Tajpur Sea Beach of East Midnapur, Bengal.

Route / Paths to Tajpur Fishing Sea Beach, Bengal near to Mandarmoni:
Tajpur Beach Tourist Spot Railway Route:
Nearest railway station of Tajpur is Ramnagar Railway Station that is connected with Mecheda-Kolaghat-Howrah. You will get rent-cars, auto, and van from Ramnagar to Tajpur.
Car / Bus Routes to Tajpur Sea Beach, Bengal:
Tourists travelling by Car/Bus need to take a turn towards Tajpur from Balusai (Balusah) Bus Stop on Digha Bypass Road. Balusai (Balusah) -> Tajpur Beach (Tazpur Beach). Distance to Tajpur Beach from Balusai is nearly 4-5 Kms and Kolkata-Tajpur Beach distance approximately 190Kms.

Tourist Spots near Tajpur Sea Beach, Purba Medinipur, Bengal:
Mandarmoni Beach, Digha Beach, Shankarpur Sea Beach are the nearest visiting place of Tajpur Tourist spot in Bengal.

When to visit Tajpur Sea Beach, Bengal? Seasons / Timings of Tajpur Sea Beach and Fishery Harbour:
Normally tourists visits Tajpur Beach throughout the year. But, summer and winter seasons are the best time to visit Tajpur Beach; Monsoon Season & September month (due to Surasuri tide on Bay of Bengal) are scary a bit.

Attractions of Tajpur Sea Beach, Purba Medinipur near to Digha & Mandarmoni:
Kazu Trees, Red Crabs on Beach, Coconuts and Sandy clean sea beach are the main attractions of Tajpur Beach tourist spot in Medinipur of West Bengal.

Tajpur Sea Beach Tourist Spot Orissa, Tajpur Sea Beach Attractions, Tourist Spots near Digha Mandarmani Beaches Orissa, Nearest tourist spot kolkata haldia kharagpur, Picnic spot kolkata digha kolaghat Tajpur, Tajpur beach route map pathways buses trains, reach Tajpur Sea Beach hotels resorts accommodation charges room, visiting time of Tajpur Sea Beach near Digha Ramnagar Balasore Orissa, Where to stay in Tajpur Beach, Sex workers of Tazpur Ramnagar Beach West Orissa, Tajpur Sea Beach Distance from Kolkata Haldia Kolaghat by Car, Train Routes Tajpur Sea Beach, Sandy Sea Beach Tajpur Orissa Attractions, location where Tajpur in Orissa, cheap tour package Tajpur beach, Chandaneswar Temple Talsari Tajpur Balasore Orissa, weekend tourist spot near Kolkata tajpur.
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Shankarpur Sea Beach | Route Hotels Attractions | Tourist Spots near Digha, East Medinipur, Bengal

Shankarpur Tourist Spot of Bengal is a paradise to all Beach lovers. If you want to arrange a quick weekend tour near Kolkata / Howrah and want to spend few moments in pleasures then it should be Shankarpur Sea Beach and Fishing Harbor of Bengal. The exact location of Shankarpur is East Midnapore (Purba Medinipur) district’s Bodhra area. Mind-blowing clear sandy beach of Bay of Bengal ocean having red crabs; will definitely make you feel the pollution free nature. Many Tollywood Bengali films were shot here in Shankarpur Beach and the latest of them is Dev’s Challenge Bengali movie. Peoples of Haldia, Kolaghat, Kanthi, Contai etc are also consider Shankarpur Beach as Picnic Spot near by.

Where to stay at Shankarpur Beach Tourist Spot, Purba Medinipur, Bengal?
Tourists need not to worry with the accommodation in Shankarpur as there are few luxury starred hotels in Shankarpur Beach tourist spot of East Midnapur and few more resorts in Shankarpur beach are under construction. Hotel Nest, Shankarpur is one of the superb hotels in Shankarpur Sea Beach, Bengal to spend few days. Tourists may book hotels in Shankarpur Online or may also Book Hotels in Shankarpur from nearest Booking offices in Kolkata or other cities.

Route / Paths to Shankarpur Fishing Sea Beach near Digha, Bengal:
There is nothing to worry about the Kolkata Shankarpur distance and how to reach Shankarpur Sea Beach from Kolkata.
Shankarpur Beach Tourist Spot Railway Route:
The nearest railway station of Shankarpur Sea Beach is Ramnagar Railway Station in East Midnapur, Bengal. Tourists can catch trains towards Digha from Howrah and other stations too. But, don’t catch Digha Duranta Express from Howrah as Duranta Express doesn’t have any halt at Ramnagar Railway Station.
• Car / Bus Routes to Shankarpur Sea Beach, East Midnapur, West Bengal:
Those want to tour Shankarpur Sea Beach, Purba Medinipur can easily visit Shankarpur by Car or by Bus. There are so many buses to Shankarpur spot from Kolkata / Howrah / Haldia and other locations in Bengal. But, incase of Bus routes towards Ramnagar and Buses to Digha, one should leave bus at Choddomile (Chodda mile Bus Stop) on Digha Bypass road (just before Ramnagar) and should hire Van from Choddomile to Shankarpur Beach. The distance from Choddomile Bus Stop to Shankarpur Beach is approximately 2-3 kms.

Those touring Shankarpur Sea Beach Fishing Harbour by cars are charged Rs.10 per trip as Entry Toll at the entry point of Shankarpur Fishing Harbour, Purba Medinipur.

Tourist Spots near Shankarpur Sea Beach, East Medinipur, West Bengal:
There are so many beautiful sea beaches near Shankarpur Sea Beach, Medinipur and they are Mandarmoni Beach, Tajpur Sea Beach, Digha Beach, Udaypur Beach and Talsari Sea Beach. These are the beach tourist spots near Shankarpur, Bengal; that could easily be reached.

When to visit Shankarpur Sea Beach, Bengal? Seasons / Timings of Shankarpur Sea Beach and Fishery Harbour:
Shankarpur Sea Beach of Bengal attracts tourists in every month whether summer or winter. But during the month of September it’s dangerous to visit beach because of Surasuri Tide of Bay of Bengal. Normally in summer, Monsoon and winter; tourists used to visit Shankarpur Beach. March-April is the best time to visit Shankarpur Beach (Tourist Season). There are so many Travel agencies in Kolkata and other cities that arrange several Shankarpur Beach tour packages from Kolkata, Howrah etc.

Attractions of Shankarpur Sea Beach, Purba Medinipur, Bengal:
Shankarpur Tourist Spot of Bengal won’t let you down as there are few beautiful places to enjoy in Shankarpur, Medinipur - beautiful sandy Sea Beach of Shankarpur, quick tour on Bay of Bengal ocean by boat (Rs.50/- for an hour), Fishing Boats and at last large fishing harbor of Shankarpur Beach, Purba Medinipur.

Shankarpur Sea Beach Tourist Spot West Bengal, Sankarpur Sea Beach Attractions, Tourist Spots Digha Mandarmani Beaches Bengal, Nearest tourist spot kolkata haldia kharagpur, Picnic spot kolkata digha kolaghat Shankarpur, Shankarpur beach route map pathways buses trains, reach Shankarpur Sea Beach hotels resorts accommodation charges room, visiting time of Shankarpur Sea Beach near Digha Ramnagar Purba Midnapur Bengal, Where to stay in Shankarpur Beach, Sex workers of Shankarpur Ramnagar Beach West Bengal, Shankarpur Sea Beach Distance from Kolkata Haldia Kolaghat by Car, Train Routes Sankarpur Sea Beach, Sandy Sea Beach Shankarpur Bengal Attractions, location where shankarpur in Bengal, cheap tour package shankarpur beach
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Andaman Nicober Islands Tourist Spot | Sea Beaches Route Map Tour Packages

The largest combination of Islands Andaman and Nicobar is consist of 306 idyllic islands on the Bay Of Bengal, few miles of distance from West Bengal's Southern part. Union Territory of India, Andaman and Nicobar Islands are the submerged mountains that are ranged from Myanmar to Indonesia. The head quarter of Nicober Island district is Car Nicober, which consists 28 islands, and total of 1841 square Kms. Car Nicober of Nicober Islands is separated from Andaman Islands by the world famous 10 Degree Channel in Bay of Bengal.

How to Reach Andaman and Nicobar Islands? Where is Andaman and Nicober Islands? Location of Andaman & Nicobar Islands?
Andaman & Nicobar can only be reached by ships or by Airways to Port Blair Airport. But, Only the Sea Routes to Nicober Islands from Andaman Islands is available from the Capital of Andaman, Port Blair. There is Andaman - Nicober Islands Ship Service available to cover up the 16-hours journey to Nicober from Andaman Islands.

Old Photos (Two Friends On the Beach)Tourist Places Spots in Nicober Islands? Andaman Nicober Tourist Spots Sea Beaches Trip Visit Packages?
Andaman Nicober Islands is a dream paradise for tourists who love Sea Beaches. There are many small and big Sea Beaches in Andaman Nicober having clean fresh pollution free and virgin sea beaches in Andaman Nicober.

Indira Point Tourist Spot - Pygmalion Point of Andaman Nicober Islands
Tourist Spot Indira Point that is also popular as Pygmalion Point located in the southern-most tip of India. Distance between Indira Point and Andaman Port Blair is nearly of 50-60 hours by Sea.

There are many other attractive tourist spots in Andaman Nicober Island to visit and one of them is Katchal Sea Beach Tourist Spot of Andaman Nicober Islands. Find latest Andaman Nicober Tour Packages from Kolkata, Bengal.

Tags: Andaman Nicober Sea Beaches, Car Nicobar Indira point Islands, Katchal Nicobar Islands India West Bengal, Tourist Spots Andaman Nicober, Union territory, Tour packages Andaman Nicober Kolkata Bengal, Route map location andaman nicober islands.
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Chakla Dham Lokenath Baba Mandir - Temple Route & Festival Details

Thakur Lokenath Baba’s Birthplace & Temple details of Chakla (West Bengal) along with location, route / path map, Bhog Coupon, nearest accommodation in Chakla Dham, festival & Puja (Utsav) dates schedule at Lokenath Baba Mandir Chakla (Kachua) Dham.
Rann e Bann e Jol e Jungle e – Jekhane Bipode Poribe – Amake Smaran Koriyo – Amii Raksha Koribo” – Sri Sri Lokenath Bramhachari Baba (Sloke / Mantra of Lokanath Baba)

There is a bit controversy with the Lokenath Baba’s Birth Place in West Bengal. Some followers of Lokenath Baba say Kachua and some say Chakla is the place of birth of religious Guru of Bengal Lokenath Baba.

Where is Chakla in West Bengal?
Chakla is a small village located in 24-Parganas district of West Bengal and in recent days its getting developed, as Chakla is a well-known Religious Tourist Place of Bengal for Lokenath Baba Temple.

Why Chakla is famous?
Though Chakla is a small village and not having much attraction still every Bengali know the name ‘Chakla Dham’. It’s famous world wide for the Temple of Lokenath Bramhachari Baba (Thakur / Guru Ji). Since, Chakla is the Birthplace of Lokenath Baba; every follower of spiritual guru Lokenath Baba tends to visit Chakla Temple in Bengal’s 24-Pgs (North) District.

Chakla Dham Lokenath Baba’s Temple / Mandir Details
Lokenath Baba’s Temple Chakla Dham having more than 2 acres of place in which the Lokenath Baba’s main temple is situated and there are Sales Counter of CDs, Books, Photos of Lokenath Baba etc, Large Hall for serving Daily Bhog Prasad, The whole Temple is made by marble. There was a Car Parking Pace available in front of the main gate of Chakla Dham.

Chakla Dham Lokenath Baba Sevashram – Bhog Prasad Ticket Price & Booking
Visitors of Chakla Temple can have the Bhog at the Chakla Temple daily during the noontime by showing their Bhog Coupons. The Bhog Coupon Ticket prices are of Rs.10/- for having Khichuri, Vegetable & Payash and of Rs.51/- for having Dehradun Rice, Vegetable, Payash in the 2nd floor. Bhog Tickets should be collected between 9am – 12:30pm from the Chakla Temple’s Bhog Counter.

Features & Facilities at Lokenath Baba Temple Chakla Dham, Bengal
  1. The Chakla Sevashram provides the opportunity to spend few days or hours in their lodges at affordable rate. It means accommodation at Chakla Temple is good.
  2. Many retail shops, Sweet Shops, Flower shops are there beside the road to Chakla Dham for purchasing desirable product for family and prayer need.
How to reach Chakla Lokenath Baba Temple? Route Map / Location of Chakla Temple
Chakla Temple of Lokenath Baba is not too far away from Kolkata and well connected via Roadways. Tourists can hire a cab/taxi to reach Chakla Temple easily.

  • Railway Route to Chakla TempleBy Train from Sealdaha or from Bongaon/Habra; one should come to GUMA Railway Station and then take Auto to Chakla Dham.
  • Roadways route to Chakla TempleTourists may follow Jessore Road while coming from Kolkata or Habra/Bongaon and they should take turn at the crossing of Guma on Jessore Road and then look for Badar Bazar area after which Chakla Village will come. If any one coming from Hasnabad / Basirhat area or coming from Taki Road then should take turn from Berachapa More on Taki Road.
Festivals Puja Utsav Schedule at Chakla Lokenath Baba Mandir
The main temple of lokenath baba opens everyday once in morning and once in afternoon till 7pm and visitors, followers, tourists may offer daily puja / prayer to Lokenath Baba. Normally Puja Thali cost starts from Rs.10/- available outside the Main Gate of Chakla Temple, which is known as Dala-Market. And in special occasions like Lokenath Baba Birth Day (Janmotsav), Lokenath Baba Tirodhan Day (19th Jyestha) and other religious days the Chakla Sevashram organizes special Utsav in which thousand of Lokenath Baba followers come for holy cause.

Lokenath Sevashram Sangha Address (Temple of Lokenath Baba in Chakla)
• Address: - Chakla, P.S. Deganga, District-24 Paraganas (North), Pincode-743440, West Bengal.
• Email: - enquiry@lokenathbaba-chakla.org (Ask general inquiry) & donation@lokenathbaba-chakla.org (for donation purpose).
• Phone Number of Chakla Temple: - 03216 247 404, 03216 213 260.
Tag: Chakla Temple Bengal, Lokenath Baba Temples in Bengal Kolkata, Birth Place of Lokenath Baba, Spiritual Guru Lokenath Baba Mandir near Kolkata Chakla Dham, Route to follow to Chakla from Kolkata.
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