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Agnivesh Social Political Works & Criticism Allegations | Swami Agnivesh Life & Wiki

Swami Agnivesh, Social Activist of India, has fought against the anti-corruption activities of India and tried to solve the issues of various types and through his works & life journey so many criticism, allegations were raised on Swami Agnivesh as well.

Swami Agnivesh Political Career Life & Political Works: - Swami Agnivesh Maharaj founded Arya Sabha, which is a political party formed on Arya Samaj principals, in the year 1970 and later introduced a book written by him in 1974 named ‘Vaidik Samajvad’. In 1977, Swami Agnivesh became a member of Haryana Legislative Assembly and took the responsibilities of Haryana State Education Minister from 1979 to 1982. Swami Agnivesh founded Bonded Labour Liberation Front in 1981 to solve the issues of bonded labours in India. After wards, in 1983, Swami Agnivesh was arrested on police cases of subversion & murder and jailed for 14-months and later acquitted. Later on Swami Agnivesh fought against various anti-social activities, anti-corruption activities & Jharkhand Maoist activities.

Swami Agnivesh as Social activist – Social Works of Swami Agnivesh: - Swami Agnivesh went to Haryana in 1968 to join Arya Samaj and Swami Agnivesh took Sanyas vows on 25th March, 1970. Swami Agnivesh is the first Sanyas from India to testify in front the Working Group on Contemporary Forms of Slavery at United Nations Human Rights Commission in Geneva and after that Swami Agnivesh created a new task for emancipation of womanhood for the noble cause of helping the Commission of Sati (prevention) Act of 1987. Swami Agnivesh attended the campaign against Female Feticides that travelled across India in 2005. Swami Agnivesh addressed a large gathering at the Anti-Terrorism Global Peace Conference, at Ramlila Maidan, organized by Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind and several Islamic organizations, where Swami Agnivesh stated, "It is wrong to attribute the wrongdoings of a few individuals to the whole community. I would not mince words to say that the United States is the terrorist number one. To defame the Koran and Islam is the worst form of terrorism. Islam stands for peace and brotherhood and there cannot be a bigger lie than saying that Muslims are terrorists" In the year 2008. Swami Agnivesh, member of the Board of World Leaders for Elijah Interfaith Institute, is also a proponent of interfaith dialogue.

Criticisms of Swami Agnivesh – Police Cases Allegations on Swami Agnivesh: - Swami Agnivesh has been severely criticized by some Hindu groups for statements they view as anti-Hindu. In 2005, Swami Agnivesh stated that the Puri Jagannath Temple should be opened to non-Hindus; this led to the priests of the temple condemning his remarks as "purely anti-Hindu in nature" and burning him in effigy. In May 2011, hundreds of Hindu priests protested against Swami Agnivesh’s claim that ice stalagmite that they believe resembles Lord Shiva is just a piece of ice; during the protest the priests burned him in effigy. According to the Kashmir Observer, the Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha, a Hindu nationalist political party, offered a 20 lakh bounty for killing Swami Agnivesh, for negative statements he made about Kashmir and Baba Amarnath. On 8th November 2011, Supreme Court condemned Swami Agnivesh for hurting the sentiments of Hindu People by commenting on Amarnath Pilgrimage. The apex court bench of Justice H.L. Dutta and Justice C.K. Prasad told Swami Agnivesh that he should weigh his words "many a time before uttering them lest it hurts the sentiments of the people".
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Swami Agnivesh Profile Education Works Awards | Agnivesh Bigg Boss-5 Contestant

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Indian Social Activist & Arya Samaj Scholar Swami Agnivesh (born at Chattisgarh, India) is known for his work & approach against bonded labour through the Bonded Labour Liberation Front. Let’s check out the educational & career achievements of Swami Agnivesh below.
Swami Agnivesh Profile Address Education & Awards Achievements
Birthday of Swami Agnivesh: 21st September 1939.

Age of Swami Agnivesh Maharaj: 72 years as on 2011.

Birthplace / Ancestral House Address of Swami Agnivesh: Sakti, Chhattisgarh, India.

Marital Status of Swami Agnivesh: Unmarried (never married).


Phone contact number of Swami Agnivesh: +91 - 11-23363221 / +91-11-23367943.

E-mail contact ID of Swami Agnivesh: agnivesh70@gmail.com.

Educational Life & Qualification of Swami Agnivesh: Swami Agnivesh Maharaj has completed his Degree in Law & Economics at Calcutta (now Kolkata). After completion of Law & Economics Degree; Swami Agnivesh started working as a Lecturer of Business Management at St. Xavier’s College Kolkata during 1963 to 1968.

Awards Achievements of Swami Agnivesh in his Social Activist Life Career: - Social Activist Swami Agnivesh Maharaj has received these below mentioned awards till date -
1. Swami Agnivesh awarded with Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award Delhi in 2004 (Religious & Communal Harmony Award 2004).
2. Right Livelihood Award 2004 of Sweden was given to Swami Agnivesh in 2004.
3. M.A.Thomas National Rights Award was given to Swami Agnivesh in 2006 at Bangalore.
4. Swami Agnivesh established the Bonded Labour Liberation Front in 1981.
5. Swami Agnivesh founded & become president of World Council of Arya Samaj.
6. Swami Agnivesh worked as the Chairperson of United Nations Voluntary Trust Fund on Contemporary Forms of Slavery from 2001 to 2004.

Contribution of Swami Agnivesh in Print Media Works: - Apart from doing social activities Swami Agnivesh is also attached with various print media to spread the holy thoughts among the people. Here are the details of various books & magazines where Swami Agnivesh is attached -
1. Vaidik Saamajvad which was the Hindi magazine to serve knowledge of Vedic Socialism.
2. Religion Revolution and Marxism (Hindi and English version).
3. Harvest of Hate: Gujarat Under Siege, with Valson Thampu. Rupa & Co. India.
4. Religion, Spirituality and Social Action New Agenda for Humanity: New Agenda for Humanity, Hope India Publications, 2003.
5. Hinduism in the New Age, Hope India Publications, 2005.
6. Rajdharma (fortnightly) magazine’s Chief Editor was Swami Agnivesh during 1968–1978.
7. Swami Agnivesh was the Chief Editor of Monthly Magazine Kranti Dharmi during 1989–1991.

Swami Agnivesh was given the opportunity to enter in Bigg Boss House on 9th November 2011. Bigg Boss is one of the biggest Reality Shows telecast on Colors Channel and Swami Agnivesh Maharaj Ji participated in Bigg Boss Season-5 Show as a contestant of Bigg Boss Season-5. Swami Agnivesh contested as a contestant of Bigg Boss to spread his thoughts to the world through the reality show Bigg Boss-5.

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