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Shororipu Bengali Film Cast & Story Review – Shoro Ripu Cinema Halls Showing

Sororipu / Sararipu / Shararipu / Shara Ripu Bengali film of Chiranjeet Rudranil Koneenica Sudipta Shoro Ripu New Tollywood Bengali film Shororipu story review casting director producer cast of Shororipu release date buy tickets online Bengali movie Shororipu ticket booking online, Chiranjeet, Rudranil, Koneenica & Sudipta Chakraborty in Shororipu Bengali movie review shooting location of Shororipu, names of all cinema halls showing Shororipu in Kolkata, Durgapur, Howrah & West Bengal, show timings of Shororipu, Watch online Bengali cinema Shororipu of Chiranjeet, Rudranil, Koneenica & Sudipta Chakraborty.

Tollywood filmmaker Ayan Chakraborty directed Shororipu [Shoro Ripu] Bengali crime thriller film, produced by Surajit Hari & Subrata Das under the banner of Fab Four Films, is going to release on 3rd June 2016.

Chiranjeet, Rudranil, Koneenica & Sudipta Chakraborty starring Bengali Movie Shororipu, directed by renowned film-maker Ayan Chakraborti, is going to release soon. Ayan Chakraborty directed Bangla Cinema Shororipu of Chiranjeet, Rudranil, Koneenica & Sudipta Chakraborty is a crime thriller film. Let’s check out few more details of Shororipu Bengali film of Chiranjeet, Rudranil, Koneenica & Sudipta Chakraborty now.

Bengali Movie Shororipu / Shoro Ripu – Casting Crew Story Review Release Date

Shororipu Bengali movie Director Name: - Ayan Chakraborty.

Shororipu Bengali cinema Producer Name: - Surajit Hari and Subrata Das under banner Fab Four Films.

Shororipu Bangla movie Story Writer Name: - Ayan Chakraborti.

Shororipu Bangla Cinema Music Director / Music Composer Name: - Dev Sen has composed the songs in Sororipu Bengali film, in which singers like Silajit, Gopika Dev, Rudranil and other sang song.

Shororipu Bengali movie Lyricist / Song Writer Name: - Srijato.

Shororipu Bengali movie Actor & Actresses Name: - Chiranjeet Chakraborty, Rudranil Ghosh, Koneenica Banerjee, Sudipta Chakraborty, Indraneil Sengupta, Rajatava Dutta, Rajesh Sharma, Sohana Saba, Sohini Sarkar and many others.

Shororipu Bengali film Release Date: - 3rd June 2016.

Shororipu Bengali Film Story Review: - Surajit Hari and Subrata Das present under banner of Fab Four Films ‘Shororipu’ [aka, Shoro Ripu / Shararipu] Bengali film directed by Ayan Chakraborti, who also wrote the story. Chiranjeet (Chiranjit), Rudranil, Koneenica, Sudipta starer Shororipu is a Crime Thriller film. Shadripu (Shororipu) means six enemies staying inside every human being and these six enemies are Lust (Kaam), Greed (Lov), Anger (Krodh), Arrogance (Mara), Attachment (Moho) and Jealousy (Matsarya). Bengali film Shororipu story shows these six characteristics how they affect lives.

It has to be said, Theatre & Tollywood film actor Rudranil Ghosh sang a song in this film and this is his first time ever song recording for a film. He has sang a song with Gopika titled 'Chokhe Chokhe Maari Dhnichkao' in Shororipu Bengali film. Rudranil Ghosh and Sohini will be seen dancing in this item song 'Chokhe Chokhe Mari Dhinchkao', sung by Rudranil himself.

Cinema Hall Names Showing Shororipu in Kolkata, Howrah & Other Areas
Shororipu of Chiranjeet, Rudranil, Koneenica & Sudipta Chakraborty seems to be worth watching in Cinema Hall. So, let’s check out few names of Cinema Halls in Kolkata, Howrah & other areas, where Chiranjeet, Rudranil, Koneenica & Sudipta Chakraborty starer Bengali film Shororipu are showing -
  • Cinema Halls showing Shororipu Bengali movie: - will be updated soon.

Online Ticket Booking of Shororipu: - The Advance Ticket Booking can be done from ticket counters of every Cinema Halls, 2-3 days before. But, you may Book Tickets Online of Shororipu www.bookmyshow.com website.
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