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Suchit Bikram Singh Roadies-8 Delhi Profile - Contestant MTV Roadies-8 Personal Life Suchit

MTV Roadies-8 Contestants Candidates Profile Biodata Biography Suchit Bikram Singh Roadies-8 Contestant Family Father mother Sister Brother Address Phone number Suchit Bikram Singh Roadies8 Contestant Education Qualification Career Occupation MTV Roadies-8 2011 Selected Candidate Contestant Delhi Audition Suchit Bikram Singh Personal Professional Educational Life Roadies 8 Interview Details Facebook Profile Twitter ID Suchit Bikram Singh Roadies-8 Contestant
MTV Roadies-8 Contestant Suchit Bikram Singh – Delhi Audition

MTV Roadies-8 Contestant Suchit Bikram Singh has a good physique and also looks good. Wearing Red Kurta and a Blue Jeans Suchit Bikram Singh went to Personal Interview room of Roadies-8 Delhi Audition and exits as a Roadies-8 Contestant from Delhi.

Real Original Name of MTV Roadies-8 Contestant from Delhi: Suchit Bikram Singh.

Birthplace, Address of Roadies-8 Delhi Contestant Suchit Bikram Singh: Delhi, India.

Extra Curricular Activities of Roadies-8 Candidate Suchit Bikram Singh: Roadies Suchit Bikram Singh is a good Dancer.

Roadies-8 Delhi Audition Selection Interview Process of Suchit Bikram Singh: The Interview Session of Suchit Bikram Singh was very good and went nicely. Suchit informs about himself and then three Roadies-8 Judges took a class of him by removing Suchit’s Kurta. Raghu-Rajiv-Rannvijay understands that Suchit is a nice guy but has no self confidence. Suchit also forced to wear Churi. At last Suchit Bikram Singh managed to impress Roadies-8 Judges to become a Roadies 8 Candidate from Delhi.

Roadies-8 Contestant from Delhi Suchit Bikram Singh Personal Life: As per the information shared by Roadies Suchit Bikram Singh; Split Personality – Yes, when Judges of Roadies-8 asked Suchit to tell something about himself; Suchit Bikram Singh started with that he is a patient of Split Personality and whenever Suchit saw any violence against Women; he can’t control himself. Right from the childhood Suchit was neglected and he used to be alone every time. Suchit informs about the student life cases like how he used to bring the football from 2nd floor flat etc. Roadies-8 Contestant Suchit Bikram Singh is a good Dancer too but sometime in excitement Suchit faces speech problem a little.

Congratulations to Suchit Bikram Singh – Roadies-8 Contestant from Delhi.
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MTV Roadies-8 Delhi Audition | Watch Online | Selected Roadies Contestants Candidates

MTV Roadies-8 Shortcut to Hell Reality Show Delhi Audition 2011 Roadies-8 Contestants Roadies selected Delhi names participants candidates contestant judges anchor venue Delhi Audition Roadies-8 2011 Watch Online.

Hero Honda presents MTV Roadies-8 Shortcut To Hell, the biggest viewed reality show of India telecast on MTV Channel. The Selection of Roadies-8 Contestants from Delhi has completed. Here are the details of Delhi Roadies-8 Audition and selected Candidates from Delhi Roadies-8 Audition 2011.

Specialty of Delhi Roadies-8 Audition: The Delhi Roadies-8 Audition is special to Rannvijay as few years back as a contestant Rannvijay came for Roadies Interview and in 2011 Rannvijay is taking the responsibility of judging contestants of Delhi in Roadies-8 Shortcut to Hell.

Judges of MTV Raodies-8 Delhi Audition Show: Raghu, Rajiv and Rannvijay

Anchor Host of Delhi Audition Roadies-8 MTV: VJ Sidd (VJ Siddhartha)

Telecast Date Time of MTV Roadies-8 Delhi Audition: The Audition of MTV Roadies-8 Reality Show at Delhi was telecasted on MTV Channel on 29th January 2011 and 30th January 2011 at 7pm.

Selected Candidates in Roadies-8 Delhi Audition: The Contestants selected from Roadies-8 Delhi Audition are Suchit Bikram Singh, Aanchal Khurana, Renee and Avtar Nischal Rajput.

Few names of not selected Candidates from Delhi MTV Roadies-8 Audition: Amin Khan, Harseed Oman, Jasmit Singh Kakkar, Anamika Bhalla and many others. Don’t disappoint guys; try again next year in Roadies Audition.

Congratulations to all these four Roadies-8 Contestants from Delhi. Welcome to Roadies-8 Shortcut to Hell.
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