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Subrata Saha TMC Leader Profile Family Education Career Life & Background Subrata Saha

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Subrata Saha, politician of TMC Trinamool Congress Party, is one of the renowned and dependable TMC Trinamool Congress leader in Sagardighi area of West Bengal. Here is a short Biography of Subrata Saha:

Age of Subrata Saha politician of TMC Trinamool Congress party: - 59 as on 2012.

Education of Subrata Saha leader of TMC Trinamool Congress party: - TMC Trinamool Congress party politician Subrata Saha has completed LL.B.

Family of Subrata Saha politician of TMC Trinamool Congress party: - He lives with his wife and one son, who is a student of IIT.

Occupation Profession of Subrata Saha: - Dealer of Gas (Business) and Politics.

Subrata Saha attached to which party? TMC Trinamool Congress Party.

Political Career of Politician Subrata Saha: - Subrata Saha first joined Congress Party inspired by Adhir Chowdhury and later moved to Trinamool Congress.

Subrata Saha of TMC Trinamool Congress party is the TMC Trinamool Congress party candidate of Sagardighi constituency in 2011 General Assembly Election of Bengal against Ismail Sekh of CPM and Aminul Islam of Nirdal Party supported by Adhir Chowdhury.
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