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Bharat Bandh Reason - India Strike on 20th September 2012 Details

20th September 2012 [Thursday] Protest against UPA Government’s decision on Diesel price hike, LPG cylinders limitation and FDI in multi-brand retail will took place country-wide. Yes, Bharat Bandh [Strike in India] has been called by the BJP-led NDA along with other major opponent parties of Congress-led UPA Government on 20th September 2012. Left Parties also announced their support towards 20th September 2012 Bharat Bandh and declares 12-Hours All India General Strike on the same issue.

Since the Diesel price increased by Rs.5/-, the Private Bus Associations in Kolkata asked Govt. of West Bengal to increase the Private Bus Fare. But, as we know, Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee always against the increment of fare & price hike. This time also, Honourable Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is against the decision of UPA Government and also not willing to increase Private Bus Fares in Bengal to help the people. This is why; Bus Associations also started their Strike by withdrawing Private Buses from Kolkata from 17th September 2012. On 18th September 2012, All India Trinamool Congress led by Mamata Banerjee will decide what step to be taken against the diesel price hike, cooking gas limitations & allowing FDI. The deadline of 72-hours given to UPA Government by Mamata Banerjee & TMC [alliance party of UPA Government] for the roll-back of their “diesel price hike, cooking gas limitations & allowing FDI” decision will end on 18th September 2012.

Comrade Biman Bose, Left Front Chairman of West Bengal, requested people of Bengal to raise their protest against the diesel price hike, cooking gas limitation policy & FDI introduction in retail by joining 12-Hours All India General Strike on 20th September 2012. The Strike of 12-hours [Starting from 6am in the morning] has been announced in West Bengal and also in Tripura. CPI(M) ruling Left Front in Tripura also called for a 12-hours Strike (Bandh) on the same day on same issue.

Reason of 20th September 2012 Strike in India [Bharat Bandh]: - Congress-Led UPA Government has announced few things which would harm the interest of Indian Citizens and this is why opposition parties are going to show their protest through Bharat Bandh (Strike in India) on 20th September 2012. Let’s check out what are those measures announced by UPA Government - Diesel Price Hike by Rs.5/- per Litre, Limiting of subsidised Cooking Gas Cylinders to 6 per year, allowing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in multi-brand retail and disinvestment in profit-making Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs).

BJP-led NDA, Left Front, DMK & other opposition parties called for General Strike in India [Bharat Bandh] on 20th September 2012. Since, so many parties have jointly called for strike; it would surely ‘Shutdown India on 20th September 2012’. 

18th September 2012 update:
It was nearly 3 hours meeting of Trinamool Congress party leaders happened at Town Hall, Kolkata on 18th September 2012. After the meeting of TMC party leaders, around 8:30pm TMC Founder & Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee withdraws their support from UPA-2 Government. Mamata Banerjee, who always worked for the people, earlier gave 72-hours deadline to UPA-2 Govt. to roll-back their decision. Mamata Banerjee asked for at least 12 LPG cylinders per family per year, FDI introduction shouldn't be done and diesel price shouldn't increase by Rs.5/- to the UPA-2 Government; but Congress-led UPA-2 Government didn’t make any decision within the scheduled time. Thus, today on 18th September 2012 in the evening Mamata Banerjee took a strong step for the people by announcing 'TMC withdrawing their support from UPA-2 Government'.

Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee, who took the decision of withdrawing their support from UPA-2 Govt. for the people, appeals to all people of Bengal not to do Strike (Bandh) on 20th September 2012. Check what decision Mamata Banerjee took on 18th September 2012 and think again whether you are with the Strike or against StrikeDoes strike really brings out any solution?

19th September 2012 update on West Bengal regarding Strike:
On & from 17th September 2012 the private bus associations had withdrawn public buses from Kolkata & nearby region on demand of Bus fare hike. People of Kolkata & nearby areas are facing problem reaching their destination from 17th September 2012 because of withdrawing public buses from Kolkata, Howrah, North 24-Pgs & South 24-Pgs. Though, Ministry of Transportation, Govt. of West Bengal has increased the number of Government Buses during this period and Mini-Buses, Taxis are also available; but   it's not enough for the people. Today (19th September 2012) Transport Minister of West Bengal, Shri Madan Mitra had a meet with Bus Associations and as a result, Private Bus Associations declares that the private buses will be available from now on. Private Bus Association asked Govt. of West Bengal to either increase private bus fare or to reduce the price of diesel. Bus Associations also declares that they will wait till 30th September 2012, 6pm to see what steps Govt. of West Bengal takes. On 30th September 2012 evening, private bus associations will have a meeting depending on the situation.
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Burdwan University & WBUT New Exam Dates for 31st May 2012 Bandh / Strike

31st May 2012 Strike (Bandh) was the call of NDA because of Petroleum Price Hike few days back. Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) has also supported the Strike to protest price hike of petrol and requested people to support ‘Strike’ on 31st May 2012 to show the protest against Indian Government’s Petrol price hike decision. BJP called for 12-hours Strike in West Bengal as well. But, Paschimbanga Government under Ms. Mamata Banerjee never supports ‘Bandh / Strike’ only because it stops us from ‘growth’. Does a ‘Strike’ solve the issue? This is why, Chief Minister of West Bengal requested to the people of Bengal to carry out their works like other day and also informed that all the Government Offices will remain open & every Government Employee should attend their office without showing the reason of ‘Strike’. WB C.M. Mamata Banerjee instructed to run Government Transport to provide Bus Services to the people.

Since, the ‘Bandh’ was announced few days back, that’s why University of Burdwan was forced to change the degree course examination date that was scheduled on 31st May 2012 for the students, who might face problems to attend University Examination. Let’s check out the new exam date of various degree courses of University of Burdwan because of 31st May 2012 Strike.

New Exam Dates of Burdwan University for 31st May 2012 Strike
  1. BA Part-I Examination New date of Burdwan University is 9th June instead of 31st May 2012 for Strike (Bandh).
  2. B.Sc Part-I Examination New date of Burdwan University is 9th June instead of 31st May 2012 for Strike (Bandh).
  3. 5-Years LL.B. Part-II Examination new date of Burdwan University is 9th June instead of 31st May 2012 for Strike (Bandh).
  4. LL.B. Part-IV Examination New dates of Burdwan University is 5th June instead of 31st May 2012 for Strike (Bandh).

West Bengal University of Technology (WBUT) has announced the New Examination Date 13th June 2012 because of 31st May 2012 Strike (Bandh). It means, all the examinations scheduled to happen on 31st May 2012 (Thursday) of WBUT, will now be taken on 13th June 2012 due to Bandh (Strike).

Since, this is the time when Schools remain closed for ‘Summer Vacation’; school education won’t get affected much. But, the question still remain unanswered – Does a Strike solves the issue? If not then, why we stay back home to waste a working day? Let’s carry-out our daily life work.
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