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Banasree Sengupta Profile Family Career & Awards - Singer Banasree Sengupta Wiki

Bengali Singer Banasree Sengupta wiki profile biography life details, Banasree Sengupta Birthday Address Mobile Phone Contact Number Singer Banasree Sengupta Family Father Mother Children Son Daughter Singer Banasree Sengupta Qualification Educations School College Name Banasree Sengupta professional Career Awards Achievements Singer Banasree Sengupta Early Personal Secret Professional Educational Life works occupation Banasree Sengupta latest news updates information.
Famous Singer Banasree Sengupta, born at Chinsura [Hooghly district of West Bengal] & brought up in a Musicians family, is an eminent Singing Star of West Bengal as well as of India, especially in Bengali Song.

Singer Banasree Sengupta – Biography & Professional Life Details

Singer Banasree Sengupta House Address: - Arghya, Flat-1A, 55 Pratapaditya Road, Kolkata-26, West Bengal [Contact email id: banasree.sengupta@yahoo.co.in].

Singer Banasree Sengupta Family Background: - Father name of Singer Banasree Sengupta is Late Sailendranath Roy, was a talented classical singer & trainer, Husband name of Singer Banasree Sengupta is Santi Sengupta.

Singer Banasree Sengupta Life: - Banasree Sengupta first trained by her father who was a talented Classical Singer & Trainer and then trained by Shree Rajen Banerjee who was the top of all trainers of Hooghly district at that time. After the marriage, Singer Banasree Sengupta moved to Kolkata and received Professional Singing lesions from Shri Sudhin Dasgupta for about 20-years. Banasree Sengupta also received various types of musical training from Sarbashri Prabir Majumdar, Neeta Sen, Sagiruddin Khan, Usha Ranja Mukherjee, Sailen Banerjee, Dinendra Chowdhury, Santosh Sengupta, & Kamal Ganguly during that 20-years period in Kolkata and become really a good Singer.

Marital Status of Singer Banasree Sengupta: - Married to Santi Sengupta.

Occupation of Banasree Sengupta: - Singer & Trainer.

Professional Life Works of Singer Banasree Sengupta: - Singer Banasree Sengupta worked as the Senior Artist of Akashbani (Bengali Radio) & Doordarshan (Television Channel). It's a great achievement to record over hundreds of super hit songs & to become the Senior Singer of H.M.V. (Seragama HMV) for Banasree Sengupta since 1966. Singer Banasree Sengupta is also a popular playback singer of Bengali & Hindi films as well. 'Dulhan Ohi Jo Pia Man Bhaye' Hindi Song of Banasree Sengupta brought enormous appreciation. Not only in Bengali & Hindi, Singer Banasree Sengupta also sung quite a few Assamese, Oriya & Bhojpuri Songs as a playback singer. Bengali films named 'Harmonium', 'Archana', 'Naginati', 'Roudra Chhaya', 'Ashirbad', 'Nimantran', 'Chhandanir', 'Chinnaoatra', 'Priyajan', 'Anjali' & others became most popular for her melodious voice. Apart from Singing Songs in Films, Singer Banasree Sengupta also recorded Songs in more than 20 Television Serials, Tele-Films, over 80 Bengali Commercial Dramas [Theatres] till date as well. Bansree Sengupta has performed at many international cities like Milton keyns, Luton, London, Glasgow, (England) New York, New Jercy, Cherry Field, Long Island, Heart Ford, Boston, Tarrency City, Clave Land, Florida (USA) Montreal, Toronto (Canada). 'Aaj Bikeler Dake Tomar Chhithi Pelam', 'Dur Akashay Tomar Sur', 'Chhi Chhi Eki Kando Korechi', 'Hira Fely kanch', 'Amar Andhar Gharer Pradip', 'Amar Angey Jaley rangmoshal', 'Ek Din Seidin', 'Chander Ato Alo', 'Sundar Boney Sundari Gachh', 'Dulhan Ohi Jo Pia Man Bhaye' are the names of few super hit & popular songs of Banasree Sengupta.

Achievements Awards of Singer Banasree Sengupta: - Singer Banasree Sengupta was honoured by Dishari, Uttam Kumar Awards, Bengali Film Journalist Association, Saregama HMV, Mother Teresa Award, Promotosh Barua Award, Michael Madhusudan Award and few other organizations for her contribution towards Bangla Sangeet over the years. Bengali Singer Banasree Sengupta visited USSR as Indian Delegate in 1986, North America 'Bango Sammelani' in Toronto in 1998, and 'Basanta Utsav' at Toronto in 2011.

Good wishes to Singer Banasree Sengupta for upcoming life & Career from the team of Kolkata Bengal Information. We all are looking for more good jobs from you (Singer Banasree Sengupta), so keep on doing your best work for us.
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Antara Chowdhury Profile Family Education & Professional Life | Singing Career of Singer Antara

Antara Chowdhury, daughter of renowned Music Composer & Lyricist Salil Chowdhury & renowned Singer Sabita Chowdhury, is a singer as well as composer of Bengali songs. Singer Antara Chowdhury first recorded her professional Bengali Music Album when she was only 7 years old and till now she has numerous Children’s Hit Songs in her credit and produced many hit film songs.

Singer Antara Chowdhury Profile Family Education & Professional Life
Family Background of Singer Antara Chowdhury:
• Father name of Singer Antara Chowdhury: Salil Chowdhury, Music director – composer.

• Mother name of Singer Antara Chowdhury: Sabita Chowdhury, well known Singer.

• Brother name of Singer Antara Chowdhury: Sanjay Chowdhury, Music composer.

• Spouse / Husband name of Singer Antara Chowdhury: Antara Chowdhury and her husband Tirthankar both were friends in early days and later on they fall in Love.

Educational Life & Qualification of Singer Antara Chowdhury: Famous Singer Antara Chowdhury completed her school life at Gokhale Memorial School, Kolkata and at Vila Tereso School, Mumbai. Singer Antara Chowdhury spent her school life in School Hostel and after school days, she completed her Graduation from Gokhale Memorial College, Kolkata.

Singing Lessons of Singer Antara Chowdhury: Since, Antara Chowdhury born in a family that is well-known in musical fields; thus Antara Chowdhury started learning singing from her parents. Singer Antara Chowdhury was a student of Bengal Music College which is Musical department of Calcutta University. Singing Guruji Shuva Joshi is one of the Teachers of Singer Antara Chowdhury who gave her Thungri & Gazal lessons.

Professional Life Career of Singer Antara Chowdhury: Singer Antara Chowdhury has established herself during her childhood days; yes, when she was in School, Antara Chowdhury created history by producing maximum number of Hit Bengali Songs for kids like ‘Bulbul Pakhi’, ‘Khukumoni Go Shona’ etc. Singer Antara Chowdhury one of the greatest female singers of Bengal, normally does Stage Shows abroad along with the Playback Singing in Cinema these days. We have heard the sensational voice of Singer Antara Chowdhury in Bengali films like ‘Moner Manush’, ‘Antaheen’ and in Malayalam Music Album ‘Rajnigandha’ etc.
Search Tags: Antara Chowdhury Birthday Address Mobile Phone Contact Number Singer Antara Chowdhury Family Father Mother Wife friend Children Son Daughter Singer Candidate Singer Antara Chowdhury Qualification Educations School College Name Antara Chowdhury filmography professional Film Acting Career Awards Achievements Singer Antara Chowdhury Early Personal Secret Professional Educational Life Antara Chowdhury latest news Details, Antara Chowdhury profile biodata biography details Antara Chowdhury birthday address mobile phone contact number Antara Chowdhury family father mother wife husband son daughter children names Antara Chowdhury education qualification Antara Chowdhury works career occupation Antara Chowdhury personal professional educational life background Antara Chowdhury latest news updates information.
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Ash King Profile Family | Singer Ashutosh Ganguly Personal Professional Career & Life Wiki

The new Bengali Singing superstar of Mumbai’s Bollywood Film Industry is none other than Bollywood Ash King, original name Ashutosh Gangopadhyay (Ganguly), who is from Bengali origin but born & brought up in London. Singer Ashutosh Ganguly (Ash King) has already sang as a playback singer of Abhishek Bachhan (Delhi-6), Salman Khan (Bodyguard) and recorded song with Lady Gaga. Let’s have a quick look on Singer Ashutosh Ganguly (Ash King) biography.
Singer Ashutosh Ganguly (Ash King) Personal Life Details & Wiki
Nick Name of Singer Ashutosh Ganguly: Ashutosh Gangopadhyay is popular as Ash King in Bollywood Film Industry.

Birthplace of Singer Ash Singh (Ashutosh Ganguly): Bollywood’s popular singer Ash Singh born at London and stayed there at London till he established himself in Bollywood Indian Film Industry.

Family details of Singer Ash Singh (Ashutosh Ganguly): Singer Ash Singh (Ashutosh Ganguly) born in a cultured & musical family. His Grandfather name is Late Brajendralal Gangopadhyay, who was a Freedom Fighter & the first Shastriya Sangeet Teacher of Shantiniketan (Bolpur, West Bengal). The father name of Singer Ash Singh (Ashutosh Ganguly) is Shankar Gangopadhyay who is a Kirtan Singer & worked with Hemanta Mukhopadhyay, Bengali Film director Salil Chowdhury during his professional life.

Music Training of Singer Ash Singh (Ashutosh Ganguly): He started learning singing first from his father who is a well-known Kirtan Singer. Singer Ash Singh (Ashutosh Ganguly) met Indian Musical Legend A.R. Rehman during his learning process of Gospel Music (Religious Christian Songs) & later he got the chance to sing in Indian Film in which A.R. Rehman was the Music Director.

Singing Career of Singer Ashutosh Ganguly (Ash King): Few smash-hit Hindi Movie Songs of Singer Ashutosh Ganguly (Ash King) till now are ‘Dil gira Dafatan’ of Delhi-6 Hindi cinema, ‘T Te Amo’ of Dum Maro Dum Hindi Movie, ‘I Love U’ of Bodyguard Hindi Film, ‘Suno Aisha’ of Aaisha film etc. These all songs of Ash Singh (Ashutosh Ganguly) cemented his place in Bollywood Film Industry in last few years. In this sort span of Singing Career, Singer Ash Singh (Ashutosh Ganguly) already recorded a song with world’s no.1 pop singer Lady Gaga (Lady Gaga's official single for 'Bad Romance' on a remix of Just Dance). Singer Ashutosh Ganguly (Ash King) is also a prominent singer in UK where he sang and co-wrote the song 'Love Is Blind' which he sang with singer Ramzi, and featured on the song 'Look For Me' with Hard Kaur. In the year 2011, Singer Ashutosh Ganguly (Ash King) performed at some of the biggest events in the U.K including performances at Glastonbury Festival for the BBC, & also performed on the main stage at the BBC London Mela.

Unknown facts about Singer Ashutosh Ganguly (Ash King): Since, Singer Ashutosh Ganguly (Ash King) born & brought up at London, he don’t understand Hindi & Bengali language. But the Music Directors & Lyrists made him understand the meaning of songs so that he can put the emotional feelings in his songs. Now, Singer Ashutosh Ganguly (Ash King) trying to learn Indian language. Singer Ashutosh Ganguly (Ash King) is willing to Sing in Bengali Films as well and loves to eat Bangali Fish Recipes. When he came to Kolkata in 2010, Singer Ashutosh Ganguly (Ash King) met Bengali Singer Haimanti Shukla whom he like most and went to Mahajati Sadan where he saw the picture of his grandfather Late Brajendralal Gangopadhyay. There is a road in the name of Singer Ashutosh Ganguly (Ash King)’s Grandfather in Kolkata located beside Bhavani Cinema Hall (B.L. Gangopahdyay Road). Amongst the Bengali legendary Signers, Singer Ashutosh Ganguly (Ash King) likes Sri Samaresh Chowdhury and would love to work with Singer Nachiketa.
Search Tags: Singer Ashutosh Ganguly Ash King Birthday Address Mobile Phone Contact Number Actress Model Singer Ashutosh Ganguly Ash King Family Father Mother Wife friend Children Son Daughter Actress Candidate Model Actress Singer Ashutosh Ganguly Ash King Qualification Educations School College Name Singer Ashutosh Ganguly Ash King filmography professional Film Acting Career Awards Achievements Actress Singer Ashutosh Ganguly Ash King Early Personal Secret Professional Educational Life Singer Ashutosh Ganguly Ash King latest news Details, Singer Ashutosh Ganguly Ash King profile biodata biography details Singer Ashutosh Ganguly Ash King birthday address mobile phone contact number Singer Ashutosh Ganguly Ash King family father mother wife husband son daughter children names Singer Ashutosh Ganguly Ash King education qualification Singer Ashutosh Ganguly Ash King works career occupation Singer Ashutosh Ganguly Ash King personal professional educational life background Singer Ashutosh Ganguly Ash King latest news updates information.
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Bhupen Hazarika Profile Family Life Education Career Awards | Singer Bhupen Hazarika Wiki

Search Tags: Bhupen Hazarika Birthday Address Mobile Phone Contact Number Singer Bhupen Hazarika Family Father Mother Wife friend Children Son Daughter Singer Bhupen Hazarika Qualification Educations School College Name Bhupen Hazarika filmography professional Film Acting Career Awards Achievements Singer Bhupen Hazarika Early Personal Secret Professional Educational Life Bhupen Hazarika latest news Details, Bhupen Hazarika profile biodata biography details Bhupen Hazarika birthday address mobile phone contact number Bhupen Hazarika family father mother wife husband son daughter children names Bhupen Hazarika education qualification Bhupen Hazarika works career occupation Bhupen Hazarika personal professional educational life background Bhupen Hazarika latest news updates information.
Bhupen Hazarika, born in Assam, is the legendary personality worldwide and known for his Excellency in Singing as well as in Indian Films. The all time legend Bhupen Hazarika sung in Bengali, Assamese, Hindi movies, directed movies, composed music and also took the responsibility of MP (Bidhayak) in Assam Assembly.

Bhupen Hazarika Profile Family Education Professional Career Life
Birthday of Singer Bhupen Hazarika: 8th September 1926.
Birthplace / Ancestral House of Bhupen Hazarika: Sadia, Assam, North East India.

Educational Life Bhupen Hazarika Qualification: Singer Bhupen Hazarika completed his IA from Guwahati Cotton College and then completed Bachelor & Master Degree from Banaras Hindu Viswavidyalaya in Political Science. After that, Bhupen Hazarika completed Ph.D from Columbia University and achieved ‘Lee Law Fellowship’ from Chicago University (America) on Films.

Music Guru / Singing Classes of Bhupen Hazarika: Bhupen Hazarika learnt singing from Singing Gurus like Jyotiprasad Agarwal, Bisnu Rava & others during his childhood days.

Family of Bhupen Hazarika: Bhupen Hazarika born in a teachers’ family in 1926. Singer Bhupen Hazarika’s ex-wife name Priyambada Patel and the son name of Bhupen Hazarika is Tez Hazarika.

Profession / Occupation of Bhupen Hazarika: Poet, Singer, Music Director, Film Director, Producer & Actor.

Professional Life Works of Bhupen Hazarika: Bhupen Hazarika started his professional career at the age of 13 by acting & singing a song in an Assamese Film ‘Indramalati’ in 1939. After completion of his study in foreign; Bhupen Hazarika worked with Salil Chowdhury, Balraj Sahani and many other famour personalities of India. ‘Bistirno Du Pare’, ‘Aaj Jiban Khuje Pabi’, ‘Ami Ek Jajabor’, ‘Dola’ are the names of popular Bengali songs of Bhupen Hazarika that are most loved by Bengalis. Dr. Bhupen Hazarika has composed music and done playback singing in so many Bengali, Assamese and Hindi movies during his career. ‘Shakuntala’, ‘Pratidhwani’ & ‘Loti-Ghoti’ are the Assamese Films directed by Bhupen Hazarika.

Awards Achievements of Bhupen Hazarika: Bhupen Hazarika first received National Award in 1976 for ‘Chameli Memsaheb’ film. Singer Bhupen Hazarika received awards like Padmasri (1977), Dadasaheb Falke (1992), Rastrapati Puraskar for his directed asomiya movie ‘Lotighoti’, Padmabhushan (2001), Sangeet Natok Academy Puraskar (2009) in his professional life & career.

First & Last Song of Bhupen Hazarika: ‘Indramalati’ Assomiyan Film’s ‘Biswa Nijoy Naojwan’ is the first song sung by Bhupen Hazarika in 1939 (13-years of Age) and ‘Gandhi to Hitler’ Bollywood Film’s ‘Baisnav Janto’ is the last song Bhupen Hazarika sang in 2011.

Political Life Career of Bhupen Hazarika: Singer Bhupen Hazarika joined politics during 1965-66 and contested as a Nirdal Party Candidate in 1967 in Assam Assembly Election where he won. From 1967 to 1972, Nirdal Party Leader Bhupen Hazarika was the MP of Assam Assembly. Politician Bhupen Hazarika left political life when he lost in 2004 Loksabha Election as a BJP Candidate.

86-year old Singer Bhupen Hazarika died on 5th November 2011 at Kokilabehn Hospital of Mumbai where he was admitted on 29th June 2011. The reason of dead of Singer Bhupen Hazarika is Kidney Disease & old age related problems like Asthma, Pneumonia etc.

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Raageshwari Loomba Profile Family & Career – Bigg Boss 5 Contestant Actress Singer & Model Raageshwari

The queen of Ragas Raageshwari Loomba, born in a family of musicians, is a popular figure in the world as Singer, Model, Actress, Television Anchor, MTV VJ (Video Jockey). Raageshwari Loomba got full support & inspiration from her family & did established herself as the queen of Raga (Sangeet).

Raageswari Loomba: Profile Family & Career – Biography of Ragas
Nickname of Rageshwari Loomba: Ragz & Paashu.

Birthday of Raageshwari Loomba: The date of birth of Raageswari Loomba is 25th July, 1977.

Address of Raageswari Loomba: Mumbai, India.

Age of Raageswari Loomba: 35 years as on 2012.

Raageswari Loomba figure-Vital Stats: 5' 4½" is the height of Raageswari Loomba.

Family of Raageswari Loomba: The Father name of Raageshwari Loomba is Trilok Singh Loomba, National Award winning musician, Mother name of Raageshwari Loomba is Veera Loomba (housewife) & the Brother name of Raageshwari Loomba is Rishabh who is a film maker.

Professional Life Raageswari Loomba Singing & Film Career: Raageswari Loomba started her professional work as a model by doing several advertise when she was only 12-13 & sooner director Shekhar Kapoor did a photo-shoot of Raageswari Loomba, after which at the age of 16 Raageswari Loomba made her Hindi film debut in ‘Zid’. Though, Actress Raageswari Loomba came to limelight after the film ‘Aankhen’ of David Dhawan with Chunky Pandey, Govinda. Later on, when Raageswari Loomba concentrated on her musical video albums, she still did a few Hindi films in a short role; few more films of Raageswari Loomba are ‘Main Khiladi Tu Anari’ with Akshay Kumar, Raveena Tandon & Saif Ali Khan, ‘Tum Jiyo Hazao Saal’, ‘Mumbai Se Aaya Mera Dost’ etc.

Raageswari Loomba widely known for her music albums ‘Duniya’, ‘Pyar Ka Rang’, ‘Y2K’, ‘Sagari Rayn’ and we all just love Raageswari Loomba’s song ‘yeh duniya bari nasili’ from ‘Duniya’ music album. As a Singer, Raageswari Loomba performed along with Asha Bhonsle, Ghulam Ali, Lucky Ali & others in few live musical concerts worldwide.

Simultaneously with acting & singing, Raageswari Loomba did justice to modelling career of Raageswari Loomba by appearing in so many advertisements like Cadbury's Perk Chocolates, Voltas Refrigerators, TVS Scooty, Dabur Hair Shampoo, Tata Sky, Oman Air, Freyas fairness cream. Singer-Model-Actress Raageswari Loomba has been the Brand Ambassador for Switzerland Tourism.

Raageswari Loomba had worked for MTV as VJ & later did so many Television Show Anchoring like BPL Oye in V-Channel, Ek Do Teen on MTV, Baar Baar Dekho on MTV, Kuch Kehti Hain Yeh Dhun on Sony TV etc.

In the year 2011 Raageswari Loomba participated in the biggest reality show of India on Colors TV Channel named ‘Bigg Boss Season 5’ as contestant. Raga Queen Raageshwari Loomba performed extremely well in Bigg Boss Season-5 performing exceptionally well in Cycling Task, Loo Attendant Task etc.

Fans of Raageswari Loomba who want to contact Raageswari Loomba via phone or want to send a message to Raageswari Loomba; can now join Raageswari Loomba on Facebook & may contact her through facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Raageshwari-Loomba/18785658431).
Search Tags: Big Boss 5 contestant Raageswari Loomba Birthday Address Mobile Phone Contact Number Actress Big Boss 5 contestant Raageswari Loomba Family Father Mother Wife friend Children Son Daughter Actress Candidate Actress Big Boss 5 contestant Raageswari Loomba Qualification Educations School College Name Big Boss 5 contestant Raageswari Loomba filmography professional Film Acting Career Awards Achievements Actress Big Boss 5 contestant Raageswari Loomba Early Personal Secret Professional Educational Life Big Boss 5 contestant Raageswari Loomba latest news Details.
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Anjan Dutta Profile Family Film & Music Director Career - Personal & Professional Life

Anjan Dutta – the name itself means a lot in Bengali Film Industry. Bengali Film-maker  Actor, Singer & Music Director Anjan Dutta concentrated on serious Indian Films and bring a new dimension to Bangla Cinema and Bangla Music. Anjan Dutta joined Badal Sarkar’s Theatre Group during his university days and after few years in Theatre; finally Anjan Dutta made his film debut in Chalachitro Bengali Film of Mrinal Sen. Anjan Dutta’s acting career in Bengali films was at stake at that time and he had to even work as journalist at that time in a famous English daily news paper. Anjan Dutta stepped into the Bengali Music arena in 1990s with a perfect blend of Western and Indian Folk Songs. Anjan Dutta himself writes the songs and composed the music and all the songs of Anjan Dutta are related to real life activities with proper social meanings.

Anjan Dutta – Profile Family Education Film Music Direction Career
Birthday of Anjan Dutta: - 19th January, 1953.

Educational Background of Anjan Dutta: Anjan Dutta has completed his schooling from St. Paul’s School, Darjeeling and MA in English from Calcutta University.

Anjan Dutta family details: The Son name of Anjan Dutta is Neel Dutta, who is also a well-known music director.

Anjan Dutta Film Acting Career: -
Anjan Dutta Bengali Films in 2011: Ranjana Ami Ar Asbona.
Anjan Dutta Bengali Films in 2010: Mahanagar @ Kolkata.
Anjan Dutta Bengali Films in 2009: Madly Bengalee.
Anjan Dutta Bengali Films in 2002: Mr. and Mrs. Iyer, directed by Aparna Sen.
Anjan Dutta Bengali Films in 2001: Dekha.
Anjan Dutta Bengali Films in 1995: Yugant.
Anjan Dutta Bengali Films in 1994: Antareen.
Anjan Dutta Bengali Films in 1993: Shilpi, Sunya Theke Suru.
Anjan Dutta Bengali Films in 1992: City of Joy, Mahaprithivi.
Anjan Dutta Bengali Films in 1991: City of Hope.
Anjan Dutta Bengali Films in 1989: Ek Din achanak.
Anjan Dutta Bengali Films in 1988: Nuit Bengali.
Anjan Dutta Bengali Films in 1982: Grihajuddha, Kharij.
Anjan Dutta Bengali Films in 1981: Chaalchitra.

Film-Director Anjan Dutta directed Bengali Movies: -
Anjan Dutta Bengali directed Films in 2011: Ranjana Ami Ar Asbona.
Anjan Dutta Bengali directed Films in 2009: Madly Bengalee.
Anjan Dutta Bengali directed Films in 2009: Chowrasta.
Anjan Dutta Bengali directed Films in 2008: Chalo Let’s Go.
Anjan Dutta Bengali directed Films in 2007: Bow Barracks Forever (English), The Bong Connection (English).
Anjan Dutta Bengali directed Films in 1997: Bada Din (Hindi).

Anjan Dutta Singing Career & Music Albums: -
Anjan Dutta Music Albums in 1994 – Shunte Ki Chao.
Anjan Dutta Music Albums in 1995 – Purono Guitar.
Anjan Dutta Music Albums in 1996 – Bhalobashi Tomay.
Anjan Dutta Music Albums in 1997 – Keu Gaan Gaye.
Anjan Dutta Music Albums in 1998 – Maa, Chalo Bodlai, Priyo Bandhu.
Anjan Dutta Music Albums in 1999 – Hello Bangladesh, Kolkata-16.
Anjan Dutta Music Albums in 2000 – Bandra Blues, Asamoy.
Anjan Dutta Music Albums in 2001 – Rawng Pencil.
Anjan Dutta Music Albums in 2004 – Onekdin Por.
Anjan Dutta Music Albums in 2005 – Ichchhe Korei Eksathe.
Anjan Dutta Music Albums in 2007 – Abar Pothey Dekha, Ami ar Godot.

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Neel Dutta Profile Family Education Career – Music Director – Personal Life

How could we forget Bengali movie songs of ‘Bong Connection and ‘Ranjana Ami Ar Asbona’? One have to be brave enough to do experiments with Bengali Rabindra Sangeet and talented music director Neel Dutta has successfully done that. Musician Neel Dutta, Son of legendary Anjan Dutta, has produced many hit songs in Bengali Film Industry within a short span of time.

Neel Dutta – Music Director Profile Family Education Bangla Band Details
Early Life of Anjan Dutta’s son Neel Dutta: Talented music director Neel Dutta has brought in a musical environment, behind the shadow of ‘Open Theatre’, a theater group of Neel Dutta’s father Anjan Dutta and his mother. Neel Dutta’s mother first encouraged him to play Guitar when he was in sixth standard. Later Neel Dutta learnt guitar from Carlton Kito, professional guitarist. Neel Dutta started playing guitar professionally since class eight and in class eleven he jingle. Guitarist Neel Dutta started his music directing career when he was in Ashutosh College by composing in various Tele-Films for Bengali Television Channels.

Educational Background of Music Director Neel Dutta: Musician Neel Dutta, son of Anjan Dutta, completed his Graduation from Ashutosh College, Kolkata and completed MA in English from Calcutta University.

Music Director Neel Dutta upcoming projects: After the huge success in Bengali Cinema ‘Bong Connection’ and ‘Ranjana Ami Ar Asbona’, music director Neel Dutta is now working on these upcoming projects - A Bengali film of Bisra Dasgupta, Mainak Bhowmik directed two Bengali films, second music album of Neel Dutta’s Bangla Band Friend of Fusion and directing music in Sananda TV Serial Olpo Olpo Premer Golpo.

Personal Life & Likings of Music Director Neel Dutta: Musician Neel Dutta would love to have someone as a life partner who should have good Sense of Humor, Sense of Space and intelligent with good responsibility sense. But, female fans don’t get excited, because Ranjana Ami Ar Asbona film’s Music Director Neel Dutta already has his girl-friend and waiting to get married soon. Eno Moricon, Nino Rota, John Williams and Pandit Ravishankar are the favorite music directors of Bengal’s talented musician Neel Dutta.

Search Tags: Biography Profile Wiki Neel Dutta, Musician Singer Music Composer Neel Dutta Family Father Anjan Dutta Mother Wife Children, Education Occupation Phone number Contact Address Neel Dutta, Musician Bong Connection Ranjana Ami Ar Asbona Music Director Neel Dutta Personal Educational Life details, Professional Life Neel Dutta Works Political Career Achievements, Neel Dutta Bengali Band Friend of Fusion Albums, upcoming projects of Neel Dutta.
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Somlata Singer Profile & Singing Career - Somlata Acharyya Chowdhury

Somlata (full name: Somlata Acharyya Chowdhury) is one of the eminent singer of Tollywood Film Industry and music arena. Singer Somlata has started her singing lessons since she was nine years old under the guidance of Pandit Biresh Roy (Guruji of Somlata). Since the age of nine, Somlata Acharyya Chowdhury has proved her versatility and made her mark with various genres of music and forms like pop singing, classical songs, western music, Rabindra Sangeet etc.

Somlata Acharyya Chowdhury marriage date: - 23rd November 2012 (Friday).

Husband name of Somlata Acharyya Chowdhury is Akash Roy, Software Engineer by profession [Check Somlata & Akash wedding photos].

Singer Somlata has started doing playback singing in Bengali Cinema from 2009; but eventually came to notice after the sensational singing in Anjan Dutta's Ranjana Ami Ar Asbona Bengali Film. In other word, we can say, Somlata arrived with her versatility in music arena with the film Ranjana Ami Ar Asbona, in which Somlata has created her place in all music lovers mind.

Singer Somlata Acharyya Chowdhury has sung songs as playback singer in Bengali film Box Number 1313 (2009), Cross Connection (2009), The Perfect Woman (debut as playback singing), Ranjana Ami Ar Ashbona (2011) till now. Singer Somlata Chowdhury also hosting a show named 'Take A Break' on Tara Muzik and recently did a music album with Shaan, Shreya Ghoshal and others for Tsunami Relief Fund. Somlata Acharya Chowdhury is not only a famous Singer; but also a Guest Lecturer of Psychology at Asutosh College, Kolkata.

Search tags: Ranjana Ami Ar Asbona film Singer name, Somlata Acharyya Profile Biography family contact number, Singer Somlata Singing Career birthday personal life.
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Prashant Tamang Profile Family Singing & Film Acting Career | Indian Idol-3 Winner Prashant Tamang

Prashant Tamang Personal life Indian Idol Kolkata Police Prashant Tamang Singing Career Indian Idol Discography Filmography Prashant Tamang Profile Biodata Biography Indian Idol Darjeeling Nepali Police Bengal Singer Prashant Tamang Birthday Address Mobile Phone Contact Number Prashant Tamang Family Father Mother Wife Children Names Prashant Tamang Education Qualification School College Prashant Tamang Profession Occupation Career Works Achievements Prashant Tamang Professional Educational life background Prashant Tamang Indian Idol Singer.
Indian Idol Singer Prashant Tamang, Darjeeling based Indian Singer-Actor, was the winner of Indian Idol Season-3 in 2007. Singer Prashant Tamang is the first Indian of Nepali ethnicity to make it to the final rounds of Indian Idol and win it. Singer Prashant Tamang is also the first person from the Indian police force to enter the final rounds of Indian Idol.

Birthday of Indian Idol Singer Prashant Tamang: 4th January, 1983.

Address of Indian Idol Singer Prashant Tamang: Darjeeling, West Bengal, India.

Family of Indian Idol Singer Prashant Tamang: Father name Late Madan Tamang, Mother name Rupa Tamang, Sister name Archana and Wife name Geeta Thapa (Flight Attendant).

Marriage Date of Indian Idol Singer Prashant Tamang: Prashant Tamang and Geeta Thapa got married on 16th February 2011 in Nagaland.

Personal Life of Indian Idol Singer Prashant Tamang: Prashant Tamang born in Darjeeling, a hill station in West Bengal, to Rupa Tamang and Madan Tamang. Singer Prashant Tamang spent most of his early life in the Himalayan region of Darjeeling and studied at St. Robert's School. After the demise of Prashant Tamang’s father in an accident, Indian Idol Singer Prashant Tamang left school and joined Kolkata Police as a constable in Prashant Tamang’s father place. In Kolkata Police, Prashant Tamang sang for the police orchestra.

Indian Idol Winner Prashant Tamang Singing Career: According to the Indian Idol program commentary, Indian Idol Singer Prashant Tamang auditioned for Indian Idol-3 (2007) because Prashant Tamang’s friends and Prashant Tamang’s seniors, especially Mr. Zulfiqar Hasan, Special Additional Commissioner of Police (who incidentally also got Indian Idol Singer Prashant Tamang's leave sanctioned for the competition) told him that Prashant Tamang’s voice was very good. Singer Prashant Tamang auditioned for Indian Idol in Kolkata and was subsequently chosen for the next rounds. Singer Prashant Tamang received mixed comments from judges for Prashant Tamang’s performances. Singer Prashant Tamang is the only contestant to have never been in the bottom three or four of the gala round. Singer Prashant Tamang made it to the top 2 of Indian Idol 3 along with Amit Paul. Indian Idol Singer Prashant Tamang got about 10 times more votes (70 million votes) than Amit in the final and went on to win the Indian Idol contest. A radio jockey Jonathan Brady (also known as Nitin) of Red FM, an FM radio channel in Delhi, commented in a live broadcast in Prashant Tamang’s show that “shopkeepers will now have to make their own security arrangements as Gorkhas have taken to singing” when referring to Indian Idol Singer Prashant Tamang, who is a Gorkha, singing in the Indian Idol 3 contest. This led to massive protests from Gorkhas all over and especially in Darjeeling district, where violent clashes erupted between supporters of Indian Idol Singer Prashant Tamang and local residents of Siliguri. The Gorkhas demanded that the RJ be taken off the FM channel. The Information and Broadcasting Ministry of India issued a show-cause notice to Red FM for the racial slur. Red FM issued a clarification stating, "We have not intentionally caused hurt to the sentiments of any person or any particular community, caste or creed. However in the event any inadvertent slight or offence has been caused to the sentiments of any person or community we tender our apology for the same". After winning Indian Idol 3, Indian Idol Singer Prashant Tamang launched Prashant Tamang’s maiden album Dhanyavad (meaning "Thank You"), consisting of Nepali and Hindi songs. Indian Idol Singer Prashant Tamang toured all over the world, including the USA, performing in concerts. Singer Prashant Tamang also sang for a few Nepali films such as Himmat-2 (along with fellow Indian Idol contestant Charu Semwal). In 2009, Prashant Tamang started Prashant Tamang’s acting career in Nepali films. Indian Idol Singer Prashant Tamang’s first film Gorkha Paltan was released in 2010. Debut Film of Prashant Tamang Gorkha Paltan did very well at the box office. Indian Idol Singer Prashant Tamang's second film Angalo Yo Maya Ko, produced in Sikkim, was released on 31st March 2011.

Prashant Tamang Singing Albums and Film / Movie Names: Music Albums of Prashant Tamang are Dhanyavad (2007) and Namaste (2008). Prashant Tamang acted in these following Nepali films till date - Gorkha Paltan (2010 – Debut), Angalo Yo Maya Ko (2011) and Kina Maya Ma (2011).

Good wishes to Indian Idol Winner from Bengal Prashant Tamang for his upcoming Singing Albums and upcoming films.
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Rupam Islam Biography Family Education Career Awards - Fossils Singer Lyricist Rupam Life

Fossils Bangla Band Lead Singer Lyricist Rupam Islam, Rupam Islam Profile Biography Biodata, Rupam Islam Family father mother wife son daughter spouse children, Singer Rupam Islam Birthday Address Background Rupam Islam Early life education qualification School College names, Fossils Rupam Islam Occupation Professional career life, Personal life Singer Rupam Islam Mobile Phone Contact Number, Singer Rupam Islam Awards Achievements Rupam Fossils Music Albums Songs Download, upcoming new albums of Rupam Islam.
Famous playback singer and lead vocalist of Fossils Bangla Band Rupam Islam was a School Teacher during his early professional life and now became one of the most popular Singers of Tollywood Film Industry, Bollywood Film Industry and off course famous for Fossils Bangla Band.

Rupam Islam Fossils Singer Profile Family Education Career Awards Albums
Birthday of Rupam Islam Fossils Singer: 25th January 1974.

Address of Singer Rupam Islam: Kolkata, Bengal.

Family of Rupam Islam Singer: Father of Rupam Islam is Late Nurul Islam and Late Chhandita Islam (Mother of Rupam Islam). Wife name of Rupam Islam is Rupsha Dasgupta. Son name of Rupam Islam and Rupsha Dasgupta is Rup Aarohan Promethean.

Profession Occupation of Rupam Islam: Fossils Band Lead Singer, Songwriter Lyricist, Composer, and Author.

Early Life of Rupam Islam Singer: Rupam Islam born in a family of musicians and Rupam performed on stage at the age of 4 with his parents' choir group Jhankar Shilpi Goshthhi. When Rupam Islam was 9 years he was empanelled child artiste of Aakashvani and Doordarshan.

Education Qualification of Rupam Islam: Rupam Islam completed English Honors Graduation from Asutosh College, Kolkata and later Rupam Islam completed (B.Ed) Bachelor’s in Education.

Professional Life of Rupam Islam: Rupam Islam was a primary school English teacher of Taki Boys Multipurpose School, Kolkata. Rupam Islam left Teaching profession after 11 long years in 2006 for his passion towards music.

Awards Achievements received by Rupam Islam: The book ‘Rupam on the Rocks’ written by Rupam Islam was published by Ananda Publishers at Kolkata Book Fair 2009. Later, Rupam Islam won National Film Award (Silver Lotus or Rajat Kamal) in Best Male Playback Singer category from Indian Government for the film Mahanagar@Kolkata.

Rupam Islam Professional Life Career: Rupam Islam first sole music album Tor Bhorshate was released in 1998 after completing Rupam’s training in Indian classical music. But, unfortunately the album was re-released as ‘Neel Rong Chhilo Bhishon Priyo’ in 2003 by HMV again. Singer Rupam Islam has composed few title songs for Television programs and advertisement jingles for leading brands. Rupam Islam has also anchored in several musical and chat shows on TV. In Friends 91.9 FM Radio Channel, Rupam Islam has hosted a Radio Show during 2007-2008.

Rupam Islam Books Writings: Singer Rupam Islam as an author wrote few books as well and the books of Rupam Islam are Epitaph Book of Songs (2006), Rupam On The Rocks (2009), Rupam wrote for Unish Kuri Bengali Magazine.

Rupam Islam Film Songs: Amongst all Bangla Band Singers Rupam Islam has sang most number of songs in Bengali movies as playback singers. Rupam Islam has sang songs in these Bengali Cinemas Piyalir Password, Cholo Lets Go, Madly Bangaly, Kanchan Babu, Jiyo Kaka, Olotpalot, Shukno Lanka, Dwando, Angshumaner Chhobi, Aleya, Antim Swash Sundar, Mahanagar@Kolkata, Autograph etc. Rupam Islam has also sang in Bollywood Hindi Movies like "Jannat Jahaan" in film Jannat, "Dil Kare" in film All The Best.

Rupam Islam Fans please visit www.rupamislam.com (personal website portal of Rupam Islam) for latest news updates of Rupam Islam.
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Rupam Islam Profile Career Family - Fossils Bangla Band Singer Rupam Life & Awards

Rupam Islam Fossils Bangla Band Singer, Rupam Islam birthday address mobile phone contact number Rupam Islam family (father mother brother sister wife) Rupam Islam qualification education school college name Rupam Islam occupation profession Rupam Islam career awards achievements Rupam Islam Fossils Bengali Band Rupam Islam Early Personal Professional Educational Life Rupam Islam struggling career, Fossils Rupam Islam music albums Rupam Islam  Rupam Islam profile Rupam Islam Fossils Bangla Band Singer.

Rupam Islam – Lead Vocalist Singer of famous Bangla Band Fossils. Singer Rupam Islam is a serious minded very down to earth character, who has come up from a very weak financially background family. During the early life Rupam Islam faced immense misbehaviours from the surroundings. But, the willpower of Rupam Islam brings the whole success through the Singing and Fossils Bangla Band. Rupam Islam was a school teacher of Taki Boys Multi-purpose School and left the job in 2006 to concentrate more on music, Salute to Rupam Islam for his passion towards music.

Rupam Islam Singer Profile Family Education Singing Career Awards
Birthday of Rupam Islam Fossils Bengali Band Singer: 25th January 1974 (Age of Rupam Islam as on 2012 is 38 years).

Fossils Bangla Band Singer Rupam Islam Family Background: Rupam Islam lost his Mother in 1992 when he was only 18-years of age and Rupam Islam lost his father in 2000 when Rupam Islam was only 26-years.

Address of Singer Rupam Islam: Lead vocalist of Fossils Bangla Band Rupam Islam lived at Park Circus in Kolkata till 2007 and now at South Kolkata.

Mobile Phone Contact Number of Rupam Islam: Not published.

Occupation Profession of Rupam Islam: Singer by profession, Rupam Islam is attached with Fossils Bangla Band since it formed.

Early Professional Life of Singer Rupam Islam: Singer Rupam Islam had struggled during the early professional life, when Rupam Islam went to Bengal film industry’s music directors like Debjyoti Mishra, Indradeep Dasgupta for a chance to perform, he had been avoided through various reasons. But, Rupam Islam never lost his mind-power and finally in 1998 first music album of Rupam Islam was released. Unfortunately in Bengal that music album of Rupam wasn't available for sale at that time, but in Bangladesh Rupam’s first music album’s pirated copies were available and became super hit. Later Rupam Islam got fame in 2003 when FM Radio Stations started playing Rupam Islam Songs of Fossils on radio programs in Kolkata and Bengal. Rupam Islam was then got huge fan support as a member of Fossils Bengali Band in Kolkata. Vocal Singer of Fossils Bangla Band Rupam Islam has established a Studio in Kolkata and till now didn't accept any offers from Bollywood Directors like Anurag Basu, Pritam, Mahesh Bhatt etc for Hindi Movies because Rupam Islam don’t want to left Fossils Bangla Band, which brings all success to Rupam Islam’s life.

Fossils Bangla Band Singer Rupam Islam Personal Life: Singer Rupam Islam does fitness practices regularly, Rupam Islam has a fitness trainer and also does Yoga – free hand exercises and walks daily for 1-hour for maintaining Rupam’s health fitness.

Awards Achievements Prizes Honors Won by Rupam Islam Singer of Fossils Bangla Band: Singer Rupam Islam received National Award and also performed at Nashville of America that is a huge achievement for Rupam Islam.

Unknown real facts of Rupam Islam Fossils Bangla Band Singer: Do you know Sachin Tendulkar and Saurav Ganguly are the favorite Cricketers of Rupam Islam. Rupam Islam is against politics and don’t support any political parties. Rupam Islam tweets regularly, so if you are a fan of Rupam Islam then go catch Rupam on Twitter.

Wish all the success to Rupam Islam for his upcoming music albums and to the future shows of Fossils Bangla Band.

Occupation of Rupam Islam: Music composer and singer by profession and Lead singer of band Fossils.

Parents of Rupam Islam Singer: Father Late Nurul Islam, who was a renowned musician and Mother Late Chhandita Islam who was a theatre personality.

Rupam Islam Qualification Education: Graduate in English Honours from Asutosh College, Kolkata and then completed his B.Ed.

Marital Status of Rupam Islam Spouse Wife Children: Wife name of Rupam Islam in Rupsha Dasgupta and on 12th September 2010 Rupam and Rupsha became parents of a baby boy.
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Bhimsen Joshi – Profile, Education, Career, Awards | Singer Bhimsen Joshi Biography

Classical Singer Vocalist Pandit Bhimsen Joshi Profile Biodata Biography Birthday Address Family father mother children Qualification Education Bhimsen Joshi life music teacher guruji profession career works singing songs Bhimsen Joshi reason death photo mp3 song download Bhimsen joshi singer details, Bhimsen Joshi Singing Career Music Teacher, Bhimsen Joshi Jail Arrest Cases, Bhimsen Joshi Father Profile, Bhimsen Joshi Awards Bharatratna Karnataka Ratna.

Indian Classical Singer Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, born at Gadag Karnataka, is one of the legendary vocalist singers of India of all time.

Pandit Bhimsen Joshi – Biodata, Profile, Career, Awards, Education

Birthday of Pandit Bhimsen Joshi: 4th February, 1922

Birthplace of Vocalist Bhimsen Joshi: Gadag, Dharwar, Karnataka, India

Address of Pandit Bhimsen Joshi: Kalashree, Navipet, Pune, India

Family of Pandit Bhimsen Joshi: At the early age of Pandit Bhimsen Joshi he lost his mother. The Father of Pandit Bhimsen Joshi was a school teacher.

Father name of Pandit Bhimsen Joghi: Late Gururaj who was a MA passed School Teacher.

First Music Teacher of Pandit Bhimsen Joshi: Chanappa Kurtakorti Kirtaniya at Rs.5/- Guru Dakshina.

Singing Teacher of Pandit Bhimsen Joshi Musical Teacher: After learning the basic in Singing, Pandit Bhimsen Joshi joined Pandit Shyamacharya Singing Classes. Vocalist Bhimsen Joshi learnt singing from Pandit Sawai Gandharb who was a student of Ustad Abdul Karim Khan. Sarodiya Hafeez Ali Khan of Gwalior was another Guruji of Pandit Bhimsen Joshi.

Professional Career of Pandit Bhimsen Joshi: In the year 1943 Pandit Bhimsen Joshi came to Mumbai (Bombay) and joined Doordarshan as a Betarshilpi at the age of 19-years. Pandit Bhimsen Joshi had record his first song at the age of 22. Apart from Dhrupadi Sangeet; Pandit Bhimsen Joshi was mastered in Bhajan Sangeet, Thumri, Dadra classical Indian songs and Pandit Bhimsen Joshi has sang many songs in Hindi, Kannad, Marathi films as well. In the film ‘Basantabihar’ (1956) Pandit Bhimsen Joshi and Manna Dey has sung a ‘Ketaki gulab juhi champak’ song which is till now remembered by music lovers.

Pandit Bhimsen Joshi’s Memorable Songs: Amongst thousands of Songs of Pandit Bhimsen Joshi ‘Ketaki Gulam Juhi’, ‘Mile Sur Mera tumhara’,

Achievements Awards of Pandit Bhimsen Joshi: Padmasree (1972), Sangeet Natok Academy Award (1975), Padmabhushan (1985), National Film Award (1985), First Platinum Disc Award (1986), Padmabibhusan Award (1999), Karnatakaratna(2005) and Bharatratna (2008).

Unknown facts of Pandit Bhimsen Joshi Life: Pandit Bhimsen Joshi had arrested and Jailed twice as without ticket train passenger.

Reason of Death of Pandit Bhimsen Joshi: Several diseases that usually happened at old ages like Kidney failure, breathing trouble.

Death Day of Pandit Bhimsen Joshi: 4pm on 24th January 2011
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Anupam Roy Profile | Career, Education | Bengali Lyricist Music Composer & Singer

Aamake aamar moto thakte dao lyricist singer Anupam Roy profile biodata biography Bengali film Tollywood movie music director singer song writer Anupam Ray profile education background family father mother wife address phone contact number Anupam Roy bangle cinema song composer Singer lyricist teachers professional career profile Anupam Roy songs download photo birthday.

Aamake Aamar Moto Thakte Dao.. Aami nijeke nijer moto guchiye niyechi… - Anupam Roy, Lyricist and Singer, has made his place to everyone’s mind by writing and singing the outstanding Bengali Song ‘Aamake Aamar Moto’ in the Bengali film Autograph. Electronics Engineer Anupam Roy has the singing and song writing knack from his childhood and had written the famous bangla song ‘Aamake Aamar Moto’ in the year 2008. The break in Tollywood Film Industry of Anupam Roy had finally came when Anupam Ray’s, Singer and Lyricist, song was picturised under Srijit Mukherjee’s Bengali Film ‘Autograph’. Anupam Ray and Srijit Mukherjee know each other for last 5 years and have worked together in several stage shows where Anupam usually sang songs and Srijit does the music part. Recently Singer Anupam Ray has composed music for upcoming Bangla Cinema Chalo Paltai of Haranath Chakraborty, Bangla Filmmaker.

Singer, Lyricist & Music Composer Anupam Roy Profile Education Career Dreams

Birth place of Anupam Roy Singer: Kolkata, West Bengal

Recent Address of Lyricist Anupam Roy: Singer Anupam Roy is currently staying at Bengaluru for his engineering profession with his wife.

Family of Anupam Roy Singer: Anupam Roy’s family revolves with his Father, Mother and Wife.

Address of Singer Lyricist Music Composer Anupam Roy: Thakurpukur Satyen Park, Kolkata is the original house of Anupam Roy in Kolkata where Anupam has spent 22 years before moving to Bengaluru and now Anupam Ray’s Father and Mother stay at Shilpara, Behala, Kolkata.

Education Qualification of Singer Anupam Roy Music Composer Lyricist: School name of Anupam Roy from where he has done his Class-10th is Khidderpore St. Pauls School (Madhyamik) and the 12th standard School name is M.P. Birla School (Higher Secondary). Singer Anupam Roy had completed his Engineering from Jadavpur University (Electronics Engineering) Kolkata.

Singing Music Teachers of Anupam Roy: Anupam Roy learnt music from his mother who is a Rabindrasangeet Singer and a student of legendary Singer Suchitra Mitra. Later, Lyricist Anupam Roy has learnt Hindustani Classical Music from Nibedita Dutta at Bengaluru.

Inspiration of Music Composer Anupam Roy: Singer Anupam Roy apart from his professional engineering career has done singing and writing songs; which is very tough job to do. Anupam Roy was inspired by Suman, Nachiketa, Anjan Dutta and Shilajit for Singing and Writing Songs.

Upcoming Next projects of Anupam Roy: Haranath Chakraborty’s Chalo Paltai Bengali film’s Music Composing and doing work in Sourav Ganguly’s documentary.

Dreams of Anupam Roy Lyricist, Singer and Music Composer: Playing a football match at Yuba Bharati Krirangan, Making Film and writing novels.

Good wishes to Anupam Roy for his Professional Career and personal life.
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Suchitra Mitra Singer Profile Career Awards Education | Bengal’s Legendary Rabindrasangeet Singer

Profile Biodata Biography Suchitra Mitra, Education Family Birthday Address Suchitra Mitra Singer Career Awards Achievements History Rabindra Sangeet Singer Teacher Suchitra Mitra wiki.

Suchitra Mitra, an eminent singer of Rabindranath Tagore songs, is a pride of Bengal and a great Music Teacher of Rabindrasangeet. After completing the studies from University of Calcutta; Suchitra Mitra went to Santiniketan with a scholarship for taking lessons of Rabindrasangeet at Viva Bharati University. Suchitra Mitra has sung many songs for Bangla Cinema Industry and also has recorded thousands of Rabindrasangeet, Atul Prasadi and other Bangla songs during her Singing Career. Suchitra Mitra has opened a Singing School at Salt Lake, Kolkata and trained many well known Bengali celebrities like Bratati Bandyopadhyay, Usha Utthup and others.

Suchitra Mitra – Bangla Singer Short Profile

Birthday of Suchitra Mitra: 19th September 1924

Family of Rabindrasangeet Singer Suchitra Mitra:
Father name of Suchitra Mitra: Late Saurindra Mohan Mukherjee (Father of Suchitra Mitra was a renowned Litterateur).

Address of Singer Suchitra Mitra: Ballygunge, South Kolkata, Bengal.

Educational Qualification of Suchitra Mitra: Suchitra Mitra studied at Scottish Church College Kolkata, Calcutta University and in Rabindranath Tagore’s Viswabharati University in Bengal.

First Music Teacher of Suchitra Mitra: Pankaj Kumar Mullick.

Profession Occupation of Suchitra Mitra: Suchitra Mitra was a legendary Singer who recorded her first song in 1945. Suchitra Mitra had also served as Kolkata Sheriff in 2009.

Awards & Achievements of Suchitra Mitra: Eminent Singer Suchitra Mitra had received so many awards like Padmashri Award in 1973 and many more.

Rabindrasangeet Singer Suchitra Mitra passed away on 3rd January 2011. With the death of Suchitra Mitra; an Era of Rabindrasangeet has come to an end…
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Singer Anushka Manchanda Profile - VJ & Model Short Biodata

Singer Model VJ Profile Biodata Biography Anushka Manchanda Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 4 contestant, Anushka Manchanda Birth Day Place Father Mother Family Husband boyfriend, Anushka Manchanda works career awards, Anushka Manchanda school college education, Anushka Manchanda mobile phone contact number Anushka Manchanda.

Anushka Manchanda was come under spotlight when she was doing Video Jockey job on Channel-V (ex VJ). Talented Singer Anushka Manchanda moved into singing profession and established herself as a professional Singer of Bollywood. In many Hindi Cinema and Tamil Movies Anushka Manchanda has sung songs. Apart from Singing and VJ, Anushka Manchanda also loves to do modelling.

Address of Anushka Manchanda: - Delhi, India.

Birth Day of Anushka Manchanda: - In the year 1985.

Birth Place of Anushka Manchanda: - Delhi, India.

Professional Career of Anushka Manchanda: - Singer, Model and Video Jockey.
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Singer Meiyang Chang Profile | Dentist, Actor Short Biodata, Career, Family, Films

Singer Actor Dentist Profile Biodata Biography Meiyang Chang Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 4 contestant, Meiyang Chang Birth Day Place Father Mother Family Husband girlfriend, Meiyang Chang works career awards, Meiyang Chang school college education, Meiyang Chang mobile phone contact number, Meiyang Chang photo picture wallpaper download, Mayankh Chang

Meiyang Chang, born in Dhanbad, is a dentist and came to Singing Reality Show for the passion of Music. And after that, Dentist Chang became a well known figure in Bollywood Industry and world-wide. Meiyang Chang has acted with Sahid Kapoor and sang many songs in movies and also shows his dancing skills in Jhalak Dikhla Jaa-4 on Sony TV Dance Reality Show.

Recent Address of Meiyang Chang: Mumbai, India

Birth Day of Meiyang Chang: In the year 1988

Birth Place of Meiyang Chang: Dhanbad, Jharkhand, India

Professional Career of Meiyang Chang: Dentist, Actor, Singer.

Girlfriend name of Meiyang Chang: Monali Thakur (as shown on Jhalak Dikhla Jaa-4 Show)

Bollywood Debut film as Actor of Meiyang Chang: Badmash Company with Sahid Kapoor and Anushka Shetty.
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