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Satarup Ghosh CPM Leader Profile Family Education Career Life & Background Shatarup Ghosh

CPM leader candidate politician Satarup Ghosh profile biodata biography details CPM leader Satarup Ghosh birthday address mobile phone contact number Satarup Ghosh family father mother wife husband son daughter children names CPM party candidate Satarup Ghosh education qualification Satarup Ghosh works political career occupation CPM party leader Satarup Ghosh personal professional educational life background Satarup Ghosh latest news updates information.

Satarup Ghosh, politician of CPM Party, is the youngest CPM leader selected Kasba area of West Bengal. Here is a short Biography of Satarup Ghosh:

Age of Satarup Ghosh politician of CPM party: 26 as on 2012.

Education of Satarup Ghosh leader of CPM party: CPM party politician Satarup Ghosh has completed Graduation and now doing MA.

Family of Satarup Ghosh politician of CPM party: His father is retired from his work and mother works in a company.

Occupation Profession of Satarup Ghosh: Student and Politics.

Satarup Ghosh attached to which party? CPM Party.

Political Career of Politician Satarup Ghosh: Comrade Satarup Ghosh started his political life during his college life by joining SFI Party and now became youngest CPM Candidate of Bengal in 2011 Assembly Election.

Satarup Ghosh of CPM party is the CPM party candidate of Kasba constituency in 2011 General Assembly Election of Bengal against Javed Ahmed Khan of TMC Party.
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Shatarup Ghosh CPM Leader Profile Education Political Career - Shatarup Ghosh Personal Professional Life

About CPM Leader Sri Satarup Ghosh Biography of Satarup Ghosh, Kasba Constituency Kasba Constituency Shatarup, Left Front Left Front Candidate Satarup Ghosh, Satarup Ghosh Profile Shatarup Ghosh, Shatarup Ghosh Profile West Bengal Assembly Election 2011 CPM Leader shatarup ghosh profile Biodata Birthday Family Background life satarup ghosh CPIM satarup ghosh rabindra bharati university shatarup ghosh cpim candidate shatarup ghosh left front candidate of wb cpim candidate of wb satarup ghosh shatarup election shatarup as CPI(M) candidate sfi elections 2011 Bengal shatarup ghosh left front candidate of wb of 2011 election Shatarup Ghosh Profile Education Qualification Youngest Left front cpim Candidate

Youngest Candidate to contest in 2011 Bengal Assembly Election Shatarup Ghosh (Satarup Ghosh), who is the brightest CPI(M) Leader of Kolkata, Bengal.

Shatarup Ghosh: Personal Educational Professional Life Background Information

Birthday of Shatarup Ghosh CPM Leader: - 22nd April 1986.

Address of CPM Leader Shatarup Ghosh: He lives in Kolkata.

Political Party of Shatarup Ghosh: - Communist Party of India (Marxist) CPI(M).

Education Qualification of Shatarup Ghosh CPM Leader: - The school life of Shatarup Ghosh completed at South Point High School, Kolkata and then joined Asutosh College, Hazra, Kolkata. CPM and SFI Leader Shatarup Ghosh is now doing masters degree from Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata.

Political Career Works as Politician Shatarup Ghosh: Shatarup Ghosh is one of the active members of SFI (Student Federation Of India) and alaways there for SFI party from beginning of Shatarup Ghosh’s college life at Asutosh College. Shatarup Ghosh is going to contest for Kasba Constituency in 2011 Assembly Election of West Bengal.

Good wishes to the brightest youngest whole-time party worker Shri Shatarup Ghosh for his upcoming political career and good works towards the development of Bengal.
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Satarup Ghosh Profile Biography Political Career | CPM Party Leader Satarup Ghosh of Bengal

Youngest Candidate Kasba CPM Party Leader CPIM Satarup Ghosh Bengal CPIM Leader Satarup Ghosh Birthday Address Mobile Phone Contact Number, CPM Leader Satarup Ghosh Family Father Mother Husband Boyfriend Children Son Daughter Satarup Ghosh Qualification Educations School College Name Satarup Ghosh Politics Works Political Career Awards Achievements Satarup Ghosh CPM Leader Satarup Ghosh Early Personal Secret Professional Educational Life Satarup Ghosh latest news Details.
Are you a follower of Sri Satarup Ghosh CPI(M) Party Leader and youngest Political Person from Bengal Left Front Party? Are you looking for the detail Biography of Satarup Ghosh, CPM Party Leader from Bengal? People who want to know more about CPM Leader Sri Satarup Ghosh are requested to please read everything about CPM Leader Satarup Ghosh. Click to read more on – CPM Leader Satarup Ghosh Profile Political Career.

Latest News on Satarup Ghosh CPM Party Leader: -
CPM Party Leader Satarup Ghosh, 25 years old, is the youngest candidate of CPM Party to contest in 2011 Bengal Assembly Election. Kasba Kolkata CPM Candidate Satarup Ghosh was a successful SFI Leader in his early life.

CPM Candidate Satarup Ghosh is going to contest from Kasba Constituency / Seat in upcoming Bengal Vidhan Sabha Election Poll 2011.
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