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Digha Sex Workers & Prostitution - Digha Red Light Area of Purba Medinipore

Digha is known as Beach Tourist Spot in Bengal to the people; but, have you ever tried to know about the prostitutions happening in Digha? Yes, Local citizens of Digha and tourists of Digha could easily get female partners for physical attachment everyday by spending few hundred rupees. The nearest red light area of Digha is situated at Ramnagar, which is few kilometres away from Digha. How to contact sex workers in Digha? How to get Digha prostitute’s phone number? How to get female sex workers in Digha? Don’t get frustrated; prostitutes are also available in Digha Tourist spot.

As per the information, the amount of illegal sexual work has been reduced in Digha Hotels and Resorts by the awareness of Digha Police. Still, people can’t resist sex which is an important part of human being. Sex workers in Digha could be seen on the Old Digha’s main road near to beach entrance path and also in New Digha. But, none would get to know whether the standing females / girls are a Sex worker or not. Only, the male agents moving around on Digha fixes the price of sex workers, time to spend and meeting location with the customers and then only the customer get to meet the prostitutes in Digha.

The Digha prostitute price / charge varies depending on the age of Sex worker and time to be spend. Few Wine-Whiskey-Bear Shops are there in Old & New Digha to provide you the desired drink for making your night more sensual with a new partner in Digha Hotel.

It is not recommended to spend hours with Sex workers in Digha; because we all love Digha as a tourist spot and it’s our duty to maintain the environment of Digha and not to make Digha as red light prostitution area.
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Mumbai Prostitution Red Light Area Kamathipura Details

India's oldest and world wide famous prostitution centre is the Mumbai Red Light Area in Kamathipura. Though there are many brothels in Mumbai and the names of Mumbai Red Light Areas are more than 2-3, but till date if any one asks for Pros Quarter in Mumbai to any Mumbai Citizen they will get only one answer and that will be Kamathipura Prostitute Area, which was established way back in British Rules in India.

As per the Documentary / History of Mumbai Prostitution, for the entertainment of British Soldiers in Mumbai, Kamathipura Red Light Area was developed and at that time the Sex Workers were brought from Japan and central Asian countries. British left India, but Mumbai Prostitution stays and grows further. One can read the Documentary on Mumbai Prostitute and Prostitution from the famous book The Day My God Died of Andrew Levine's.

Now days, Red Light Area in Mumbai, Kamathipura is the most visited and crowded areas for doing sexual work with hot mumbai girls. The multi-storied buildings are full of desi Indian girls coming from far away of Mumbai and mainly from north-eastern part of India. Bengali Girls, Bihari Girls, Nepali Girls are taken to do the prostitution work in Mumbai - some of them by force and some of the girls / women taken it as profession.

In recent days, the Mumbai Call Girls are also available at Kamathipura Red Light Area of Mumbai and rate of Mumbai workers are depends on the term of use like Age categories, Time limit, Venue criteria etc. Though Night Sex life is essential to every human being, still we are against the Prostitution and raping those needy females in the name of prostitution. So, its not recommended to visit Mumbai Red Light Area for enjoying few hours by doing brutal sex with Mumbai girls against few hundreds rupees.
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CWG Sex Prostitutes Delhi Racket | Commonwealth Games 2010 India Escorts

CWG Sex Prostitutes Delhi Racket Commonwealth Games 2010 India Escorts

Delhi Sex Workers Prostitutes Escorts growing for Commonwealth Games

It’s came to know from one of the popular Indian Television News Channel HT that the Sex Rackets of New Delhi is targeting Commonwealth Games 2010 to enrich their Escorts Business in Delhi. Not only Indian Prostitutes are in Delhi, as per the news, Prostitutes of Foreign countries are also coming to Delhi to have prostitution with High profile tourists.

Around 1500 Escorts Girls been present in Delhi in recent time on the occasion of Commonwealth Games 2010 and working as under-cover through Escort Agents in Delhi at a charge of Rs.15000/- to Rs.1 Lakh per Night (Rate of Sex workers / Prostitutes in Delhi).

Those Foreign Sex Workers in Delhi are coming with 3-months Tourism Passport and this fact clearly proves that they are targeting Commonwealth Games (CWG) 2010. The Sex rackets and Prostitutes taking the opportunity of Delhi Polices negligence and what can Delhi Police do? Delhi Police has the extra work pressure for the Commonwealth Games Security and Management as well.

So along side Commonwealth Games 2010, Sex Workers of India & Foreigner also making some money utilizing the Event.

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