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Rocket Capsule Side Effects Review – Sexual Power & Energy Booster Tablet

Rocket Capsule side effects, Rocket Capsule Sexual Power & Energy Booster Tablet side effect, Details of Rocket Capsule, how to use Rocket Capsule, Dosage of Rocket Capsule, Ayurvedic tablet for sexual activities, Rocket Capsule price in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

Nowadays, so many tablets & capsules are manufactured to enhance our sexual life activities, which we often ignore due to our work pressure, stress & tiredness. But, to continue a successful married life it’s important to have healthy relationship between husband & wife. Because of work pressure, tiredness and stress; we often have unsatisfying relationship that hampers peace at home and sometime causes divorce. This is why; often we search for medicines to boost our sexual energy. There are so many tablets & capsules (medicines) are available in market to boost sexual power & energy for men & women like Stay On tablets, Manforce, Super Charger, Hasan Moti Capsules, Hypower Musli capsules, Gold Night capsules, Shilajit Gold capsules etc. Keeping this in mind, GMP certified company comes with Rocket Capsule which is 100% Ayurvedic. Let’s check out few details of Rocket Capsule, a tablet to boost sexual power & energy of both men & women.

Rocket Capsule Review
At first let's check out what manufacturing company claims about Rocket Capsule. As per the Rocket Capsule (Tablet) manufacturing company –
  • 100% Ayurvedic medicine to grow sexual power & energy.
  • No Side Effect of Rocket Capsule at all.
  • Rocket Capsule manufactured by GMP Certified Company.
  • Everyone (age up to 65 years) can use Rocket Capsule.
  • Get result in 2-3 days after using Rocket Capsule.

Who can use Rocket Capsule? Male & Female both can take Rocket Capsule to boost their sexual power & energy. Everyone including those having stressed & tiredness and those who don’t last long during their sexual activities can use Rocket Capsule to enhance sexual power. Remember, there are two types of Rocket Capsules available in the market; one for Men and one for Women. Men (Male) should only use Rocket Capsule M and Women (Female) should only use Rocket Capsule F. Sexual power & energy booster i.e., Rocket Capsule (Tablet) is applicable for all up to 65 years of age.

Rocket Capsule Dosage: - How many & When to take Rocket Capsule to get best result? As per the Rocket Capsule company advice, male or female should take two Rocket Capsules per day; once in the morning and once in the night. It means, people should use Rocket Capsule twice a day. Rocket Capsule manufacturer suggests taking Rocket Capsule with milk to get the best result.

How long Rocket Capsule takes to work? When will I get the benefits after using Rocket Capsule? It’s a common question for all who want to use Rocket Capsule to make their sexual life more pleasant. How much time Rocket Capsule takes to work properly or How many hours Rocket Capsule takes to boost ourselves? As per the company claim; people will feel the best result after using Rocket Capsule for 2-3 days. But, Rocket Capsule manufacturer advises to complete the full course of 1-month.

What are the side effects of Rocket Capsule sexual pill? Are there any bad side effects of Rocket Capsule sexual tablet? It’s important to know what could happen after using Rocket Capsule as a result of side effect before taking any kind of sexual enhancement capsules or tablets. Although, Rocket Capsule manufacturing company claims ‘No Side Effect’; but it’s recommended to use it after consulting with your doctor or on your own responsibility. Because, these sort of sexual power & energy booster capsules may have few side effect causing in future.

Where to get Rocket Capsule? Sexual power & energy booster Rocket Capsule (tablet) is available in all leading medical stores in Kolkata, Howrah and other states in West Bengal. If you are not getting Rocket Capsule in your locality then please call & inform Kolkata’s Deb Marketing by dialing 033-3985-2488 phone contact number.
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Ativeerya Capsule & Pouch Kit – Ayurvedic Power Tablets for Male – Dosage & Using Process Details

Ativeerya Capsule & Pouch Kit manufactured by Ambic Ayurved, which is a GMP & ISO Certified Company, is formulated with herbs & leafs as described in Ayurvedic Literature to improve sperm count in semen. Ativeerya Capsule & Pouch Kit helps in increasing sexual desire, maturing ejaculation and provides perfect sexual satisfaction to both partners.

Because of depression, work pressure, pollution, fast life, fast foods, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Hyper Tension, Diabetes; Men are losing their Sexual power & desire around 35 - 40 years of age and this is causing unsatisfied sexual activity at home. There are so many Capsules, Pills & Tablets available in the market to increase sexual power & desire; but Ativeerya Capsule & Pouch Kit is one of the Ayurvedic Medicines that has no Side-Effects.

How to use Ativeerya Capsule & Pouch Kit Dosage & Duration: -
This Ativeerya Capsule & Pouch Kit is only for Male and one should follow the process mentioned below to get best result on their sexual life -
  • Take one Pouch of powder in the Morning with Malai or Honey on empty stomach before breakfast.
  • Take one Ativeerya Capsule in the morning after breakfast with milk.
  • Take one Ativeerya Capsule at night after dinner.
  • One will get to feel the result from the 1st month. But, it’s recommended to continue & complete the course i.e., of 3 to 6 months course.

Precautions for using Ativeerya Capsule & Pouch Kit: -
If you want to get best results from Ativeerya Capsule & Pouch Kit then you need to sacrifice few things as mentioned below -
  • Don’t use of tobacco, drug completely forever.
  • One shouldn't use red pepper, pickles, stale food and alcohol during the course of Ativeerya Capsule & Pouch Kit medicated treatment.

Guideline of using Ativeerya Capsule & Pouch Kit: -
We have already mentioned the Dosage of Ativeerya Capsule & Pouch Kit above and now informing you how to get best result of Ativeerya Capsule & Pouch Kit. One should follow guideline as mentioned below -
  • Boil 4-5 Big Currant (Munakka) with one glass of milk and drink it at bed time.
  • Dip five Almonds & two Date Fruit (chhuare) with water in the night and eat then in morning.
  • Maximize use of milk, curd, butter, green vegetables, banana etc.

Price of Ativeerya Capsule & Pouch Kit in Indian Market: -
The market price of Ativeerya Capsule & Pouch Kit is around Rs. 570/- [price may get changed] and available at all renowned Medical Stores in India. Each Ativeerya Capsule & Pouch Kit contains Ativeerya Powder (9 pouch) and Ativeerya Capsule (3 Strip x 6 Capsules).

Ativeerya Capsule & Pouch Kit is available at all major Medical Stores in India. If you want to know more about Ativeerya Capsule & Pouch Kit then please visit www.ambitcayurved.com website or email your queries & feedbacks to info@ambicayurved.com. If you belongs to Kolkata & West Bengal State of India and want to know more about Ativeerya Capsule & Pouch Kit then you may call 94334-29141 phone number.
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Saheli Contraceptive Pill Dosage & Price Details - Saheli Oral Contraceptive Tablet Facilities

Do you want to know details about Saheli Oral Contraceptive Pill (Tablet) before using it? Are you looking for which Contraceptive Pill to take & which not to take? Do you want to know how to protect pregnancy in healthy manner? Do you want to know which is the best Contraceptive Pill (tablet) having no or less side-effects? It's important to take steroid free Contraceptive Pills (tablet) from not getting pregnant so early. In recent market, there are so many ways to protect pregnancy and so many products giving you the opportunity to become pregnant on your wish.

For men, we all know, Condom should be used to protect himself from AIDS & to protect your partner from getting pregnant. In case of Woman, few tablets were introduced to protect herself from pregnancy. But, it has to be said that most of all Contraceptive Pills has side-effects that causes health disorders because of 'steroid'. After two decades of research, Central Drug Research Institute of India has discovered Steroid free Contraceptive pill named 'Saheli'. Saheli Oral Contraceptive Pill is the first non-steroidal Oral Contraceptive pill (tablet) developed by the Central Drug Research Institute of India located at Lucknow.

Saheli Oral Contraceptive Pill (Tablet) Usage / Dosage: -
Every woman should be aware of how to use / take Saheli Oral Contraceptive Pill and one should take Saheli Contraceptive Tablet as per the following unique & convenient dosage -
  • Only twice a week for the first three months. Only once a week on & from Fourth month till when you don't want to get pregnant.

Saheli Oral Contraceptive Pill (Tablet) Feature & facilities: -
  • Saheli Oral Contraceptive Pill production is strictly in line with WHO (World Health Organization) GMP norms and extensive clinical data available for registration with Drug Control Authorities.
  • Saheli Oral Contraceptive Pill (tablet) is side-effect free. It means, there is no side effects for using / taking Saheli Oral Contraceptive Pill. Most of all Contraceptive Pills (steroid based pills) have their side effects on woman body like 'spinning head', 'fatty tendency', 'vomiting' etc. Since, Saheli Oral Contraceptive Pill is a Steroid Free Contraceptive Pill; there is no side-effects.
  • Not like other contraceptive pills; you need to take two Saheli Oral Contraceptive Pills per week for first 3-months and then only once per week.

Saheli Oral Contraceptive Pill (Tablet) Price / Cost in India: -
Every packet of Saheli Oral Contraceptive Pill contains 8 Tablets and the price of Saheli Oral Contraceptive Pill is around Rs.160/- in the market [price may get changed]. You are advised to buy Saheli Oral Contraceptive Pill only from Medical Stores.

If you want to know more about Saheli Oral Contraceptive Pill then please feel free to call 1800-425-3223 Toll Free customer helpline number of Saheli Oral Contraceptive Pill. You may also write your queries & feedbacks to saheli@lifecarehll.com.
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New Price of Amul Milk Packets in Kolkata & Bengal – Amul Taaza, Gold, Tea Special & Slim N Trim Milk Price Hike

Increasing price of every necessary thing that requires manufacturing quality milk is the main reason behind the hike of Amul Milk price in India. Amul, best brand that produces Milk products in India, has announces the price hike of their various Amul milk packets that will be applicable on & from 5th April 2012.

New Price (Cost) of Amul Milk Brand in Kolkata & Bengal
Amul Gold Milk Packet Price in Kolkata & Bengal: - 500ml Amul Gold Milk packet price was 19/- and became only Rs.20/- now in Kolkata and West Bengal. The 1 liter packet price of Amul Gold is now Rs.40/- instead of old price of Rs.38/-.

Amul Taaza Milk Packet Price in Kolkata & Bengal: - 500ml Amul Taaza milk packet price was Rs.14.50/- and from now on the new price of Amul Taza 500ml Milk packet will be Rs.15/- in Kolkata & Bengal. 200ml Amul Taaza Milk packet price is now Rs.6.50/- (previously it was Rs.6/-). The 1 Liter packet of Amul Taaza Milk is now Rs.30/- in Kolkata (increased from Rs.29/-).

Amul Tea Special Milk Packet Price in Kolkata & Bengal: - 500ml Amul Tea Special Milk packet price is Rs.13.50/- and 1 Liter Amul Tea Special Milk Packet price is now Rs.27/- in Kolkata & West Bengal. Price increased by 50 paisa only.

Amul Slim N Trim Milk Packet Price in Kolkata & Bengal: - Incase of Amil Slim N Trim Milk pouches, the price has been increased by Rs.0.50/- only and the new price of Amul Slim N Trim Milk Packets is Rs.5.50/- (200ml), Rs.13/- (500ml) and Rs.26 (1 Liter).

Price hike of Amul Milk packets in Kolkata & West Bengal is going to happen on & from 5th April 2012. It means, from now onwards you have to pay a bit more to buy the best milk brand available in the market. For further details on Amul Milk price hike please call 033-23351426 phone number of Amul Milk Company of Kolkata.
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Joy Cosmetics Face Wash Reviews – Price & Details of Skin Care Joy Brand Face Wash

One of the renowned Cosmetics Brand ‘Joy’ arrived in West Bengal with their Cosmetic products that can make you more glamorous in healthy & medicated way. Joy Skin Fruits Face Wash is the number one rated cosmetic products in India. Let’s check out few Cosmetic Products of Joy brand now.

Joy Cosmetics Branded Products & Reviews

Joy Cosmetics has introduced various types of face wash and other beauty products depending on various skins in India at an affordable price. Before purchasing any products of Joy Cosmetics you are advised to go through various Face Washes of Joy Cosmetics first to know what is suitable for your skin.

Gentle Face Wash (Apple) of Joy Cosmetics is applicable for all types of skins.

Nourishing Face Wash of Joy Cosmetics is applicable only to Dry Skin and it cleans the skin with fruit bubbles to provide skin nourishment.

Oil Control Face Wash (Strawberry) of Joy Cosmetics is applicable only for Oily Skin and it removes excess oils & retains skin moisture balance.

Purifying Face Wash (Orange) of Joy Cosmetics is applicable for skins with pimples. It helps you to recover from unwanted pimples.

Fairness Face Wash (Lemon) of Joy Cosmetics is applicable for Skin lightening. It makes complexion fair to impart whitening glow. So, those who want to look gorgeous & fair should use this product of Joy cosmetics.

Rejuvenating Face Wash of Joy Cosmetics helps to reduce stress marks of skin.

Sunscreen Face Wash (Papaya) of Joy Cosmetics protects your skin from Sun rays.

There are many other products of Joy Cosmetics available in the market except Face Washes. You can write to customercare@joycosmetics.com to know about which one you should depending on your skin type. If you want to know exact price of Joy Face Washes in Kolkata & West Bengal then please call 9339753795 phone number or visit www.joycosmetics.com website.
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Aakash (Sakshat) Tablet PC Price & Features | Tablet PC made in India Sakshat (Aakash)

India has launched the first ever Tablet Computer (Tablet PC) that is low prices yet having full functioning device. Aakash is the name of the newest & first Tablet PC of India and the commercial version of Aakash Tablet PC will be retailed under the brand name UbiSlate. This Tablet PC created by India is also known as ‘Sakshat’ along with ‘Aakash’ that was inaugurated by Indian Human Resource Development Minister Shri Kapil Sibbal. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) engineering team has developed the motherboard of this new & cheap (Tablet PC) Aakash (Sakshat).

Sakshat – Indian Tablet PC – Features & Facilities
• Touchscreen enabled with Android OS (Operating System of Tablet PC Aakash).

• The Screen size of Sakshat (Tablet PC) of India is 7" color LCD/TFT (touch screen optional).

Sakshat (Tablet PC) of India supports 2 USB 2.0 ports and USB hosts

• Sakshat (Tablet PC) of India has Three hours battery backup.

Sakshat (Aakash) (Tablet PC) has the facility of 8GB expandable memory.

• Aakash (Sakshat) Tablet PC can easily be connected with LCD projectors.

• Aakash (Sakshat) Tablet PC supports External hard disk drive (32 GB).

Aakash (Sakshat) Tablet PC has the Ethernet port & WLAN features inbuilt.

Aakash (Sakshat) Tablet PC Features: Open Office, SciLab, Internet browsing, Video web conferencing facility, Multimedia content in a variety of formats (pdf, docx, ods, adp, xls, jpeg, gif,png, bmp, odt, zip, AVCHD, AVI, AC3), Inbuilt PDF reader, Internet browsing with flash plug-in, JavaScript, Aakash Tablet PC is enabled with a touch screen, An in-built keyboard is attached with this laptop, The laptop can store the data of up to 2 GB memory. Aakash Tablet PC is a RAM memory, Wifi connectivity and USB port are this laptop’s additional features, 2 watt system is used up by this laptop so that it can even perform in areas where power supply is low, 80% shock resistant.

Aakash (Sakshat) Tablet PC Specifications: Aakash Tablet PC details - Display: 7” colour LCD/TFT, Keyboard: Built in, RAM: 2GB, Hard Drive: 32GB, Connectivity: Wifi, USB 2.0 (2), Ethernet port, Operating System: Android, Power: 2 watt, Processor Speed: Unknown, Expandable Memory up to 8GB (SD Card), VGA Port (For connecting to Projector).

Aakash (Sakshat) Tablet PC Price (Cost) in Indian Market: Aakash (Sakshat) Tablet PC is the cheapest Tablet PC in the world as of now and the Price of Aakash (tablet PC) is only $35 (in Indian Market).

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Teenager Bra Sizes & Price Details in Kolkata Market

What makes female looking gorgeous? It should be a good figure and figure means slim with nicely shaped upper-half along with good face of any girl or female. Slimming can be done in any age and facials also available in every age. But, what if Girl’s Breast growth hampered? This is why Teenagers Bra for growing breasts of Girls is developed.

Breast is one of the important human parts for females and during the growing stage of breast it should be under good observation and protection under quality clothing otherwise female breasts would become non-proportional. The beauty of good shaped female breasts brings more attraction and gorgeous looking figure, which is the dream of every female. For the natural growth of female breasts Teenager Bra of Belle Wears Pvt Ltd is no doubt the best one. Teenager who is feeling pain during breast growing stage can use various size of Teenager Bra.

Teenagers Bra is the perfect Bra for growing breasts of girls’ females in Kolkata and Bengal. There are different Teenager Bra Sizes are available for female teenagers and they are -

  • Teenager Bra Cup Size A (for small female breasts).
  • Teenager Bra Cup Size B (for average medium size female breasts).
  • Teenager Bra Cup Size C (for those females having big large Breasts).
  • Teenager Bra Cup Size D (for those females having larger bigger Breasts extra larger).

Teenager Bra is the must choose inner-garments for females to feel comfort without any breast sweating problemsThe Price of Teenager Bra starts from Rs.80/- only and for further enquiry on Teenager Bra please call 033 2362 8899 (B.K. Paul Pvt Ltd – Sales department of Teenager Bra in Kolkata and Bengal).
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Maxwell Water Purifier Service Centre Kolkata Bengal | Price & Models | Office Address & Customer Care Number

An ISO 9001 certified company Maxwell is known for manufacturing quality and healthy Water Purifiers in Bengal. No doubt, in the field of Water Purifiers we would go for Aquaguard Water Purifiers, Hindustan Leaver Water Purifiers, Kent RO Purifier etc well-known brands of Water Purifier. But, Maxwell Water Purifier Company has come up with low ranged and high ranged healthy Water Purifiers in the market.

Some Maxwell Water Purifier Models with Price for you all as follows:
• MAX RO-I Water Purifier of Maxwell company market price is Rs.13900/-
• Aquaplus 20 Ltrs Maxwell Water Purifier with Ultra Filtration System and the price of Maxwell Water Purifier in Kolkata and Bengal is Rs.2195/-.
• NOVA-XL Water Purifier Price Rs.7200/-.

The technology of UV & RO Water Purification System in all Maxwell Water Purifiers are maintained and incase you are thinking of after-sale Servicing of Maxwell Company in Kolkata or in Bengal then you shouldn’t worry about the Maxwell Water Purifier Service Centres in Kolkata or Bengal as there are so many Maxwell Service Centres available in Kolkata and across Bengal.

Maxwell Company Head Office Address in Kolkata:
HF-2, Baguipara Park, Aswani Nagar, Baguiati, Kolkata-59
Customer Care Phone number of Maxwell Company: 9832202870 / 9433704738

For further details on Maxwell Company and to know more Water Purifier models & Price of Maxwell and to locate your nearest Maxwell Service Centre in Kolkata or Bengal please visit www.maxwellindia.co.in website.
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Japani Oil Penis Enlargement | Details Stockiest Address Phone number | Dev Marketing Kolkata

How to enlarge penis by oil massage? How to become healthy and fit during inter-course process? How to get desired pleasure during sex? How to increase the time of Sex? Japani Oil gives all men the chance to satisfy his sex-partner by a natural way.

Dev Marketing, Kolkata is the Stockiest in Kolkata of Japani Oil and responsible of distributing Japani Oil across Bengal places. Ayurvedic product Japani Oil is used to increase the power of men during sexual activities. Those having problem of quick fall and unable to control sperm for longer period of time; can use Japani Oil regularly. Use of Japani Oil should be done after consulting with doctors and Japani Oil is only for Men.

Office Address Stockiest & Distributor of Japani Oil:
Dev Marketing, Kolkata
Phone number of Dev Marketing, Kolkata: 9434968214
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Orthovit Oil & Capsule | Arthritis Joint Pain Ayurvedic Medicine

Are you looking for medicines of joint pain? Do you want to know the medicines for Knee / Back Pains, available in Kolkata and Bengal? Orthovit Oil & Capsule is one of the Ayurvedic products that uses to recover from Arthritis Bodyache Joint Pain and to restore mobility in human being.

REPL manufactured ayurvedic medicine of arthritis joint pain; Orthovit Oil & Capsules are available in all medical stores in Kolkata and Bengal. The price of Orthovit Oil is just Rs.70/- of 60ml pack. Orthovit Oil & Capsule relief you from Joint Knee Pain, Back Pain, Wrist Pain, Elbow Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain etc.

For any further information or Complaints against Orthovit Oil & Tablets please email at customercare@replpharma.com.
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Fat-Go Slim Capsule Review, Compliant & Feedback | Kolkata Dealer Details

Extra Fat & Heavy Weight – Yes we do concern of our health, physic / figure and weight. Unwanted Fat and weight is one of those few things that we want to get rid of. Jolly Company (Indian Company) has manufactured Fat-Go Slim Capsule and Anti Cellulite Oil to reduce fat in natural way. GMP Certified FAT-GO Slim Capsules & Cellulite Oil requires no added physical exercise; it means people may reduce fat without doing a single physical exercise and no need to visit Gym.

GMP Certified & Jolly Company manufactured Fat-Go Slim Capsule and Anti Cellulite Oil is available in all Medical Stores in Kolkata and Chemists of Bengal; incase you are not getting FAT-GO Tablets in your locality then please inform at below mentioned contact numbers.

Dev Marketing, Kolkata is the one and only Super Stockiest in Kolkata of FAT-GO Slim Capsules and responsible of distributing FAT-GO Tablets across Bengal.
Kolkata Dealer & Distributor Office Address:
Dev Marketing, Kolkata
Phone number of Dev Marketing, Kolkata: 9434968214

If you have any suggestion or complaints on Fat-Go Capsule & Oil, then please call 09357726601 (Manufacturer of Fat-Go Slimming Tablets in India).

It is not recommended to use FAT-GO Slim Capsules or FAT-GO Anti Cellulite Oils without consulting any doctors to know whether FAT-GO Slim Capsule Side Effects will appear or not.
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Marks Rub Cream review feedback & complaints | Dark Spot Removal Skin Cream

In recent market there are so many creams to remove dark spots of Skin and to recover from pimple, wrinkle skin problems. Most importantly every Skin products claim to be 100% ayurvedic and naturally manufactured. Marks Rub Cream of Leeford Company is one of the best skin creams by which one can remove Skin Dark spots, Skin pimples and can get wrinkle free skin.

Marks Rub Skin Cream is available in medical stores and in different packs; the lowest Marks Rub Cream price is Rs.70/- weighted only 30gm. If you are not getting Dark Spot Removal Cream Marks Rub in Kolkata or any where in Bengal then please call 93317 22227.

It is recommended to use Marks Rub Skin Care Cream after consulting with Skin Specialist; because, who knows whether your skin have allergy or any other issues. Please inform your suggestions, feedbacks and complaints on Marks Rub Cream to 93317-22227.
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