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Prachi Agarwal Roadies Profile - MTV Roadies-8 Prachi Personal Life - Kolkata Candidate of Roadies

Profile Biodata Biography Prachi Agarwal MTV Roadies-8 Contestant Candidate Kolkata Kolkata Audition Roadies-8 2011 Selected Candidate Prachi Agarwal personal professional educational life MTV Roadies-8 Contestant Candidate Participant Prachi Agarwal Roadies Family (Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Boyfriend), MTV Roadies-8 Kolkata Audition Selected Candidate Prachi Agarwal Qualification Passion Occupation Achievements, MTV Roadies-8 Kolkata Audition Prachi Agarwal details mobile phone contact number address plans strengths weakness Prachi Agarwal Roadies-8 2011 Contestant Candidate from Kolkata Kolkata Audition MTV Roadies-8 Roadie Prachi Agarwal.
One and only Roadie selected from Kolkata Audition of MTV Roadies-8 is Prachi Agarwal who is slim, good looking and intelligent enough to impress Roadies Judges for selecting herself amongst the other Kolkata Candidates during Roadies-8 Audition.

Prachi Agarwal Roadies-8 Selected Candidate from Kolkata Audition 2011
Name of Roadies-8 Kolkata Candidate: Prachi Agarwal.

Address of Prachi Agarwal Roadies-8 Contestant: Kolkata, West Bengal.

Mobile Phone Contact Number of Prachi Roadies-8 Candidate: not published.

Family Background of Roadies-8 Prachi: MTV Roadies-8 Kolkata Candidate Prachi Agarwal is living with her father, mother and siblings.

Occupation of Prachi Agarwal MTV Roadies: Student till date.

Marital Status of Prachi Agarwal Roadies-8 Contestant: Single and not committed yet.

• Favourites Hobbies of Prachi Roadies-8 Participant: Prachi Agarwal Roadies-8 Candidate loves Chatting online, Prachi loves to dress and whenever got any chance she looks herself on the mirror or Car window glasses.

Prachi Agarwal MTV Roadies-8 Kolkata Audition Interview: ‘Bimbo’ this is the word by which Raghu-Rajiv-Rannvijay (Judges of MTV Roadies-8) tried to provoke Prachi Agarwal during the Roadies-8 Kolkata Audition’s Personal Interview Round. Bimbo means good looking female without Brain. Judges had asked several general knowledge questions to Prachi Agarwal during Roadies-8 Audition (like who is the Chief Minister of Bengal etc) and Prachi failed to answer any of those GK questions. Still, the judges of Roadies might have seen something interesting in Prachi and selected Prachi as Roadies Contestant from Kolkata for the 2011 Shortcut To Hell Roadies-8 Season.
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MTV Roadies-8 Kolkata Audition | Selected Candidates Kolkata Roadies-8 Audition

Kolkata MTV Roadies 8 Audition Online Kolkata Selected Candidates Contestants MTV Roadies-8 Kolkata Audition Judges Anchor Host Moderators Venue Place Location Kolkata Roadies-8 2011 Audition Date Time Online Contestants Participants MTV Roadies 8 Kolkata Selected Roadies Kolkata Candidates selected MTV Roadies-8 Audition Kolkata Online Video Photo Hero Honda MTV Roadies-8 Selected Candidates Kolkata Audition names.
MTV Roadies-8 Audition Kolkata – Candidates Judges Anchor Details

None has before able to make any commendable mark in the widely viewed MTV Roadies Reality Show; but the craze of becoming Roadies has always made mark during the MTV Roadies Kolkata Audition and in 2011 Shortcut to Hell Roadies-8 Audition of Kolkata also presented so many crazy intelligent foolish childish contestants to the Roadies Judges. During the MTV Roadies-8 Kolkata Audition we have seen Roadies Judge Raghu dancing with a lady contestant and also we seen some rubbish interviews.

MTV Roadies-8 Kolkata Audition Telecast Date: 26th February 2011 and 27th February 2011

Kolkata Audition MTV Roadies-8 Telecast Timings: 7pm to 8pm

MTV Roadies-8 Kolkata Audition Judges: Raghu, Rannvijay and Rajeev

MTV Roadies 8 Kolkata Audition Anchor Host: Siddhartha

2011 MTV Roadies 8 Kolkata Audition Group Discussion Round Moderators: Harman, Gaiti, Umashankar, Gaurav and many other crew members of MTV Roadies-8.

MTV Roadies-8 Kolkata Audition Participants Contestants Candidates: Here are the few names of MTV Roadies 8 Audition in Kolkata who got chance to face Roadies Judges in Personal Interview Round and unfortunately not become the selected candidates of MTV Roadies-8 Show from Kolkata – Baishali Nath, Prateek Nahata, Mehboob Irani, Neha, Neelam, Shabana, Amir, Anamika, Randeep Singh and others.

Selected Candidates MTV Roadies-8 Kolkata Audition: Prachi Agarwal is the lucky candidates (contestants) amongst thousands of competitor from Kolkata Audition of MTV Roadies-8 2011 Season who got selected for MTV Roadies-8 Reality Show from Kolkata Audition to represent Eastern India in Roadies-8 Show on MTV in 2011.

Congratulations to Prachi Agarwal for becoming the Roadies from Kolkata in MTV Roadies-8 (Shortcut to Hell) season in 2011.
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