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Palsit Toll Plaza on NH-2 – Toll Charges & Details

Palsit Toll Plaza on National Highway 2 (NH2) in Burdwan (West Bengal) is one of the important points near Bardhaman city. You have to pass through Palsit Toll Plaza to reach Burdwan from Kolkata / Dankuni. If you are going to Bardhaman from Kolkata then Palsit Toll Plaza comes after Dankuni Toll Plaza. In case you are coming to Kolkata on NH-2; then Palsit Toll Plaza comes after Budbud Toll Plaza.

Location of Palsit Toll Plaza in Bardhaman, West Bengal:
Palsit Toll Plaza on National Highway 2 (NH2) is located in between Masagram & Saktigarh in Burdwan district of West Bengal. If you are going towards Bardhaman; then Palsit Toll Plaza will be seen after crossing Masagram area and if you are coming from Burdwan then after Saktigarh. Palsit Toll Plaza is situated at K.M. 585.692 on NH-2 in section from 525.853km to 587.853km.

Palsit Toll Plaza Vehicle Toll Rate Chart:
Vehicle Toll fee on National Highway 2 (NH-2) is same at every toll points in India. Different toll rates are applicable for different types of vehicle at Toll Plaza. In case of small light weight car; you will be charged Rs.50/- for a trip (one journey). Remember, you can save few money by ticketing return pass at the same time. Means, One journey (trip) cost you Rs.50/- and Return Pass cost you only Rs.75/- for small car (Car / Jeep / Van / 4-wheeler). But, return pass allows only on same day return. Regular traveler may choose Monthly Pass by paying once. There are three schemes available at Toll Plaza for paying Toll Fee and schemes are – One trip fee, Return trip (within 24-hours) and Monthly fee.

Security & Infrastructure of Palsit Toll Plaza of NH-2:
Palsit Toll Plaza is under the supervision of National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) and the collection of Toll is done by MEP Infrastructure Developers Limited [Govt. of India Notification no. S.O.2670(E) Dated 02.11.2012]. Palsit Toll Plaza has 6 terminals in both up & down; means, total of 12 lanes are there at Palsit Toll Plaza, 6 Lanes & terminals each side. Every activity of all lanes (terminals) are being captured & monitored by CCTV camera. Toll Plaza keeps records like time of passing, vehicle registration number etc. of every vehicle passing through Palsit Toll Plaza.

Road condition of National Highway 2 (NH-2) in between Dankuni Toll Plaza & Palsit Toll Plaza in West Bengal is excellent. You will enjoy a smooth journey. See you at Dankuni Toll Plaza or at Budbud Toll Plaza – these are the names of toll plaza on NH-2 comes after Palsit Toll area.
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Dankuni Toll Plaza on NH-2 – Rate Charges & Fee Details

Dankuni Toll Plaza of Hooghly district is developed & maintained by National Highways Authority Of India (NHAI) and on Durgapur Expressway, part of National Highway 2 (NH-2). Dankuni Toll Plaza is the entry & exit point of Durgapur Expressway (Part of NH2). Let’s check out few details of Dankuni Toll Plaza below.

National Highways Authority Of India (NHAI) gave the permit to MEP Infrastructure Developers Ltd to collect Toll from each vehicle going in. Vehicle toll charge of at Dankuni Toll Plaza is different as per the size of vehicles. Rate Chart of Dankuni Toll Plaza on NH-2 has flexible options like one entry (single journey), double entry in a day and multiple journeys in a month. Toll rate (charge) in India has been revised on 1st November 2014 and slightly increased. Small size light weight 4-wheelers like Car / Jeep / Van toll rate was 35/- for one journey and now it’s 50/- from 1/11/2014. As per the requirement, people can pay toll charges and could save money. People crossing toll plaza every now & then can opt for Monthly Toll Pay option to get 50-journeys in a month. Like this, people returning on same day; can choose Double Journey scheme in a day to save money. Remember, all National Highway-2 toll charges including Dankuni Toll Plaza Rate varies for small car, bus, truck, & heavy weight vehicle.

Dankuni Toll Plaza, at K.M.646.005 on NH-2 in West Bengal, is located under Palsit-Dankuni section of NH-2 and under surveillance of CCTV camera 24-hours. It means, after crossing Dankuni Toll Plaza; you will get another one at Palsit towards Burdwan. In between Dankuni & Palsit no toll plaza is there.

You may watch Dankuni Toll Plaza video on YouTube.
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Dhulagar NH6 Toll Plaza Fees Location Contact Details | Dankuni Kolaghat National Highways Authority of India

National Highways are the pride of Indian Transportation and Highways (NH) connects cities of different locations of India. Kolkata-Howrah is connected to Delhi & Mumbai by National Highways and for maintaining these National Highways; Government charges a nominal Toll Fee for using NH.

Here is the latest Toll Fee price rate of vehicles on NH-6 at Dankuni – Dhulagar – Howrah Toll Plaza (NH-6)

NH-6 Toll Fee of Car/Jeep/Van : Rs.30/- (One way Single Trip) : Rs.50/- (Multiple Trip within 24-hours)

NH-6 Toll Fee of Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) : Rs.55/- (One way Single Trip) : Rs.85/- (Multiple Trip within 24-hours)

National Highway-6 Toll Fee of Truck / Bus : Rs.110/- (One way Single Trip) : Rs.165/- (Multiple Trip within 24-hours)

NH-6 Toll Fee of Heavy Commercial Vehicle : Rs.240/- (One way Single Trip) : Rs.360/- (Multiple Trip within 24-hours)

• If anyone uses NH-6 regularly then he/she can reduce their Vehicle Toll Fees by paying 30 times of Single Entry in Monthly Scheme. For details please call NHAI Phone number (033 26617939).

Where is the Toll Plaza on NH-6 near to Howrah Kolkata Dankuni Hooghly?
The Dhulagar Toll Plaza controls the section between Dankuni to Kolaghat (nearly 54Km in Distance) and this toll plaza is located at Jaladhulagori area of Howrah district in West Bengal on NH-6.

If you have any suggestions and Complaints on NH-6 then please inform National Highways Authority of India (NHAI phone number) by calling 033-2359 5083 / 033 2359 9695 or may also inform Dhulagar Toll Plaza @ 033-2661-7939 (Phone contact number Toll Plaza NH-6 Dhulagar).

NH6 Toll Fee Chart | Phone number NHAI Toll Plaza Dankuni Howrah Hooghly | Delhi Road Toll Tax Plaza Fee Rate Price list | Location NHAI Dhulagarh Toll Plaza | Dankuni-Kolaghat National Highways Authority of India
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