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Mamata Banerjee to inaugurate Jatra, Mati, Bhasha Utsav & Gaan Mela in Feb & April 2013

Jatra Utsav, Mati Utsav, Bhasha Utsav & Gaan Mela – all these Utshobs (Fairs) are lining up to happen between February 2013 & April 2013 in West Bengal. It’s an initiative of Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal, to showcase the culture of West Bengal to the world by organizing Fairs & Utshobs.

In the month of January 2013, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had inaugurated the Uttar Banga Utsav and now has come up with good news for the people of Burdwan, Kolkata, North & South 24-Parganas. Let’s check out what are the Fairs & Mela are waiting for us.
  • Jatra Utsav Barasat Kolkata [8th February 2013 to 15th February 2013] – West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is going to inaugurate Jatra Utsav [Theatre Festival] at Barasat on 8th February 2013. The Jatra Utsav is going to be organized at Barasat (North 24-Pgs) and at Kolkata from 8th February 2013. This Jatra Utshob will continue till 15th February 2013.
  • Mati Utsav at Panagarh [9th February 2013 to 15th February 2013] – Paschimbanga Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will inaugurate the Mati Utsav at Panagarh in Burdwan district on 9th February 2013. This event is to showcase all works related to mud. Please check more details about Mati Utsav 2013 of Panagarh.
  • Bhasha Utsav at Kolkata – 21st February 2013 Bengal people celebrate Bhasha Utsav [Language Festival] every year in West Bengal. Special event is going to be organized at Deshapriya Park of Kolkata on 21st February 2013 [day of Bhasha Utsav] and Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal, will be present there.
  • Gaan Mela of Kolkata [5th April 2013 to 13th April 2013 ] – People of Kolkata & surroundings will get Gaan Mela, starting on 5th April 2013. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will inaugurate the 2013 Gaan Mela of Kolkata on 5th April 2013 and this Gaan Mela will continue till 13th April 2013. Gaan Mela will provide the platform to the aspiring singers to show their singing talent to the people with the support of Government of West Bengal. Along with the new singers, many renowned Singers will also perform on stage during Gaan Mela 2013 in Kolkata.

Do remember the dates and don’t miss out the events that are waiting for you. The initiatives of Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal, have to be appreciated.
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Mati Utsav Panagarh 2013 - Details of Mati Utsav in Panagarh Burdwan

2013 Mati Utsav venue of 2013 Mati Utsav Panagarh, program details of Mati Utsav Panagarh, information on 2013 Mati Utsav Panagarh.

Mati Utsav is going on at Panagarh of Burdwan district from 9th February 2013. Let’s check out the Mati Utsav Panagarh 2013 details like schedule of Mati Utsav, venue of Mati Utsav etc.

Mati Utsav 2013 Panagarh Details

Mati Utsav Panagarh Date Schedule: - 9th February 2013 to 16th February 2013.

Entry Ticket price of Mati Utsav Panagarh 2013: - Free entry for all at the fair complex.

Mati Utsav Panagarh 2013 Venue & Location address: - Panagarh, District: Burdwan, West Bengal.

Mati Utsav Panagarh 2013 Organizer details: - Government of West Bengal.

Details of Mati Utsav Panagarh 2013: - Mati Utsav of Panagarh is an initiative of Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee who wants to showcase the products made of soil to the people, who would get to see & buy. From 2013 onwards, Mati Utsav will be organized every year at Panagarh of Bardhaman district in February month for few days. The main intention of organizing Mati Utsav is to showcase everything related to soil (mud / clay works). 2013 Mati Utsav of Panagarh is going to have Agricultural stalls, Fisheries stalls, Small scale industries stalls etc. on 10 acres land at Panagarh. Apart from exhibition-cum-sale of products; there will be cultural programmes [Folk songs, drama theatre shows etc] for the people. 2013 Mati Utsav of Panagarh will also have a special attraction. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will make live painting in Mati Utsav 2013 along with renowned artists Shuvaprasanna & Jogen Chowdhury. On 9th February 2013 at 2pm the first Mati Utsav will be inaugurated at Panagarh.

You all are advised to attend the Mati Utsav of Panagarh and be a part of Mati Utsav’s success.
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Dreamer's Creation Kolkata 2013 – Mamata Banerjee’s Art Exhibition Dreamer's Creation

2013 Dreamer's Creation Art Exhibition (Mamata Banerjee) venue location details, Dreamer's Creation Art Exhibition Kolkata starting ending date schedule timings, Dreamer's Creation Art Exhibition (Mamata Banerjee) Kolkata features facilities, Dreamer's Creation Art Exhibition Kolkata entry ticket price, about Dreamer's Creation Art Exhibition Kolkata 2013.

Dreamer's Creation Art Exhibition is going to be organized at Town Hall of Kolkata from 2nd January 2013. Let’s check out the Dreamer's Creation Art Exhibition Kolkata 2013 details like schedule of Dreamer's Creation Art Exhibition, venue of Dreamer's Creation Art Exhibition, entry timings of Dreamer's Creation Art Exhibition etc.

Dreamer's Creation Art Exhibition by Mamata Banerjee 2013 Kolkata Details

Dreamer's Creation Art Exhibition Kolkata Date Schedule: - Starts on 2nd January 2013 and the Art Exhibition by Mamata Banerjee will continue only for 15-days. The last date of Mamata Banerjee's Art exhibition is extended to 23rd January 2013

Entry Ticket price of Dreamer's Creation Art Exhibition Kolkata 2013: - Free entry for all.

Dreamer's Creation Art Exhibition Kolkata 2013 Venue & Location address: - The art exhibition of Mamata Banerjee’s paintings will be organized at Town Hall in Kolkata.

Details of Dreamer's Creation Art Exhibition Kolkata 2013: - Here is the chance to all of those people who are looking for the paintings of Mamata Banerjee and want to buy Mamata Banerjee’s paintings. Dreamer's Creation, which is an Art Exhibition of Painting by Mamata Banerjee starts from 2nd January 2013 & will remain open for 15-days only at Town Hall, Kolkata. It’s an exhibition-cum-sale Art Exhibition of around 250 Paintings of Mamata Banerjee, Honourable Chief Minister of West Bengal. The fund collected by selling the paintings of Mamata Banerjee will be used for the betterment process of Bengal & Trinamool Congress party.

Few Paintings by Mamata Banerjee exhibited in Dreamer's Creation Exhibition

You all are advised to attend the Dreamer's Creation Art Exhibition of Kolkata and be a part of Dreamer's Creation Art Exhibition’s success.
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Mamata Banerjee Withdrawing Support to UPA-2 Government

After a marathon meet happened on 18th September 2012 at Town Hall, Kolkata Trinamool Congress Party (TMC) founder & Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee announces their party decision of withdrawing their support to the UPA-2 GovernmentTMC founder & Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee said that the TMC Leaders, who are in the Central Ministry, will submit their resignation to the Prime Minister on 21st September 2012 (Friday) at 3pm.

Why Mamata Banerjee took this decision of withdrawing their support to UPA-2 Government?
Last week Congress-led UPA-2 Government announced few measures like Limiting LPG Cooking Gas 6 per year per family, Diesel price hike by Rs.5/- and allowing Foreign Direct Invest (FDI) in retail market. This decision took by UPA-2 Government was opposed by all opponent parties of Congress like BJP-led NDA, Left Front, and most importantly UPA-2 alliance party Trinamool Congress. TMC founder Mamata Banerjee always worked for the people and never intends to increase price in any sector that would harm common people. Thus, UPA-2 Government was given 72-hours by Mamata Banerjee, who works for Maa Maati Manush, to think on their decision & to roll-back. As per the schedule, 72-hours deadline ends on 18th September 2012 (Tuesday) and so Mamata Banerjee met with all TMC Leaders at Town Hall of Kolkata and after the marathon meeting of 3 hours Mamata Banerjee announces TMC party decision.
What are the decisions Mamata Banerjee took on protest of diesel price hike, LPG cooking gas limitation & allowing FDI policy of UPA-2 Government on 18th September 2012?
Around 8:30pm on 18th September 2012 (Tuesday), Mamata Banerjee announces that –
  • Ministers from TMC party will submit their resignation on 21st September 2012 (Friday) at 3pm. Ministers like Sougata Roy, Mukul Roy, Sudip Bandopadhyay & others will submit their resignation letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.
  • TMC is withdrawing support towards Congress-led UPA-2.
Are there any chances of ‘TMC not withdrawing support from UPA-2 Government’?
Mamata Banerjee has also announces that if UPA-2 Government accepts the demands of Mamata Banerjee within 21st September 2012 then she can re-think about her decision of withdrawing support. Now, let’s check out what are the demands of Mamata Banerjee
  • At least 12 LPG Cooking Gas per year per family at cheap price.
  • Diesel price hike of Rs.5/- should reduce by Rs.4/- or Rs.3/-. It means, the Diesel Price should  increase by Rs.2/- or Rs.1/- only.
  • Disallow Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in retail-market.
  • Reduce the price of fertilizers to help farmers of India in Agricultural field.
If UPA-2 Government agrees with the above conditions given by Mamata Banerjee by 21st September 2012, then Mamata Banerjee will re-think about her decision also.
What could happen next if UPA-2 disagree with Mamata Banerjee’s conditions and TMC withdraws their support?
Since, Trinamool Conrgess (TMC) is the largest alliance of Congress-led UPA-2 Government, thus withdrawing support to UPA-2 may result in Government falling down if other parties don’t support to UPA-2 Government in coming days and the election in India may happen before the scheduled year 2014.
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21st July 1993 Martyrs' Day in Bengal – Names & Details of Shahid Diwas & Photos of 21st July 1993

Martyrs Day Kolkata West Bengal, Trinamool Congress TMC Mamata Banerjee meeting Dharmtala (Esplanade) 21st July, Sahid Diwas details reason why what happen on 21st July 1993, rare pictures of 21st July 1993 Mamata Banerjee & Kolkata Police, Martyrs' Day (Shahid Dibas) reason venue timings photos.
21st July 1993 –13 lives of Youth Congress activists were snuffed out by Police bullets at Esplanade area during the march to Writers' Buildings (the state secretariat). This barbaric act of violence & brutal firing by Calcutta Police snatched thirteen innocent youth & made more than two hundred injured. Thus ever year, the day 21st July brings back the agony & excruciating pain to the people of West Bengal. Do you know why it was happened? Do you know the reason behind it? Are you aware of why people sacrifice their lives on 21st July 1993 in Kolkata? 

It was the demand of ‘No EPIC [Electoral Photo Identity Card], no Vote’. It was the protest against rural party CPI(M) who were doing unfair election by using the muscle power. Congress party on that day [21st July 1993] started their campaign against ‘Voting process’ to ensure a free & fair election that should happen in West Bengal. Thousands of supporters including leaders like Mamata Banerjee, Sougata Roy & others were present in the peaceful procession with the voice of democratic demand towards ‘Mahakaran’ (Kolkata) and was stifled with bullets & violence because of barbaric act shown by the Kolkata Police on road. Since then, 21st July 1993 is dedicated to those thirteen innocent lives & their family. Over the years, on 21st July Ms. Mamata Banerjee shows her honor & respect to all of those ‘Sahid’, who lost their live to different democratic movements for West Bengal.
Pictures of 21st July 1993 - Kolkata
Mamata Banerjee was beaten by the Kolkata Police & became senseless on road.
Kolkata Police brutally beating the people on Brabourne Road, Kolkata.
Kolkata Police firing (shooting) on 21st July 1993.
Young Innocent people died by Firing on 21st July 1993 at Kolkata.
Rally on Kolkata's Road - Memorizing the day.
Thirteen young innocent people names who sacrificed their lives for the democratic movement on 21st July 1993 in Kolkata – Here are the names of those ‘Sahid’Srikanta Sharma, Dilip Das, Bandhan Das, Asim Das, Murari Chakraborty, Keshab Bairagi, Biswanath Roy, Kalyan Banerjee, Pradip Roy, Ratan Mondal, Ranajit Das, Abdul Khaled, and the name of another one not recognized.

Since then, 21st July is known as the ‘Sahid Dibas’ / ‘Martyrs’ Day’ and people of West Bengal gathers at Dharmtala (Esplanade) to show their respect & honor to the people who sacrificed their lives for the people.

Let us bow our heads down, pay obeisance & remember their invaluable sacrifice & also take a pledge to rededicate ourselves to continue to fight for the cause of ‘Maa Mati Manush’ and build a harmonious, peaceful and prosperous Bengal, where the head is held high and the mind is without fear” – Ms. Mamata Banerjee.

On 21st July, 1993, thirteen innocent youth activists were brutally killed in police firing during a peaceful march to Writers' Buildings (Kolkata) with the demand of 'No EPIC, No Vote' lead by Ms. Mamata Banerjee. Since then, All India Trinammol Congress (AITMC) commemorates 21st July as 'Martyrs' Day' (Shahid Diwas) to pay respect not only to the 13 Youth activists, but also other 'Sahid' who died in different other democratic movements.
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Mamata Banerjee inaugurates Shatabdi Express Train & Promises Cooch Behar University in July 2012

Cooch Behar University, Howrah New Jalpaiguri New Shatabdi Express Train timings schedule ticket fare, Mamata Banerjee new projects for North Bengal Jalpaiguri Cooch Behar in 2012.
West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee laid the foundation stone for Cooch Behar University & a Polytechnic College at Mathabhanga during her tour of North Bengal on 11th July 2012. At the Coochbehar Stadium (Rajbari complex), Ms. Mamata Banerjee, Paschimbanga Chief Minister, not only laid the foundation stone of Cooch Behar University & Polytechnic Institute; but she also flagged off three new trains for the people of North Bengal. Let’s check out what are the ‘good’ jobs started by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on 11th July 2012 at Coochbehar & North Bengal visit –
  • Cooch Behar University, foundation stone laid by Ms. Mamata Banerjee, will be established and will be responsible for the educational development of Cooch Behar district & Alipurduar Mahakuma of Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal.
  • West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee inaugurated the District Training Centre (Zilla Prasikhan Kendra) at Cooch Behar.
  • West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee inaugurated the new Sutunga Bridge [Sutunga Setu] at Mathabhanga in North Bengal.
  • West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee inaugurated the Mahakuma Bhumi & Bhumi Sanskar Offices at Dinhata & Tufangunj of North Bengal.
  • West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee laid the foundation stone of Polytechnic Institute to be developed at Mathabhanga, West Bengal.
  • West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee flagged off of three new trains including Shatabdi Express Train [Howrah-New Jalpaiguri].

West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee flagged off three new trains that will run to connect North Bengal with other areas of West Bengal. Let’s check out the names of the new trains inaugurated by Paschimbanga Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on 11th July 2012 for the people of North Bengal –
  1. Intercity Express Train between New Cooch Behar & New Jalpaiguri Railway Station.
  2. EMU Train in between Bamanhat Railway Station and New Jalpaiguri – Siliguri Railway Staiton.
  3. Howrah – New Jalpaiguri Satabdi Express Train: This new Shatabdi Express Train will help the people to communicate easily from Jalpaiguri [North Bengal] to Kolkata [Howrah] wasting few hours only. New Jalpaiguri – Howrah Shatabdi Express Train will have stoppages at Kishangunj, Malda & Bolpur Railway Station on its route; so that people of Bolpur [Birbhum], Malda can also avail the service of Howrah-New Jalpaiguri Shatabdi Express Train.

Video courtesy Youtube
West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee ‘Didi’ working hard for the people as always and  keep winning the hearts of people by her ‘good work’.
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Bangabibhushan Award 2012 Winner Names – West Bengal Government’s Highest Samman

After the ‘Change’ in West Bengal Government, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee first started to show honor to the renowned personalities by ‘Bangabibhushan Samman’ (Award) [also spelled as Banga-Vibhushan]. Bangabibhushan Samman (Award), given by West Bengal Government, is one of the most precious Awards that has been started in the year 2011 by Ms. Mamata Banerjee for showing the respect & honor from the State Government end.

Bangabibhushan Award winners in 2011 are Amala Shankar, Mahasweta Devi, Sandhya Mukhopadhyay, Supriya Devi, Manna Dey, Amjad Ali Khan, Dwijen Mukhopadhyay, Sailen Manna, and Haradhan Bandopadhyay. These are the famous personalities received the highest civilian award from West Bengal Government in the year 2011.
Bangabibhushan Award programme 2011
This year in 2012 West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will honored Pandit Ravishankar, Actress Smt Suchitra Sen, Hockey player Lesley Claudius, Sri Ridraprasad Sengupta, Sri Sirshendu Mukhopadhyay, Sri Sanjib Chattopadhyay, Sri Bibhas Chakraborty, Sri Jogen Chowdhury, Ustad Ali Ahmed Hossain Khan, Sri Ranjit Mallick, Smt Shaoli Mitra, Sri Gautam Ghosh, Pandit Ajay Chakraborty, & Sri Joy Goswami with ‘Bangabibhushan Title’ on 20th May 2012.

20th May is the date on which ‘Change’ has happened in 2011, yes on the day of 20th May 2011 a new Government formed under Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Thanks to Mamata Banerjee Government, who started honoring the works of people with ‘Bangabibhushan Award’ and this year ‘Bangabhushan Award’ will also be given to the talented young personalities like Ustad Rashid Khan, Sri Bikram Ghosh, & Sri Nachiketa Chakraborty.
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Mamata Banerjee Works at Barjora & Durgapur – IT Hub & IQ City Inauguration

Honorable Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee is continuously doing her good works for the West Bengal State development as she was committed to the people before the Election. On 13th April 2012 Paschimbanga Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has inaugurated few projects at Burdwan & Bankura district.

Trans Damodar Coal Project, Barjora Bankura
Paschimbanga Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has inaugurated the Trans Damodar Coal Project at Barjora of Bankura district of West Bengal. She is very keen to make Bankura district more financially sound and now she is doing what she was promised to the people of Bankura before Election. The Trans Damodar Coal Project under West Bengal Mineral Development & Trading Corporation at Barjora of Bankura will help bring more industrialists to Bengal. On 13th April 2012, Mamata Banerjee in the presence of Railway Minister Mukul Roy & Minister of West Bengal State Industry Partha Chatterjee has inaugurated it.

Purulia – Villupuram Express Train
On the same day, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee also inaugurated Purulia-Villupuram Express Train, which was she announced when she was Indian Railway Minister. This new South Eastern Express Train between Purulia & Villupuram will connect Southern & Eastern part of India.

Barjora IT Hub Bankura Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony
Honorable Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee laid the foundation stone of Barjora IT Hub in Bankura district and also inaugurates the Online Caste Certificate under e-District Pilot Project on 13th April 2012. Barjora IT Hub of Bankura will provide the create thousands of vacancies in IT offices in near future and that will help the people of Bankura and nearby.

Durgapur IQ City Inauguration
Paschimbanga Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, Union Minister of Railways Shri Mukul Roy, Minister of Commerce & Industries Shri Partha Chatterjee, Minister of Law & Judicial Affairs Shri Moloy Ghatak, MLA Shri Apurba Mukherjee, ADDA Chairman Shri Tapas Banerjee and MLA Shri Nikhil Banerjee attended the foundation stone laying ceremony of IQ City – Medical College & IQ City – School on 13th April 2012. Mamata Banerjee has laid the foundation stone of Durgapur IQ City Medical College & School at Durgapur IQ City of West Bengal.

Whatever Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is doing those are only for Maa-Mati-Manus & to promote West Bengal State at the top position amongst the other states of India.
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Durgapur Haat 2012 Details – Inaugurated by C.M. Mamata Banerjee

Honorable Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee inaugurated Durgapur Haat on 13th April 2012 in the presence of Indian Railway Minister Shri Mukul Roy, State Ministers like Shri Partha Chatterjee, Dr. Manas Ranjan Bhuian, Shri Malay Ghatak and Asansol Durgapur Parshad Chairman Shri Tapas Banerjee and others. The first ever exhibition at Durgapur Haat Palasdiha is going to be organized between 13th April & 29th April 2012. Let’s check out the details on Durgapur Haat which has been established at Palasdiha.

Durgapur Haat Palasdiha 2012 – Detail Information
Durgapur Haat, first ever Urban-Haat of Burdwan district, has been inaugurated by West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on 13th April 2012. Durgapur Haat has been established with an aim to promote craft creation, culture and tourism under one roof. Durgapur Haat will provide direct marketing facilities to artisans and weavers and should help poor craftsmen. There will be an amusement park, food court within the campus of Durgapur Haat for the relaxation of visitors. The Durgapur Haat will also have an open-air theatre, exhibition stalls, outdoor stalls, water body with fountain, underground reservoir, souvenir shops, car parking space, and other facilities for the artisans & art-lovers of Steel City Durgapur and nearby areas like Ranigunj, Asansol, Burdwan.

Durgapur Haat 2012 Venue & Location address: - Palasdiha, Opposite of City Centre, Durgapur, Burdwan, West Bengal.
The first ever exhibition-cum-sale event has been organized at Durgapur Haat between 13th April 2012 & 29th April 2012. Durgapur Haat is the exhibition-cum-sale of various products & works of Hostoshilpi. Hostoshilpo is one of those oldest Shilpos that requires more attention. Thus, Paschimbanga Government tries to promote the Hostoshilpo at Durgapur in Burdwan district through the Durgapur Haat, which is the  place where artisans can sale directly their Hostoshilpo products.
Search Tags: Durgapur Haat venue location details, Durgapur Haat Palasdiha starting ending dates schedule timings, Durgapur Haat Palasdiha features facilities details, Durgapur Haat Palasdiha exhibition entry timings ticket charge Durgapur Haat Palasdiha 2012.
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New Trains & Projects for Nadia & Krishnanagar - Promise by Mamata Banerjee in 2012

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has inaugurated few more local trains from Krishnanagar Station of Nadia district on 7th February 2012 (Tuesday). In this Inauguration program of Krishnanagar City Junction Trains of Eastern Railway of India, former Railway Minister and present Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee has announces development packages for Nadia district as well.
Mamata Banerjee announces new projects for Nadia District at Krishnanagar Train Inauguration Program on February 2012
Let’s check out what are the new Local Trains added in the Train Timetable of Krishnanagar; i.e., the names & routes of new trains from / of Krishnanagar Railway Station that were inaugurated in February 2012 –
1. Krishnanagar City Junction Station to Shantipur Trains after conversion of narrow to broad gauge.
2. Krishnanagar to Ranaghat Local Trains.
3. Krishnanagar to Shantipur Local EMU Trains (3 services).
4. Shantipur to Ranaghat Local Trains.
5. Krishnanagar – Bongaon – BBD Bag (Kolkata) Local circular train.
These newly included Local Trains at Krishnanagar Railway Station will help daily passengers to reach nearby locations and also will help to reach Krishnanagar, Mayapur, Nabadwip more conveniently from other locations of West Bengal.

Apart from inauguration of new local trains, Mamata Banerjee has also declares few more upcoming projects for Nadia district of Bengal for the cause of people. Some of the other future projects that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee mentioned on 7th February 2012 for Nadia district as follows:
1. Proposal to set up Municipality in Haringhata and Municipality in Tehatta.
2. Many new suggestions to ease the burden of workers working under National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NAREGA) and suggested a daily wages scheme which is monthly mode presently. Also plans to reduce the carrying of weight to 55 Kg.
3. 17-cold storages and Kisan Mandi in the area of Nadia district for the development of agricultural section.
4. Women’s Polytechnic College at Ranaghat & Krishnanagar to provide bright future to the people.
5. Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) at Nakashipara & Tehatta is going to be established.
6. Food processing units.
7. Bottling plants to be set up on the barren land once used for Animal Husbandry department in Kalyani and Nabadwip.
8. Work out programmes to improve tourism in Nabadwip, Mayapur and Palasi.
9. Improve the transportation system and also introduce new busses in the district.
10. Upgrading nearly 48-primary schools to higher secondary schools and 40-hiher secondary schools to senior secondary schools.
11. To formulate programmes and plans to develop the sculptor and other art forms in the Nadia district.
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Mother of Mamata Banerjee – Gayatri Devi Died at SSKM Hospital Kolkata

Today morning around 8:35am, Mother of Ms. Mamata Banerjee (Chief Minister of West Bengal) passes away at S.S.K.M. Hospital Kolkata. West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee's mother Mrs. Gayatri Devi, 81-year-old, was admitted to SSKM Hospital of Kolkata two weeks ago, but the health condition became critical on 16th December 2011. This is why Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s Mother Mrs. Gayatri Devi was on life support system since the past fortnight at SSKM Hospital.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee rushes yesterday late night from the Annual Prize Ceremony Program of CNN-IBN News Channel, where she received the Award for Best Politician of India in 2011. Mamata Banerjee went directly to SSKM Hospital from Dumdum Airport at yesterday night around midnight after returning from Delhi.

Details of Mamata Banerjee’s Mother Gayatri Devi death reason
Mamata Banerjee’s Mother Gayatri Devi admitted to SSKM Hospital Kolkata on 25th November 2011.
Mamata Banerjee’s Mother Gayatri Devi reason of death is age related diseases, as she was 81 years old.
• Dr. Rajendranath Pandey of SSKM Hospital was the Doctor-in-charge who took care of Gayatri Devi, mother of Mamata Banerjee.
Mamata Banerjee’s Mother Gayatri Devi died at 8:35am on 17th December 2011 (Saturday).

Around 11am in the morning, the dead body of Gayatri Devi (Mother of Mamata Banerjee) taken to the Kalighat residential house of Mamata Banerjee and around 11:45am taken to Keoratala Burning Ghat of Kolkata where the last rights has performed.

Salute to Gayatri Devi for giving India a ‘Didi’ like Mamata Banerjee who always worked for the people.
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AITY President Abhishek Banerjee – All India Trinamool Yuva Advisory Members

West Bengal’s Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has named Abhishek Banerjee as the new National President of All India Trinamool Yuva wing. Abhishek Banerjee is the nephew of Mamata Banerjee and is closely associated with TMC party since it formed. All India Trinamool Yuva wing’s main agenda is to involve the new generation especially youths into politics.
AITY President Abhishek Banerjee Photo

All India Trinamool Yuva (AITY) has formed an advisory committee and these are the political and non-political personalities are attached with All India Trinamool Yuva (AITY)Mamata Banerjee (founder of TMC party), Abhishek Banerjee (president), Farhan Akhtar, Leander Paes, Dinesh Trivedi, Partha Chattopadhyay, Amit Mitra, Sam Pitroda, D O’ Brian and others.

People aged between 21 and 40 of any state of India can become the member of All India Trinamool Yuva (AITY) and the membership fee of AITY is just Rs.12/-.
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