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AMRI Hospital Dhakuria Fire Case Reasons & Patient Names | Kolkata Helpline Number

AMRI Hospital Kolkata December 2011 Fire Accident Case reasons, compensations, steps taken against AMRI Hospital, List of all Died Patients dead names of AMRI Hospital Dhakuria, who are arrested in AMRI Hospital Fire Accident case.
More than 88 people were dead & many others injured in the massive fire broke happened at AMRI Hospital Dhakuria Kolkata. The fire broke out around 3:30am in the early morning on 9th December 2011 (Friday) at AMRI Hospital Dhakuria Kolkata. The fire first broke out at the basement of AMRI Hospital Dhakuria and then the massive smoke spread all other floors of AMRI Hospital Dhakuria. Patients mostly died because of the suffocation and not by the burning reason.

Approximately 160 patients were admitted in the AMRI Hospital Building where the fire broke-out case happened. Local people & AMRI Hospital Dhakuria staffs were able to rescue around fifty percent of the admitted patients from the building; but the local peoples were first refused / blocked at the Gate of AMRI Hospital Dhakuria at the early morning when fire started broking out by the security guards.

Compensation details announced for Injured & Dead Patients of AMRI Hospital Dhakuria Kolkata Fire Accident Case: -
The AMRI Hospital Authorities have pledged a compensation of Rs 5 lakh to the family of the dead patients and West Bengal State Government will provide Rs.3 lakh to the family of those who died at AMRI Hospital Dhakuria Kolkata and also offer one government service to any family member of those died patients. Indian Government (Prime Minister Manmohan Singh) declared to give compensation of Rs.2 Lakh to the family of died patients at AMRI Hospital Dhakuria Kolkata.

Steps taken against AMRI Hospital Dhakuria Kolkata after Fire Broke out accidental case: -
West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee cancelled all of her previously fixed programs and stayed whole day at AMRI Hospital Dhakuria and then SSKM Hospital Kolkata to take care of the process of rescue. Paschimbanga Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee declares that the negligence of AMRI Hospital Kolkata isn’t forgivable and ordered to seal AMRI Hospital Dhakuria Kolkata as soon as possible the rescue operation completed. The License of AMRI Hospital Dhakuria Kolkata also cancelled by the order of C.M. Mamata Banerjee. Apart from this, F.I.R. has been lodged against the Board of AMRI Hospital Kolkata in the section of 304 & 308 which is unbail-able criminal offence. At the evening on 9th December 2011, day of AMRI Hospital Dhakuria Kolkata, Kolkata Police arrested six people who are the members of AMRI Hospital Board & they are S.K. Todi, Rabi Todi, Prashanta Goenka, Manish Goenka, Radheshyam Goenka etc.

Reasons of 88 Killed Patients at AMRI Hospital Dhakuria Kolkata December 2011 Fire Broke-out Accident Case: -
The reason of AMRI Hospital Dhakuria Kolkata is nothing but the negligence of the AMRI Hospital Board. The fire broke out in the early morning from the basement of AMRI Hospital Building. The basement has the stock of inflammable articles, chemicals & medical wastages products that were fire-friendly. Since, the AMRI Hospital Dhakuria had the Centrally Air Conditioned facility; thus there was no parallel process to open window in case of any accident. The thick smoke started coming out from the Air Conditioner (AC Machine) and spread all cabins & other floors of AMRI Hospital at the early morning when all most all patients were in sleep. Within few hours, entire AMRI Hospital Dhakuria filled with the thick smoke (coming out from the basement fire) that contains Carbon Monoxide gas. Soon, when the electricity got disconnected then the patients of ventilation died and thus the number of dead patients of AMRI Hospital who were admitted in the ICU, ICCU, Intensive Therapy Unit, Critical Care Unit etc was more. As per the report, most of the patients died due to suffocation as poisonous smoke covered the sealed glass windowed cabins of AMRI Hospital.
List of All Dead Patient Names of AMRI Hospital Dhakuria Kolkata December 2011:
Total of 88 admitted patients were died due to the massive fire broke out case at AMRI Hospital Dhakuria. Here is the names of 22 Patients that are identified out of the 88 died patients of AMRI Hospital Dhakuria fire case:
Aparna Chatterjee, Dipali Das, Prabal Chandra Das, Nina Bose, Nila Dasgupta, Shyamacharan Pal, Nepal Chandra Gupta, Ajay Ghoshal, Ritu Kumari, Shiva Paswan, Moonmoon Chakrobarty, Mira Mukherjee, Sasadhar Mullik, Mr Mog, Rajkumar Bisdwas, Sandhya Biswas, Tushar Kanti Banerjee, Debobroto Mahato, Sushama Verma, Nalini Das, Hiramnoy Saha, Parama Chakraborty. You are requested to call the Helpline number of AMRI Hospital Dhakuria (9932215296) or at Lalbazar Control Room Helpline Number (033-2214-3230) for all the Injured & Dead Patient Names of AMRI Hospital Dhakuria, Kolkata.

The dead patients of AMRI Hospital Dhakuria were sent to S.S.K.M. Hospital Kolkata for the post-mortem and after identification & postmortem, the dead bodies has been handed over to their family members.
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Guwahati-Puri Train Accident – Emergency Help-Line Phone Numbers – July 2011

10th July 2011 will be the worst day of Indian Railway because of two back to back Train Accidents. The first one happened around 12:15pm (noon) near Malwa in UP of Howrah-Delhi Kalka Mail Train accident and the later on in the evening at 8:25pm Guwahati-Puri Express Train accident happened in Assam State.

Approximately 500+ passengers of Guwahati-Puri Express train were injured and around 20+ passengers died (the number could have been changed). The Guwahati-Puri Express Train was going to Puri from Guwahati, Assam and when the train reached Nalbari district of Assam then suddenly the Guwahati-Puri Express Train got derailed. Around 5 bogies got derailed due to Guwahati (Assam) – Puri (Orissa) Train accident.

Emergency Helpline phone numbers of Guwahati-Puri Express Train Accident Case:
- Rangia Assam Helpline phone numbers: 03621-240238, 03621-2731621, 2731622, 2731623.
- Howrah Station Helpline phone numbers: 033-26413660.
- Sealdah Kolkata Station Helpline phone numbers: 033-23503535.
- Asansol Durgapur Station Helpline phone numbers: 0341-2304614.

While finding the reason of Guwahati-Puri Train Accident it was informed that some terrorist activities happened because electrical wire found near to railway track and a blast happened for which the actual Accident caused to Guwahati-Puri Express Train on 10th July 2011.
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Howrah-Delhi Kalka Train Accident | Helpline Numbers | Location & Reason

Howrah-Kalka Mail Express Train derailed on 10th July 2011 and more than 50+ people were killed and as many as 200+ passengers injured when 13-15 bogies derailed of Delhi going Howrah-Kalka mail train.

Indian Railways decided to run two special releife trains for accident victims of Howrah-Kalka Mail Train accident and their family members to the accident location from Howrah (Kolkata) and from Delhi. A special train will run from Howrah (Kolkata) Station to Fatepur at 7:30pm and another special train will start from Delhi to Kanpur station. Indian Railway Government also announced Rs.1 lakh for all critically injured passengers of Howrah-Kalka mail train accident. Rs.5 Lakh will be given died victims and Rs.25000 will be given to minor injured passengers of Howrah-Delhi Kalka Mail Train that faced worst accident on 10th July 2011.

Howrah - Kalka Express Train Accident Spot Place Location: The accident of Howrah-Kalka mail happend 65KM away from Kanpur in UP near Malwa station in Uttar Pradesh.

Emergency enquiry help-line phone numbers for Howrah-Kalka Mail Train Accident July 2011: Delhi (23962389, 23967332), Allahabad (05322407352, 05322408128), Fathepur (05180222025, 05180222026), Kanpur (05122323015, 05122323016) and Khurja (05738253084).

-       Howrah Station Helpline phone numbers: 033-26413660.
-       Sealdah Kolkata Station Helpline phone numbers: 033-23503535.
-       Asansol Durgapur Station Helpline phone numbers: 0341-2304614.

Reason cause of Howrah-Kalka Train Accident July 2011: Howrah-Kalka train was travelling at a speed of 110 km/hr at the time of accident and some says the accident occur due to emergency break, but some denied and claims that emergency break won't cause 13-bogies to be derailed. Later on after investigation the correct reason of Howrah-Kalka Train accident will be analyzed.

The passengers of Kolkata-Delhi Lal Qila Express and Howrah-Delhi Janata Express should aware of the fact that the express trains (Howrah-Delhi Janata and Kolkata-Delhi Lal Quila) has been cancelled due to railway track congestion for the Howrah-Kalka Mail Express Train accident happend on 10th July 2011.
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Indian Exchange Place Kolkata Accident | Injuries of 13 Indian Exchange Building B.B.D. Bag Kolkata

On 3rd February 2011 at around 10am one of the oldest buildings of Kolkata named Indian Exchange Place located at B.B.D. Bag Kolkata crashed down suddenly. This oldest Building of 13, Indian Exchange Place Kolkata is a residential building and has few offices at the ground floor. As per the news, at around 10am morning; the roof top of BNK Securities Kolkata Office crashed down and fortunately not more than 15-20 peoples get injured; this injury number would have been doubled if this accident happens after few hours. The Injured victims of Indian Exchange Place Kolkata Accident are admitted to S.S.K.M. Medical College Hospital Kolkata.

Mr. Mitra is the owner of the 13 Indian Exchange Place Building Kolkata, where a re-construction was going on. As per the information provided by Councilor Santosh Pathak of Congress Party of that area; there was a plastering of walls going on and suddenly the roof of a portion breaks down and the whole portion filled with dusty smoke. Later on Disaster Management Members, Kolkata Municipality Members, Kolkata Fire Brigade Members, Kolkata Police came for rescue.

The question still remains unsolved unanswered that why Dangerous Old Building Apartments of Kolkata not had been re-constructed by the Kolkata Municipality and Government of Bengal to protect this type of Accidental Incidents in Kolkata Buildings.
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