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Jewelz, Kolkata Detail Review – Address & Phone Contact Number of Jewelz, Elliot Road

Are you looking for Jewelz, Kolkata? Do you want to know where is Jewelz in Kolkata? If you are looking for trendy & fashion accessories and costume jewelry in Kolkata at cheap price; then you should visit Jewelz at least once. Jewelz Shop, situated on Elliot Road in Kolkata, is a popular name in Women Fashion Accessories & Costume Jewelry in Kolkata. Jewelz of Kolkata does supply their jewelry & other fashion accessories to various popular retail giants like Pantaloons, Walmart, Big Bazaar, Spencer, Reliance Stores, Max Stores etc in Kolkata as well as in West Bengal. Apart from selling jewelry items at retail outlets; products of Jewelz, Kolkata are also available at online mega stores like Flipkart, HomeShop18 & Amazon. Let’s check out few details of Jewelz located at Elliot Road in Kolkata.

Features & Facilities of Jewelz, Kolkata: - Jewelz, Kolkata deals with Women fashion accessories & trendy costume jewelries like Silver jewelry, silver Earrings, metal stud earrings, silver Bracelets, necklaces, pendants, artifacts etc. Air Conditioned Jewelz Store of Kolkata does accept Credit & Debit card along with cash payment option.

Address / Location of Jewelz: - 52, Elliot Road, Kolkata-16.

Phone contact number of Jewelz, Kolkata: - 033-2265-0036 / 033-2229-1137 (Fax).

Jewelz Jewelry Shop of Kolkata sells their jewelry products online at Flipkart as well. Check reviews & feedback on Jewelz from buyers shopped online on Flipkart at www.flipkart.com/seller/jewelz/m6rzknarky2kgrwv. Jewelz, Kolkata has no other branch in Kolkata or in West Bengal. For further details of Jewelz, Kolkata, please email your query to jewelzritu@vsnl.net or visit www.jewelzindia.in.
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Anjali Jewellers Berhampore Showroom Details – Address & Phone Number

Anjali Jewellers, established in the year 1992, is continuously doing its job of customer satisfaction through their wide range of trendy & differently designed jewellery. On 18th January 2013, Anjali Jewellers has opened their Jewellery Showroom at Berhampore in Murshidabad district of West Bengal.

Anjali Jewellers Berhampore Showroom has the wide range of Gold Jewellery, Diamond Jewellery, Silver Jewellery, astrological gems & stones, costume jewellery for the people of Berhampore & nearby areas. The ornaments available at Anjali Jewellers Berhampore Showroom are very trendy,  unique in design, light in weight, and most importantly Hallmarked. Anjali Jewellers Berhampore Showroom has the collection of wedding jewellery, party ornaments, and casual jewellery as well.

Anjali Jewellers Berhampore Showroom also provides various Offers & Discounts on Jewellery & Jewellery Making like ‘Jewellery Plus Scheme’, ‘Jewellery Exchange Policy’, ‘Flat Discount of Jewellery making charge’ etc. Anjali Jewellers Berhampore Showroom does have the Jewellery Incentive Scheme for 12 / 18 / 24 months with a minimum monthly deposit of Rs.100 / Rs.250 / Rs.500 onwards.

If you want to know where is Anjali Jewellers Showroom in Berhampore then please remember the address of Anjali Jewellers Berhampore Showroom 314/A/G/1, Netaji Road, P.O.- Khagra, Murshidabad, Pin-742103, West Bengal and the phone contact number of Anjali Jewellers Berhampore Showroom 03482-258498 / 03482-258-598 / 98744-53800.

Anjali Jewellers Berhampore Showroom is the 10th Jewellery Showroom of Anjali Jewellers in West Bengal. Other Jewellery Showrooms of Anjali Jewellers are located at Golpark (Kolkata), Sovabazar (Kolkata), BE Block Salt Lake (Kolkata), HA Block Salt Lake (Kolkata), Behala (Kolkata), Howrah Panchanantala, Barasat (Kolkata), Bowbazar (Kolkata) and Siliguri Ashram Para.

To check latest collections of Anjali Jewellers and exclusive Offers & Discounts of Anjali Jewellers Berhampore Showroom online at www.anjali.bz/anjalijewellery/.
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Nnoni Jewellery Showroom Benachity Durgapur – Facilities & Contact Address Details

Are you looking for best Jewellery Showrooms nearby Benachity, City Centre area of Durgapur to buy contemporary Jewellery at cheap price? Then you should visit Nnoni Jewellery Showroom Benachity which is an Anjali Jewellers initiative.

Nnoni Jewellery Showroom Durgapur features & facilities: -
1. Nnoni showroom deals with contemporary jewelleries and sell Silver ornaments, Pearl jewelleries, Costume sets at cheap price.
2. Air conditioned showroom with credit/debit card payment facility.
3. Anjali Jewellers supported and manufactures only quality jewelleries.

Nnoni Durgapur Jewellery Showroom Address / Location: - Nachan Road, Opposite of Anuradha Cinema Hall, Benachity, Durgapur, Burdwan, West Bengal.

Nnoni Jewellery Showroom Durgapur Phone number: - 0343-2588024.

Please visit www.nnoni.in website of Nnoni Jewellery Showroom to check latest designed jewelries and the price of contemporary jewelleries of Nnoni and please write to customercare@nnoni.in if you have any suggestion, feedback or compliant about Nnoni Durgapur Showroom.
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Baisakhi Utsav Kolkata 2012 Benud Behari Dutt Jewellery Showroom 2012 Venue Timings & Details - Baisakhi Utsav

Baisakhi Utsav at Kolkata is going to be organized at Benud Behari Dutt Jewellery Showrooms between 14th April & 24th April 2012. Let’s check out the details on Baisakhi Utsav which is going to happen at Benud Behari Dutt Jewellery Showrooms in Kolkata.

Baisakhi Utsav Benud Behari Dutt Jewellery Showroom 2012 – Detail Information
Baisakhi Utsav Benud Behari Dutt Jewellery Showroom 2012 Date Schedule: - 14th April to 24th April 2012.

Baisakhi Utsav Benud Behari Dutt Kolkata Jewellery Showroom 2012 Venue & Location address:
  1. Benud Behari Dutt Bhawanipur Showroom – Near Netaji Bhawan Metro station (Phone number: 033-24550388).
  2. Benud Behari Dutt Behala Showroom – Tram Depot Market (Phone number: 033-23991927).
  3. Benud Behari Dutt Garia Showroom – Sitala Mandir (Phone number: 033-24357690).

Baisakhi Utsav Kolkata Organizer details: - Benud Behari Dutt Jewellery Showroom which is a renowned Jewellers, Diamond Merchants & Exporters in Kolkata.

Features Facilities & Availabilities of Baisakhi Utsav Benud Behari Dutt Jewellery Showroom 2012: - Benud Behari Dutt Jewelry Showroom Kolkata announces their exclusive Offers & Discounts on Jewellery readymade ornaments and making of jewelleries during Baisakhi Utsav. Customers will get 25% Off on Gold Jewellery Making Charge, 50% Off on Diamond Jewellery Making, 10% Discount on Gems Stone and 10% Discount on branded Diamonds.
Search Tags: Baisakhi Utsav venue location details, Baisakhi Utsav Benud Behari Dutt Kolkata Jewellery Showroom starting ending dates schedule timings, Baisakhi Utsav Benud Behari Dutt Kolkata Jewellery Showroom features facilities details, Baisakhi Utsav Benud Behari Dutt Kolkata Jewellery Showroom exhibition entry timings ticket charge Baisakhi Utsav Benud Behari Dutt Kolkata Jewellery Showroom 2012.
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IGJ Creation City Centre-II Rajarhat Kolkata Jewellery Showroom Address & Contact Details

IGJ Creation, is a brand synonymous with unquestioned authenticity, unparalleled quality and unflinching trust is going to inaugurate 5th Jewellery Showroom of IGJ Creation at New Town City Centre-2 (Rajarhat) of Kolkata on 19th February 2012 (Sunday).

IGJ Creation is the sort form of Indian Gem & Jewellery Creation and as the name suggest; it’s one of the famous Jewellery manufacturers & designers of India. Kolkata’s Jewellery lovers will get to see, buy the latest designed quality Jewellery from now on at Rajarhat New Town City Centre-2 where IGJ Creation is going to open their Jewellery Showroom.

IGJ Creation Jewellery Showroom City Centre-2 Address: - City Centre-II, Block-B, 2nd Floor, Shop No.201, New Town, Rajarhat, Kolkata-157.

Phone contact number of IGJ Creation Jewellery Showroom Kolkata New Town City Centre-2 (Rajarhat) are 033-25266241 / 8981290009.

You could visit www.igjcreation.com website to see latest designed Jewelries of Indian Gems & Jewellery Creation and price / cost various Jewelry Products of IGJ Creation online.
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Namkhana Shreeji Collections Jewellery Showroom | Matangini Fashion Jewelers Address & Phone number

Shreeji Collections has opened their franchisee showroom at Namkhana (South 24-Parganas) at Matangini Fashion Jewelers at Namkhana Market Complex in November 2011. People who are looking for Gold Plated Costumed fashionable Jewelries nearby Namkhana, Kakdwip can now buy cheap yet quality jewelries of Shreeji Collections Jewellery Showroom Namkhana.

Shreeji Collections Jewellery Showroom Namkhana, franchisee owner name Bisnupada Das, has the wide range of Jewelries like Pearl Sets, Bharatnatyam Dance Jewelry sets, Odishi Dance Jewelry Sets, Gold Plated Jewelries, Costume Jewelries and many others starting from Rs.50/- to Rs.5000/-. All Jewelries of Shreeji Collections Jewellery Showroom Namkhana has the 6-months of warranty that means Shreeji Collections Jewellery Showroom Namkhana believes in quality and no duplicity.
Address of Shreeji Collections Jewellery Showroom Namkhana: Matangini Fashion Jewelers, Namkhana Market Complex (Highroad), Namkhana Bazar, 24-Parganas (South), West Bengal.

Shreeji Collections Jewellery Showroom Namkhana Phone number: 9735635838.

For further details on Shreeji Collections Jewellery Showroom Namkhana and various Shreeji Jewelry prices please visit www.shreejicollections.com website.
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J.L. Basak Jewellery Shyambazar Kolkata | Astrologist Chamber & Jewellery Showroom

J.L. Basak Jewellery, Shyambazar Kolkata is one of the reliable and popular jewellery showrooms in North Kolkata near by Shyambazar, Cossipore, Paikpara region. J.L.Basak Jewellery Showroom Shyambazar is the house of pearls jewellery and has an astrological department within as well.

During the festive (durga puja) season and Poila Baisakh Sale (Chaitra Sale) season J.L.Basak Jewellery Showroom of Shyambazar Kolkata announces various exiting offers and discounts on Jewelry making, readymade jewelries and astrological gems. Up to 20% discount on Mukto Ornaments (Pearl Jewellery), up to 5% discount on Astrological Gems Stones – these are few offers that usually J.L.Basak Jewellery Showroom, Shyambazar Kolkata offers to the customers.

J.L. Basak Jewellery Showroom Kolkata Address Location: 32 Bhupen Bose Avenue, Near Shyambazar Metro Station, Kolkata-4.

Phone contact number of J.L. Basak Jewellery Showroom Kolkata: 033-25339532.

Famous Astrologist Shri Sankar Mitra and Jamini Jatak Professor Sri Subrata has their astrological chambers in J.L. Basak Jewellery Showroom Shyambazar Kolkata for astrological advise to the people at cheap consultation fee of only Rs.51/- along with various Gems and Stones.
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Sen Jewelers & Co. Hatibagan Kolkata | Jewellery Showroom Kolkata Address & Phone Number Details

Sen Jewelers Hatibagan Kolkata Location Address Phone Contact Number, Jewellery Making Charge Rate Costs Sen Jewelers Hatibagan Kolkata, Durga Puja Offers Discounts on Jewelry at Sen Jewelers Co Hatibagan Kolkata.
One of the famous and reliable Jewellery Showrooms of Kolkata is Sen Jewelers & Co, which is situated near to Hatibagan Crossing of Kolkata. Sen Jewelers, Hatibagan Kolkata is the name of trust and latest designed ornaments that include Gold Jewelry, Diamond Necklaces and contemporary jewelries as well.

Sen Jewelers & Co Hatibagan Kolkata Jewellery Showroom Address Location: - 132, Aurobinda Sarano, Near to Hatibagan Junction, Kolkata-6.
Phone contact number of Sen Jewelers & Co., Hatibagan Kolkata: 033-2555-8317 / 033-2555-9538.

Sen Jewelers and Co., Hatibagan Kolkata has a separate section within the Sen Jewelers Jewellery Showroom Kolkata for the experienced expertise Astrologers for the customers who are seeking accurate and original advises about future progress and Gems. Sen Jewelers, Hatibagan Kolkata also deals with astrological gems, chuni and panna in Kolkata.
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Rupayan Jewellers Kolkata Jewellery Showroom | D.H. Road South Kolkata

Near by region of Behala Thakurpukur beside Diamond Harbor Road (D.H. Road) of South Kolkata; Rupayan Jewellers is no doubt the reliable Jewellery Showroom for the people of South Kolkata located near by D.H. Road. Air Conditioned jewellery Showroom Rupayan Jewellers Kolkata has latest modern designed jewellery collection and various Jewellery Schemes at Rupayan Jewellers Showroom of Kolkata. Readymade Gold Jewellery, Diamond Jewellery and Jewellery making as per order all facilities along with Yearly Scheme, exchange facilities are available at Rupayan Jewellers Kolkata.

Kolkata Rupayan Jewellers Jewellery Showroom Address:
Rupayan Jewellers, 264 D.H. Road, Kolkata (Phone number – 033 2396 5498)
New Rupayan Jewellers, 309 D.H. Road, Kolkata (Phone number – 033 2396 6609)
The Rupayan Jewellers, 264 Diamond Harbor Road Kolkata (Phone number – 033 2398 8076)
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Rajlakshmi Gold Jewellery Showroom Gariahat Kolkata | Raj Lakshmi Gold Jewelry Showroom Kolkata

Rajlakshmi Gold, Gariahat Jewellery Showroom was launched on 8th February 2011; this is the second branch showroom of Raj Lakshmi Gold Jewellery Showroom in Kolkata after Bowbazar. Rajlakshmi Jewellers Gariahat Kolkata is an Air Conditioned Jewellery Showroom with Credit/debit Card acceptance and special schemes Offers for the customer all round every year.

Offers Discounts Schemes of Raj Lakshmi Gold Jewellery Showroom Gariahat Kolkata:
1. Gold Jewellery Making Charge discount up to 25% available at Rajlakshmi Gold Showroom Kolkata.
2. Astrological Gems, Stones and Silver Jewellery Making Charge discount up to 10% - 20% provided by Rajlakshmi Gold Jewellers Kolkata.
3. Diamond Jewellery Making Charge cost discount offer up to 30% available at Raj Lakshmi Gold Jewellery Showroom Gariahat Kolkata.
4. Raj Lakshmi Gold Jewellery Showroom Kolkata provides exiting Swarna Kalash Scheme for 12months saving and get 13th month benefit on Jewellery purchase.

Rajlakshmi Gold Jewellery Showroom Gariahat Kolkata Address: 181 Rash Behari Avenue, Opposite Aleya Cinema Hall, Gariahat, Kolkata-19
Phone number of Rajlakshmi Gold Jewellery Showroom Gariahat Kolkata: 033 2460 7255 / 9903337166

Note: Raj Lakshmi Gold Jewellery Showroom has one more branch Jewellery Showroom at Bowbazar area of Kolkata (033 22364612).
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B.C. Sen Jewellers Kolkata & Salt Lake Jewellery Showroom | Facility, Address & Phone Number

One of the best Jewellery Showrooms in Kolkata is B.C. Sen Jewellers that has four branches B.C. Sen Jewellery Showrooms in Kolkata. The reputed air conditioned with all facilities like Credit card acceptance, Car Parking etc Jewelry showroom B.C. Sen Jewellers Kolkata deals with Gold Ornaments and Diamond Jewelries in Kolkata of Everlites brand and others. B.C. Sen Jewellers Kolkata is known for the collection of Kundan Jewellery Sets, and Gold-Diamond Jewelries latest collection at low price range.

One more B.C. Sen Jewellers Jewelry Showroom launched (inaugurated) at City Centre-2 Rajarthat Kolkata on 6th February 2011 where actress Swastika Mukherjee was present with the B.C. Jewellers Jewelry collections.

B.C. Sen Jewellers Salt Lake Kolkata Showrooms address Phone contact numbers:
B.C. Sen Jewellers Kolkata Jewellery Showrooms are at Lee Road (033 2290 1125) and at Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road (033 2265 4098).

B.C. Sen Jewellers Salt Lake Jewellery Showrooms are at City Centre Salt Lake (033 2358 0793) and at City Centre-2 Block-B 2nd Floor, New Town, Rajarhat (033 2526 6161).
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M.P. Jewellers Garia Kolkata Jewellery Showroom | Facility & Contact Address Phone Number

On and from 6th February 2011 (inauguration date of M.P. Jewellers Garia Showroom) people near by Garia, Narendrapur, Baghajatin of South Kolkata will have the opportunity to buy Jewelries at cheap price from M.P. Jewellers Jewellery Showroom. The M.P. Jewellers Garia Showroom of Kolkata is situated near to Garia More (Garia Crossing) and deals with latest designed fashionable modern cheap priced original hallmarked Gold Ornaments, Diamond Jewelries in Garia area of South Kolkata.

M.P. Jewellers Garia Jewellery Showroom Kolkata often announces Discounts and Offers like 20% Discounts on Gold Jewellery Making Charge on M.P. Jewellers Garia or 5% off Discount on Astrological Gems and Diamond-Platinum Jewellery at Garia M.P. Jewellers Shworoom in Kolkata. The best Jewellery Showroom near Garia; M.P. Jewellers accepts all major Credit/Debit Cards and has the Car Parking facility along with various Gold Savings Schemes at Garia Showroom.

M.P. Jewellers Garia Showroom Kolkata Address:
29, Raja S.C. Mullick Road, Near Garia More, Kolkata-84
Phone number of Garia M.P. Jewellers Showroom Kolkata: 033 2430 2107 / 033 2430 7695

For further details on M.P. Jewellers Kolkata Showrooms and to know latest Offers and Discounts on Gold Diamond Jewellery in Kolkata’s M.P. Jewellers Garia Showroom please visit www.mpjewellers.com.
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