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FSSAI – Food Safety & Standards Authority of India Guidelines & Contact Phone Number Details

Most of the disease arises from foods that we used to eat in our daily life and this is why we should be more careful while preparing our foods. These days, Shopping Malls, Food Stores etc sells various pre-pack food products at cheap price rate to help us to make various delicious dishes at home without wasting much effort. Pre-packed Food products of Food Stores & Malls should be bought after checking few things because so many fake companies are taking advantage of our fast life and many Malls sells expired pre-packed food items by taking the opportunity of our negligence to check expiry date and most importantly dealers sometime even sell less amount of product that mentioned in pre-packed item.

The Food Safety & Standards (FSSAI) of India has taken the step to stop selling non-healthy food products in Pre-pack containers. Now, it’s our responsibility to check details about the food item before purchasing it from any food store because of our good health. As per The Food Safety & Standards (Packaging & Labeling) Regulation 2011 by FSSAI; al food manufactures must mention these information on their pre-pack food item – Name of the Food inside, Manufacturer name & full address, Neat content / Neat Weight, Lot / Code / Batch No., Ingredient list, Nutrition details, Manufacturing & Expiry date, INS number – Food Adivit details, Logo for Veg / Non-Veg food item (Green logo for Veg foods). While purchasing any pre-packed food item, if you find anyone information missing on the container then you should not purchase that & should report to store manager & to Food Safety Organization of India by calling toll-free helpline phone number of Food Safety & Standards Authority of India 1800-11-2100.

You may also register your compliant regarding food quality & dispute online by visiting Food Safety & Standards Authority of India website www.fssai.gov.in or may send your application to Food Safety & Standards Authority of India Office Address at FDA Bhawan, Kotla road, New Delhi, Pin-110002, India. So, buy healthy foods & be safe.
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DBT Award of Biotechnology National Associateship 2012 North-Eastern India – Online Application Process

Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India, invites applications from the eligible Scientists / Researchers for the Award of Biotechnology National Associateship to Scientists working in North-Eastern States of India under Special Programme for the Northeast: 2012-2012.

Applications are invited from Indian Nationals working in any of the North-Eastern States of India for the Award of Biotechnology National Associateship (2012-2013) under the Special programme for the Northeast for conducting research or training in National Institutions / Research Laboratories in different areas of Biotechnology such as (i) Agriculture, food & feed biotechnology, (ii) Animal Biotechnology, (iii) Aquaculture & Marine biotechnology, (iv) food & nutrition, (v) environmental biotechnology & Bioresource, (vi) Industrial Biotechnology: materials biotechnology, reaction & process design, (vii) Medical Biotechnology, (viii) Nano-Biotechnology & Bioengineering, (ix) Bioinformatics & IT enables biotechnology, (x) Intellectual property & parent law.

Award of Biotechnology National Associateship to Scientists working in North-Eastern States of India under Special Programme for the Northeast:2012-2012
Eligibility Criteria Requirements for Award of Biotechnology National Associateship to Scientists working in North-Eastern States of India under Special Programme for the Northeast: 2012-2012:
Applicants processing a Ph.D in the area of Biosciences & Biotechnology OR a MD Degree with a good record of research contribution in the field of research are eligible to apply. Candidates with Mv.Sc., M.Tech, M.Pharm with minimum of 2-years experience are also eligible to apply. They should hold regular/permanent positions in Government recognized research and academic institutions / Universities located in any of the North Eastern States (Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura) working continuously for the last 2-years and should be actively engaged in Biotechnology or related Research & Development work. Applications from persons working on Temporary positions (e.g. Research fellows or Associated etc) will not be considered. Preference will be given to candidates who are permanent residents of any of the northeastern states.

How to apply / Application Process for Award of Biotechnology National Associateship to Scientists working in North-Eastern States of India under Special Programme for the Northeast: 2012-2012:
Candidates should submit their Application through proper channel (only one hard copy) as per the format which is available on www.dbtindia.gov.in and www.btisnet.gov.in/nenas.htm should reach to ‘Dr. B.L. Jailkhani, Senior Consultant, North Eastern Region-Biotechnology Program Management Cell (NER-BPMC), A-254 Bhisham Pitamah Marg, Defence Colony, New Delhi-110024' by 15th February 2012. A softcopy of the application has also to be sent through email at nerbpmc@dbt.nic.in (to Dr. B.L. Jailkhani).

Candidates may contact Dr. T. Madhan Mohan (madhan@dbt.nic.in), who is the Adviser of Department of Biotechnology (DBT), for any clarification regarding the Award of Biotechnology National Associateship to Scientists working in North-Eastern States of India under Special Programme for the Northeast: 2012-2012.
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Online Passport Application System | Form Download & Procedure | Apply for Passport Online

No need to wait in long queue anymore for collecting & submitting the Passport Application Form. Yes, Indian Government has started the Online Application Process for Passport Issuing from 23rd November 2011. In this new Online Passport Application System, Indian Citizens can download e-Forms of Passport Application and can submit online. Along with Online Passport Application System, Indian Government has also started Toll Free Passport Helpline Number (Call Centre number – 1800-258-1800) to help the Passport Applicants with various information about Online Passport Application System and already applied Passport Application Status.

Passport Online Application Process
Indian Government has started the new facility to the Indian Citizens to apply for Passport Online from now onwards. Those who want to apply for Passport Online should follow these below mentioned steps for online Passport Application
1. First browse (open) the www.passportindia.gov.in website which is the Official Website of Indian Government for Online Passport Application Process. Don’t apply from any other websites which can be fake.
2. If you are new user then you need to create your own Account at www.passportindia.gov.in website. So, create an User ID and Password.
3. Now, you are eligible to apply for Passport Online. Fill up the Online Passport Application Form and Submit. You may also Download Passport Application e-From Online and after filling up the downloaded form you can upload the filled e-Form for Passport Application Online.
4. Enter the Timings & Date Schedule for Interview as per your & Passport Office availability. Note down the Application Reference Number (ARN) which will be given while you submit the Application Form of Passport online only. This ARN (Application Reference Number) requires during interview schedule.
5. Carry all original documents and Xerox copies of documents (requires) along with Photographs to the mentioned Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) on the schedule date & time with ARN number.
6. The applicants can call 1800-258-1800 (Toll Free Passport Helpline Number – lines are available between 8am to 10pm except public holidays) to know the Status of Online Passport Application and you may also check the status of your Passport Application Online at www.passportindia.gov.in website as well.

Important Information about Online Application for Passport
On & from 23rd November 2011, the facility of online application for Passport has been available and thus few important things (information) should be known to all applicants who apply for passport online and those not applying online for passport service.
1. Only the pre-scheduled applicants will be allowed for interview during Passport Issue Process. Only for emergency cases RPO (Regional Passport Office) may allow applicants who are not listed in the published appointment chart for interview schedule.
2. The Passport Helpline Phone number (1800-258-1800) has no information about your (who applied offline / old process) Passport Application Status. Those who applied for Passport through the older processes are not eligible to know Passport Application Status from Helpline number (Passport Call Centre Number).
3. The Passport Application (Registration) Fee will not change. It will remain unchanged.
4. As per the Online Passport Application System, applications can be submitted at Passport Seva Kendra of Kolkata but as per the rule of Offline (other than Online) passport application system, applications can only be submitted at Regional Passport Office.

Here are the details of Passport Seva Kendra (Passport Seva Centers) of Kolkata (West Bengal) and the details of Regional Passport Office Kolkata (RPO) to help applicants of Kolkata & Bengal to get new Passport Online.
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Passport Seva Kendra Kolkata & Regional Passport Office – Address Timings Details

Whether you apply for Passport Online or Offline (in manual process) you need to contact Passport Office during Passport Issue procedure verification. Here are the details of Regional Passport Office (RPO) of Kolkata and also Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) Kolkata along with address, time schedule and online information.

Regional Passport Office Kolkata Details
The Regional Passport Office Kolkata is responsible to carry out all Passport related works of Kolkata, West Bengal, Tripura & Sikkim. So, applicants from these area should contact the below mentioned Regional Passport Office of Kolkata.
Regional Passport Office Kolkata (RPO) Address: 4 Brabourne Road, Kolkata-1.

Regional Passport Office Kolkata timings – The Kolkata Regional Passport Office remains open between 9am to 2pm from Monday to Friday.

Passport applicants can also get information about Regional Passport Office of Kolkata online at www.passport.gov.in/kolkata.html website.

Passport Seva Kendra Kolkata Details
Online Passport Applicants should contact the Passport Seva Kendra of Kolkata for interview as per the published appointment chart. Those who apply for Passport Online will get an appointment schedule and as per that they need to contact the below mentioned Passport Seva Kendra Kolkata Office that is responsible for Kolkata, West Bengal, Tripura & Sikkim.
Passport Seva Kendra Kolkata (PSK) Address: Akash Tower, Ground Floor, 781, Anandapur, Kasba, Ruby Crossing, Kolkata-107.

Passport Seva Kendra Kolkata Timings – Applicants are requested to come between 9am to 4pm (lunch time break – 1:30pm to 2pm) between Monday to Friday as per the Pre-appointment schedule which is going to be published from 2nd December 2011 for Online Passport Application System.

Online Passport Applicants can check details on Kolkata Passport Seva Kendra Online at www.passportindia.gov.in website.

Don’t have Passport? Get your Passport now; it’s become easy to apply for Passport nowadays. Check how to apply Online for Passport and the detail process of Online Passport Application System.
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PMRDFS: Prime Minister’s Rural Development Fellows Scheme Eligibility Application Process Details

Ministry of Rural Development (Government of India) has introduced PMRDF Scheme in India and details about Prime Minister’s Rural Development Fellows (PMRDF) Scheme has been discussed below and highlighted the important queries on Prime Minister’s Rural Development Fellows (PMRDF) Scheme like What is, What are the jobs (responsibilities), Eligibility Criteria and application process of Prime Minister’s Rural Development Fellows (PMRDF) Scheme.

What is Prime Minister’s Rural Development Fellows (PMRDF) Scheme?
The Prime Minister’s Rural Development Fellows (PMRDF) Scheme is being specifically introduced (launched) to reach the talented young professionals of India willing to be a part of larger change. Prime Minister’s Rural Development Fellows (PMRDF) Scheme is an opportunity to become the foot soldiers of development where it is needed most. So, go ahead and apply for the change for a change.

What to do with Prime Minister’s Rural Development Fellows (PMRDF) Scheme – Responsibilities & Jobs to do:
After the selection process of Prime Minister’s Rural Development Fellows (PMRDF) Scheme, the selected professionals (candidates) will work in districts where the Central Government is implementing an Integrated Action Plan to deal with left wing extremism. These shortlisted professionals will support the district administration in providing socio-economic situation analysis, identifying critical gaps in development programmes, providing inputs in preparation of district plans & outcome budgets and creating a network of voluntary cooperation in the district.

Who can apply for Prime Minister’s Rural Development Fellows (PMRDF) Scheme?
Let’s check the minimum qualification requirement / eligibility criteria for applicants to apply for Prime Minister’s Rural Development Fellows (PMRDF) Scheme now. Candidates should be between 25 years and 30 years old to qualify for Age limitation criteria and must be Post Graduate (PG) in Social Science / Science / Management or a Graduate in Law / Engineering / Medicine. Candidate should know regional language and Hindi and work experienced candidates will get preference. Remember, all the selected Prime Minister’s Rural Development Fellows (PMRDF) Scheme candidates will undergo a comprehensive training programme.

Pay Package / Facility of Prime Minister’s Rural Development Fellows (PMRDF) Scheme: -
If you are thinking what you will be given or what you will get if you qualify Prime Minister’s Rural Development Fellows (PMRDF) Scheme; let’s check the honorarium details of Prime Minister’s Rural Development Fellows (PMRDF) Scheme. The chosen candidates will receive an attractive all-inclusive package. In addition a performance linked bonus up to 10% of the honorarium may be payable at the end of every financial year.

How to apply for Prime Minister’s Rural Development Fellows (PMRDF) Scheme?
Here is the detail application process of Prime Minister’s Rural Development Fellows (PMRDF) Scheme; Male & Female both candidates are requested to submit online application at http://rural.nic.in/pmrdfs by 4th December 2011 (the last date of receiving online application).

For further details on Prime Minister’s Rural Development Fellows (PMRDF) Scheme please write to pmrdfs@nic.in (call 022-40110457) and visit http://rural.nic.in/iapdistricts to check the full list of India’s districts where the Government’s Integrated Action Plan is being implemented.
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Census Report 2011 WB & India | Male Female Sex Ratio | Population & Literacy of Bengal

WB 2011 Census Report, Population of West Bengal in 2011, Total Male Guys Boys in Bengal Census Population report 2011, Total Female Woman Girls in Bengal 2011 Population Census Report, Literature Literacy Percentage of Bengal 2011 Census Report Population Chart Growth Details WB 2011 Census Janaganana, Male Female Children total numbers percentage in WB 2011 Population Count Report Census Bengal.
The West Bengal Census Report 2011 has been declared officially and the result of 2011 Census in Bengal (Janaganana) is showing few essential things to remember in the coming years. The latest Census Report of West Bengal in 2011 as follows: -

Total number of citizens in Bengal as per 2011 WB Census Report is 9134736 (9 Crore 13 Lakh 47 Thousands 36 peoples) that includes 46927389 (Total number of Male in 2011 WB Census Report - 4 Crore 69 Lakh 27 Thousands 389) and 44420347 (Total number of Female in WB Census Report 2011 - 4 Crore 44 Lakh 20 Thousands 347). It means the population growth is still increasing day by day in West Bengal.

• As per the WB 2011 Population Statistics Chart of Census Report in 2001 and of 2011; it’s came to know that the population of India in 2011 has increased by 17.68% than that of 2001 report. In case of West Bengal Population in 2011 increased 13.93% than that of in 2001 Census report.

• The Census Report 2011 of Bengal shows that there is 947 Females per 1000 Males in Bengal, which is slightly higher number than India’s Female rate that is 940 females per 1000 males. The percentage of Female population in Bengal 2011 is increased 14.75% (than of 2001) and the Male percentage in Bengal 2011 is increased 13.17% (than of 2001).

• It is shocking for India that after so many awareness programs; the percentage of female children hasn’t increased by much. In 2011 Census Report of India shows that there is 914 female child per 1000 male child. But, in West Bengal Population Census Report 2011 shows that the people of Bengal is slightly better to prevent the abortion of female birth and there is 949 female child per 1000 male child in Bengal.

• If we evaluate the Literacy Percentage of India in 2011 then the number is 74.04% and the Literacy Percentage of Bengal in 2011 Census Report is 77.08%. In case of Bengal; 82.67% males are literate and 71.16% females are literate as per the Report of Census in 2011. But the literacy percentage of India requires thinking because only 82.14% males in India and 65.46% females in India are literate.
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Railway Budget 2011 | New Trains Facility Railway Budget Mamata Announcement 2011 2012 | Bengal Effects

Railway Budget 2011 New Trains Facility Railway Budget Mamata Announcement 2011 2012 Bengal Effects, Indian RAILWAY BUGDET 2011 2012, Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee Rail Budget 2011-2012 Railway Budget Facilities Changes New Latest Updates 2011 Railway Budget Mamata Announcements Bengal benefits New Trains Rails Facility Offers Train Ticket Price Charges Booking Online Facility Rail Bengal Benefits 2011 Railway Budget Mamata Banerjee India Railway Minister Overview Highlights 2011 2012 railway Budget India.
Railway Budget 2011-2012 India (Priced Rs.25/-) shared by: Pranab Bhattacharyya - If you want to share any type of information to the world, then Post now.

Railway Budget 2011 really spared Rail commuters and freight users from rate hikes, Ms Mamata Banerjee’s 2011-2012 Railway Budget, which comes just a couple of months before Assembly Elections in West Bengal.

Indian Railway Budget 2011-2012 – Highlights Overview – Mamata Banerjee Live
1. No fare hike for passengers – declares Mamata Banerjee in Railway Budget 2011.
2. Karmabhoomi special trains for those travelling on work – declares Mamata Banerjee in Railway Budget 2011.
3. Matribhoomi special trains for women – declares Mamata Banerjee in Railway Budget 2011.
4. Bharatpeeth train in the name of Rabindranath Tagore will travel to 16 destinations across India – declares Mamata Banerjee in Railway Budget 2011.
5. Railways to set up Rabindra Museum in Howrah and Geetanjali Museum in Bolpur - both in West Bengal – to commemorate Rabindranath Tagore’s 150th birth anniversary.
6. Railways to develop ten automobile hubs.
7. Railway Recruitment exam in regional languages also.
8. Allocation for construction of new lines increased from Rs 2848 crore to Rs 4411 crore.
9. Extension of Kolkata Metro on priority.
10. Survey will be conducted to connect Sealdah and Howrah stations in West Bengal
11. Insurance for railway employees.
12. Revenue from non-core business of Railways to go up from Rs 150 crore to Rs 1,000 crore.
13. Despite slowdown, Railways to exceed freight loading target by eight million tonnes during 2009-10.
14. Freight loading target for 2010-11 fixed at 944 million tonnes, 54 million tonnes more than the current year’s revised target.
15. Gross traffic receipt for 2010-11 pegged at Rs 94,765 crore.
16. Chittaranjan Locomotive Works capacity to be augmented from 200 to 275 engines a year.
17. Railways spending seen at Rs 87100 crore in 2011.
18 Achieve 1000 km electrification in 2011
19 54 new trains this year (Read: List of trains)
20 High-speed dedicated passenger corridors to be constructed
21 National High Speed Rail Authority to be set up
22 Free travel in AC three-tier and sleeper class for cancer patients going for treatment
23. Centre for Railway Research to be set up at IIT-Kharagpur of Medinipur district in Bengal.
24 Total gross earnings at Rs 88281 crore
25 Railways to have master plan for North Eastern region
26 Funding for all metro projects raised by 55%
27 To start rail link to Bangladesh
28 No forcible acquisition of land for freight corridor project
29 To sign agreement with Japanese company for Western Freight Corridor
30 Freight on food grain, kerosene cut by Rs 100 per wagon
31 Railways have earned net profit of Rs 1,328 crore
32 Integral Coach Factory in Chennai to be modernised and a new unit to be set up there.
33. To set up more freight corridors.
34 Up gradation of 94 stations, modern toilets at Railway stations
35. Special women RPF battalions.
36 Women’s wing to be formed in RPF to ensure security of women
37 If land is available, Railways willing to set up a Diesel Multiple Unit factory in West Bengal
38 Mobile e-ticketing centres at hospitals, universities, courts, IITs, IIMs
39 Private operators can run special freight trains
40 Dividend to state exchequer Rs 6608 crore in 2011
41 Wagon Repair Shop to be set up in Badnera near Amravati in Maharashtra
42 Railways to start work on Rae Bareilly coach factory in the next one year
43 101 new suburban trains in Mumbai
44 Service Charge on AC class cut to Rs 20 as against Rs 40 earlier
45 Service charge on sleeper class reduced to Rs 10
46 Railways to set up multi-functional hospitals
47 Houses for all Railways employees in the next 10 years
48 Not to increase freight tariff
49 More jobs for sportsman in railways
50 Railways will be the lead partner in the Commonwealth Games in Delhi
51 Special trains for Commonwealth Games
52 Vision 2020 model to formulate strategy for next 10 years
53 Out of 120 new trains, 117 to be launched by March 31
54 For cheap drinking water, plan to start 6 bottling plants
55 Allocated Rs 1,300 crore for passenger amenities
56 Plan to raise Rs 10,000-20,000 crore in the next one year
57 To earn revenues, Railways need to set up a business model
58 Larger section of population to get connectivity over next 5 years
59 Targeting 1000 km new tracks every year
60 All 13,000 unmanned level crossings to be manned in the next five years
61. Policies to be made easy, investor-friendly.
62. Special Task Force to clear proposals for investments in 100 days.
63. Focus on medium term goals, planning and funds.
64. Commitments fulfilled to the maximum. Out of 120 trains announced in last budget, only three remain to be flagged off because of lack of broad-gauge lines.
65. Our objective is to unite the country through rail connectivity.
66. Social responsibility priority in my railway budget.
67. Time to build partnership with private players.

So is this true – in 2011 Railway Budget Mamata Banerjee gives more sops to Bengal – What do you think? Singur and Nandigram, sites of obvious political significance, have been given a metro coach factory and a railway industrial park, respectively. As many as 21 of the new express trains begin and end in Bengal and the state is to get a couple of new lines too. Kolkata has been promised a suburban rail network along the lines of the one in Mumbai with a Kolkata Rail Vikas Corporation (KRVC) to be set up for the purpose. Other metros will also, Mamata promised, have similar networks in the future. The KRVC is in addition to a major thrust for Kolkata Metro. Among the new trains were nine new Duranto expresses, three new Shatabdis, four Vivek Express trains to commemorate Swami Vivekananda, four Kavi Guru trains to mark the 150th birth anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore and 10 Rajya Rani expresses to connect state capitals to important cities in the same states…
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Union Budget 2011 | Highlights Overview General Budget 2011 India | Pranab Mukherjee

Union Budget 2011 Highlights Overview General Budget 2011 India Pranab Mukherjee, India Union Budget 2011 Tax Union Budget 2011 Pranab Mukherjee Finance Minister Online Video live India Union budget 2011 Highlights Details Overview Effects Changes New Updates Latest 2011 Union Budget Pranab Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee presents Union Budget 2011
Indian Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee presented India’s Union Budget 2011 in Parliament and the details of Union Budget 2011-2012 of India as follows.

Budget estimates for 2011-12 projects Rs 9,32,440 crore - an increase of 24 per cent. Expenditure in 2011-12 is estimated at Rs 12,57,729 crore, an increase of 13.4%. Revenue deficit fixed at 2.3% in revised estimates of 2010-11 and 1.8% in 2011-12.

The finance minister opened Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee’s speech with reference to inflation saying that food inflation came down from 20.2% last year to 9.3% in January 2011 but it was still a matter of concern. "Government's principle concern is high food prices... food prices were high for cereals, there was a spurt in prices of onions and milk," he said. (Inflation remains principal concern, to fall next year).

In what may be a big relief for farmers, the FINANCE MINISTER OF INDIA (PRANAB MUKHERJEE) said credit flows to farmers will be raised from Rs 3.75 lakh crore to Rs 4.75 lakh crores and the allocation under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana will be raised from Rs 6755 crore in the current year to Rs 7860 crore. (Farm loans at 4%; credit target raised to Rs 4,75,000cr). An additional Rs 300 cr will be provided to promote pulses cultivation in rain-fed areas and another Rs 300 cr to promote farm product cultivation. In joy for anganwadi workers, their remuneration is being raised from Rs 1500 to Rs 3,000 per month. Anganwadi helpers will get Rs 1,500 from Rs 750, Pranab said. (Social spending to be raised by 17%). Old age pension to persons of over the age of 80 will be raised from Rs 200 to Rs 500.

The finance minister has allotted Rs 1.64 lakh crore for defence saying that more will be given if required. Rs 9-lakh compensation will be given to men of defence and central paramilitary forces for permanent disability and on being discharged from service.

No change in tax slabs has been proposed. The tax exemption limit for general category has been raised from Rs 1,60,000 to Rs 1,80,000. For senior citizens, exemption age limit has been reduced from 65 to 60. Their tax exemption limit will be Rs 2,50,000. Apart from this, a new exemption bracket has been created for those above 80 years of age. Their tax exemption limit will be Rs 5,00,000. The FINANCE MINISTER OF INDIA (PRANAB MUKHERJEE) announced that Direct Tax Code will be implemented from April 2012 and the Goods and Services Tax Bill is to be introduced in Parliament this year. (Direct Taxes Code to be implemented from April 1, 2012)

There is a proposal to introduce self-assessment of customs duty wherein importers and exporters will themselves assess payment of duty. There will be change in excise duty. The standard rate of central exercise duty will be maintained at 10%. 1% central excise duties on 130 items are entering the tax net. Basic food and fuel and precious stones, gold and silver jewellery will be exempted and there will be no change in CENVAT rates. A new scheme is to be introduced for refund of service tax on the lines of drawback of duties, he announced. Also, capital investment in fertiliser production will be considered as infrastructure sub-sector, Pranab said. Tax-free bonds of Rs 30,000 cr will be issued for infrastructure development, which will cover Warehousing Corporation, NHAI, IRFC and HUDCO.

A Rs. 50cr grant is being allocated to Aligarh Muslim University centres in Murshidabad in West Bengal and Malappuram in Kerala. Also, the government has decided to allot Rs 100cr to IIT Kharagpur in Bengal.

Predicting growth patterns over the next fiscal, Pranab said the overall economic growth in the current fiscal was expected at 8.6 %, agriculture growth at 5.4 %, industry at 8.1 % and services 9.3 %. In the next fiscal, economic growth was likely to be 9%, he said. (Economy grew 8.2% in last 2010 quarter). Pranab said India raised foreign institutional investor limit in 5-year corporate bonds for investment in infrastructure by $20 billion. The government, he said, aims to provide Rs 201.5 billion capital infusion in state-run banks in 2011-12 and Rs 3 billion for 60,000 hectares under palm oil plantation

"I see Budget 2011-12 as transition towards more transparent and result-oriented economic management," he said adding that stronger fiscal coordination was needed. Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee said that corruption continued to be deterrent in the country's development and had to be fought extensively. Pranab Mukherjee said the government plans to create a Women Self Help Group development fund with a corpus of Rs 500 crore. There is also a proposal to increase rural housing fund to Rs 3,000 crore. (Low-cost housing loans of Rs 15 lakh to get 1% interest sop). Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee also announced benefits for Below Poverty Line families by allowing direct transfer of subsidies in kerosene and LPG for such individuals. NABARD capital base is to be strengthened, Rs 10,000 cr to be provided to it as short-term credit fund. Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee announced the formation of Indian micro finance equity with SIDBI at Rs 100 crore. Another Rs 6,000 cr will be given to public sector banks to maintain capital-to-risk assets ratio norms, Pranab said.

Union Budget 2011-2012 India (Priced Rs.25/-) shared by: Pranab Bhattacharyya - If you want to share any type of information to the world, then Post now
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Overseas Workers Resource Centre | Authorized Overseas Worker Validation Enquiry Phone Number

Do you want to know How to Check Visa Status in India? Are you confused with an agent and want to know whether that agent is genuine or fraud? Check Agent Details, Visa Status from your home. Those who used to travel out side India, often gets cheated by unauthorized agents of various sectors. Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs has introduced Overseas Workers Resource Centre Helpline to provide correct information to all of us to know who is genuine and which agent isn’t.

Overseas Workers Resource Centre Activities:
Overseas Workers Resource Centre offers information on the following important enquiries of agents.
- Agent is Protector General of Emigrants (PGE) Registered and Valid Certificate Holder or not.
- Whether your Visa is a ‘Work Visa’ or a ‘Visit Visa’, you can check it through Overseas Workers Resource Centre.
- Any other queries on Visa and Emigration Clearance information.

Overseas Workers Resource Centre Toll Free Help Line Phone number is 1800113090 / 011 40503090 don’t hesitate to call and check Visa Status of yours.
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Loksabha Budget 2011 India | Budget Schedule Dates

Sanshad Minister Shri P.K. Bansal has declared the dates for 2011 Loksabha Budget of India on 20th January 2011. Since, in the month of May, 2011 Bidhansabha Election in Bengal and four other Indian States are scheduled; the 2011 India Budget program should end in the month of April. Detail dates of 2011 Budget of India as follows:

• Starting Date of 2011 India’s Budget program: 21st February 2011.
General Budget 2011 India submission Date: 28th February 2011.
• First round of 2011 Loksabha Budget India duration: 28th February 2011 to 16th March 2011.
• Second Round of Loksabha Budget 2011 India duration: 4th April 2011 to 21st April 2011.
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TATA Innovation Fellowship | Apply Online Registration | Department of Biotechnology | Eligibility Pay Scale Process

Department of Biotechnology
Ministry of Science and Technology Government Of India
Tata Innovation Fellowship

Applications are invited for “Tata Innovation Fellowship”, a highly competitive scheme of the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India.

Object of Tata Innovation Fellowship
The scheme is aimed at rewarding interdisciplinary work where major emphasis is on innovation and translation research with a potential towards commercialization.

Eligibility / Qualification Criteria for Tata Innovation Fellowship
The fellowship is open to Indian Nationals residing in India who are below age of 60-years and the applicant should possess a Ph.D degree in Life Sciences, Agriculture, Veterinary Sciences or a Master’s degree in Medical Sciences, Engineering; or an equivalent degree in Biotechnology related areas. The applicant must have adequate professional experience in the specific area and demonstrated leadership towards innovation. The candidate must have a regular position in a University / Organization / Institute and should be engaged in research and development. If he/she is availing any other fellowship (national / International), he/she will have to opt for only one of the fellowships.

Details of TATA Innovation Fellowship
The amount of the fellowship will be Rs.20000/- per month in addition to regular salary from the host institute. In addition, each fellow will receive a contingency grant of Rs.500000/- per annum for meeting the expenses on consumables, minor equipment, International and Domestic Travel, manpower and other contingent expenditure t be incurred in connection with the implementation of research project under the fellowship.

TATA Innovation Fellowship – Hosting Institute
The Institution where the candidate is working would provide the necessary infrastructure and administrative support or pursuing the research under TATA Innovation Fellowship. The candidate will continue to work at the place of his/her employment.

TATA Innovation Fellowship Duration
The duration of TATA Innovation Fellowship will be initially for 3-years, extendable further by 2-years on a fresh appraisal.

How to Apply for TATA Innovation Fellowship?
Registration Application Process Procedure to TATA Innovation Fellowship
Application may be sent as per perorma that can be downloaded from www.dbtindia.nic.in and duly forwarded by the competent authority to
Dr. Meenakshi Munshi, Joint Director
Department of Biotechnology
Block-2, 7th Floor, CGO Complex
Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003
Email: meenakshi29.dbt@nic.in
Latest by 30th September 2010.

For further details of Tata Innovation Fellowship of DBT India and to Download Registration Form / Application Form from www.dbtindia.nic.in
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Archaeology Museum Bhopal MP | Recruitment Jobs Tenders Address Phone Number

Directorate of Archaeology, Archives and Museums is the Government authorized head office for gathering thorough details of Indian Archaeological things and for keeping archived products at Museums under protection.

Directorate of Archaeology, Archives and Museums Office in Bhopal also responsible for announcing Tenders and Recruitment / Jobs department.

Architecture Now! MuseumsDirectorate of Archaeology, Archives and Museums Bhopal Office Address & Phone Contact number
Ban Ganga Marg, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, Pin – 462003
Phone number: 07552553307
Email: mparchaeology@gmail.com

For further details on Recruitment Jobs at Archaeology Government Office in Bhopal, MP please visit www.mparchaeology.org
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