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Gandhi Ghat, Barrackpore, Kolkata Details – Route, Timings & Accommodations – Gandhi Ghat Tourist Place

The Gandhi Ghat of Barrackpore (Kolkata) is situated on the east bank of Hooghly River (also known as River Ganga). Outskirt of Kolkata at Barrackpore, world heritage site ‘Gandhi Ghat’ is located with so many memories of Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi Ghat, Barrackpore is one of the popular tourist places near Kolkata & Hooghly.

Significance of Gandhi Ghat, Barrackpore, Kolkata: - Let’s check out why Gandhi Ghat of Barrackpore, Kolkata is famous (popular) and attracts tourists. Gandhi Ghat of Barrackpore (Kolkata) is a Heritage Site because Mahatma Gandhi Ji has spent time in this area at that time. This area of Barrackpore has very memorable moments of Mahatma Gandhi Ji. Thus, near to Gandhi Ghat there is a Gandhi Museum located. Barrackpore Gandhi Museum has rare collections of articles & books used by Mahatma Gandhi Ji.

Gandhi Ghat, Barrackpore, Kolkata Opening & Closing Timings: - No such opening & closing timings applicable for the tourists. All day long till evening; Gandhi Ghat is open for tourists and under 24-hours police observation.

Best time to visit Gandhi Ghat, Barrackpore, Kolkata: - Winter time is best to seat for long time to enjoy the natural beauty. But, you may go there any season (except monsoon).

Nearby places to visit from Gandhi Ghat, Barrackpore, Kolkata: - Just beside Gandhi Ghat, the entrance gate is located of Jawahar Kunj Park, Barrackpore. Jawahar Kunj is a clean & clear park for the people beside River Ganga. Apart from Jawahar Kunj, Barrackpore; you should visit Mangal Pandey Park, Dhobi Ghat, Gandhi Museum, Barrackpore Church. All together, Barrackpore has few places to visit and will make your day out amazing.

How to go to Gandhi Ghat? Route map of Gandhi Ghat, Barrackpore, Kolkata: - Now, let’s discuss where is Gandhi Ghat, Barrackpore, Kolkata and which route to follow to go to Gandhi Ghat. In case of Bus or CAB route; you should come to Talpukur More on B.T. Road (before Barrackpore Chiriamore coming from Kolkata / after Chiriamore if coming from Palta area) and from Talpukur More take a rickshaw (do bargain to fix minimum rickshaw fare) to Gandhi Ghat. People coming by Train should come to Barrackpore Station (Sealdaha – Barrackpore main line) and take auto or bus to Talpukur More. There is a Free Car Parking area opposite of Gandhi Ghat Gate for people coming on their own car / bike.

Accommodations near Gandhi Ghat, Barrackpore, Kolkata: - Now, let’s check out hotels, lodges, or any kind of rooms on rent are available or not near to Gandhi Ghat. Gandhi Ghat, Barrackpore (Kolkata) is located inside Police Quarters; so no hotels & rooms available to stay near Gandhi Ghat. But, you could get Hotel Rooms at Barrackpore Chiriamore area on B.T. Road (Main Road). Food stalls like Bhelpuri, Muri, Phuchka, Tea, Coffee etc are available outside Gandhi Ghat Entry Gate.

You may also check out this video clip of Gandhi Ghat, Barrackpore, Kolkata. Overall, you would enjoy your trip to Gandhi Ghat of Barrackpore (Kolkata).
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Gandhi Ji Sexual Life | Plans against Bengal & Netaji | Bad Habits of Gandhi Ji

Shocked? Don’t get shocked by the title Naked Gandhi; read the Book of Netaji Subas Chandra Bose’s researcher Sri Alokkrishna Chakraborty. Sri Alok Krishna Chakraborty has written a Book named ‘Gandhiji Apokarmo’ (Gandhi ji’s Bad works) and the Book Gandhiji Apokarmo is available at Kolkata Book Fair 2011 (Stall No.524 / 476) and also can be collected from Dey Book Store College Street Kolkata or from Nath Brothers Kolkata or from Madhusudan Book stores Kolkata Book shops.

The Price of Gandhiji Apokarmo Book is Rs.100/- only. Do you want to know what are the topics and information available in the Book Gandhi Ji Apokarmo? Information that one can get about Gandhi Ji’s Personal Life from Gandhiji Apokarmo Book are:
1. Division of India and Gandhi ji’s hand on.
2. Gandhi Ji's Planning against Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose
3. Hating Bengal State
4. Calling Patriots as hooligans
5. Gandhi Ji lies
6. Creating problems during Indian Freedom war
7. Sexual Life of Gandhi ji
8. Gandhi Ji sleeping Naked with the females during the night.
9. Kukarmo details of Gandhiji

One should buy the Book Naked Ganghi or Gandhiji Kukarmo to know the personal secret life of Gandhi Ji.
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