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Ebela Bengali Newspaper Advertising Rate – Classified Ads & Display Ads Price of Ebela

Ebela is the new Bengali newspaper from ABP Private Ltd. Ebela Bengali Newspaper is for the youth & by the youth; you can say Ebela is a Generation Y newspaper with colourful, vibrant & visually oriented design.
Here we will get to know the Advertising Rate (Cost) for Ebela Bengali NewspaperWhat will be the charge for displaying a picture Ad on Ebela? What is the Ebela Classified Advertising Rate? You will get to know all the advertising rate details of Ebela Bengali Newspaper below.

Classified Advertising Rate for Ebela Bengali Newspaper
This is an Introductory Offer effective from 17th September 2012 for advertising only on Ebela Bengali Paper and for advertising in combination with Anandabazar Patrika / The Telegraph / Anandabazar + The Telegraph
 Click on the Ebela Classified Advertising Rate photo-copy to enlarge it.

Ebela Bengali Newspaper Display Rate Card
Now, let’s check out the Ebela Bengali Newspaper Display Rate Chart which is effective from 17th September 2012 [Introductory Offer] –
Display Rate per Sq. Cm. Premium Applicable:
  • Back Page Premium – 25%, Positional Premium – 10%, Page -3/5 Premium – 15%.
  • Combination Discounts available for Ebela Bengali Newspaper Display Rate for Sq. Cm. rate – Anandabazar Patrika (ABP) or The Telegraph (TT) / T2 + Ebela -17% discount on Ebela Bengali Newspaper.
About the Ebela Bengali Newspaper Subscription Process & Packages already been informed and remember, the above mentioned Ebela Advertising Rates are Introductory Offer effective from 17th September 2012. Please visit http://ebela.in/ to read Ebela Bengali Newspaper Online & to know latest Advertising Rate of Ebela Bengali newspaper of ABP Pvt. Ltd.
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Ebela Bengali Daily Tabloid Subscription Process Online – ABP Pvt Ltd Tabloid Ebela Details

Ebela Bengali Tabloid Newspaper of ABP Pvt Ltd is going to be published from September 2012 and here we will check out few details about Ebela Daily Bengali Tabloid like What is Ebela, Price of Ebela, How to subscribe for Ebela and discounts & offers on subscription to Ebela Bengali Daily Tabloid.

At first let me tell you what is Ebela? Ebela is the first morning Bengali Daily Tabloid which will be launched from September 2012 by ABP Private Limited and will be available every seven days a week. You all can obtain a copy of Bengali Daily Tabloid Ebela from the newspaper vendors, newspaper sellers of market daily on payment of only Rs.2/- [the cover price of Ebela is Rs.2/- on all seven days]. You can also subscribe to Ebela Bengali Tabloid [only for residents Kolkata & Howrah Town areas]. The detail process of Ebela Subscription discussed below.

ABP Ebela Bengali Tabloid Subscription Process
Ebela Bengali Tabloid Subscription Price? People can choose any of these Subscription package of Ebela -
  • Ebela Solo Offer (Price Rs. 150/- for 6 months).
  • Ebela + Anandabazar Patrika (Subscription Price Rs.862/- for 6 months).
  • Ebela + Anandabazar Patrika + The Telegraph (Subscription Price Rs. 985/- for 6 months).
Discounts & Offers for the Ebela Bengali Tabloid Subscription: - Those who will subscribe to Ebela Bengali Tabloid will get these offers -
  1. On subscribing to Ebela Bengali Tabloid of ABP Pvt Ltd, subscribers can get Special Classifieds Gift vouchers - 20% off up to Rs. 1000 on Anandabazar Patrika Classifieds advertisements – 1 voucher OR 90% off up to Rs. 200 on Ebela Classifieds advertisements – 5 vouchers.
  2. Subscribers may also win Gifts like Apple iPad, Laptop, iPod, Smartphone, Pen Drive etc after the lucky draw.
How to subscribe to Ebela Bengali Daily Tabloid of ABP Pvt Ltd? Now let’s check out the process of subscribing to Ebela. Remember, Online Subscription process of Ebela not yet available. So, you have to follow the steps mentioned below -
  1. Obtain Ebela Subscription Form from the Newspaper Vendor –or- Cut Out the Subscription Form from The Telegraph or Anandabazar Patrika –or- Download Online Ebela Subscription Form from http://subscriptions.abp.in/ospweb/pages/ebela_subscription.html.
  2. Fill the Ebela Subscription Form in capital letters only.
  3. Choose your Ebela Subscription offer [package – as mentioned above].
  4. Draw a cheque in favor of ‘ABP PVT LTD’ [no other payment modes will be accepted].
  5. Give the subscription form & cheque to your regular newspaper vendor for submission to the ABP office.
  6. Subscribers will get a welcome kit to the address mentioned as the commencement of your Ebela subscription along with 6-redemption coupons, which can be redeemed till 31st August 2013.
Note: Only the Residents of Kolkata pin code area & Howrah Town can avail the Ebela Bengali Daily Tabloid Subscription.

Where to contact for Ebela Subscription Related details? People who have few queries regarding Ebela Bengali Tabloid of ABP Pvt Ltd are advised to call 033-22129840 (Monday – Saturday: 7:30am to 8:30pm & Sunday: 8am to 2pm) phone number. You may also email your queries to sub.help@abp.in mentioning ‘Ebela’ in the subject line. Interested readers may also sms EBELA to 5667711 for the relevant details of ABP Pvt Ltd’s Ebela Bengali Tabloid.
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