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Ram Supari Tree | Tree Bleeds Human Blood like Fluid | Blood-Wood Tree found in North Bengal

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Does Tree really bleed blood? Have you ever seen a Tree bleeding blood? Where to go to see a tree bleeds human blood like fluid in India? Here we are going to share information about a tree that really bleeds blood and seen in India.

A tree stands like a normal tree and you couldn't actually differentiate whether it has supernatural power or not. Mean to say, that it's very tough to recognize whether this tree bleeds or not if you never seen it before. Yes, for those seeing this Bloody Tree for the first time will not be able to distinguish from other trees. But, when you hurt that tree by throwing a stone or by cutting, it starts bleeding. Yes, this Tree starts bleeding human-blood like fluid from the wound (injured part). Now, let's check out what's the name of this tree in India and World? And also, let's check out where it found in India?

Ram Supari Tree that Bleeds Blood
In India, this tree is known as 'Ram Supari' Tree and very few trees are alive today.
  • Scientific Name of Ram Supari Tree - Pterocarpus angolensis.
  • Other names of Ram Supari Tree in the world - In India it's called 'Ram Supari' Tree. But, outside of India, this Blood Bleeding Tree knew as 'Wild Teak' / 'Bloodwood' Tree.
  • Scientific reason behind Tree bleeds blood - Why this tree bleeds blood like fluid? Actually, it's not 'Blood'. It's a fluid - Tannins cause the dark red color of the sap. Regular plants have parts – leaves, skins, sap – that are about 12-20% tannins. Ram Supari / Wild Teak / Bloodwood Tree have sap that is 77% tannins. Thus, it colors red.
  • Where this Ram Supari Blood Bleeding Tree found in West Bengal, India? This rare tree that bleeds blood like fluid (sap) is found in Dooars region of North Bengal. Very few [maximum 4-5] Ram Supari Trees are alive today and really requires preserving. Chilapata reserve forest and near the ruins of 'Nal Kings Fort' [Nalraja Garh] in Dooars region of North Bengal, this Ram Supari Tree found. Interested people are requested to watch Ram Supari Tree Blood Bleeding video.

Since, it's a very rarely found and only 4-5 alive in North Bengal, Thus it should be preserved, otherwise very soon 'Ram Supari Tree' will become extinct.
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