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Indian Railway Budget Facilities New Projects & Highlight – Dinesh Trivedi 2012-2013 Rail Budget

Indian Railway Budget 2012-2013 by Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi, who took the brave decision to hike Railway fare after 8 long years, presented at New Delhi today. Here you will get to know What are the new projects taken in Indian Railway Budget 2012-2013, how much Railway Ticket Fare increased, What are the new Trains introduced etc.

Indian Railway Budget 2012-2013
• Freight earnings seen at Rs 89,339 crore and Railway to induct 2 board members for marketing, safety said by Dinesh Trivedi.
Railway Ticket Fare increased after 8 long years. Check detail Railway Ticket Fare Hike in Indian Railway Budget 2012-2013.
• New Train named ‘Guru Parikarma Train’ covering Amritsar, Patna and Nanded to be introduced in the Indian Railway Budget 2012-2013 by Dinesh Trivedi.
• 75-New express trains and 21 new passenger trains to be introduced in the Indian Railway Budget 2012-2013 by Dinesh Trivedi.
• 1,00,000 (1 Lakh) persons to be recruited in Railways.
• Wait listed passengers to get alternate train reservations.
• Rs 350crore to be spent on e-toilets, 2500 coaches to be fitted with bio toilets.
Rail Khel Ratna award to be introduced by Indian Railways.
• Rae Bareli coach factory ready to roll in 2012-2013.
• New Rail coach factory to be set up at Palghat, Kerala.
• 1000 new railway stations to come up at various locations of India.
• New lines to be set up for Kolkata Metro.
• 6500kms of new electrifications in the Indian Railway Budget 2012-2013 by Dinesh Trivedi.
• 3825km of gauge conversion to be carried ouy in the Indian Railway Budget 2012-2013 by Dinesh Trivedi.
• 700km of new rail lines to be added in 2012/13 against 725 km being added in 2011/12.
• Trains' speed limit to be set at 160 kmph to minimize the Railway Accident.
• 45 new routes to be introduced in the Indian Railway Budget 2012-2013 by Dinesh Trivedi.
• To spend Rs 63,212 crore on track modernization in 5 years.
• Stock Reactions: Titagarh Wagons down 3.25%, Kalindee Rail Nirman down 3.5%, Stone India down 3.17%, Texmaco up 1.8%.
• Railways should get at least 10% of government's infrastructure spends.
• Dinesh Trivedi talks of upgrading technology to increase speed of trains.
• Annual Plan for Railways for 2012-13 put at highest ever Rs 60,100 crore.
• Need Indian Railways to grow at 10% annually expressed by Dinesh Trivedi.
• Aim to upgrade 19,000 km of tracks in five years said by Dinesh Trivedi.
• Railway investment in the 12th Plan to be Rs7.35 lakh crore against Rs 1.92 lakh crore in the 11th Plan.
• Urgent need to connect to northeast and J&K said by Dinesh Trivedi.
• Investment of Rs.5.60 lakh crore required for modernization said by Dinesh Trivedi.
• Unmanned level crossings to be abolished in next five years.
• Anil Kakodkar to head Rail safety committee.
• Independent rail safety authority to be set up in the Indian Railway Budget 2012-2013 by Dinesh Trivedi.

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Railway Ticket Fare Hike in Budget 2012-2013 – New Train Ticket Price Increment

Dinesh Trivedi, Indian Railway Minister, announced the Indian Railway Budget 2012-2013 on 14th March 2012 at New Delhi. The most importantly, Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi took the brave step to increase Railway Ticket Fare after 8 long years. We have seen Lalu Prasad Yadav & Mamata Banerjee in the last few years that they didn't increase the Railway Fare at all. This time, Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi has declared a hike in Railway Fares for the first time in last 8 years.

Indian Railway Budget 2012-2013 Ticket Fare Hike Details
Platform Tickets will now on cost Rs 5 instead of the Rs 3. Previously the Platform Ticket price was only Rs.3/- and now onwards it has been increased by Rs.2/- and became only Rs.5/-.

Passenger fare for sub-urban Trains hikes by 2 paisa per km in the Indian Railway Budget 2012-2013 by Dinesh Trivedi.

Mail Trains Ticket fare hikes by 3 paisa per km in the Indian Railway Budget 2012-2013 by Dinesh Trivedi.

Express Train Ticket Fares increases by 5 paisa per km in the Indian Railway Budget 2012-2013 by Dinesh Trivedi.

AC Chair car class ticket fare price increases by 10 paisa per km in the Indian Railway Budget 2012-2013 by Dinesh Trivedi.

AC 3-Tier Railway Ticket price (fare) hikes by 10 paisa per km in the Indian Railway Budget 2012-2013 by Dinesh Trivedi.

AC Second Class (2-tier) ticket price increased by 15 paisa per km in the Indian Railway Budget 2012-2013 by Dinesh Trivedi.

AC 1st Class Ticket fare increases by 30 paisa per km in the Indian Railway Budget 2012-2013 by Dinesh Trivedi.

Dinesh Trivedi has announced a hike in passenger fares and its Second class passenger fares by 2 paisa/km (Sub-urban trains), mail trains by 3 Paisa/Km & Express train sleeper class fares hike by 5 paisa/km. Railways AC ticket fares too hikes by 10 paise/km (AC chair car and 3-tier). First class AC ticket fare of Railways hikes by 30 paise/Km.
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Highlights of Railway Budget 2012-2013 – Dinesh Trivedi | Significance of Indian Railway Budget

Indian Railway Minister Shri Dinesh Trivedi presented the Indian Railway Budget 2012-2013 today (14th March 2012, Wednesday) and most importantly the Railway Ticket Fare has been increased after eight years in this Railway Budget of India 2012-2013. Let’s check out the areas that were highlighted in the Railway Budget 2012-2013 of India by Indian Railway Minister Shri Dinesh Trivedi.

Indian Railway Budget 2012-2013 – Dinesh Trivedi
- Railways must attract 10% of the Rs 20 lakh crore Governments expects to spend on infrastructure during 12th Plan.
- Railways expect gross budgetary support of Rs 2.5 lakh crore during 12th Plan.
- Collective challenge to formulate viable funding mechanism for modernization.
- Railways should contribute 2% of GDP from the present 1 percent.
- 487 approved projects at various levels of execution in Indian Railway.
- Market borrowing through IRFC at Rs 50,000 cr needed in 2012.
- Modernize rolling stock via fresh purchases of wagons, engines.
- Plan to upgrade 19,000 kms of tracks in 5 years.
- Indian Railways to create 1000 stations through PPP route in 5 years.
- Station development org to be funded via PPP.
- Delhi-Kolkata travel time to be brought down to 14 hours from 17 hours.
- Facilitate running of longer and heavier freight trains.
- Indian Railways to introduce Double Decker container trains.
- Total cost of signaling for five years is Rs 35,000 crores.
- 17 gauge conversion projects will be completed in FY 12-13.
- 825 kms of gauge conversion projects to be completed.
- Rs 6872 crore allocated under the new line plan.
- Development of major stations to create 50,000 jobs.
- New lines to be laid in under-developed parts.
- Plan to enhance GPS use in railways.
- To complete over 45 new lines in FY13, stretching over 700 kms.
- Rs 1102 crores for passenger amenities in FY 13 as compared to Rs 700 cr in previous year.
- To set up elevated suburban corridors in Navi Mumbai. Working on PPP for elevated Churchgate-Virar corridor.
- New lines to be set up for Kolkata Metro (Kalyani to Barrackpore Metro railway).
- Railways to take up linking of Agartala to Akura in Bangladesh.
- 31 projects of over 5,000 km being implemented with the support of state governments.
- All meter gauge, narrow gauge sections to be made broad gauge, except heritage lines, by end of 12th Five Year Plan.
- 725 km of new line completed in the current year, Rs 6,725 crore for new lines.
- 14 new rail line survey to be taken up in 2012-2013.
- Budgetary support pegged at Rs 25,000 crore for the coming year as against projected requirement of Rs 45,000 crore.
- Logistics Corporation will be created for providing logistics solutions for rail users.
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Tatkal Railway Reservation Rules 2011 | Tatkal Ticket Booking Process & New Rules of Indian Railway

New step taken in the Railway Ticketing process of Tatkal to stop the black-marketing that has been happening hugely in India for Tatkal Railway Tickets Booking. A brave step has been taken by Indian Railway Minister Shri Dinesh Trivedi and the new Tatkal Railway Ticket Booking System will start on & from 21st November 2011. Let’s have a look what are the changes made in Tatkal Railway Ticketing System and what is the recent procedure of Railway Tatkal Ticket Booking (Reservation) from now on-wards.

Railway Tatkal Ticket Booking Revised New Procedure - Tatkal Railway Reservation Rules 2011
When a passenger can book Tatkal Railway Ticket? Tatkal Tickets of Railways previously was available from 2-days (48-hours) prior and thus many black-marketers used to buy Tatkal Tickets of Railway and then used to sale in higher price to the needy passengers. But, from 21st November 2011, Railway Tatkal Tickets can only be booked only 1-day (24-hours) in advance. For an example – If a train starts its journey on 2nd Jan, then Tatkal Tickets of that train will be available only on 1st Jan from 8am in the morning.

Tatkal Railway Ticket Booking Timings: 8am is the time schedule from when Tatkal Tickets of Railway will be started to issue from Ticket Counters. Remember, Railway Ticket Agents (or RTSA) are NOT PERMITTED to buy Tatkal Railway Tickets between 8am & 10am (first 2-hours) of Tatkal Railway Ticket Booking (Reservation) Process. This will reduce black marketing of Tatkal Railway Tickets.

Documents required to buy Tatkal Railway Tickets: Tatkal Tickets of Railway will only be issued if one provide one of these mentioned Identity Proof while purchasing Tatkal Railway Tickets – (Only one will do) Documents required for Tatkal Ticketing Process – Voter ID Card, Passport, PAN Card, RTA issued Driving License, Central or State Government’s Photo Identity Proof, School or College Photo-Identity Card for Students, Photo-Identity Proof of Bank Passbook, Credit Card of Bank. There is NO MANDATORY system that only Passengers are permitted to buy Tatkal Tickets, it means you can send any one to Buy Tatkal Railway Ticket on behalf of you, but that person should provide Photo-copies of Documentation & should carry your Identity Proof document at the Ticket Counter. Xerox copy of Photo-Identity Proof requires while Tatkal Railway Ticket Booking (Reservation) and passengers are hereby notified that to carry the same Photo-Identity Proof during their journey.

Tatkal Railway Ticket Booking Process on Internet: Passengers can also has the option to Buy Tatkal Railway Tickets Online through Indian Railway Official Website and need to provide the Identity Proof number that are mentioned at the online railway tatkal ticket Reservation (booking) system on the website. IRCTC Agents can only book ONE TATKAL RAILWAY TICKET per Train per day though irctc website.

Number of Tatkal Railway Tickets Allowed per PNR: From 21st November 2011, only four passengers can buy tatkal railway tickets per PNR number. It means 1-ticket with 4-Passengers at maximum from now on.

Cancellation & Money Refund Policy Rule for Railway Tatkal Ticket: Please remember that NO TICKET PRICE will be refunded unless your situation belongs to these under mentioned reasons. So, Confirmed Tatkal Railway Ticket price will not be refunded during Cancellation of Tatkal Railway Ticket if your Cancellation Reason not comes under these causes of cancellation
- Train route changes for unavoidable circumstances and the passengers don’t want to ride on other route of that train.
- Station from where the Tatkal Ticket was booked isn’t in the way of changed train route. Train route changed and the station of yours doesn’t in the new route.
- Passenger gets seat in other Classes and not in the class that he/she was request for.
- Partial Confirmed or Waiting passenger’s Tatkal tickets that were not confirmed yet can be cancelled.
- If the Train late for 3-hours or more.

Remember, there is no process of Duplicate Tatkal Railway Tickets from now on (21st November 2011). Indian Railway will not issue any Duplicate Tatkal Railway Ticket unless strong evidence & emergency cases.
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Dinesh Trivedi Political Works Career – Professional Life of TMC Leader Dinesh Trivedi

A Commerce graduate and an MBA personnel Shri Dinesh Trivedi is the Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare since May 2009 (15th Lok Sabha) and an Indian politician of Trinamool Congress Party (TMC).

Indian Minister Dinesh Trivedi was the Chairman of Indo-European Union Parliamentary Forum (IEUPF), which was established on 2nd April 2005. Dinesh Trivedi, Member of Indian Parliament, always actively fought against criminalization in politics.

Non-Political Works Career of Dinesh Trivedi
- Shri Dinesh Trivedi was the former Chairman of Calcutta International School, Kolkata.
- Shri Dinesh Trivedi was the Managing Trustee member of Consumer Protection Centre, Kolkata.
- Shri Dinesh Trivedi has given lectures at various national and international forums on various social topics.
- Shri Dinesh Trivedi was the member of voluntary organizations (Special Police, Round Table India etc).
- Shri Dinesh Trivedi is actively involved in consumer protection movements.

Political Works Career of Dinesh Trivedi Professional Life
- TMC Leader Dinesh Trivedi was the Member of Parliament during 1990–2008 (Rajya Sabha).
- TMC Leader Dinesh Trivedi was the Chairman of Passengers Amenities Committee, Ministry of Railways.
- TMC Leader Dinesh Trivedi was the Member of Committee on Rules.
- TMC Leader Dinesh Trivedi was the Member of Consultative Committee for the Ministry of Civil Aviation.
- TMC Leader Dinesh Trivedi was the Member of Civil Aviation Committee.
- TMC Leader Dinesh Trivedi was the Member of Committee on Finance.
- TMC Leader Dinesh Trivedi was the Member of Committee on Commerce.
- TMC Leader Dinesh Trivedi was the Vice-Chairman of Rajya Sabha.
- TMC Leader Dinesh Trivedi was the Member of Committee on Petitions.
- TMC Leader Dinesh Trivedi was the Member of Committee on Public Undertakings Member, General Purposes Committee.
- TMC Leader Dinesh Trivedi was the Co-Convener of Sub-Committee for Special Economic Zones of the Committee on Commerce.
- Dinesh Trivedi was the General Secretary of All India Trinamool Congress Party.
- TMC Leader Dinesh Trivedi is the Union Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare Incumbent (May 2009 – till now).

Union Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare Shri Dinesh Trivedi’s name has been suggested for Indian Railway Minister after Ms. Mamata Banerjee moved to West Bengal as Chief Minister in May 2011.

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Dinesh Trivedi – Profile Family Education Address – TMC Leader & Central Minister

Shri Dinesh Trivedi is one of the successful Trinamool Congress Leaders who had elected as a Central Government Union Minister from Barrackpore Constituency and continuously doing his responsibilities towards his department. The veteran (61 years of age as on 2011) TMC leader Dinesh Trivedi born in New Delhi but completed his educational life at Kolkata (Calcutta). Here is the short life history of Dinesh Trivedi (name suggested for new Indian Railway Minister in July 2011) as follows:

TMC Leader Dinesh Trivedi Profile Family Education Address Professional Life

Birthday of TMC Leader & Minister Dinesh Trivedi: 04th June 1950.
Birth Place of Political Leader Dinesh Trivedi: New Delhi.
TMC Leader Dinesh Trivedi Date of Marriage: 12th December 1977.
Check more news of Dinesh Trivedi.

Family background of TMC Leader Dinesh Trivedi: -
Father Name of Dinesh Trivedi TMC Leader: Late Shri Hiralal Trivedi.
Mother Name of Trinamool leader Dinesh Trivedi: Late Shirmati Urmilaben Trivedi.
Spouse (Wife) Name of Minister Dinesh Trivedi: Dr. (Mrs) Minal Trivedi.
Dinesh Trivedi’s Number of Children: 1 Son and No Daughters.

Educational Qualifications Backgorund of TMC Leader & Indian Minister Dinesh Trivedi: B. Com from St. Xavier's College under Calcutta University and MBA from University of Texas, USA.

TMC Leader and Indian Minister Dinesh Trivedi House Address:
(1) 8A, Vivek Vihar, 13/3 Pramathesh Barua Sarani (Ballygunge Circular Road), Kolkata - 19, West Bengal.
(2) 4, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi-3.
(3) Email id of Dinesh Trivedi: dintriv@gmail.com.

Profession of Shri Dinesh Trivedi: Political Leader and Social Worker.
Dinesh Trivedi’s Party Name: All India Trinamool Congress (AITC).
Constituency from which TMC Leader Dinesh Trivedi elected: Barrackpur, North 24-Parganas, West Bengal.

Dinesh Trivedi’s name has been considered for the Indian Railway Ministry in July 2011 just after Ms. Mamata Banerjee left Indian Railway Ministry position and became Chief Minister of West Bengal. In the month of March 2012 Shri Dinesh Trivedi replaced by Shri Mukul Roy as Indian Railway Minister.

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