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Debina Banerjee Profile Family Career Awards - Actress Debina Bonnerjee

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Television Serial Actress Debina Banerjee (Debina Bandopadhyay) is known for excellent acting in mega serials on small screen television. The famous TV Serial of Actress Debina Banerjee is Ramayana and Pati Patni Aur Woh. TV Celebrity Actress Debina Banerjee has played the role of Sita in mega TV serial Ramayan and then Debina Banerjee acted in super hit television serial Pati Patni Aur Woh Serial on NDTV Imagine Channel. Bengali girl Debina Banerjee has also recently acted in a Tamil Film Perarasu.

Debina Banerjee Actress - Profile Family Education Profession Films Awards

Birthday of Debina Banerjee Actress: - 18th April 1983.

Age of Actress Debina Banerjee as on 2012: - 29 years.

Recent Address of Actress Debina Banerjee: - Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Kolkata Address of Actress Debina Banerjee: -  Shyambazar Kolkata West Bengal.

Marital Status of Actress Debina Banerjee: - Married to actor Gurmeet Chaudhury in the year 2011. It's a Love marriage between these two actors.

Boyfriend and Love relationship of Actress Debina Banerjee: Gurmeet Chaudhary, who is the co-actor in TV serial Ramayan with Debina Banerjee.

Mobile Phone Contact Number of Actress Debina Banerjee: Not published due to security reasons.

Zodiac Sign of Actress Debina Banerjee: Aries.

Qualification Education of Actress Debina Banerjee: Debina Banerjee has completed her Graduation in Public Relations from the college Bhavan's College.

Personal Life of Actress Debina Banerjee: Zor Ka Jhatka Reality Show contestant Debina Banerjee had completed in Kathak Dancing. Debina moved to Mumbai from Kolkata after finishing education.

Occupation Profession of Debina Banerjee: Acting, Modelling.

Professional Film Acting Modelling Career of Debina Banerjee: Debina Banerjee started her career by participating in a Beauty Contest at Kolkata and then moved to Mumbai for TV Serials and now doing films.

Actress Debina Banerjee famous TV Serials: - Ramayan, Pati Patni Aur Woh.

Debut Film of Actress Debina Banerjee Actress: Debina Banerjee’s debut hindi film was Indian Babu in 2003.

Films of Actress Debina Banerjee Filmography: - Hindi Film Indian Babu and Tamil Film Perarasu.
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Zor Ka Jhatka TV Reality Show Contestants Host Format | Watch Online SRK Imagine

ZOR KA JHATKA Total Wipeout Reality Show Contestants Timings Host Format Zor Ka Jhatka NDTV Imagine TV reality Show Host Anchor Shahrukh Khan Zor Ka Jhatka Contestants Participants Candidates Format pattern tasks Zor Ka Jhatka Reality Show SRK Watch Online Video Photo Zor Ka Jhatka Imagine TV Reality Show Shahrukh Contestant Dimpi Ganguly Debina Dara Singh Irani Contestants participants Zor Ka Jhatka Imagine TV Reality Show Shahkrukh Khan Winner rounds shooting location Shahrukh Zor Ka Jhatka Imagine TV Reality Show

New TV Reality Show Zor Ka Jhatka of Shahrukh Khan is going to telecast from 1st February 2011. Here are some details about the latest exciting Television Reality Show Zor Ka Jhatka of SRK.

ZOR KA JHATKA Reality Show Contestants Timings Host Format

Sponsors of Zor Ka Jhatka Total Wipeout Reality Show: Pepsodent, All Out, Eclairs, Samsung Ch@t, Ooh Media, 92.7 Big FM Radio Partner.

Anchor Host of Reality TV Show Zor Ka Jhatka: The latest Reality TV Show Zor Ka Jhatka will be hosted by Bollywood Badsah Shahrukh Khan.

Telecast Date Timing TV Channel of SRK’s ZOR KA JHATKA: The new television reality show of Shahrukh Khan will be telecasted on Imagine TV Channel from 1st February 2011 at 9pm in the evening. The Imagine TV reality Show Zor Ka Jhatka Total Wipeout will be telecasted on Monday to Friday daily at 9pm.

Shahrukh’s Zor Ka Jhatka Reality Imagine TV Show Contestants: The television celebrities and Cinema artists will be the Contestant of Zor Ka Jhatka Reality Show of Shahrukh Khan and few names of Zor Ka Jhatka Imagine TV Channel Reality Show are Dimpi Ganguly Mahajan, Debina Bandopadhyay, Bindu Dara Singh, Waqtiar Irani and other TV actor actresses.

Format Pattern Tasks of Zor Ka Jhatka TV Reality Show Shahrukh Khan: The new Imaging TV Channel Reality Show Zor Ka Jhatka of Shahrukh Khan will show us extremely hard tasks performing by the celebrities at the Sea Beach, inside the Sea.

Winner of Zor Ka Jhatka Shahrukh’s Imagine TV Reality Show: The Winner of Zor Ka Jhatka Reality Show hosted by Shahrukh Khan will be decided after four rounds named Qualifier Round, Chakrabuho Challenge, Mixer Grinder Round and Wipeout Zone Tasks round of Zor Ka Jhatka Reality Show.

Vote Online to Contestants of Zor Ka Jhatka Shahrukh’s Reality Show: Please visit www.youtube.com/imaginetv to watch Zor Ka Jhatka Reality show episode Video Online.

So, don’t forget to Watch Zor Ka Jhatka Online on Imagine TV Channel with Shahrukh King Khan.
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