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Glaucoma Free Checkup – Kolkata B.B. Eye Foundation – Glaucoma Symptoms

Glaucoma is one of those rare diseases that is painless & with very few symptoms. There is no other way to be sure about Glaucoma other than an Eye Checkup. World Glaucoma Week is going on and that’s why B. B. Eye Foundation of Kolkata organizes special camp & free Glaucoma check up in Kolkata.

Glaucoma Eye Disease Symptoms? There is no symptoms that can confirm whether you have Glaucoma or not. Only you can get to know whether you could be a Glaucoma patient or not with the following details. If any one of the following possibilities applies to you, then it’s recommended to check your Eye to know whether Glaucoma disease is there or not. Let’s check out who could be affected with Glaucoma and what the possibilities of Glaucoma are –
1. Those who are above 40-years of age could affect with Glaucoma.
2. If any one of your family members has Glaucoma then there is a chance of becoming a Glaucoma patient as well.
3. If you use optical with high (+) / (-) Power then there is a possibility of Glaucoma.
4. High Blood Pressure or Diabetes patients could have Glaucoma.
5. Glaucoma could have been there if you take Steroids for last few years continuously.
6. Have you hurt your eyes long time back? If yes, then old hurts might lead to Glaucoma.
7. Do you see various colors around your eyes?

B. B. Eye Foundation Kolkata has organized a rally from Nature Study Park of Loudon Street to Sarat Bose Road B.B. Eye Foundation Centre on 11th March 2012. This is just a step to make people aware of Glaucoma Disease during the World Glaucoma Week. You are requested to participate in Glaucoma Awareness Rally of Kolkata, starts at 8am, organized by B. B. Eye Foundation Kolkata.

• On 17th March 2012, B. B. Eye Foundation Kolkata has organized a special medical consultancy camp at Town Hall where you all could have gain more knowledge about Glaucoma Eye Disease from famous Glaucoma Specialists. This event will start at 2pm & will end at 5pm on 17th March 2012 at Kolkata Town Hall.

Where to contact for Free Glaucoma Eye Checkup? Those who realize that they are experiencing the above mentioned Symptoms of Glaucoma are requested to come for the Free Glaucoma Treatment Camp of Kolkata. You all requested to book your appointment on 11th March & 12th March 2012 by visiting B.B. Eye Foundation (Address: 2/5 Sarat Bose Road, Sukh Sagar, 1st Floor, Kolkata) or by calling 033-24746608 / 033-24862720 (phone numbers of B. B. Eye Foundation Kolkata).
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