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Alokananda Roy Profile & Career - Dancer Alokananda Roy Life & Wiki

Actress Dancer Alokananda Roy wiki profile biography life details, Alokananda Roy Birthday Address Mobile Phone Contact Number Dancer Alokananda Roy Family Father Mother Husband Children Son Daughter Dancer Alokananda Roy Qualification Educations School College Name Alokananda Roy professional Career Awards Achievements Dancer Alokananda Roy Early Personal Secret Professional Educational Life works occupation Alokananda Roy latest news updates information.
Cultural Icon of the World Alokananda Roy, born & brought in Kolkata, has a long professional journey of more than 50 years. Alokananda Roy started her work at the age of four and since then she continues her good-work in Children's Little Theatre (CLT), Classical Dancing, Dance Education, Dance Choreography and Social Work.

Dancer Alokananda Roy – Biography & Educational Professional Life Details
Birthday of Dancer Alokananda Roy: - Born in the year 1951 [Age of Alokananda Roy is 61 as on 2012].

Dancer Alokananda Roy House Address: - Alokananda Roy spent her childhood days at Lansdowne area of South Kolkata and now living at her resident of South Kolkata.

Dancer Alokananda Roy Family Background: - Alokananda Roy lives with her son, daughter-in-law and grand-sons in her Kolkata resident.

Dancer Alokananda Roy Educational Qualification: - Alokananda Roy was the student of St. John’s Dissension School of Kolkata and Presidency College in KolkataAlokananda Roy has done Post graduation in English Literature. Apart from educational qualification; Alokananda Roy has done so many professional courses as follows - Alokananda Roy completed her Diploma in Rabindra Sangeet from Dakshinee in 1968. Alokananda Roy has done the Certificate course of Excellence in vocal Music from DakshineeAlokananda Roy has the Diploma in Pianoforte from Trinity College London in 1967. Alokananda Roy got the Training in Classical Ballet, Russian Style, and Calcutta School of Music.

Marital Status of Dancer Alokananda Roy: - Married.

Occupation of Alokananda Roy: - Actress, Dancer, Choreographer, Social Worker.

Professional Life Works of Dancer Alokananda Roy: - Alokananda Roy learnt singing from 'Dakshini' and her singing teacher were Shri Ashoktaru Bandopadhyay, Subinay Roy & others. In the year 1961, she acted in Rabindranath Tagore's Drama 'Sesh Rakshya' as Indumati at Deshapriya Park (Kolkata). Since then Alokananda Roy started acting & singing in Theatre shows, dramas etc. The formal dance training of Alokananda Roy completed under Majulika Das followed by Maruthappa Pillai [Bharat Natyam] followed by Sanjukta Panigrahi [Odissi]. While Alokananda Roy was in Presidency College, world-famous filmmaker Satyajit Ray approached her to cast her in Bengali movie Kanchenjunga. Singer, Dancer & Theatre actress Alokananda Roy made her Bengali film debut with Satyajit Ray's Kanchenjunga movie starring eminent actors like Chhabi Biswas, Pahari Sanyal. After the release of Kanchenjunga movie of Alokananda Roy, she got married. The acting career on small-screen (Television) was started when she done Jagannath Guha directed 'Solution X'. Budhhadeb Dasgupta's Fera bengali movie was another notable Bengali film of actress Alokananda Roy which was premiered at Berlin Film Festival. Over the years, as a Dancer-performer Alokananda Roy has performed all over the world & performed in prestigious events like Sanskriti Festival of Wales (England) & Scotland, Royal Albert Hall during Edinburgh Festival, festival of Bengal at Singapore, Asian festival at Japan, festival of India in Japan, Asian Festival in Glasgow at Town Hall London, North American Bengali conference at San Francisco followed by Atlanta & Atlantic City and many more. Dancing legend Alokananda Roy performed a memorable Performing Arts performance for 9/11 victims at Boston center. Let's check out few notable Dance Dramas of Alokananda Roy - 'Shyama', 'Chitrangada', 'Chandalika', 'Vandematara,', 'Meghdoot', 'Vasavdatta', 'Savitri', 'Dharitri', 'Raagasrayee', 'Supernatural', 'Shrinagar', 'Amrapali', 'Valmiki Pratibha' etc. Alokananda Roy has founded Cultural Academy Chandanaloke in 1989 & Inspiration Foundation in 2002 in Kolkata. The Dance School of Alokananda Roy in Kolkata named 'Cultural Academy Chandanaloke' has been founded for enriching dancing skills & developing more world-class dancers. Alokananda Roy's NGO Inspiration Foundation of Kolkata was developed for the unprivileged children and as a social worker Alokananda Roy is dealing with several NGOs & organizations like 'Calcutta Social Project', 'Calcutta Samaritans', 'Women's Interlinked', 'Anandan' etc. Over the years, Alokananda Roy continues her social work through Dance Therapy, Cultural Therapy at Presidency Correctional Home (Alipur Jail) at Kolkata. The convicts of Presidency Jail gets the opportunity to learn & perform under Alokananda Roy, who provides 'Dance Therapy' [a part of Culture Therapy] to bring Jail Inmates in to main-stream of life. Alokananda Roy has successfully changed so many victim's life and able to transform them as normal human being who are now living with pride & social responsibilities.

Achievements Awards of Dancer Alokananda Roy: - Let's check out few prestigious awards received by Actress Dancer Choreographer Social Worker Alokananda Roy during her profession life -
Alokananda Roy won the Miss Calcutta Title in 1969. Alokananda Roy became Miss India first runner up 1969. Alokananda Roy was awarded with the "A" category artist award of Doordarshan since 1976. Alokananda Roy was awarded with the Sanskriti Parishad Award in 1985. The Michel Madhusudan Award was awarded to Alokananda Roy in 1994. Alokananda Roy received the Gold Medal Of Shri Shiksyatan College in 1997. Alokananda Roy got the Honorary Citizenship of Clarksville USA in 2000.

Good wishes to Dancer Alokananda Roy for upcoming life & Career from the team of Kolkata Bengal Information. We all are looking for more good jobs from you (Dancer Alokananda Roy), so keep on doing your best work for us.
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