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AIFF Withdraws Suspension of Mohun Bagan Football Club of Kolkata on 15th January 2013

All India Football Federation (AIFF) has withdrawn the Suspension of Mohun Bagan Football Club today on 15th January 2013 after a board meeting at Delhi. It’s indeed good news for Mohun Bagan Football Club & Mohun Bagan supporters that AIFF has given the permission to play rest of i-League football matches in this year by withdrawing the ‘suspended’ decision.

Mohun Bagan Football Club of Kolkata got banned (Suspended) from playing football after the incident happened at Salt Lake Stadium on 9th December 2012 playing against East Bengal. Since then, Mohun Bagan Football Club of Kolkata was suspended from playing i-League matches and for that reason we have seen how much Mohun Bagan Board Members & Supporters requested AIFF to review their decision of ‘suspension’.

Today, on 15th January 2013 the good news for Mohun Bagan Supporters finally came out from AIFF after the meeting. All India Football Federation (AIFF) has reviewed their decision & withdraws the suspension of Mohun Bagan Football Club of Kolkata but they also given few instructions to follow. Let’s check out what are the instructions AIFF declares
  • Mohun Bagan Foot Ball Club of Kolkata required to pay 2 Crore Rupees.
  • Mohun Bagan Football Club of Kolkata is eligible to play this year’s i-League but they are lost their 12 points. It means, Mohun Bagan will play the rest of their 16 i-League Matches with 0 Point in their bag.
  • Mohun Bagan Club officials Anjan Mitra & Debasish Dutta are penalized. They are not allowed to attend any AIFF Proceedings & also they are not permitted to enter in the technical areas during i-League football match for 1 year.
  • AIFF will announce their decision over ‘Odafa’, Mohun Bagan Footballer, later on.
  • East Bengal beat Mohun Bagan with a scoreline 3-0 on that i-League match of 9th December 2012 - this official result has been declared by AIFF.

Mohun Bagan Suspension WithdrawnVideo courtesy ABP Ananda.

So, one of the best Football Clubs of Kolkata Mohun Bagan Athletic Club will again play in i-League matches. This time, Mohun Bagan Club has a tough task ahead because they are starting with 0 point and 16 matches to play.
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