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Rajesh Sharma Actor Profile Family Education Film Acting Career

Rajesh Sharma, born in a Punjabi Middle Class family, is the well-known face of Tollywood & Bollywood film industry since 1990s. Mostly Rajesh Sharma does negative characters on-screen. Actor Rajesh Sharma believes in performance and never bothers about the role that he is playing and this is the sign of excellent performers.

Rajesh Sharma – Actor Profile Family Education Film Career
Address of actor Rajesh Sharma: Rashbehari, Kolkata.

Family Background of actor Rajesh Sharma:
- Father name of actor Rajesh Sharma: Late Gurucharan Sharma.
- Mother name of actor Rajesh Sharma: Amarjit Sharma.

Educational Life Background of Rajesh Sharma: Graduated in Kolkata and the School name of actor Rajesh Sharma is Bhawanipur Adarsh Hindi High School, Kolkata.

Rajesh Sharma PhotoProfessional life career works of actor Rajesh Sharma: Rajesh Sharma leant Bengali language from their neighbours and watched so many Bengali drama (natok) at Muktangon during his early life. Rajesh Sharma likes Drama right from his childhood days and he was the regular viewer of Muktangon Drama Hall. During his school days, Rajesh Sharma acted in ‘Chuti’ drama of Rabindranath Tagore during Durga Puja Bijoya celebration. When he was at 17, Rajesh Sharma joined Drama academy and then he got a chance to act in Tripti Mitra’s ‘Gudia Ki Ghar’, Usha Ganguly’s ‘Rangakarmi’. In late 1986 and 1990s Rajesh Sharma moved to Bengali TV Serials and Cinema industry. Rajesh Sharma has worked with famous filmmakers like Aparna Sen, Sandip Roy, Swapan Saha, Dibakar Bandopadhyay, Haranath Chakraborty and many others. Not only with best film directors, Actor Rajesh Sharma acted with actors like Prasenjit, Rani Mukherjee, Vidya Balan, Naseeruddin, Salman Khan and many more.

Actor Rajesh Sharma Bengali & Hindi Movies & Filmography: - We have seen Rajesh Sharma in so many Tollywood bangla cinema playing the character of villain (negative) and here are some memorable film names of Rajesh Sharma.

  • First Bengali debut film of Rajesh Sharma in negative (villain) role is Pratibaad with Prasenjit Chatterjee of Director Haranath Chakraborty.
  • Rajesh Sharma Bengali Movie as hero - Paramitar Ek Din under the direction of Aparna Sen.
  • Hindi Bollywood movies of Rajesh Sharma are Parinita, Ishqiya, Khosla Ka Ghosla, No One Killed Jessica, Dirty Picture.
Upcoming Bengali films of Rajesh Sharma are Ringo’s System, Aniket Chattopadhyay’s Goray Gondogol, Debaditya Bandopadhyay’s Atta Aater Bongaon Local, Srijit Mukhopadhyay’s 22se Srabon. Rajesh Sharma’s upcoming Hindi bollywood movies are Salman Khan’s Chillar Party, Hriday Shetty’s Van No.4048, Miland Nathuria’s Dirty Picture (with Naseeruddin & Vidya Balan).
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Anjan Dutta Profile Family Film & Music Director Career - Personal & Professional Life

Anjan Dutta – the name itself means a lot in Bengali Film Industry. Bengali Film-maker  Actor, Singer & Music Director Anjan Dutta concentrated on serious Indian Films and bring a new dimension to Bangla Cinema and Bangla Music. Anjan Dutta joined Badal Sarkar’s Theatre Group during his university days and after few years in Theatre; finally Anjan Dutta made his film debut in Chalachitro Bengali Film of Mrinal Sen. Anjan Dutta’s acting career in Bengali films was at stake at that time and he had to even work as journalist at that time in a famous English daily news paper. Anjan Dutta stepped into the Bengali Music arena in 1990s with a perfect blend of Western and Indian Folk Songs. Anjan Dutta himself writes the songs and composed the music and all the songs of Anjan Dutta are related to real life activities with proper social meanings.

Anjan Dutta – Profile Family Education Film Music Direction Career
Birthday of Anjan Dutta: - 19th January, 1953.

Educational Background of Anjan Dutta: Anjan Dutta has completed his schooling from St. Paul’s School, Darjeeling and MA in English from Calcutta University.

Anjan Dutta family details: The Son name of Anjan Dutta is Neel Dutta, who is also a well-known music director.

Anjan Dutta Film Acting Career: -
Anjan Dutta Bengali Films in 2011: Ranjana Ami Ar Asbona.
Anjan Dutta Bengali Films in 2010: Mahanagar @ Kolkata.
Anjan Dutta Bengali Films in 2009: Madly Bengalee.
Anjan Dutta Bengali Films in 2002: Mr. and Mrs. Iyer, directed by Aparna Sen.
Anjan Dutta Bengali Films in 2001: Dekha.
Anjan Dutta Bengali Films in 1995: Yugant.
Anjan Dutta Bengali Films in 1994: Antareen.
Anjan Dutta Bengali Films in 1993: Shilpi, Sunya Theke Suru.
Anjan Dutta Bengali Films in 1992: City of Joy, Mahaprithivi.
Anjan Dutta Bengali Films in 1991: City of Hope.
Anjan Dutta Bengali Films in 1989: Ek Din achanak.
Anjan Dutta Bengali Films in 1988: Nuit Bengali.
Anjan Dutta Bengali Films in 1982: Grihajuddha, Kharij.
Anjan Dutta Bengali Films in 1981: Chaalchitra.

Film-Director Anjan Dutta directed Bengali Movies: -
Anjan Dutta Bengali directed Films in 2011: Ranjana Ami Ar Asbona.
Anjan Dutta Bengali directed Films in 2009: Madly Bengalee.
Anjan Dutta Bengali directed Films in 2009: Chowrasta.
Anjan Dutta Bengali directed Films in 2008: Chalo Let’s Go.
Anjan Dutta Bengali directed Films in 2007: Bow Barracks Forever (English), The Bong Connection (English).
Anjan Dutta Bengali directed Films in 1997: Bada Din (Hindi).

Anjan Dutta Singing Career & Music Albums: -
Anjan Dutta Music Albums in 1994 – Shunte Ki Chao.
Anjan Dutta Music Albums in 1995 – Purono Guitar.
Anjan Dutta Music Albums in 1996 – Bhalobashi Tomay.
Anjan Dutta Music Albums in 1997 – Keu Gaan Gaye.
Anjan Dutta Music Albums in 1998 – Maa, Chalo Bodlai, Priyo Bandhu.
Anjan Dutta Music Albums in 1999 – Hello Bangladesh, Kolkata-16.
Anjan Dutta Music Albums in 2000 – Bandra Blues, Asamoy.
Anjan Dutta Music Albums in 2001 – Rawng Pencil.
Anjan Dutta Music Albums in 2004 – Onekdin Por.
Anjan Dutta Music Albums in 2005 – Ichchhe Korei Eksathe.
Anjan Dutta Music Albums in 2007 – Abar Pothey Dekha, Ami ar Godot.

Search Tags: Anjan Dutta Biography Biodata Profile, Music Director Singer Anjan Dutta Songs Albums, Family Father Mother Son of Anjan Dutta, Education Qualification of Anjan Dutta, Profession Occupation Film Acting Career Anjan Dutta Bengali Movie Director, Anjan Dutta Contact details, Ranjana Ami Ar Asbona Anjan Dutta films songs, Anjan Dutta Personal Professional Educational Life.
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Abir Actor Profile Family Education Personal Life - TV & Film Actor Abir Chatterjee

Abir Chatterjee is a famous Bangla Television Actor and Tollywood film star who born in Kolkata and completed MBA Degree from ICFAI Kolkata. Born in a family attached to Theatre Industry, Abir Chatterjee also established himself in Media and film Industry by TV serials and Tele-Films. But, in 2009 onwards Abir Chatterjee is doing Bengali films as well and recently launched Bengali Film Byomkesh Bakshi of Abir Chatterjee was the super duper hit in Tollywood Film Industry.

Bengali Tollywood Film Television Actor Abir Chatterjee Profile Family Education Life

Bengali TV Film Actor Abir Chatterjee: - 18th November 1980.

Age of Actor Abir Chatterjee: - 32 as on 2012.

Birthplace Address of Actor Abir Chatterjee: - South Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

Profession Occupation of Abir Chatterjee Bengali: - Actor.

Father Mother Name of Actor Abir Chatterjee: - Bengali Actor Abir Chatterjee is the son of theatre personalities Phalguni Chatterjee and Rumki Chatterjee.

Spouse wife Name of Actor Abir Chatterjee: - Nandini Chatterjee.

Educational Background of Actor Abir Chatterjee: - MBA from ICFAI Business School Kolkata.

College Name of Actor Abir Chatterjee: - Goenka College of Commerce Kolkata from where Actor Abir Chatterjee completed Commerce Graduation degree.
Actor Abir Chatterjee Profile Biodata Biography Early life Abir Chatterjee Actor, Filmography Abir Chatterjee Bengali Actor, Television Career Bengali TV Film Actor Abir Chatterjee, Awards Model Actor Bengali girl Abir Chatterjee, Abir Chatterjee Wikipedia, Actor Abir Chatterjee Family (Father Mother Brother Sister Children Kids Son Daughter Wife Girlfriend) Abir Chatterjee Actor Birthday Address Mobile Phone Contact Number Bengali Actor Abir Chatterjee Qualification Eligibility Education School College University Degree Abir Chatterjee Actor Model Personal Early Life Abir Chatterjee Educational Professional Life Actor Abir Chatterjee unknown secret life information Abir Chatterjee facebook twitter profile
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Chiranjeet Profile Education Film Career - Actor & TMC MLA Chiranjit Life & Background

Legendary Film Actor Chiranjeet (Chiranjit / Deepak Chakraborty) is not only an actor of Tollywood Film Industry, but also a famous Filmmaker (Director), Artist. Chiranjeet, actor-director of Tollywood Bangla Film, has done Bengali movies, Stage Shows, Reality Shows and produced many excellent Bengali films till date under Chiranjeet’s Direction.

Chiranjeet Profile Education Acting Film Career – Actor Director TMC Leader Chiranjit
Real Original Full Name of Actor Chiranjeet: Deepak Chakraborty.
Birthday of Chiranjeet Actor TMC Leader: 2nd November 1960 (Age of Chiranjit is 51 as on 2011 November).
Address of Chiranjeet Actor-TMC Leader: South Kolkata Bengal.

Educational Background Life Chiranjeet Actor TMC Leader: Actor Chiranjit completed school life from Mitra Institution. Later Actor Chiranjeet had studied Engineering from Jadavpur University, Kolkata.
Occupation Profession of Chiranjeet: Actor, Director (Filmmaker) and Trinamool Congress Leader (MLA from Barasat Constituency).

Actor-TMC Leader Chiranjeet Personal Life: Deepak Chakraborty, Chiranjeet, has worked for Bangla Magazine ‘Desh’ and later also worked as a Newsreader on Bengali TV Channel. Actor Chiranjeet, having one daughter, made his debut in films under the direction of Ranjan Majumdar’s film ‘Sonai Sohaga’ in 1989. Excellent stage artist Chiranjeet made his Debut in Film Direction in movie ‘Marzada’ (Director Chiranjeet).

Filmography Films Career Chiranjeet Actor – Director – TMC Leader:
Here are the names of Bengali Movies of actor Chiranjeet till date: Jibon Rang Berang, Antarotamo (2008), Abhinetri (2006), Chore Chore Mastuto Bhai (2005), Aatotayee (2004), Chor O Bhagoban (2003), Abaidho, Inqlab, TDJ (2002), Bariwali, Bhalobasar Rajprasade, Hatiar, Mastermasai, Ostad, Prem Pratigya, Srimoti Bhayonkari (2001), Bastir Meye Radha, Chakrabyuha, Debanjali, Dharma Adharma, Rupasi Dohai Tomar, Trishul (2000), Dadabhai, Mastan Raja, Rajdanda, Sankha Sindurer Dibbi, Sindur Khela (1999), Bishnu Narayan, Lola Luci, Mayer Dibyi (1998), Chandragrahan, Jiban Jouban, Joddha, Nishpap Asami, Pita Mata Santan, Sabar Upare Maa, Sedin Chaitramas (1997), Beyadap, Bhai Amar Bhai, Bhoy, Joy Bijoy, Tridhara (1996), Abirbhab, Jiban Yoddha, Kencho Khunrte Keute, Kumari Maa, Mashal, Naginkanya, Prem Sanghat, Rakhal Raja, Sansar Sangram (1995), Atikram, Biswas Abiswas, Danga, Lal Pan Bibi, Phiriye Dao, Rakta Nadir Dhara (1994), Ghar Sansar, Kanyadan, Maan Samman, Samparka, Shakti, Shanka, Tomar Rakte Aamar Sohag (1993), Bedenir Prem, Pennam Kolkata, Pitrireen, Rakte Lekha, Shaitan (1992), Beder Meye Jyotsna, Sindur (1991), Gharer Bou, Jowar Bhanta, Papi (1990), Agnitrishna, Asha, Mahapith Tarapith, Maryada, Nishibadhu, Shatrupaksha, Tufan (1989), Aghat, Boba Sanai, Heerer Shikal, Madhuganjer Sumati, Pratik (1988), Gayak, Mouna Mukhar, Pap Punya, Pratikar (1987), Amarkantak, Artanad, Jiban, Madhumoy, Prem O Pap (1986), Antarale, Harishchandra Shaibya, Shatru, Sonar Sansar (1985), Samarpita (1984), Ashlilatar Daye, Din Jaye (1983), Prafulla, Sandhan (1982), Sonay Sohaga (1981)

Chiranjeet as Director i.e., these are the Bangla Cinemas of Chiranjeet as a Director: Manush Amanush (2002), Bastir Meye Radha (2000), Bhoy (1996), Kencho Khunrte Keute, Sansar Sangram (1995), Phiriye Dao (1994), Maryada (1989).
Actor-Director Chiranjeet has contested in 2011 Bengal Assembly Election as a TMC Party Candidate from Barasat Constituency of North 24-Parganas district of Bengal. and won with a big margin to become a MLA (Bidhayak) of Barasat Constituency. We wish good luck to Chiranjeet’s Political Career

Search Tags: Chiranjeet Profile Biodata Biography Deepak Chakraborty Tollywood Film Star Movie Actor Cinema Hero Chiranjeet Wikipedia, Chiranjit Actor TMC Party Leader Politician Chiranjit Real Original Full Name Actor TMC Leader Chiranjeet Birthday Address Mobile Phone contact Number Actor Trinamool Leader Chiranjit Family Father Mother Brother Sister Wife Son Daughter Children Actor Chiranjeet TMC Leader Qualification Education School College Name, Chiranjit Actor TMC Leader Occupation Profession Works, Chiranjeet Acting Film Career Awards Achievements Actor TMC Leader Chiranjeet Deepak Chakraborty Early Personal Life Professional Educational Life Background Chiranjit Actor TMC Leader Chiranjeet Political Career.
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Hiran Chatterjee - Actor Profile Film Career Education Awards

Hiran Chatterjee is a well-known face in Tollywood Film Industry. The Howrah (Uluberia) born guy, Hiran Chatterjee, actor of Bengali Films, started his acting career in 2007 and since then Hiran is producing hit Bangla cinema every year till now.

Actor Hiran Chatterjee Personal Educational Professional Life Career
Birthday of Hiran Chatterjee Actor: - 19th December 1985 (Age of Hiran Chatterjee is 27 as on December 2012).

Address of Actor Hiran Chatterjee: - Actor Hiran born at Uluberia of Howrah district and spend his childhood days at Uluberia. After the loss of parents, Hiran started living at Maniktala Ashram in Kolkata. And now, lives at South Kolkata.

♣ Actor Hiran Chatterjee Family: -
Hiran Chatterjee's father and mother both died when he was in his school days. Now, he is living with his wife Anindita (Wife of Actor Hiran Chatterjee - singer by profession).

Actor Hiran Chatterjee Educational Background: -
Actor Hiran completed his Madhyamik & Higher Secondary School education from Uluberia High School, Howrah. Hiran Chatterjee has completed Graduation in English Literature Honors from Rabindra Bharati University and after that Hiran Chatterjee completed MBA and done Law course too.

♣ Actor Hiran Chatterjee Professional Life: -
Hiran Chatterjee went to Mumbai for the Law practice and this job opportunity came through Mr. Shyamal Kanti Roy. There at Mumbai, Hiran started practicing law and few months later got the job at Reliance Company. But left the job of Reliance for becoming an actor. His first Bengali movie is Nabab Nandini.

Actor Hiran Chatterjee Film Acting Career Filmography: -
◘ Bengali Actor Hiran’s films in 2012 - Macho Mustafa with Pooja.
◘ Bengali Actor Hiran’s films in 2011 -  Le Halua Le with Mithun Chakraborty, Soham and Payel.
Bengali Actor Hiran’s films in 2010 - Jibon Rong Berong with Debashree Roy and Mon Je Kore Uru Uru with Koyel Mullick.
Bengali Actor Hiran’s Movies in 2009 – Jackpot, Maa Amar Maa, Olot Palot and Risk with Priyanka Sarkar.
Bengali Actor Hiran’s Cinemas in 2008 – Bhalobasa Bhalobasa and Chirosaathi.
Bengali Actor Hiran’s films in 2007 – Debut film of Hiran Bangla Cinema Actor is ‘Nabab Nandini’ with Koyel Mallick.

Those who like Bengali Film Actor Hiran Chatterjee and are crazy fans of Hiran Chatterjee can join actor Hiran Chatterjee Fan Club at www.herohiran.com. Wish good luck to Hiran Chatterjee, the Bengali film star, for the upcoming films of Hiran and for better acting career of Hiran for his bright professional life.
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Srijit Mukherjee Profile Career & Education - Film Director Srijit Personal & Professional Life Background

Tollywood Movies Bengali Films Bangla Cinema Director Film-maker Actor Lyricist Srijit Mukhopadhyay Profile Biography Biodata Birthday Srijit Mukherjee Address Mobile Phone Contact Number Director Actor Srijit Mukherjee Family Father Mother Wife Son Children Girlfriends Srijit Mukherjee Educations School College University Names Qualifications Bangla Cinema Director Srijit Mukherjee Professions Works Career Awards Achievements Bengali film-maker Srijit Mukherjee Early Personal Professional Educational Life Background Srijit Mukherjee upcoming Bengali movies films photos pictures Srijit Mukherjee.
One of the brightest directors in Bengali Film Industry is Srijit Mukhopadhyay (Srijit Mukherjee), who is not only a film-maker but an actor, lyricist and a Dramatist as well. Tollywood Bengali Film-maker / Director Srijit Mukhopadhyay (Srijit Mukherjee) has assist in direction of famous Bengali movies like ‘Iti Mrinalini’, ‘Madly Bangali’ and now directing Bengali films like ‘Autograph’, ‘22se Srabon’ etc.

Director Srijit Mukherjee Personal Educational Professional Life Background
Address of Srijit Mukhopadhyay: Srijit Mukhopadhyay has spent his early life at Indra Roy Road, Bhawanipur Kolkata and now lives at Lake Gardens, Kolkata with his mother.

Qualification Of Srijit Mukherjee: Bangla film-maker Srijit Mukherjee has completed Class-10th from Nursery at Dolna Day School of Kolkata and completed Class-12th from South Point School Kolkata. College life of Srijit Mukherjee completed at Presidency College Kolkata in Economics and then completed MA M.Phil from Jawaharlal Nehru University.

Professional Life Works Career Of Srijit Mukherjee: After completion of MA-M.Phil Srijit Mukherjee moved to Bengaluru for job purpose but affection towards Drama and Films; Srijit Mukherjee came back to Kolkata leaving the Job at Bengaluru. Srijit Mukherjee has started assisting directors in Bengali films and now started making films on his own. First Bengali movie of Director Srijit Mukherjee is Anjan Dutta’s Madly Bangali where Srijit Mukherjee was an assistant director and also had wrote songs of Madly Bangali Bengali Cinema. Srijit Mukhopadhyay, Bengali film director, has produced few Bangla Natok (Bengali Drama) as well. ‘Feluda Ferot’ and ‘Checkmate’ are some of the best Bangla Natok written by Srijit Mukherjee. Director Srijit Mukherjee has played a small roll in the Bangla Cinema Iti Mrinalini and also done the job of assistant director and writing of 2 songs of Iti Mrinalini Bengali film. 22nd Srabon (Baishe Srabon) is the upcoming Bengali movie of Prasenjit Chatterjee under the direction of Bengali movie director Srijit Mukhopadhyay.

Good wishes to Srijit Mukherjee, Bengali Film-maker-Actor-Lyricist, for his upcoming films and bright career awaiting.
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Jishu Sengupta Profile Film Career Awards - Actor Jisshu Personal Professional Life & Background

Jisshu Life Background Actor Jishu Sengupta Profile Biodata Biography, Tollywood Film Star Movie Actor Jishu Sengupta Cinema Hero, Actor Jishu Sengupta Birthday Address Mobile Phone Contact Number, Jishu Sengupta Family Father Mother Sister Brother Wife Girlfriend Son Daughter Children, Jishu Sengupta Actor Education Qualification School College Name, Actor Jishu Sengupta Occupation Profession Works Acting Career, Actor Jishu Sengupta Films Awards Achievements, Actor Jishu Sengupta upcoming movies films cinema, fan club Jishu Sengupta latest news, Actor Jishu Sengupta early personal educational life professional secret life Jishu Sengupta Background, Real Original Name Jisshu Sengupta, Wikipedia Jisshu Sengupta.
Biswaroop Sengupta, popularly known as Jisshu, is the popular Bengali film actor and a well-known face of Tollywood Film Industry. Actor Jishu Sengupta was a cricketer in his early life and actor Jisshu had represented Bengal in sub-junior Cricket Tournaments. A very good dancer with excellent acting skill; Jishu Sengupta is one of the best recent actors of Bengali Film Industry.

Jishu Sengupta Actor Biography Personal Family Professional Life Film Career
Real Original Full Name of Actor Jishu Sengupta: - Biswaroop Sengupta (Biswarup Sengupta).

Birthday of Actor Jisshu Sengupta: - 15th March 1977 (Age of Jisshu Sengupta is 35 as on March 2012).

Address of Actor Jishu Sengupta: - Kolkata, West Bengal.

Father Name of Actor Jishu Sengupta: - Ujjwal Sengupta, father of Jishu, is a Bengali film actor.

Mother Name of Actor Jisshu Sengupta: - Mukta Sengupta, Mother of Jisshu, is wedding planner.

Sister Name of Actor Jishu Sengupta: Satarupa (Rai) Sengupta, elder sister of Jishu, who is the wife of lead singer of Bangla Band Sahar named Anindya Bose.

Wife Spouse Name of Actor Jisshu Sengupta: - Nilanjana Sharma and Jisshu married in 2004.

Filmography Film Acting Career of Jishu Sengupta Actor: -
2012 Bengali movie of Jishu - Chitrangada.
2011 Takhan Teish – Bengali film of Jisshu Sengupta.
2010 Arekti Premer Golpo, Abohoman – Bengali films of Jisshu Sengupta.
2009 Neel Akasher Chadni – Bengali movies of Jisshu Sengupta.
2008 Kakatua, The Last Lear, Bangal Ghoti Phataphati, Nouka Dubi, Sob Choritro Kalponik, 90 Ghanta, Bor Aasbe Ekhuni, Golmaal, Janatar Aadalat, Janmadata, Love, Premer Kahini – Bengali cinema of Jisshu Sengupta.
2007 Chakra, Kalishankar, Mahaguru, Rudra The Fire, Shapmochon – Bengali film of Jisshu Sengupta.
2006 Abhimanyu, Amra, Bhumiputra, Hangama, Pita, Swarthopar, Tapasya – Bengali film of Jisshu Sengupta.
2005 Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose: The Forgotten Hero, Chore Chore Mastuto Bhai, Debi, Mayer Raja, Sangram, Shudhu Bhalobasa, Swapna – Bengali film of Jisshu Sengupta.
2004 Anyay Atyachar, Gerakal, Premi, Raja Babu, Sajani, Samudra Sakshi – Bengali film of Jisshu Sengupta.
2003 Abar Aranye, Biswasghatak, Guru, Memsaheb, Sneher Protidan – Bengali film of Jisshu Sengupta.
2002 Chhelebela, Debdas, Ektu Chhoa, Kurukshetra, Manush Amanush, Moner Majhe Tumi – Bengali film of Jisshu Sengupta.
2001 Bidhatar Khela – Bengali movies of Jisshu Sengupta.
2000 Rin Mukti, Shesh Thikana – Bengali Cinema of Jisshu Sengupta.
1999 Priyojon (Debut Film of Jishu) – Bengali film of Jisshu Sengupta.

Professional Life of Actor Jisshu Sengupta: Sub-Junior Bengal Cricketer Jishu Sengupta was very keen to make career in film industry and started his acting career by acting the lead role of Mahaprabhu Sri Chaitanya in Bengali TV Mega Serial Mahaprabhu. Jishu Sengupta has acted in Tele-Serials, Films and hosted few TV Reality Shows in his professional career till date.

Good wishes to actor Jishu Sengupta for his upcoming films and film acting career of Jishu Sengupta.
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Indraneil Sengupta Actor Profile Family Education Career Awards - Barkha's Husband

Autograph cinema Actor Tollywood Movie Actor Indraneil Sengupta Wikipedia, Hindi Bengali Film Actor Indraneil Sengupta Profile Biodata Biography, Bollywood Tollywood Actor Indraneil Sengupta Address Birthday Mobile Phone Contact Number, Cinema Actor Indraneil Sengupta family (father mother brother sister Spouse Wife children son), Barkha Bisht Husband Actor Indraneil Sengupta Education Qualification School College names, Indraneil Sengupta Actor film acting career Occupation profession filmography, Actor Indraneil Sengupta awards achievements prizes, Indraneil Sengupta upcoming new Bengali Hindi Films Movies, Indraneil Sengupta Early Personal Life Professional Educational Secret Life Indraneil Sengupta.
Model Actor Indraneil Sengupta is the well-known face to all Television viewers and now in Bollywood Film Industry along with Tollywood Bengali Film Industry as well. Starting with modeling Indraneil Sengupta has now established himself in Big Screen with few block bluster films like ‘Autograph’, ‘Arekti Premer Golpo’, which was critically acclaimed. The husband of Barkha Bisht, Indraneil Sengupta is also familiar for TV Serials.

Actor Indraneil Sengupta Profile Family Education Film Career Awards

Birth Place of Model Actor Indraneil Sengupta: - Assam, North Eastern State of India.

Address of Actor Indraneil Sengupta: - Mumbai & Kolkata.

Education Qualification of Actor Indraneil Sengupta: - Model Actor Indraneil Sengupta has completed his education from Ahmedabad. In 2000 Indraneil Sengupta moved to Mumbai for modeling courses and to make career in Modelling.

Family of Actor Indraneil Sengupta: - Model Actor Indraneil Sengupta wife name is Barkha Bisht Sengupta, who is also a famous actress of Bollywood and Tollywood. Barkha Bisht was seen in ‘Dui Prithvi’ Film with Dev and Jeet (item song Pyarelal) and recently Barkha Bisht judges a Dance Reality Show on Rupashi Bangla TV Channel ‘Street Dancer’ along with Firdouse.

Occupation Profession of Indraneil Sengupta: - Model and Actor by profession.

Professional Life Career of Actor Indraneil Sengupta: - Indraneil Sengupta started his career as a model for designer Rohit Bal. Indraneil Sengupta has done few commercial advertisements as a model for Tata Indigo Marina Car, VIP Frenchie, Aquafina etc and later Indraneil Sengupta worked for choreographer Marc Robinson and Achala Sachdev.

Actor Indraneil Sengupta Filmography – Films, TV Serials, Music Video Albums:
Films of Indraneil Sengupta: Actor Indraneil Sengupta has done few Hindi Cinema and Bengali films till date and the names of Bengali Movies of Indraneil Sengupta are Bengali film Janala (2011), Autograph (2010), Jodi Ekdin (2010), Arekti Premer Golpo (2010), Angshumaner Chhobi (2009). Apart from doing Bengali Films, Indraneil Sengupta has also acted in Hindi Movies named Mumbai Salsa, Vikram Bhatt’s 1920, Shukriya.

TV Serials of Indraneil Sengupta: Actor Indraneil Sengupta has first stepped into Television Serials before Big Screen. Here are the few TV Serial names of Indraneil Sengupta - Pyaar Ke Do Naam Ek Raadha Ek Shyaam Shyaam, Banoo Main Teri Dulhann, Babul Ki Bitiya Chali Doli Saja Ke Daksh, Maayka Angad, Nach Baliye-3 with Barkha Bisht.

Music Videos of Indraneil Sengupta: After doing Modeling, when Indraneil Sengupta thought of doing acting then he first done few Music Video Album Acting and some names of those Music Videos where Indraneil Sengupta acted are Falguni Pathak ‘pal pal tere yaad sataye’, Yesudas Hindi music album ‘Koi diya jale kahin rum pum bum’.

Awards Achievements Prizes Won by Indraneil Sengupta Model Actor: Indraneil Sengupta has received quite a few awards till date and the names of the awards received by Indraneil Sengupta are: Anandalok Fresh Male Face of 2009 Award for 'Anshumaner Chobi' Bengali Film and Indraneil Sengupta was the finalist in Gladrags Manhunt Contest in 1999.

Indraneil Sengupta and Barkha Bisht got married on 2nd March 2008. Both of them, Indraneil and Barkha know each other because they had done few TV Serials on Zee TV together and also participated in Nach Baliye-3 Dance Reality Show together. Good wishes to Actor Indraneil Sengupta and Actress Barkha Bisht Sengupta for their successful career and married life.
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Rituparno Ghosh Profile Awards Film Career - Rituparno Director Actor Life

Tollywood Bengali Filmmaker Director Actor Rituparno Ghosh Profile Biodata Biography, Rituparno Ghosh Birthday Address Mobile Phone Contact Number Rituparno Ghosh family (father mother brother sister relations) Rituparno Ghosh Education Qualification School College Rituparno Ghosh Early Life Personal Professional Educational Life Rituparno Ghosh Film Acting Tollywood Movie Career, Rituparno Ghosh Filmography Films Movies Cinemas upcoming new, Director Actor Rituparno Ghosh, Awards Rituparno Ghosh Achievements Prizes Won.
Rituparno Ghosh is one of the best Bengali film directors of Tollywood Film Industry. Filmmaker Rituparno Ghosh has won total of 8 National Film Award in India (till date) and several awards at international film festivals abroad as well. We have seen Rituparno Ghosh as film director, film actor and also Rituparno Ghosh hosted few TV Serials as well.

Rituparno Ghosh Profile Career Awards Films Professional Life
Birthday of Rituparno Ghosh Filmmaker Actor: 31st August 1963.

Age of Director Actor Rituparno Ghosh: 49 as on August 2012.

Address of Rituparno Ghosh Actor-Director: Kolkata, West Bengal.

Occupation Profession of Rituparno Ghosh: Film Director by profession and recently also doing acting in films.

Processional Life Film Career Filmmaker Rituparno Ghosh: Rituparno Ghosh began directing in advertising. In 1992, Rituparno Ghosh made a low-key film debut with a children's feature titled Hirer Angti (The Diamond Ring). Rituparno Ghosh’s second movie Unishe April (19 April), won the 1995 National Film Award Since then, Ghosh has directed Dahan, Utsab, Chokher Bali, Asukh, Bariwali, Antarmahal and Raincoat (in Hindi). Rituparno Ghosh won the National Award for best director for Rituparno’s Bengali film "Abohoman" starring Jishu Sengupta, Ananya Chatterjee, Dipankar Dey and Mamata Shankar in India in 2010.

Rituparno Ghosh Filmography Film Direction Acting Career: Famous Film Director of Tollywood Bengali Movie Industry, Rituparno Ghosh produced many super hit Bengali Movies as Director Rituparno Ghosh.
Rituparno Ghosh directed Bengali Film Hirer Angti (The Diamond Ring) (1994)
Rituparno Ghosh directed Bengali Movie Unishe April (19th April) (1994)
Rituparno Ghosh directed Bengali Cinema Dahan (Crossfire) (1997)
Rituparno Ghosh directed Bangali Film Bariwali (The Lady of the House) (1999)
Rituparno Ghosh directed Bangali Cinema Asukh (Malaise) (1999)
Rituparno Ghosh directed Bengali Film Utsab (The Festival) (2000)
Rituparno Ghosh directed Bengali Movies Titli (The First Monsoon Day) (2002)
Rituparno Ghosh directed Tollywood Film Shubho Mahurat (2003)
Rituparno Ghosh directed Tollywood Movie Chokher Bali (A Passion Play) (2003)
Rituparno Ghosh directed Tollywood Cinema Raincoat (2004)
Rituparno Ghosh directed Tollywood films Antarmahal (Views of the Inner Chamber) (2005)
Rituparno Ghosh directed Tollywood movies Dosar (The Companion) (2006)
Rituparno Ghosh directed Movies The Last Lear (2007)
Rituparno Ghosh directed Tollywood Cinema Khela (Get Set Go) (2008)
Rituparno Ghosh directed Tollywood Movies Shob Charitro Kalponik (2009)
Rituparno Ghosh directed Tollywood film Abahoman (The Eternal) (2010)
Rituparno Ghosh directed Bengali film Nouka Dubi (2010)
Rituparno Ghosh directed Bengali film Sunglass (2010)
Rituparno Ghosh as Actor has been seen in the Bengali Film Arekti Premer Golpo (Just Another Love Story) (2010) and in Rituparno Ghosh’s Memories In March (2010) Movies till date. In the year 2012 Rituparno Ghosh directed & acted in his Chitrangada film.

Awards Achievements Prizes won – Rituparno Ghosh Film Director Actor:
Filmmaker Rituparno Ghosh has been awarded Bombay International Film Festival Awards in 1999 - FIPRESCI Prize (Special Mention) - Asukh (Malaise) and also in 2002 - FIPRESCI Prize (Jury Prize) - Titli (The First Monsoon Day).
Filmmaker Rituparno Ghosh received Berlin International Film Festival Award in 2000 - NETPAC Award - Bariwali (Lady of the House).
National Film Awards won by Filmmaker Rituparno Ghosh in the following years:
1995 - National Film Award for Best Feature Film - Unishe April
1998 - National Film Award for Best Screenplay - Dahan
2001 - National Film Award for Best Direction - Utsab
2003 - National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Bengali - Shubho Mahurat
2004 - National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Bengali - Chokher Bali
2005 - National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Hindi - Raincoat
2008 - National Film Award for Best Feature Film in English - The Last Lear
2009 - National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Bengali - Shob Charitro Kalponik
2010 - National Film Award for Best Direction - Abohoman
2010 - National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Bengali - Abohoman

Apart from winning Indian and International Awards Filmmaker Rituparno Ghosh’s films also nominated in Karlovy Vary International Film Festival [1998 - Crystal Globe and 2004 - Crystal Globe (Best Film) – Raincoat] and in the Locarno International Film Festival [2003 - Golden Leopard (Best Film) - Chokher Bali (A Passion Play) and 2005 - Golden Leopard (Best Film) - Antarmahal (Views of the Inner Chamber)].

Good Wishes to Bengal’s pride Rituparno Ghosh, film director and actor, for huge success in upcoming films of Rituparno Ghosh.
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Arindam Haldar Profile Career - Actor Arindam Lama Personal & Professional Life

Bengali Television Film Movie Star Actor Arindam Haldar Lama Profile Biography Biodata, Personal Early Secret Life Comedian Actor Arindam Lama Professional Occupation Life Acting career Filmography Awards Achievements Arindam Haldar Bangla Cinema Actor Comedian Lama Arindam Real Original Name family (Father Mother Brother Sister Wife Children Son Daughter) Arindam Haldar Actor educational life qualification school college name Bengali Movie Star Actor Comedian Arindam Haldar debut film Television Serial names upcoming Cinema Arindam Haldar Actor life birthday address mobile phone number contact details Comedian Actor Arindam Haldar Lama.
Arindam Haldar, popular as Lama, is a well known face in Bengali Television Industry and in Tollywood Bangla Cinema Industry for last 8-10 years now. We all have laughed so many times after watching the tremendous acting on small screen (Television) or on Big screen (Movies). Arindam Haldar, Bengali TV and Film Actor, is no doubt one of the best Comedians of Bengali Film Industry. The great comedy performer knows how to perform comedian character on screen with appropriate acting and facial expression. Arindam Haldar (nick name Lama given by his father) is a master of Comedy roles whether in Bangla Cinema or in Bengali TV Serials like ‘I Laugh You’.

Arindam Haldar (Lama) Bengali Comedy Actor Biography Filmography Personal Life

Real Original Name of Bangla Actor Lama: Arindam Haldar.

Nickname of Bengali Actor Arindam Haldar: Lama.

Address of Actor Arindam Lama Haldar: Bapuji Nagar, South Kolkata, West Bengal.

Mobile Phone Contact Number of Comedian Actor Lama Arindam Haldar: not published.

Family Background of Bengali TV Serial Film Actor Arindam Haldar: Comedian Arindam lives with his father mother, brother, wife and children.

Twin Brother Name of Actor Arindam Haldar Lama: John Haldar (real name Arijit Haldar and nick name Jong).

Educational Background Qualification of Comedian Actor Arindam Haldar: The School Life of Arindam started at Baghajatin Primary School, then admitted to Baghajatin High School after which joined Jadavpur Vidyapith School to finish Comedian Actor Arindam Haldar’s School Life. The college name is Netajinagar Day College, Kolkata from where Bengali TV serial and Film Actor Arindam Haldar have completed his graduation.

Personal Life of Comedian Actor Arindam Haldar (Lama): During the early life of Bengali Actor Arindam Haldar he used to be an alcoholic but nowadays Arindam Haldar has overcome his bad habit of taking alcohol. During the College life of Arindam Haldar, he used to go to ‘Malancha’, ‘Madhuban’ and ‘Bunty’ Cinema Halls with his friends by bunking the classes. Bengali Television and Movie Actor Arindam Haldar has no regrets for doing Comedy roles because he believes that Comedians can do any sort of roles and actors who bring smiles to millions of faces is remembered forever.

Occupation Professional Life of Arindam Haldar (Lama): Arindam Haldar, Bengali TV and Film Actor by profession, was a marketing executive before coming to television and film industry of Tollywood.

Debut TV Serial of Actor Arindam Haldar: Arindam Haldar has started his media acting career in the Bengali Television Serial ‘Tenida’ of Raja Sen; in which Arindam had played the role of ‘Habul’. But, the TV Serial Tenida is yet to be shown on Television. The actor Arindam Haldar has widely known for his mega TV Serial Rupkatha.

Bengali Film Acting Career Arindam Haldar Lama: Till date, Bengali Comedian Actor Arindam Haldar has done 24-25 Bangla Cinemas. Actor Arindam Haldar had done superb acting in Bengali film ‘Chakrabuhya’ in 2000. Upcoming Bangla Cinemas of Arindam Haldar are ‘Hing Ting Chhot’ Bengali Film of Anusuya Roychowdhury, ‘Tapur Tupur Brishti Pore’ Bangla Cinema of Amit Ghosh, ‘Oh My Love’ Bengali Movie of Director Parthasarathi Joardar, Director Kingshuk Chakraborty’s Bangla Film ‘Aloy Fera’, ‘Jodi Sotti Erokom Hoto’ Bangla Movie of Director Abhishek Gangopadhyay and Bengali Cinema ‘Potadar Kirti’ of Jeet Dutta.
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Dev Personal Family Education Love Life - Bengali Actor Dev Unknown Facts - Dev Profile

Bengali Film Actor Dev Profile Biodata Biography, Tollywood Movie Star Dev Real Original Name Family (Father Mother Sister Girlfriend Friends) Names, Bangla Cinema Hero Dev (Dipak Adhikary) Education Qualification Eligibility Profession Occupation Acting Career Dev Bengali Actor Early Professional Educational Life, Actor Dev Secrets Love Unknown Facts, School College names Actor Dev problems life partner requirement choice favorites Dev likings relationship.
Bengali Actor Dev Personal Life Secrets

Why Dev changed his Original Real Name?
Reason behind changing the Real Original Name Dipak Adhikary to Dev: - Don’t think that Bengali heartthrob actor Dev believes in Numerology or Astrology. The original reason of changing the real name of Dev which is Dipak Adhikary is only because of common name. Dipak Adhikary (Real Original Name of Dev Bengali Movie Actor) is a vey common name and for this reason only when Dipak (Dev) came to Kolkata for his first film; Director requested to change the name and Dipak agrees to change the name to Dev which is much catchier.

How Actor Dev came to Tollywood Film Industry from Mumbai?
Bengali Actor Dev Professional Life started in Mumbai where Dev was an assistant of famous Bollywood Film-maker Abbas-Mustan. When for the Bengali Film shooting purpose a Team from Kolkata went to Mumbai; then Dev met the Cameraman Bablu Ray and exchanged their Mobile Phone Numbers. After few months; Dev received a phone call from Dev’s friend Bablu Ray (Camera Man) and came for Bengali Film Shooting because at that time the Bengali Film Director was looking for a new face. After that Dev’s Acting Career and Professional Life of Dev never stopped and people of Bengal started to love Dev as an actor.

Personal Educational Early Childhood Life of Dev Bengali Actor:
Actor Dev Birth Place House Address: - Mahisha Village near Keshpur in Paschim Medinipore, West Bengal.

Mamar Bari Address of Actor Dev: - Chandrokona Town, West Bengal.

Education Qualification of Actor Dev: - Dipak Adhikary (Dev) moved to Mumbai after completing Class-III at Chandrakona Town School and in Mumbai Dev completed School education from Purusottam High School, Bandra and after that Completed Computer Engineering from Bharatiya Vidyapith of Pune.

Family of Actor Dev: - Dev is living in South Kolkata with Mother and Sister of Dev. Father of Dev lives in Mumbai for work purpose.

Unknown Facts about Bengali actor Dev:
Actor Dev Favorite Dancer or Dance Idol: - Prabhu Deva is the Dance Idol of Bengali actor Dev.

Bengali Actor Dev is trying to overcome the Bengali language speaking problem these days and had improved more than 95% Bangla Speaking hesitation that Dev had in Dev’s early life.

Character of Bengali actor Dev: - Dev is very shy and during the College life of Dev; he hadn’t had any girlfriend as Dev felt shy to speak with girls.

Perfect match of Actor Dev: - Girls, Females who want to be the life partner of Dev should know that Dev is looking for a very Simple Girl having no attitude and who would understand the feeling of Dev. Remember Dev is still single.

Bengali Actor Dev knows Karate and Dev is a Black Belt holder.
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Rahul Profile Films Career - Personal & Professional Life of Actor Rahul

Bengali Film Actor Rahul Real Original Name Address Mobile Phone Number Rahul Birthday Family (Father, Mother, Wife, Son, Daughter) Rahul Occupation Professional Career Films Movies upcoming Bengali actor Rahul Awards Achievments Prizes Actor Rahul Qualification Education Debut Theater Plays Cinema Actor Rahul Early Personal Professional Educational Life Career Rahul.
Rahul- Recent Heartthrob Of Tollywood Industry
Rahul the fresh face of Bengali movie industry has already made his significant position with Rahul’s superb acting capability. The real life original name of Rahul is Arunoday Banerjee. This actor was born on 16 October 1983 (Birthday of Actor Rahul). A very little information is available regarding Rahul’s educational life. Bengali Film Actor Rahul has acted in several television serials and movies. Rahul made his stage appearance for the first time at the age of 3 years. It was with Rahul’s father and Rahul’s theatre troupe. Rahul’s father Biswanath Banerjee was a well known theatre personality. The name of Rahul’s theatre troupe was Bijoygarh Atmaprakash. Rahul first acted in the play named Raj Darshan. Since then, this actor has acted in about 450 plays with the troupe of Rahul’s father and with the Theatron. Rahul’s first debut movie of this actor is film Chirodini Tumi Je Aaamar. This movie was directed by well known director Raj Chakraborty. Rahul's Chirodini Tumi Je Aaamar movie was highly praised one and created record in box-office.

Bengali Film Actor Rahul acted in a Bengali movie titled Aabar Aashbo phire in the year 2004 which was directed by Ravi Ojha. Saswata Chatterjee and Koneenica Banerjee were Rahul’s co-stars in this movie. But the actual fame in this Bengali cinema industry was brought to him by the movie Chirodini tumi je amar. This movie was released in the year 2008 and was directed by Raj Chakraborty where Priyanka Sarkar was Rahul’s co-star. In this movie actor Rahul played the role of a poor guy who was madly in love with a girl belonging to affluent family. The emotions and feelings of this guy were marvelously portrayed by Rahul. Bangla Cinema Actor Rahul’s acting was truly natural and heart shattering. The next venture actor Rahul did was in the year 2009. The name of the movie was Jackpot directed by Koushik Ganguly. Koyel Mallick, Sohini Paul, Hiran Chatterjee were Rahul’s co-stars in this movie. Bhalobasha zindabaad and Kano Kichu Katha Bolo Na were another two movies that got released in the year 2009. The first one was directed by Reshmi Mitra and Priyanka Sarkar was Rahul’s co-star whereas the next one was directed by Swapan Saha but the co-star was same that is Priyanka Sarkar. Among other movies of this actor noteworthy are Rahul’s Film Love Circus (released in 2010) directed by Dulal Bhowmick, Rahul’s Bangla Cinema Shono Mon Boli Tomay (released in 2010) directed by Pradip Saha, Hangover (released in 2010) directed by Prabhat Roy. In this movie Actor Rahul did a guest appearance. Game is another movie acted by this actor. Among other ventures we can name few such as Lipstick, Suchona bhalobasa.com, Jiyo kaka, Ke jane ka ghonta, Prayoshchitto, Raj Nandini, Pratidwandi, Bor Bou Khela, Kagojer Bou etc are the upcoming Bengali Films of Actor Rahul.

Actor Rahul Profile Biography Article shared by: Madhusree Chatterjee (Kolkata Reporter) - If you want to share any type of information to the world, then Post now
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