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2012 Fire Incidents of Kolkata – List of All Fire Cases in Kolkata

2012 starts with a massive fire incident happened at Apeejay House of Park Street (Kolkata) and the whole year several massive & minor fire incidents had happened in Kolkata & nearby areas. But, the Fire Brigade Team & Government of West Bengal has come up with immediate actions whenever any sort of fire incidents had happened to save people.

2012 Fire Incidents in Kolkata

Kolkata & its nearby region have seen around hundred Fire Incidents during 2012 Calendar Year. The year 2012 wasn't good at all for those areas where massive / minor Fire accidental cases had happened. Let’s check out few major fire incidents of Kolkata happened in 2012
  • 1st January 2012 – Fire Incident of Kolkata at Park Street Apeejay House.
  • 17th January 2012 – Fire Incident of Kolkata at Camac Street Petrol Pump.
  • 22nd January 2012 – Fire Incident of Kolkata at Kalikapur Basti near EM Bypass.
  • 19th February 2012 – Fire Incident of Kolkata at Tangra (in a Factory).
  • 29th February 2012 – Fire Incident of Kolkata at Barahnagar Jute Mill.
  • 14th March 2012 – Fire Incident of Kolkata at Central Blood Bank, Maniktala.
  • 22nd March 2012 – Fire Incident of Kolkata at Hatibagan Market.
  • 26th March 2012 – Fire Incident of Kolkata at Salt Lake Sector-V [in two Apartments].
  • 12th May 2012 – Fire Incident of Kolkata at Coal India Residential Complex, VIP Road.
  • 22nd May 2012 – Fire Incident of Kolkata at Sarkar Bazaar (Beliaghata).
  • 16th June 2012 – Fire Incident of Kolkata at Beleghata Pagladanga Road Basti.
  • 13th July 2012 – Fire Incident of Kolkata at Textile Factory (Shibpur).
  • 13th July 2012 – Fire Incident of Kolkata at Shahjahan Market (Howrah).
  • 25th September 2012 – Fire Incident of Kolkata at Mani Square Mall.
  • 25th October 2012 – Fire Smoke Incident of Kolkata at SSKM Hospital (Radiology Department).
  • 3rd November 2012 – Fire Incident of Kolkata at Old China Bazaar.
  • 25th November 2012 – Fire Incident of Kolkata at SSKM Hospital [New Born Child Department].
  • 7th December 2012 – Fire Incident of Kolkata at Golpark Film Lab.

Fire Incidents mostly happens due to negligence of people like damaged electricity wearing that causes shot circuit issue, not enough fire protection system, godowns with flammable products etc. Hope the number of Fire Incidents in Kolkata & across West Bengal will be much lesser in 2013.
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Indian Ministers Faced Copter Accident - Who Died / Suffered Helicopter Crashes in India

Do you want to know the names of Indian Celebrities / Political Leaders / Ministers / renowned Personalities who had died or suffered Helicopter Accidents? Are you looking for the names who had survived the Copter crashes till now?

Accident has taken quite a few lives of Indian Ministers & Political Leaders till date and few ministers had survived from helicopter crashes as well. In recent past, India has lost Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh & Arunachal Pradesh due to Helicopter Crash. Few days back, on 9th May 2012 Jharkhand Chief Minister Arjun Munda suffered injuries & admitted to Hospital in a helicopter accident at Birsa Munda Airport of Ranchi.

Names of Indian Ministers Died in Helicopter Accidents
Let’s check out the names of all Ministers of India who had died in a Helicopter / Airplane accident till 2012 –
  1. M KumarmangalamM Kumarmangalam was the Central Minister of India died on 30th May 1973 at New Delhi.
  2. Sanjay GandhiSanjay Gandhi, one of the emerging Indian politicians from Indira Gandhi family, died on 23rd June 1980 at New Delhi.
  3. Madhab Rao SindhiyaCentral Minister of India Madhab Rao Sindhiya was also died for a copter accident happened at Farukhabad (Uttar Pradesh) on 30th September 2001.
  4. G.M.C. BalyogiG.M.C. Balyogi, Loksabha Speaker, died in a Copter Accident at Bhimapur (Andhra Pradesh) on 3rd March 2002.
  5. O.P. JindalPolitician & Businessman O.P. Jindal died on 31st March 2005 at Sahranpur (Uttar Pradesh) because of a copter accident.
  6. Rajsekhar ReddyAndhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy died on 3rd September 2009 at Kurnul (Andhra Pradesh) for the same copter crash reason.
  7. Dorji KhanduArunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Dorji Khandu died in a copter crash on 30th April 2011 at Itanagar (Arunachal Pradesh).

Names of Ministers / Politicians faced Copter Accidents till 2012
Now, let’s check out the names of the fortunate ministers & politicians of India who fortunately survives after facing helicopter / airplane accident during their journey –
  1. Prithwiraj ChauhanCentral Minister Prithwiraj Chauhan had faced Copter Accident on 16th March 2004 at Khanbhel (Gujarat).
  2. Kumari Shailaja - Central Minister Kumari Shailaja had faced Copter Accident on 16th March 2004 at Khanbhel (Gujarat).
  3. Ahmed PatelCongress Leader Ahmed Patel had faced Copter Accident on 16th March 2004 at Khanbhel (Gujarat).
  4. Amarendra Singh – ex-Chief Minister Amarendra Singh had faced Copter Accident on 12th September 2006 at Gurudaspur (Punjab).
  5. Rajnath SinghBJP Leader Rajnath Singh had faced Copter Accident on 19th May 2008 at Rampur (Uttar Pradesh).
  6. Mukhtar Abbas NakviBJP Leader Mukhtar Abbas Nakvi had faced Copter Accident on 19th May 2008 at Rampur (Uttar Pradesh).
  7. Arjun MundaJharkhand Chief Minister Arjun Munda had faced Copter Accident on 9th May 2012 at Birsa Munda Airport of Ranchi (Jharkhand).
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Brahmaputra Mail Accident | Helpline Numbers & Dead Passenger Names | Reason & Details

Dibrugarh Assam New Delhi 14055 UP Brahmaputra Mail Express Train Accident Karanpurato Sahebganj Jharkhand 2012.
11th January 2012 (Wednesday) at 5:50am in the early morning 14055 Brahmaputra Mail’s one bogie got derailed at Karanpura Railway Station while going to New Delhi from Dibrugarh, Assam. Total five passengers died and more than ten passengers injured when Dibrugarh-Delhi Express Train Accident took place when the UP Brahmaputra Express Train collided with a goods train near Karanpura Station which is near to Sahebganj, Jharkhand.

Superintendent of Railway Police Sri Praveen Srivastav stated that a bogie (S-9) of 14055 Brahmaputra Mail, express train going to New Delhi from Dibrugarh Assam, derailed & dashed against a stationary goods train at Karanpura Railway Station of Jharkhand & 5 people died for this mishap. The accident happened when a stationary Goods Train, which was standing at Karanpura because of fault in the engine from 10th January 2012, suddenly rolled back & collided with the sleeper coach of Brahmaputra Mail at Karanpura railway station. Actual place / site of 11th January 2012 Brahmaputra Mail (Dibrugarh-Delhi Train) Accident is Karanpura, near Sahebganj of Jharkhand, under Malda division of Eastern Railway.

Reason of 14055 Brahmaputra Mail (Dibrugarh-Delhi Express Train): - Railway PRO Anil Saxena said Brahmaputra Mail was passing through Karanpura when a stationary goods train parked on the main line started rolling back. So while it was rolling back, it hit the Brahmaputra Mail. The impact of the collision caused the guard-cabin of the goods train, which was on the loop line, to mount the S-9 coach of Brahmaputra Mail train.

Helpline phone numbers for Brahmaputra Mail Accident enquiry have been set up at Rangia (03621244353), Malda (03512266818) & New Bongaigaon Assam (09957554456). Four dead passengers of 14055 Brahmaputra Mail were identified and only one dead body is still not identified. The names of the died passengers of Brahmaputra Mail accident are Narendra Barth, Bijay Rai, Girija Devi, Dinesh Mahuldar, and another dead body not identified yet.

Rescue operation took place with immediate effect and injured passengers were taken to nearby local Hospitals in Karanpura and Sahebganj. Two Relief Trains reached the accident location from Malda Station and one Special Relief Train also reached the place of accident from Howrah Station. Indian Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi announced a compensation of Rs. 5 lakh each for those passengers died, Rs. 50,000 for seriously injured passengers and Rs.10000 for relatively less injured passengers of Brahmaputra Dibrugarh-Delhi Mail Train Mishap on 11th January 2012.
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Local Train Accident Phulia Station Shantipur Nadia - 7th January 2012 Details

2012 End Of The World’ – you might be thinking why we are taking this Hollywood Movie name which was released in 2009. Today (7th January 2012), the first Train Accident in India of 2012 has happened in West Bengal and as per the news coming our three people died at the spot. So, it’s the end of the world for them, who died in the Train Accident that has happened at Phulia Station today late evening (around 8pm).

This time two E.M.U. Local Trains collided in a same line around 8pm at Phulia Railway Station in the route of Shantipur of Nadia District of West Bengal. Both the trains mistakenly followed the same track and collided with each-other near to Platform No.2 of Phulia Railway Station on 7th January 2012 late evening. Up & Down Local Trains towards Sealdah & Shantipur Accident taken away 3 lives and several passengers got injured. Nearly 66 injured people were taken to nearby Hospitals (Shantipur Hospital, Ranaghat Hospital, Phulia Hospital & Others) and a relief train reached the Phulia Station (Accident Spot) from Ranaghat Station for rescue purpose.
• 5:52pm UP Shantipur-Sealdah Train collided with DOWN Shantipur-Sealdah Local Train at Phulia Railway Station’s Platform No.2 at 8pm on 7th January 2012.

Paschimbanga Chief Minister Mamataa Banerjee has requested Indian Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi to announce financial helps to the injured people & to the families of died personnel. As per the news, Rs.5 Lakh & Rs.50 Thousands will be given towards the Family of Died People & Injured Passengers respectively of the Local Train Accident at Phulia (Nadia, West Bengal).

The main reason for Train accident at Phulia Station (Nadia, West Bengal) is still under investigation. But, it is presumed that the Motorman mustn’t have seen the Red Signal due to heavy fog (foggy weather) or may be the Track Splitter wasn’t activated and thus the Local Train went on the same track.
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