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Barasat Kali Puja Pandal Themes 2016 | Popular Barasat Kali Puja Pandal Names with Guide Map

Barasat Kali Puja Themes in 2016, Most popular Kali Puja pandal names with 2016 Theme details, Must visit Kali Puja pandals of Barasat in 2016, Barasat Kali Puja Guide Map with Location.

Are you looking for which Kali puja pandals in Barasat comes up with which theme in 2016? Do you want to know what are the themes of various popular Kali puja Pandals of Barasat in 2016? Here are the 2016 Themes of few most popular Kali puja Pandal names of Barasat (North Kolkata). This Kali puja Pandals of Barasat should be in your list of watching this year.

Barasat Kali Puja Theme 2016

  • KNC Regiment Barasat 2016 Kali Puja Theme – KNC Regiment Kali Puja Pandal Theme is ‘Buddhist Monastery’ / ‘Buddha Temple’ of Thailand. It’s a must visit Kali Puja Pandal of Barasat. Visit and get a flavor of Thailand’s famous Buddhist Temple in Barasat (Kolkata).
  • Barasat Pioneer Athletic Club 2016 Kali Puja Theme – One of the most popular Kali Puja Pandals of Barasat and comes with unique theme attraction. This year, Barasat Pioneer Athletic Club’s Kali Puja Theme is ‘Niagara Water Fall’. Yes, the huge pond is used to create water fall and inside a cave there is Bhairabi Kali Idol. Pioneer Athletic Club is situated very close to Barasat Railway Station.
  • Barasat Bidrohi Sangha 2016 Kali Puja Theme Pandal – Barasat Bidrohi Sangha brings a piece of Vellore (South India) in Barasat. Yes, they are presenting ‘Vellore Sripuram Golden Temple’ this year. Don’t miss to watch Sripuram Swarna Mandir of Vellore at Barasat Bidrohi Sangha Kali Puja pandal.
  • Barasat Nabapally 2016 Kali Puja Theme – Recently, Mother Teresa acknowledged with ‘Saint’ at Vatican City of Rome. This is the theme of 2016 Nabapally Sarbojanin. Yes, they are coming up with Vatican City of Rome along with St. Teresa event.
  • Barasat Sandhani Kali Puja Theme 2016 – ‘Nirobe Bondi Saisab’ is the Theme of Barasat Sandhani. It’s a theme with great message to all parents.

Here are only few pandal names are mentioned of Barasat area. But, there are many more good pandals to see in Barasat & Madhyamgram area of North Kolkata. Barasat - Madhyamgram Administrative department has launched a Kali Puja Guide with Map for the people interested in visiting & watching the great works of various Kali Puja Pandals. People can download 2016 Barasat & Madhyamgram Kali Puja Guide Map mobile application from Google App Store. Not only the names and locations of famous Kali Puja Pandals are listed in the Mobile App, but also which roads will be block for transportation and which road to follow mentioned in this android mobile application.
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