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Pineview Cactus Nursery, Kalimpong Details – Cactus Nursery Kalimpong Sightseeing Tourist Place

Details of Pineview Cactus Nursery, Kalimpong – how to go to Pineview Cactus Nursery, Kalimpong, best time to visit Pineview Cactus Nursery Kalimpong when to go, where to stay at Pineview Cactus Nursery, Kalimpong, Hotels lodges guest houses near Pineview Cactus Nursery, Kalimpong, opening & closing time of Pineview Cactus Nursery, Kalimpong entry timings, places to visit near Pineview Cactus Nursery, Kalimpong sightseeing tourist spots. All details about Pineview Cactus Nursery, Kalimpong.

Pineview Nursery, also known as Cactus Nursery, is one of the most visited sightseeing spots in Kalimpong, hill station of North Bengal. The main attraction of Pineview Nursery (Cactus Nursery) is the rare collection of Cactus & Orchids. Let's check out few details of Pineview Cactus Nursery of Kalimpong below.

Pineview Cactus Nursery, Kalimpong

Significance of Pineview Cactus Nursery, Kalimpong: - Let’s check out why Pineview Cactus Nursery of Kalimpong is famous (popular) and attracts tourists. Pineview Nursery of Kalimpong (aka, Cactus Nursery) has more than hundred varieties of Cactus & Orchid plants. All types of Cactus & Orchid plants are well grown and one will surely wonder after seeing the size of Cactus plants inside Pineview Nursery, Kalimpong. After collecting ticket at the entrance gate, when you enter inside; at first you will see large sized Green Houses made of Fiberglass. Inside these fiberglass made Green Houses various types of Cactus ar kept. Another interesting thing is, when you enter into these Green Glass Houses you will feel immense heat. It's really a great job to grow & maintained rare collections of Cactus in a hill town where merely fan required in summer. Pineview Cactus Nursery, Kalimpong has wide range of North, South & Central American Cactus plants.

Pineview Nursery of Kalimpong also sells plants at nominal price. So, people fascinating about different types of Cactus or Orchid plants, may purchase cactus plants or seeds or other plants from Pineview Nursery, Kalimpong.

Pineview Cactus Nursery, Kalimpong Entry Ticket price: - A nominal entry ticket of Rs.10/- per person [not required for Children below 5 years] is required for entering into Pineview Cactus Nursery of Kalimpong. Ticket allows you take pictures as well.

Best time to visit Pineview Cactus Nursery, Kalimpong: - Throughout the year people visit Pineview Nursery of Kalimpong. But, it’s recommended to avoid rainy (monsoon) season to tour any hill tourist spot. If you are there at Kalimpong, then no need to fear of whether it’s monsoon or winter. Go have a visit to Cactus Nursery.

Nearby places to visit from Pineview Cactus Nursery, Kalimpong: - Cactus Nursery is one of the sightseeing places of Kalimpong along with heavenly tourist spots like Army Golf Club, Durpin Monastery, Deolo Hill, Hanuman Mandir, Mangal Dham Temple etc.

How to go to Pineview Cactus Nursery? Route map of Pineview Cactus Nursery, Kalimpong: - Now, let’s discuss where is Pineview Cactus Nursery, Kalimpong and which route to follow to go to Pineview Cactus Nursery. Share car from Kalimpong Market towards Pineview Cactus Nursery is easily available at a nominal fare of Rs.20/- per person. In case of tourists, who have booked Car for Kalimpong Sightseeing, will be taken to Cactus Nursery during their Sightseeing Tour of Kalimpong.
  • Address of Pineview Cactus Nursery, Kalimpong - Atisha Road, Kalimpong, District: Darjeeling, West Bengal, Pin-734301.
  • Phone contact number of Pineview Cactus Nursery, Kalimpong – 9932201932 / 9932201930.

Accommodations near Pineview Cactus Nursery, Kalimpong: - Now, let’s check out hotels, lodges, or any kind of rooms on rent are available or not near to Pineview Cactus Nursery. Inside the Pineview Cactus Nursery, there is a resort situated for fooding & lodging purpose in the name of 'Pineview Resort'. Tourists may book rooms at Pineview Resort of Kalimpong by calling 03552-255843 phone number or by emailing at pineview_resort@rediffmail.com. Remember, staying at Pineview Resort located inside Pineview Cactus Nursery is a wise thing to do. There are several other low, medium & high budget hotels available at Kalimpong Town for tourists as well.

You may watch this small video of Pineview Nursery of Kalimpong. Please do not avoid going to Cactus Nursery, Kalimpong because it will give you a lifetime experience of huge size cactus and immense heat inside Glass House instead of cool weather of Kalimpong.
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