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Saktigarh famous for Langcha – Sweet Shop Names & Contact number details

Every place has its own significance and famous for their unique innovation. Saktigarh, under Burdwan district in West Bengal, is famous for Langcha (Lancha). We often ask other that ‘Saktigarh Er Langcha Kheyechen’ (means, have you ever tasted Langcha of Saktigarh); this shows how much Saktigarh is famous for Langcha. People crossing Saktigarh surely take a break to buy Langcha for themselves.

Where to go to buy Shaktigarh Langcha? Where are the famous Langcha sweet shops located? All the famous Langcha shops are located beside G.T. Road [also known as NH-2 / Durgapur Express-way] at Saktigarh-Amrah area in Burdwan district. There are around hundreds of Langcha shops situated on GT Road (NH2) within 500m-1km area of Saktigarh. If you go by train; you won’t see many Langcha Shops near Saktigarh Railway Station. Few shops available nearby station area; but beside Saktigarh Main Road area shops are more in number. Watch this video [Shaktigarh Langcha Shops beside GT Road] to see how frequently Langcha shops are located at Saktigarh on National Highway 2 (G.T. Road).

What is the price of Langcha at Saktigarh? How big in size? Price of Langcha depends on the size & quality. There are four types of Langcha available at every shop. Price of Saktigarh’s Langcha starts from Rs.3/- only. Langcha, small in size & made in ‘Dalda’, price is only Rs.3/-. Cost of Langcha are Rs.5, Rs.7 & Rs.10 as per size [Note: price updated on December, 2014]. Check out the size of different price & quality of Langcha at Saktigarh.

Here are few names of famous & oldest Langcha Sweet Shops of Saktigarh, Burdwan located beside NH-2 / G.T. Road -
  1. Adi Langcha Bhuban [Phone number: 9232629456 / 9333696220].
  2. Koushik Ghosh Famous Langcha Shop at Saktigarh, Amrah, Burdwan.
  3. Dutta Sweets at Saktigarh, Burdwan.
  4. Adi Langcha Bhawan, Saktigarh, G.T. Road, Burdwan.
  5. Langcha Bhaban, Saktigarh, Amrah, Burdwan.
  6. New Langcha Ghar at Saktigarh, Amrah, G.T. Road, Bardhaman.
  7. Langcha Bhandar of Saktigarh, Burdwan.
  8. Adi Langcha Sagar Sweet Shop of Saktigarh, Burdwan.
  9. Langcha Bazaar at Saktigarh, G.T. Road, Burdwan.
  10. Langcha Kuthi, Saktigarh, Burdwan.
  11. Langcha Mahal, Shaktigarh, Burdwan.
  12. Adi Langcha Dhaam, Saktigarh, Burdwan.
  13. Langcha House, Shaktigarh, Burdwan.

All these sweet shops are known for famous Langcha (Lancha); apart from Langcha, you will also get other sweets like Rasgolla, Dahi, Sandesh, Chamcham, Sitabhog, Mihidana, Kachuri etc. While travelling to & from Kolkata on NH-2 / G.T. Road; Buses often stop at Saktigarh for a break in which passengers could taste world famous Langha of Saktigarh. Don’t miss the chance to taste Langcha if you ever go through Saktigarh.
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