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Sudipta Gupta - SFI Leader Sudipta died in Kolkata Police Custody

SFI Leader Sudipta Gupta profile, family, address, education, SFI Leader Sudipta Gupta died in Kolkata, 4th April 2013 Kolkata strike.

23-years old Sudipta Gupta, SFI Leader, died in police custody at SSKM Hospital (Kolkata) around 6:20pm today on 2nd April 2013. At first let's check out who is Sudipta Gupta and educational background, family details of Sudipta Gupta.

Details of SFI Supporter Sudipta Gupta

House Address of Sudipta Gupta: - 'Sargam House', Srinagar Main Road, 'Gomkol' area, New Garia, South Kolkata.

Family members of Sudipta Gupta: - His family means father, elder sister (Sumita Gupta Sengupta), & Sujit Sengupta (Husband of his sister). His mother Amita Debi passed away last year on 4th February 2012. Sudipta Gupta's father Pranab Gupta, 63 years old, is a retired Central Government worker.  Father name

Educational qualification of Sudipta Gupta: - He was the student of Nabakrisna Pal High School and later admitted to Netajinagar College. After completion of his graduation from Netaji Nagar College he joined Rabindra Bharati University (RBU) to complete his Post Graduation. He is an MA in Political Science 2nd year student.

Political background of Sudipta Gupta: - He is an active SFI leader.

Reason of Sudipta Gupta's Death: - Dr. T.K. Ghosh, Super of SSKM Hospital, stated that SFI Leader Comrade Sudipta Gupta died because of Polytrauma with severe injury on right side of forehead.

The incident took place near Dharmtala (Kolkata) on Rani Rashmoni Avenue where hundreds of SFI Supporters gathered in the pre-scheduled Protest Rally with the demand of College Union Elections in the West Bengal state. During this pre-scheduled Law Violation protest rally demanding Students Union Poll; Police arrested several SFI activists and send them to Presidency Jail Lock-up by bus from which Sudipta Gupta accidentally fall down [as per police]. But, SFI supporters who were there in the bus and eye-witnesses claims Police hit badly (lathi charge) & pulled off from bus for which severe injury happened.

Javed Shamim, Joint Police Commissioner, claims that SFI Leader Sudipta Gupta died at SSKM Hospital (Kolkata) because of his injury sustained in an accident while he & 30 other SFI supporters were being taken in a bus to Presidency Jail Lock-up after being arrested. Sudipta Gupta accidentally fell from the bus & got injured. Joint Commissioner of Police Javed Shamim said there was no Lathi-charge by the police. It means, the whole incident is an accident as per police.

CPIM & SFI party alleged that comrade Sudipta Gupta succumbed to injuries sustained in lathi-charge by police. They also alleged that if an accident (as per police that he got hit with a lamp post) would have happened then why 7 more supporters also got injured badly. Another SFI activist is still fighting with life at Medical College and he requires plastic surgery to recover. Party leaders claims after arrest and in police custody; it's the responsibility of police to give every security & medical treatment to all. Eye witnesses & SFI supporters also claims that Police didn't help them to shift injured Sudipta to hospital. It was the negligence of policemen.

3rd April 2013 (Wednesday), SFI Supporters along with CPIM party leaders will attend the rally with comrade Sudipta Gupta's dead body in Kolkata. CPIM & SFI party has declared that 12-Hours Strike will take place at Garia & Tollygunje areas of Kolkata on 4th April 2013 (Thursday).
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