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Roadies-X Hyderabad Audition 2013 Selected Candidates - Hyderabad Roadies X Audition Watch Online

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Thousands of aspiring Roadies came with the hope of getting selected in 2013 Roadies X Audition at Hyderabad; but only one candidate got selected as Roadies from 2013 Roadies X Hyderabad Audition. Roadies X (Battle for Glory) 2013 Season is different from the other roadies. The format of Roadies X already discussed with you earlier and we all know there will be two teams in 2013 Roadies X Season. To select members for Rannvijay team; the auditions actually took place.

MTV VJ Bani hosted the Roadies X Hyderabad Audition 2013 Show and we have seen contestants cutting their hands with blade, fighting with each other, offering money to get noticed & selected during Group Discussion of Hyderabad 2013 Roadies X (10) audition.

MTV Roadies-X Hyderabad Audition 2013 – Candidates Judges & Anchor Details

MTV Roadies-X Hyderabad Audition Telecast Date: - 2nd February 2013 (Saturday).

Hyderabad Audition MTV Roadies-X Telecast Timings: - MTV Roadies-X Reality Show starts at 7pm in the evening on every Saturdays.

MTV Roadies-X Hyderabad Audition Judges: - Raghu and Rannvijay.

MTV Roadies X Hyderabad Audition Anchor Host: - VJ Bani, who is also an ex-Roadie & a successful model & MTV VJ.

2013 Hero Honda MTV Roadies X Hyderabad Audition Group Discussion Round Moderators: - Ankur, Sid, Harman, Gaiti, Umashankar, Gaurav, Susan, Filmy Zoro, Romance Rambo and many other crew members of MTV Roadies-X does the tough job of selection in Group Discussion round.

MTV Roadies-X Hyderabad Audition Participants / Contestants names: - Many contestants had able to face Raghu & Rannvijay in the Personal Face-Off Interview Round at Hyderabad 2013 Roadies X Audition and here are the few participant names of MTV Roadies X Audition in Hyderabad who got chance to face Roadies Judges in Personal Interview Round and unfortunately not become the selected candidates of MTV Roadies-X from Hyderabad
  • Sherry – Real / original name Abhishek Soni is from Ujjain and a Transsexual (male to female). During the audition Sherry informed that he was raped by two guys when he was only 8 years of age. He was sexually abused by boys every now & then. Thus from his childhood he prefer girls to play with. Sherry loves watching super hero movies & adventurous movies. Sherry said that he is now living like a female [lesbian]. But during the audition Raghu & Rannvijay discovered something different about him/her. Sherry earlier said that he didn't like beard coming on his face, but he didn’t waxed his hands or legs like a girl. Anyways, he/she not got selected.
  • Fatima Yawrani – Fatima wants to become an Air Hostess but his parent wants her to become a Ground Staff. She scares of spiders, thus Raghu tried intimating her with a spider during audition. Fatima follows the attitude of ‘Go Get It, by hook or crook’. But she failed to impress judges.
  • Aniket – Aniket is coming for auditions since Roadies-2 season but failed to get selected every time. Last 9 year, Aniket tried his luck and even his girl friend also tried. 30 years old Aniket isn’t expressive enough but a bit emotional. He gets a ‘Roadie Salute’ from Raghu & Rannvijay along with respect.
Roadies X Hyderabad Audition 2013 Uncut Watch Live Online Episode of Roadies-X Hyderabad Audition

Video courtesy MTV Roadies & YouTube.

Selected Candidates MTV Roadies-X Hyderabad Audition: - Gaurav Singh is the lucky candidate (contestant), who got selected for MTV Roadies-X Reality Show from Hyderabad Audition , amongst thousands of competitor of Roadies-X 2013 Hyderabad Audition and ready to give tough competition in MTV Roadies-X in 2013.

Congratulations to Gaurav Singh for becoming the Roadies from Hyderabad in MTV Roadies-X (Battle for Glory) season in 2013.
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