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Howrah – Ariadaha Ferry Service Timetable – Ariadaha Belur Bagbazar Howrah Ferry Service Route Details

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On 12th February 2013 (Tuesday) Honourable Minister of West Bengal Shri Madan Mitra has inaugurated the Ferry Service between Ariadaha to Howrah. Shri Madan Mitra, elected as MLA from Kamarhati constituency, flagged off the Ferry Service at Ariadaha Ferry Ghat for the people. Yes, people going to Bagbazar, Belur & Howrah gets another option of transport via waterways over River Ganga from now.

As of now, Dakshineswar to Belur and Belur to Dakshineswar ferry service was available from Dakshineswar Kali Temple Ghat for the people. People going to Belur & Dakshineswar were only getting the facility of ferry service over River Ganga. Another Ferry Service between Ariadaha & Uttarpara Ferry Ghat was there in the Ariadaha locality. This Ariadaha - Uttarpara ferry service is very helpful to the people of both side. Someone going to Howrah, Burdwan, Srirampore from Ariadaha, Belgharia area use Ariadaha-Uttarpara Ferry & then Local Train. Like this, someone wants to go to Belgharia, Birati, Barrackpore, Dunlop areas from Uttarpara; used to take Uttarpara-Ariadaha Ferry, then Auto to B.T. Road Rathtala then Bus or Train from Belgharia Station. So, a Ferry Service helps people in many ways. Thus, this new Ferry Service between Ariadaha & Howrah is also going to help people.

Ariadaha – Howrah Ferry Service Details
Let’s check out the Ariadaha-Howrah Ferry Service details like timings, ticket price and in-between stoppages etc.

Ticket Price of Howrah - Ariadaha Ferry Service: - The ticket fare chart of Ariadaha to Howrah Ferry service as follows -

  • Ariadaha to Belur Ticket Fare (Price) is only Rs.6/-.
  • Ariadaha to Bagbazar ticket price is only Rs.8/-.
  • Ariadaha to Howrah ticket price is only Rs.10/-.

Route of Howrah – Ariadaha Ferry Service: - The Ferry Service will halt at Bagbazar (Kolkata) & Belur (Howrah) Ghat in between. It means, there is only four stoppages in the route of Howrah-Ariadaha Ferry Service and the names of stoppages are Howrah, Bagbazar, Belur & Ariadaha.

Here are the timings of Howrah to Ariadaha (Kolkata) Ferry Service – Total of two Ferry will run from Howrah to Ariadaha as of now and both of these are in the morning.
  • Howrah Ferry Ghat 6:30am (Morning) to Bagbazar (Kolkata) 7am to Belur 7:30am to Ariadaha Ferry Ghat (8:15am). It’s the first Ferry in the morning from Howrah towards Ariadaha Ferry Ghat.
  • Howrah 9:05am to Bagbazar 9:35am to Belur 10:05am to Ariadaha Gerry Ghat 10:45am.
Here are the timings of Bagbazar (Kolkata) to Ariadaha Ferry service – Total of three Ferries will run from Bagbazar to Ariadaha via Belur.
  • Bagbazar (Kolkata) 12:30pm (Noon) to Belur 12:45pm to Ariadaha Ferry Ghat 1:15pm.
  • Bagbazar Ferry Ghat 2:45pm to Belur 3:15pm to Ariadaha 3:45pm.
  • Bagbazar Ganga Ghat 5:15pm to Belur 5:45pm to Ariadaha 6:15pm.
Here are the timings of Ariadaha to Bagbazar (Kolkata) Ferry service – Total of three Ferries will run from Ariadaha Ghat to Bagbazar via Belur.
  • Ariadaha Ferry Ghat 11am to Belur 11:45am to Bagbazar 12:15pm (noon).
  • Ariadaha Ganga Ghat 1:30pm to Belur 2:15pm to Bagbazar (Kolkata) 2:30pm.
  • Ariadaha 4pm (Afternoon) to Belur 4:45pm to Bagbazar 5pm.
Here are the timings of Ariadaha to Howrah Ferry Service – As of now; total of two ferries will run from Ariadaha to Howrah via Belur & Bagbazar.
  • Ariadaha Ferry Ghat 8:30am (Morning) to Howrah 9:30am. It’s the first Ferry from Ariadaha to Howrah in the morning. Since, it’s the office time; there will be no halt (stoppage) in between. The ferry will go directly to Howrah from Ariadaha Ghat.
  • Ariadaha Ferry Ghat 6:30pm (Evening) to Belur 7:15pm to Bagbazar 7:45pm to Howrah 8:15pm. It’s the last Ferry from Ariadaha to Howrah in the late evening.
As of now; the numbers of Ferries are less towards Howrah from Ariadaha & vice-versa. But, in future it will be increased depending upon the passengers. One thing has to be mentioned that people intending to visit Belur Math / Bagbazar will surely enjoy their River cruise. During the occasions & puja season; people will surely avail this Ariadaha-Howrah Ferry Service to go to Howrah Flower Market to buy flowers at cheap price. So, when are you going to enjoy this new Ariadaha-Howrah Ferry service? In near future, many more good steps to utilize waterways will be implemented by Government of West Bengal. Wait & see many more to come for the people.

Note: This Ferry Service has been discontinued and a new Ferry Service started from Maa Bhabatarini Jetty to go to Belur & Howrah.
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