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MTV Roadies X 2013 – Raghu & Rannvijay Team Members – Contestants of Roadies X

MTV Hero Roadies is the only reality show of Television to come up with their 10th edition. No other TV Reality Shows has continued their journey as long as MTV Roadies. Hero Roadies 2013 Season kicked off on 19th January 2013 (Saturday) with a new format. Yes, Roadies X 2013 Season has come up with a unique concept & pattern.

Roadies X Battle for Glory comes up with a concept of two teams battling with each other to win Roadies X title. Yes, 2013 Roadies X will have a team of Raghu and a team of Rannvijay. Raghu’s Team & Rannvijay’s Team will battle for the title of Roadies X. It’s face-off between Creator & Creation i.e., Raghu Ram & Rannvijay. Let’s check out the Roadies X Team details
  • Roadies X Team of Raghu: - Raghu Ram Roadies team consists Ex-Roadies. Raghu’s team members are all ex-Roadies who were contested in earlier Roadies Seasons. The names of Raghu’s Team members as follows -
  1. Suchit Bikram Singh - Suchit was the Roadie in Roadies-8 Season and was selected from Delhi Audition. Check more details about ex-Roadie Suchit.
  2. Mohit Saggar - Mohit was the Roadie in Roadies-8 Season and was selected from Chandigarh Audition. Check more details about ex-Roadie Mohit.
  3. Palak Johal - Palak was the Roadie in Roadies-6 Season.
  4. Avtar Nischal - Avtar was the Roadie of Roadies-8 Season and he was selected from Delhi. Check more details of Avtar Nischal.
  5. Rupali Anand - Roopali ex-Roadies was in the MTV Roadies 4th Season.
  6. Roop Bhinder - Roop was in the MTV Roadies Season 6.
  7. Diyali Chauhan - Diyali was selected from Delhi and participated in Roadies-9. Check more details of Roadie Diyali.
  8. Anirudh Sharma - Anirudh was selected from Hyderabad in Roadies-9 season. Check more details of Anirudh Sharma.
  • Roadies X Team of Rannvijay: - The Roadies X Auditions took place to select the Roadies who will join as Rannvijay’s team member. It means, each & every member of Rannvijay’s Roadie Team is new & got selected from 2013 Roadies X Auditions. As of now, the names of Roadies X Rannvijay Team as follows -
  1. Jahid Kalim [selected from 2013 Roadies X Pune Audition].
  2. Geetika Buddhiraja [selected from 2013 Roadies X Chandigarh Audition].
  3. Gaurav Singh [selected from 2013 Roadies X Hyderabad Audition].
  4. Vikas Kumar [selected from 2013 Roadies X Delhi Audition].
  5. Harry (Harmeet) [selected from 2013 Roadies X Delhi Audition].
  6. Sonal Sharma [selected from 2013 Roadies X Delhi Audition].
  7. Abhimanyu Gupta [selected from 2013 Roadies X - Battleground 5 Winner].
  8. Ramandeep [selected from 2013 Roadies X Delhi Audition].
  9. Swati Goswami [selected from 2013 Roadies X Delhi Audition].
Selection of Roadie for Rannvijay’s team is going to be done through Roadies X Auditions at various cities. The Roadies X Audition has Group Discussion Round & Personal Interview round for GD qualified candidates. Hero Honda, co-sponsor of MTV Roadies, will give away few ‘Hero Edge Card’ from their showrooms and candidates having ‘Hero Edge Card’ will get the chance of attempting five GDs while audition of Roadies X. This card will increase the chance of getting selecting for Roadies X Personal Interview round.

Roadies X 2013 Reality Show is aired on MTV Channel every Saturday at 7pm from 19th January 2013. At first, the Roadies X Auditions of various cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chandigarh, etc will be telecast and then the Roadies X Show will begin.

If you have missed to watch any Audition of Roadies X (2013) then click the links below and watch Roadies X Audition online
Who will win the ultimate battle of Roadies? Hai Dum Ladne Ka? Battle for GloryMTV Roadies X 2013 Season started and you can’t afford to miss an episode.
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