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1419 Durga Puja 2012 Nirghanta – Date & Time of Durga Puja as per Bengali Panjika

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Durga Puja 2012 Dates & Time (Nirghanta) in India, Durga Puja 1419 date & Timings (Puja Nirghonto) in Kolkata Delhi (India), 2012 Durga Puja 1419 Timetable Nirghonto as per Bengali Panjika.
You must be looking for the Date Schedule & Timings of 2012 Durga Puja (1419) in India according to Bengali Panjika. Let's check out the 1419 Durga Puja (2012) Date, Timings (Nirghonto at Kolkata & Delhi) below.

1419 Durga Puja 2012 Schedule & Puja Nirghanta
Before informing you with the details of Durga Puja 2012 Nirghanta, its important to know few facts of Bengali Calendar & Tradition. ‘Day’ calculated from the Sunrise to Sunset as per Bengali Calendar and ‘Tithi’ depends on Rising & Setting of Moon. Durga Puja’s Sasthi, Saptami, Nabami & Dashami Puja happens maintaining ‘Day’ [after sunrise], but the Ashtami Sandhi Puja performed as per ‘Tithi’. Let’s check out the Durga Puja 2012 Nirghanta according to Bengali Panjika below [Time mentioned as per Indian Standard Time (IST)] -
  • Mahalaya – 15th October 2012 [Monday].
  • Durga Panchami - 19th October 2012 (2nd Kartik 1419) Friday - Durga Panchami Puja Nirghanta (Timings) - From 9.10am - Next day 6.48am.
  • Durga Shasthi - 20th October 2012, Saturday (3rd Kartik 1419) - Durga Panchami Puja Nirghanta (Timings) - Kalparambho 9.27am., Durga Devi ‘Bodhon’ ‘Amantran’ & ‘Adhibas’ in the evening. Sashthi remain from 6.49am - Next day 4.32am.
  • Durga Saptami - 21st October 2012, Sunday (4th Kartik 1419) - Durga Panchami Puja Nirghanta (Timings) - ‘Nabo Patrika’ within 9.27am (Predawn bathing of ‘Kola Bou’). Durga Saptami remains from 4.33am-Next day 2.28am.
  • Durga Ashtami - 22nd October2012, Monday (5th Kartik 1419) - Durga Panchami Puja Nirghanta (Timings) - Durga Astami remains from 2:29am to next day 12:41am. The Sandhi Puja 2012 Timing is 12:17am to 1:05am.
  • Durga Nabami - 23rd October 2012, Tuesday (6th Kartik 1419) - Durga Panchami Puja Nirghanta (Timings) - from 12.42 am-Next day 11.15am.
  • Durga Dashami - 24th October 2012, Wednesday (7th Kartik 1419) - Durga Panchami Puja Nirghanta (Timings) - Durga Maa Bhasan (Immersion) within 9:27am. Dashami remains from previous day 11:16pm to that day 10.12pm.

1419 Durga Puja 2012 Date & Time in Kolkata & Delhi as per Bengali Panjika

Durga Maa arriving on Elephant.Durga Maa returning on Palanquin.
Goddess Durga is going to arrive on an Elephant which means good harvest and departing on a Palanquin which means the possibility of an outbreak of epidemic. Happy Durga Puja 2012 (1419).
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