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Take One Bengali Film – Swastika Playing Chatrak’s Paoli Dam Character

Paoli Dam’s Chatrak movie has changed the life of her. She has gone through many controversial situations and received so many of bad comments for doing such a brave acting in Chatrak Movie. We have seen that actress Paoli Dam dares to do bold scenes in Chatrak as per the character need. Because of doing such bold scene in Chatrak Movie, Paoli Dam was criticized a lot. And now, talented film director Mainak Bhaumik has decided to make a Bengali film focusing the Controversial matter of Chatrak in Paoli Dam’s life.

Audience will get to see the scenarios & life of that actress who played controversial bold scene in a Movie. In his next movie, director Mainak Bhaumik will show the criticism for a bold scene and how the life got affected by that. The name of the film is ‘Take One’. Let’s check out few more details of Take One Tollywood Movie of Mainak Bhaumik.

Take One Bengali Movie Director Name: - Mainak Bhaumik.

Take One Bengali Film Producer Name: - Arindam Seal.

Casts of Take One Bengali Cinema: - Swastika Mukherjee, Anubrato, Vikram [not finalized yet].

Story of Take One Bengali Movie: - Tollywood Movie Take One Story is based on Swastika Mukherjee, who is playing the character of an actress named ‘Doel Mitra’. Controversy started in the life of actress Doel Mitra, who has done a bold sensitive scene in a film, after viewing her bold scene on Youtube. People started commenting badly without considering the skillful acting. How these comments & criticisms affected the life of actress Doel Mitra [Swastika Mukherjee] is the story of Take One Bengali Cinema. It’s a story that has happened after the release of Paoli Dam’s bold scene video on Youtube and the character of ‘Doel Mitra’ is based on actress Paoli Dam. Actor Anubrato who has acted in Chatrak Film with Paoli Dam, will be seen in Take One Film as well against Swastika Mukherjee.
Actress Swastika Mukherjee, who is doing the sensitive role of Doel Mitra in Take One Tollywood Film, agrees to shoot bold scenes as per the need of the story.
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