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Anti Ragging Helpline Phone Number of India – Where to Inform about Ragging?

What is the phone number to call to lodge compliant against Ragging happening in India? How to report Ragging issue online? Is there any Government authorized official website available to inform about Ragging happening in Indian School, College or Hostel? All of these important information about Ragging has been discussed below.

Ragging is one of those crimes that are increasing day by day especially in India. Often, we see news published on Ragging happening in Schools / Colleges in daily newspaper or television channel. Ragging is nothing but to impose the power of seniority to the junior students. Mostly, in Educational field i.e., in Schools, Colleges & Universities; Ragging happens more than professional field. The percentage of Ragging in School is much lower than Ragging in College / Institutes.

What is Ragging? In Colleges, Schools, Institutes & Hostels; senior students used to rag new-comers (new batch students) by forcing them to do whatever seniors want. If any senior ask new-students to ‘sing a song’ or to ‘give an introduction speech’, it would to do no harm. But, in recent past, seniors are trying to exploit new-comers by asking & forcing them to do physical & mental tasks for them. Even new-comers got beaten brutally by seniors in Colleges / Hostels if doesn't follow the senior’s instruction. This is where ‘crime’ has been done by students.

Ragging in Schools, Colleges, Institutions & Hostels isn’t happening to a certain State of India like West Bengal or Orissa; it’s happening in every state of India and thus to stop Ragging Supreme Court has ordered Educational Board of India to take Ragging as a serious crime and to punish students who are responsible for Ragging New Students. So many of students commit suicide at home or at hostel because of Ragging – isn’t it pathetic? In College, we send our children to educate and not to do crime like Ragging.

As per the order of Supreme Court, in every School & College an Anti-Ragging team will be available to protect students from facing Ragging. All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) already made Anti-Ragging campaign mandatory to all AICTE approved Institutes across India.

Since, few students got scared to tell whether any sort of Ragging has been made with him/her in public; thus Government of India has started an Anti-Ragging Helpline number in India along with a website. If any student facing any sort of ragging whether it’s minor or major, they can inform Anti-Ragging department by a phone call or through Internet. To protect students against Ragging www.antiragging.in website has been started for registering complaints / information & to know what the punishments of ragging in India are. If no Internet connection available, then students can call Anti Ragging Helpline Phone number 1800-180-5522 anytime from anywhere in India to inform about ragging.

Let’s fight against Ragging and try to make Educational Society crime free.
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