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21st July 1993 Martyrs' Day in Bengal – Names & Details of Shahid Diwas & Photos of 21st July 1993

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21st July 1993 –13 lives of Youth Congress activists were snuffed out by Police bullets at Esplanade area during the march to Writers' Buildings (the state secretariat). This barbaric act of violence & brutal firing by Calcutta Police snatched thirteen innocent youth & made more than two hundred injured. Thus ever year, the day 21st July brings back the agony & excruciating pain to the people of West Bengal. Do you know why it was happened? Do you know the reason behind it? Are you aware of why people sacrifice their lives on 21st July 1993 in Kolkata? 

It was the demand of ‘No EPIC [Electoral Photo Identity Card], no Vote’. It was the protest against rural party CPI(M) who were doing unfair election by using the muscle power. Congress party on that day [21st July 1993] started their campaign against ‘Voting process’ to ensure a free & fair election that should happen in West Bengal. Thousands of supporters including leaders like Mamata Banerjee, Sougata Roy & others were present in the peaceful procession with the voice of democratic demand towards ‘Mahakaran’ (Kolkata) and was stifled with bullets & violence because of barbaric act shown by the Kolkata Police on road. Since then, 21st July 1993 is dedicated to those thirteen innocent lives & their family. Over the years, on 21st July Ms. Mamata Banerjee shows her honor & respect to all of those ‘Sahid’, who lost their live to different democratic movements for West Bengal.
Pictures of 21st July 1993 - Kolkata
Mamata Banerjee was beaten by the Kolkata Police & became senseless on road.
Kolkata Police brutally beating the people on Brabourne Road, Kolkata.
Kolkata Police firing (shooting) on 21st July 1993.
Young Innocent people died by Firing on 21st July 1993 at Kolkata.
Rally on Kolkata's Road - Memorizing the day.
Thirteen young innocent people names who sacrificed their lives for the democratic movement on 21st July 1993 in Kolkata – Here are the names of those ‘Sahid’Srikanta Sharma, Dilip Das, Bandhan Das, Asim Das, Murari Chakraborty, Keshab Bairagi, Biswanath Roy, Kalyan Banerjee, Pradip Roy, Ratan Mondal, Ranajit Das, Abdul Khaled, and the name of another one not recognized.

Since then, 21st July is known as the ‘Sahid Dibas’ / ‘Martyrs’ Day’ and people of West Bengal gathers at Dharmtala (Esplanade) to show their respect & honor to the people who sacrificed their lives for the people.

Let us bow our heads down, pay obeisance & remember their invaluable sacrifice & also take a pledge to rededicate ourselves to continue to fight for the cause of ‘Maa Mati Manush’ and build a harmonious, peaceful and prosperous Bengal, where the head is held high and the mind is without fear” – Ms. Mamata Banerjee.

On 21st July, 1993, thirteen innocent youth activists were brutally killed in police firing during a peaceful march to Writers' Buildings (Kolkata) with the demand of 'No EPIC, No Vote' lead by Ms. Mamata Banerjee. Since then, All India Trinammol Congress (AITMC) commemorates 21st July as 'Martyrs' Day' (Shahid Diwas) to pay respect not only to the 13 Youth activists, but also other 'Sahid' who died in different other democratic movements.
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