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Autism Treatment Centres Kolkata – Symptoms of Autism Disease & Details

The number of Autism affected people is rising day by day and the main reason of the growth of Autism is the less awareness. Many of us don’t even familiar with this medical term ‘Autism’ though every year on 2nd April we celebrate World Autism Awareness Day. Let’s check out what is Autism Disease, What are the Symptoms of Autism and where is the Autism Treatment Centre in Kolkata.

Autism Disease is a developmental disability due to affection of brain’s function and it’s a lifelong problem. Usually the first sign / symptom of Autism appear around three years of age.

Symptoms of Autism Disease: - It’s very essential for us to know the symptoms of Autism disease by which we should be aware of Autism & should contact doctors for treatment at right time. Let’s check out the normal Autism Symptoms below –
1. Child who finds social interaction difficult.
2. Child who shows problems with verbal and non-verbal communication.
3. Child who shows restrictive and repetitive behavior.
4. Child who shows a limited set of interests and activities.
5. Child who are around three years of age or around.
Such child may need detailed professionals to overcome the evaluation and/may need special challenges of life in an effective intervention of a team of manner. Suspect Autism Childs should be taken to nearest Autism Treatment Centres without any negligency.

Autism Disease Treatment Centre in Kolkata: - Those who are looking for the best diagnostics & treatment centres of Autism in Kolkata should come to National Institute for the Orthopedically Handicapped Centre which is located at Bon Hooghly (B. T. Road) near to Dunlop. You may consult online about Autism at www.nioh.in website of National Institute for the Orthopedically Handicapped Kolkata.

2nd April is the World Autism Awareness Day and we wish a healthy & productive life for persons with Autism disease.
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