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Anirudh Sharma Roadies Profile | MTV Roadies-9 Anirudh Sharma Personal Life | Hyderabad Candidate Roadies

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Annoying guy Anirudh Sharma, who thinks learning acting course is the wastage of time, is one of the five candidates who have been selected from Hyderabad Roadies 9 2012 Audition.

Anirudh Sharma Roadies-9 Selected Candidate from Hyderabad Audition 2012
Name of Roadies-9 Hyderabad Candidate: - Anirudh Sharma.

Address of Anirudh Sharma Roadies-9 Contestant: - Lives in Nagpur.

Mobile Phone Contact Number of Anirudh Sharma Roadies-9 Candidate: - not published.

Age (Birthday) of Anirudh Sharma Roadies 9 Contestant: - 20 years as on Roadies 9 Hyderabad Audition 2012.

Family Background of Roadies-9 Anirudh Sharma: - Father of Anirudh Sharma owes a business of Bar.

Educational Qualification of Roadie Anirudh Sharma: - Studying.

Occupation of Anirudh Sharma MTV Roadies: - Works as a Bartender in his father’s Bar. He did it to help his father.

Marital Status of Anirudh Sharma Roadies-9 Contestant: - Single (as on Roadies 9 Hyderabad Audition 2012).

Favorites Hobbies of Anirudh Sharma Roadies-9 Participant: - Anirudh wants to be an actor.

Anirudh Sharma Roadies 9 Hyderabad Audition 2012 – Watch Online
Video courtesy YouTube.
Anirudh Sharma MTV Roadies-9 Hyderabad Audition Interview: - Anirudh Sharma, who want to become an Actor (Hero), tried hard to prove his point of view to the Roadie Judges about his aim. Anirudh told the judges it would be his last Roadie Audition because January to March 2012 (in between) he will leave for Mumbai for getting the chance of acting. When Raghu asked him about his future planning to become an actor then he told that he will make contacts first to become a star. Judges started making him angry by saying few things about his aim of becoming actor. Anirudh wants to become an actor but he didn’t want to do any acting course but then he said doing courses means wasting of time. Raghu insulted him then. Anirudh Sharma contested in Roadie Battleground 3 but failed. Anirudh Sharma then told that the exact line what Roadie Dev (Roadies 8) said last year. Raghu told him to do Hand Stand for 5sec only but he failed to do so. Anirudh Sharma is annoying enough & not to bad – as per Raghu & Rajeev.

The judges of Roadies (Raghu, Rajiv & Rannvijay) might have seen something interesting in Anirudh Sharma and selected Anirudh Sharma as Roadies Contestant from Hyderabad for the 2012 Everything or Nothing Roadies-9 Season. Let’s see how much Roadie Anirudh Sharma can make the conditions worst to others in MTV Roadies 9 2012 Season.
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