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Daily Life Routine of Dev | Actor Dev Life Style at South City Flat Kolkata House Address

One of the Superstar actors of Bengali Cinema Industry is our beloved Deepak Adhikary (aka DEV). Actor Dev has been consistent for last few years and successfully giving Hit Bengali Films. If you are a fan of Actor Dev (Deepak Adhikary) then you should want to know what is the Daily Routine of Actor Dev, What types of Gym Exercise Actor Dev does every day, Where Actor Dev lives in Kolkata, and the daily life routine of Dev (Deepak Adhikary). Let’s have a look of Actor Dev’s Daily Life Routine below.

Bengali Film star Actor Dev (Deepak Adhikari) Daily Life Routine
Actor Dev normally these below mentioned activities in his daily life when there is no Film Shooting Projects and during the Shooting the daily lifestyle changes as per the Shooting timings.

Actor Dev wakes up in the morning around 7:45am to 8am and the must have thing after waking up is a cup of Tea. After finishing his Bed Tea; Dev goes out for Gym. The secret behind Dev’s body is daily Gym workout for at least 2 hours. After completing Gym workout Dev returns his South City Flat (actor Dev House address in South Kolkata) and have some Fruit Juice & read out the daily newspaper.

Around 12noon, actor Dev goes for bath and after bathing Dev does the pray to the God every day. The lunch time of actor Dev is around 12:45pm after completion of his puja of Ganapati Bappa at South City Flat (house) in Kolkata. The foods of Lunch time for Dev are the diet controlled and only boiled Vegetables with Chicken without any oil, salt etc. Actor Dev eats boiled diet lunch dishes for four days in a week and other 3-days Dev eats everything. Actor Dev loves to eat Stake of The Park and Pizza at home.

Actor Dev normally goes for a drive around 1:30pm when there is no film shooting schedule. Can you believe that actor Dev has nearly 30-pairs of various shoes? Actor Dev completes his personal works during 2pm to 3:30pm and goes for Afternoon Tea. If Dev is in the Film Studio then Tea comes there and if he is on drive, then Dev stops car anywhere he likes to have a cup of Tea at 3:30pm (afternoon).

From 4:30pm to evening 6pm is the Rehearsal time for Actor Dev. Dev did rehearsal of acting, dancing to improve his skills every day and goes for dubbing session that starts around 6pm. During the film shooting normally Dubbing Session happens in Dev’s Daily activity list. After completion of Dubbing Session during film shooting period, actor Dev goes to Production Office for various types of meetings on upcoming movies around 7:30pm.

Dev returns home around 9pm and relaxes a bit by watching television, listening songs in his iPad, Actor Dev also leaves messages for his fans on Twitter & receives Fan’s phone calls. Around 10:15pm, Actor Dev takes his Dinner and goes for sweet dream’s world.

Actor Dev (Deepak Adhikary) South City Flat Kolkata House Details
Dev has decorated his living room at South City Flat in Kolkata (where actor Dev lives in Kolkata) exclusively. Various types of Indian & Foreign Bear, Wine and Health Drinks are available at the Sailor Room beside the Living Room of Dev’s South City Kolkata Flat for the friends & guests. There is a small marble temple in South City Flat of actor Dev and also Tirupati Balaji & Ganapati Idol is there in the front side room of actor Dev’s Kolkata house (South City Flat).

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