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Fuel Price Hike - Step taken by Mamata Banerjee in Bengal

The diesel price hiked again in India in June 2011 along with Cooking Gas also. Fuel price hike is one of the most unwanted things for the people of India and also for the Government of India.

Why Fuel Price Hike happened?
Fuel price hike isn't in the hand of Government because Government needs to get fuels from other countries and depending on the uses and crisis the Fuel Price increases worldwide.

What would be the effects of Fuel Price in Market?
1. The first effect would be the increment of Bus / CAB fare. The minimum ticket price of Buses and Taxis will increase with the Fuel price hike.
2. Secondly, with the hike of Fuel price all the food product prices will be increased because Trucks shift all food products from one corner to another in India. So, increment of fuel price will increase the transportation cost also.
3. Thirdly, people having less income won't be able to feed their self-daily.

What Government should do to help people?
Government should try to increase as lesser as possible and should wave-off the cess taxes to help people. For an example, in Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee waved off the cess tax 4% of Cooking Gas and thus the price increased by 34/- only instead of 50/-.

I thank Ms. Mamata Banerjee for her helpful step taken towards the people of Bengal and really want other State Ministers to take such an helpful ideas for the people after the hike of fuel price.
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