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Census Report 2011 WB & India | Male Female Sex Ratio | Population & Literacy of Bengal

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The West Bengal Census Report 2011 has been declared officially and the result of 2011 Census in Bengal (Janaganana) is showing few essential things to remember in the coming years. The latest Census Report of West Bengal in 2011 as follows: -

Total number of citizens in Bengal as per 2011 WB Census Report is 9134736 (9 Crore 13 Lakh 47 Thousands 36 peoples) that includes 46927389 (Total number of Male in 2011 WB Census Report - 4 Crore 69 Lakh 27 Thousands 389) and 44420347 (Total number of Female in WB Census Report 2011 - 4 Crore 44 Lakh 20 Thousands 347). It means the population growth is still increasing day by day in West Bengal.

• As per the WB 2011 Population Statistics Chart of Census Report in 2001 and of 2011; it’s came to know that the population of India in 2011 has increased by 17.68% than that of 2001 report. In case of West Bengal Population in 2011 increased 13.93% than that of in 2001 Census report.

• The Census Report 2011 of Bengal shows that there is 947 Females per 1000 Males in Bengal, which is slightly higher number than India’s Female rate that is 940 females per 1000 males. The percentage of Female population in Bengal 2011 is increased 14.75% (than of 2001) and the Male percentage in Bengal 2011 is increased 13.17% (than of 2001).

• It is shocking for India that after so many awareness programs; the percentage of female children hasn’t increased by much. In 2011 Census Report of India shows that there is 914 female child per 1000 male child. But, in West Bengal Population Census Report 2011 shows that the people of Bengal is slightly better to prevent the abortion of female birth and there is 949 female child per 1000 male child in Bengal.

• If we evaluate the Literacy Percentage of India in 2011 then the number is 74.04% and the Literacy Percentage of Bengal in 2011 Census Report is 77.08%. In case of Bengal; 82.67% males are literate and 71.16% females are literate as per the Report of Census in 2011. But the literacy percentage of India requires thinking because only 82.14% males in India and 65.46% females in India are literate.
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