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Actress Priyanka Sarkar Profile Family - Love Life of Rahul & Priyanka - Film Acting Career

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‘Chirodini Tumi Je Aamar’ – Actress Priyanka Sarkar and Actor Rahul has really made for each other. Tollywood Bengali Movie Star Priyanka Sarkar is the well-known face in Bengali Television and Films similar to her husband actor Rahul.

Actress Priyanka Sarkar Biography

Birthplace of Bengali Film-TV Actress Priyanka Sarkar: Behala, South Kolkata.

Education Qualification of Priyanka Sarkar Actress: Priyanka Sarkar completed her Higher Secondary from Orient Day School of Behala, Kolkata.

Family of Priyanka Sarkar, TV - Film Actress: Priyanka Sarkar has father, mother and one younger sister. Priyanka Sarkar’s father, Commerce Teacher, wanted to make one of his daughter Chartered Accountant and another daughter as Cost Accountant. Actress Priyanka Sarkar married to Tollywood TV-Film Actor Rahul.

Actress Priyanka Sarkar Personal Love Life: Priyanka Sarkar first met his husband Rahul during their TV Serial ‘Aastha’, where Rahul and Priyanka played the character of Brother-Sister. Later once again Rahul and Priyanka acted together in Bengali TV Serial ‘Nana Ranger Dinguli’ in which again they played the role of brother and sister. The acting couple Rahul-Priyanka became famous and they acted together again in Bangla Television Serial ‘Khela’. Gradually the relation between Rahul and Priyanka Sarkar turns towards love. But, the love relation between Priyanka and Rahul wasn't smooth like butter. The parents of Priyanka Sarkar at first didn’t accept the relation of Rahul-Priyanka and so Priyanka Sarkar left her parental home and started Live-In relation with Rahul from 2008. Later, both of them Rahul and Priyanka Sarkar got married and slowly the Priyanka’s parents started clearing all problems.

Actress Priyanka Sarkar TV-Film Acting Career: Actress Priyanka Sarkar started working in Television Media when she was in Class-VI standard. Priyanka Sarkar gets enormous support from his family especially from her mother and father. Priyanka Sarkar’s mother took both of her daughters for the Audition of Aakash Bangla TV Channel in 2002. After huge success and extremely appreciated acting skills, Priyanka Sarkar moved to Big Screen and produced a block-bluster hit Bengali film ‘Chirodini Tumi Je Aamar’ with Rahul. Afterwards no looking back for Priyanka Sarkar.

Actress Priyanka Sarkar Unknown True Real Facts: Actress Priyanka Sarkar isn't a very well cook at home; she can prepare Maggie and Coffee. Though she loves to experiment in cooking. Tollywood Actor Rahul gifted his wife Priyanka Sarkar a Walkman and Priyanka Sarkar gifted her husband Rahul a Glass Painting on their Suhaag Raat (first night after marriage).

Priyanka Sarkar Upcoming Bengali Films in 2011-2012: Upcoming new unreleased Tollywood movies of actress Priyanka Sarkar in 2011-2012 are Director Mainak Bhowmik’s Bengali film ‘Aami Vs Tumi’, Film maker Swarup Ghosh directed Bengali film ‘Warrant’, Director Buddhadeb Dasgupta’s Bengali movie ‘Anwarer Ascharja’, Arindam Chakraborty directed ‘Swapno Holeo Sotti’ and Piya Sengupta directed ‘Rajnandini’.

Good wishes to Bengali Cinema Actress Priyanka Sarkar and Rahul for their upcoming films and acting career.
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