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Fossils Bengali Band Members - Rupam Islam Fossils Band Music Albums

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One of the best Bengali Rock Bands formed in Kolkata is Fossils, which was formed in the year 1998. Fossils Bangla Band is a creation of Rupam Islam (Lead Vocal Singer) and ‘Fossils’ name given by Fossils Member Deep Ghosh (Guitarist) who suggested ‘Fossils’ after listening the song of Rupam Islam "Khoro aamar fossil, Onubhutir michhil protikriashil kono biplobe".

Bengali Band Fossils – Formation Members Albums Achievements Fan Club

Bengali Band Fossils formed at Kolkata, West Bengal in 1998-1999.

Bangla Band Fossils Genres: Grunge, Hard Rock, Alternative Rock, and Bangla Rock.

Recent Current Members of Fossils Bangla Band: Rupam Islam (lead vocals, lyricist), Deep Ghosh (guitar, backing vocals), Partha Bose (guitar, backing vocals), Chandra Biswas (bass, backing vocals), and Tanmoy (drums, percussion).

Past Members of Bangla Band Fossils: These member of Fossils were with Fossils Band - Sayantan, Teno, Bumpy, Rajiv, Suman, Subhadeep, Debu, Baji, Shom, Allan, Stephen, Indrajit Dey, Parikshit, Bubun.

Manager of Fossils Bangla Band: Till 2005 Parikshit was the manager of Fossils and between 2005 and 2009 Rupam Islam was the Manager of Fossils along with Deep Ghosh. From 2010 Deep Ghosh and Rupsha Dasgupta (Wife of Rupam Islam) are jointly taking the responsibility of Fossils Bangla Band of Kolkata.

Fossils Bangla Band History Works Albums: Bengali Band Fossils has first recorded a demo version of their songs in 2000 and in 2002 Fossils released their first music album. After broadcasting the songs of Fossils in FM Radio, the popularity started to increase of Fossils Bangla Band. Fossils-2, second music album of Fossils Bangla Band, was released in 2004. In the year 2006 Fossils Band released their third music album named ‘Mission F’, which was a theme musical album for the first Kolkata Police Friendship Cup Football Tournament. Along with Usha Uthup, Fossils Band has recorded a special track ‘Aeka Nauo’ for HIV Aids Awareness on behalf of Kolkata Sukriti Foundation. Fossils Band released first-ever video album ‘Aupodartho’ in 2007 and in the same year Rupam Islam worked on ‘RnB’ Project with the bassist Bumpy. Fifth studio album of Fossils released in 2009 titled ‘Fossils 3’. Other music albums of Fossils Bangla Band are Bhishon Priyo (2003), Rupam n Bumpy (2007), Epitaph (Aahir), Na-Hanyate (2010) etc.

True Unknown Real Facts of Fossils Bangla Band: As per the Radio Mirchi Survey Fossils Album ‘Mission F’ declared the best selling album in Kolkata in 2006. Rupam Islam’s first-ever solo album ‘Neel Rang Chilo’ of 1998 was re-released by HMV during 2007 Durga Puja.

Achievements Awards Memorable Moments of Fossils Bangla Band: In 2009 Fossils Bangla Band toured UK (Internationally) for performance. Fossils Band performed at Nashville in US in 2010.

Official Fan Club Fossils Force: Due to the huge fan follower of Fossils Band, finally in 2009 the Official Fossil Band’s Fan Club was launched. Fossils Force Official Fan Club of Fossils Bengali Band took the initiative for Social Works like Blood Donation Camps, Relief Funds for people etc.

Download latest Mp3 Songs of Fossils Bangla Band from www.fossilsmusic.in official website of Fossils Band.

Good wishes to Fossils Bangla Band for their upcoming music albums.
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