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Rudranil Actor Profile Family Education - Personal Life of Bengali TV & Film Actor Rudranil Ghosh

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Actor Rudranil Ghosh Profile Family Education Personal Life
Bengali Actor Rudranil Ghosh is one of the popular and talented actors in Tollywood Film Industry. The talented actor Rudranil Ghosh had started his career in Television Serials where Rudranil had done quite a few mega TV Bangla serials and got famed. Later Rudranil Ghosh moved to films and established himself. Rudranil Ghosh is a very hard worker actor who tries unique things every time Rudra gets a chance. Rudranil Ghosh has sung songs in 2009 in two Bengali films and also does the Screen-player job in 2011 as well. Whether it's a Comic Role or Serious Acting; in both different acting scenarios Rudranil Ghosh is best.

Nick Name of Actor Rudranil Ghosh: - Rudra.

Actor Rudranil Ghosh Birth Day: - 6th January 1973.

Age of Actor Rudranil Ghosh: - 39 as on 2012.

Birthplace of Actor Rudranil Ghosh: - Howrah, West Bengal, India.

Recent Address of Rudranil Ghosh Actor: - South Kolkata and Howrah.

Profession Occupation of actor Rudranil Ghosh: - Acting.

Mobile Phone Number of Actor Rudranil Ghosh: - Not Published.

Skin Color of Actor Rudranil Ghosh: - Dark.

Rudranil Ghosh Bangla Film Actor is blessed with natural acting and none can do more precisely than Rudranil Ghosh in terms of character representation. Actor Rudranil Ghosh doesn't have the good height and looks with macho figure yet we all love the acting of Rudranil Ghosh. Keep it up Rudra.
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