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Ashrafi Mahal Tourist Place – Location M.P. Tour Packages

King Mahmud Shah Khilji was the creator of Asharfi Mahal, which was established by the ascendant of Hoshung Shah for providing the education to the Muslim Community and supposed to be the first (1st) Madrasa of India (School for Muslim community).

Mahmud Shah Khilji established historical tourist place Ashrafi Mahal after King Khilji won the battle (war) from Mewar by Rana Kumbha. The structure of Ashrafi Mahal (Palace) was of seven-storyed pillar. But, nowadays, if any one visit Ashrafi Mahal then would only get to see one pillar of Ashrafi Mahal, historical tourism palace of India.

If you are looking for the Palace of Golden Coin in India, then it’s the Ashrafi Mahal. Yes, another name of Ashrafi Mahal is Palace of Golden Coin. There was a story behind the name of Ashrafi Mahal (Golden Coin Palace of India) and that is as follows:

As per the information; King wanted to keep his women to be fit, slim and attractive. For this reason, King used gives Ashrafi (Ashrafi meaning Golden Coin) as gift to those women who successfully climb up and down 200 stairs of Ashrafi Mahal.

Location of Ashrafi Mahal (Tourist Place of India) is in Madhya Pradesh and there are so many of Paths to Ashrafi Mahal of M.P. from other locations of M.P. and other Indian States via Railway, Buses and flight routes. So, be ready to visit Ashrafi Mahal and try to climb those stairs.

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